Rachel’s Products

I have recently closed up the majority of my products.

As of right now, I have a few of my flagship products available:

Low Hanging System – Learn how I make over 5 figures a month selling products to sites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay without spending ANY money upfront. There are no ad costs, design costs, or inventory costs. Everything gets printed and dropshipped on demand.

Viral Buyers System – Learn how to get lots of organic, fast traffic from Facebook without paying anything. This isn’t my content, but I worked with Doug Johnson to create and structure a great course that we partnered on.

Podcast Prodigy – Learn how to use podcasts to get in front of targeted audiences, get more people in front of your offer, and create a new revenue stream.

Video Retargeter – This software quickly creates videos that you can use to get more customers. You can make a video in under a minute and then pop it into your retargeting campaigns.

The Ultimate Kindle Course – This is a super-comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know about how to profit with Kindle. We go over how to build a list from your books, choose profitable niches, get book reviews, get your books to the top of Amazon’s search engine, and a ton more.

Work Less To Live More: Outsourcing – If you’re feeling overwhelmed but have no idea how to effectively outsource, this is the course for you. We go over how to find best-of-the-best workers on the cheap… on YOUR terms. And we make sure it’s a win-win for all.

Kinstant Formatter – This is a web based software you can use to format your Kindle books. Just upload your .doc or .docx file and get a Kindle-ready file right away.

Never Have A Bad Day Again – This is a personal development course I created that has some of my best day-lifting techniques.

Books – You can find my latest books on Amazon by going to //rachelrofe.com/booklist.

2 comments on “Rachel’s Products

  1. Sabina on said:

    Dear Rachel
    What a breath of fresh air you are!!!
    I checked you out from an invitation (yet an other, it seems like hundreds) to participate in a marketing event.
    What a delight to find a young person with your perspective. I’m in admiration of the way you are looking at things. Obviously you have the skill set to do the internet marketing with success. Yet you seem to be reaching into your self for your higher being.
    It is so refreshing to find someone like you in this field. I admire your honesty about how the marketing works in the general public. I have purchased products and attended programs only to find that they were so far ahead of my ability to comprehend that I would wind up in a frustrated state til I just had to set it aside.
    Your idea of a screening application is brilliant!! It could help people like myself make much better buying choices, even to the extent that a person could buy a series of products that help them grow their skills. What’s missing for many of us (people who didn’t grow up with computers and the internet)is a way to filter through all the product offerings to get the ones that are appropriate to our knowledge so we could actually use them.
    Thank you also for the “exercise”. It was eye opening!

  2. We are wondering if you could free lance to set up & run senuke for us, http://www.sckoon.com. I read your comment saying senuke is pretty easy….it would be great if you could help us. thanks, Satoko service@sckoon.com