Rachel’s Products

I have recently closed up the majority of my products.

As of right now, I have a few of my flagship products available:

Low Hanging System Done For You Jumpstart – Learn how I make over 5 figures a month selling products to sites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay without spending ANY money upfront. There are no ad costs, design costs, or inventory costs. Everything gets printed and dropshipped on demand. PLUS, get everything you need to Jumpstart your Low Hanging System experience with a bunch of done-for-you success factors. You get done-for-you designs, boxes of mugs sent to Amazon on your behalf, access into SpotNiches,  and more to accelerate your success.

SpotNiches – This awesome tool searches to see what buyers are searching for, then looks to see how many results each search has on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. You can sort by “Opportunity” to find the untapped niches that have the most searches and least results. I’ve made a LOT of sales with this tool.

Low Hanging System: Weekly Individualized Coaching – Each week you can come on and ask me individualized questions, get your designs critiqued, or ask for more advice to make the most out of the LHS system. I created this program because a ton of people in our Jumpstart program got so much value from our sessions and essentially begged me to create an ongoing structure for them. You can sign up for a monthly option here or a yearly option here.

Low Hanging System: Design Club – Get 50 new designs every month that you can put on LHS products. Each design can be added to 15+ products, essentially giving you over a thousand new products you can sell each month. You’ll get them in both black and white text, for a total of 100 each month.

Viral Buyers System – Learn how to get lots of organic, fast traffic from Facebook without paying anything. This isn’t my content, but I worked with Doug Johnson to create and structure a great course that we partnered on.

Books – You can find my latest books on Amazon by going to rachelrofe.com/booklist.