Rachel Rofé is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and digital marketing expert featured in Forbes, Nasdaq, Entrepreneur, Woman’s World, and more. As the founder of Rachel Rofé Enterprises and CustomHappy, she has generated 8 figures in sales for her own companies and directly contributed to over 9 figures in sales for her students.

A full-time entrepreneur since 2006, Rachel has been teaching print-on-demand since 2016, guiding others to achieve success on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay through her acclaimed Low Hanging System course.

Rachel‘s accomplishments include helping over 1,000 people make their first sale using her print-on-demand system, founding CustomHappy—a company that has shipped out millions of items—and building a 120-person outsourcing company which she later sold.

Her passion for personal growth and helping others shines through her numerous achievements, such as assisting 1 million people in 100 days and spearheading various other initiatives. As an experienced entrepreneur, Rachel shares her insights on business development, e-commerce, and the print-on-demand industry.

Some other random things she is proud of:

–  Her course Low Hanging System has literally *over a thousand* of people who made their first sale online after going the course as well as several people who were able to make this business model their full time gig

– She set a goal to help 1 million people in 100 days and hit it

– She was able to fund a school in Laos via Pencils of Promise

– She has been able to set up her life to be able to be there for her nephew as needed and has taken him for month-long stints around the country multiple times

– She has been able to take her mother on incredible round-the-world luxury trips

– She has been part of a ‘Sister Circle’ where she’s talked to the same women every single week since 2014

– Rachel has visited all 50 states in the United States, lived in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Oregon, New York City, and many more…

– She has gone to several countries, private islands throughout the world, and has had so many travel experiences that she totally soaks up

– She’s a 7-figure print on demand seller

– She was able to co-create $ 50k for charity in less than 10 hours

– She’s written multiple short books about “practical personal development” including Don’t Get Sucked Into Bad News, Take Control Of Your Life, and 5 Minute Morning Boosters.

– She was flown to L.A. to be a cover story for Woman’s World magazine

– She has had multiple bestselling books on Amazon. Her best ranking was #59 on all of Amazon at one point

– She’s helped 40 people become #1 bestselling authors

– She had a television show dedicated to her after helping an incredible nonprofit raise money

– She is a Reiki master

– She is an international speaker and has been able to speak to thousands of people at once from stage

– iTunes featured her podcast under “Inspiring Women’s Voices

– Her podcast had over 400,000 downloads before she stopped it

– She can leg press over 600 pounds ;)

– She has the cutest Bored Ape from Bored Ape Yacht Club

– A NY Times bestselling author named a character after her and her ex-boyfriend in one of her books

– She’s had multiple companies with 100+ freelancers and/or employees

– She’s done a ton of personal growth in her quest to become the best her that she can be and has overcome some incredible odds

– She’s written well over 1,000 gratitude lists

– She’s been able to perform so many random acts of kindness that she doesn’t post about, but she holds them to her heart and feels great about them

– She has absolutely amazing friends and family who she is beyond grateful for

– She consistently does many crazy things to push herself out of her comfort zone – including walking on tightropes, breaking wooden arrows against her throat, and sleeping in her car as she drove across the country to see the world…

– She is always doing her best to grow into the best version of herself and encourages others to do the same :)





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