Rachel Rofé has been selling online since 1997 and has been a full time marketer since 2006.

While she’s had multiple companies (including building multiple 100+ employee companies), since 2016 she has been dedicated with teaching students how to sell print on demand products on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

Her “Low Hanging System” course has received thousands of results-getting testimonials and her dropship and print on demand fulfillment center in Pennsylvania processes 100,000+ items a month for her and her students.

Rachel consistently aims to challenge herself and others to reach their personal goals. One of her most recent goals was to help 1 million people in 100 days, which she achieved. She has challenged herself to co-create $50k for charity within 10 hours.

She is a multiple bestselling author and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Woman’s World, and Fox News.

Rachel writes about building the powerful framework to take control of your life, motivational routines such as taking small consistent actions to supercharge your productivity, and increasing your quality of life through better resources.

Her books include Don’t Get Sucked Into Bad News, Take Control Of Your Life: A 2-hour plan to help you set and reach your goals, Websites That Make Life Easier: 23 Places You Can Go Online To Be More Productive, Healthier, And Happier, as well as 5 Minute Morning Boosters: How to create a short morning routine and supercharge your life.

Rachel is the host of, “A Better Life, with Rachel Rofe” A podcast that inspires people to realize that if they have a choice, they can choose a better life. Her show has featured guests from Million-Dollar Amazon Based Business Owners to NYT Best Sellers as well as people from all walks of life which highlight incredible journeys and experiences.

She also speaks about figuring out your life purpose, best productivity habits, creating your legacy, building a profitable business, and numerous ways to add value every day.

Through her books, podcasts, resources, and courses, Rachel invites you to create an actionable plan which aligns with your life purpose. She believes that each and every one of us has the power to create the life of our dreams. RachelRofe.com is dedicated to providing you the bridge to the resources you need, to effortlessly create a better business and a better mindset to build the incredible framework for your life.

Fun Facts About Rachel Rofé:

  • She was able to co-create $ 50k for charity in less than 10 hours
  • She had a television show dedicated to her after helping an incredible nonprofit raise money
  • She was able to get her mom to quit her second job by paying her what she was earning from it
  • Rachel has been able to help both her brother and sister with their college bills
  • She randomly gave her family $15k one Thanksgiving
  • She was flown to L.A. to be a cover story for Woman’s World magazine
  • She has had multiple bestselling books on Amazon. Her best ranking was #59 on all of Amazon at one point.
  • She has about 50 books on Kindle right now
  • She went from crying at Toastmaster’s when she first spoke to winning “Best Speaker” several times
  • Rachel is a Reiki master
  • She ran and walked over a marathon’s worth of miles in a day
  • She is an international speaker
  • iTunes featured her podcast under “Inspiring Women’s Voices
  • She has lost 100 pounds
  • A NY Times bestselling author named two characters in one of her books after her and her boyfriend
  • Rachel is a super-affiliate (making over $10,000+ a month with affiliate marketing)
  • She used to be a professional copywriter and achieved amazing conversion rates (conversion = the amount of people who visit a site and then buy). Her copy has beat out copywriters who charge $15k and $25k per letter.
  • She consistently does many crazy things to push herself out of her comfort zone – including walking on tightropes, breaking wooden arrows against her throat, and sleeping in her car as she drove across the country to see the world…
  • Rachel has visited all 50 states in the United States, lived in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Oregon, New York City, and many more…
  • She has absolutely amazing friends and family who she is beyond grateful for
  • Rachel cares deeply for people with every cell of her being and just wants to do everything she can to make this world a better place.
  • She is always doing her best to grow into the best version of herself and encourages others to do the same :)


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