13 Ways To Feel More Motivated This Month

Here are 13 ways to start feeling more motivated this month

Staying motivated is hard, especially when you’re always surrounded by potential distractions (e.g. your phone, social media, etc.).

So to help you stay on track so you can accomplish your goals, I had an infographic created, detailing thirteen ways to feel more motivated this month.

(Hint: If you want to get to the heart of your motivation issues, jump to the very last suggestion…it’s a game-changer.)

All of the suggestions are easy to implement and you can start doing them today.

Check out the infographic below.

Here's how to feel more motivated this month

What do you think of these suggestions to help you stay on track and accomplish more this month? Is there any other advice you can share? Please leave a comment below!

Here are 13 ways to start feeling more motivated this month

Here are the best little-known keyboard shortcuts to boost your online productivity

Just about everyone wants to save time and become more productive. But how can you do this realistically?

Entrepreneurs who spend a lot of time online, like I do, are always looking for ways to improve their work flow and optimize their time.

One way this can be achieved is by learning how to navigate the web and work on documents and spreadsheets more efficiently. So what I want to talk to you about today are keyboard shortcuts.

For example, instead of highlighting an entire document from start to finish, just use the command “Ctrl + a” to achieve the same result much more efficiently.

Below, I go through a big list of keyboard shortcuts (for both PC and Mac) that you can use to make your digital operations way faster and easier (I also had an infographic created).

To make things even simpler, I have a Table of Contents at the top. Click the category you’d like to learn about and you’ll be taken there directly.

Here we go!

Table of Contents

PC and Mac
Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox
Microsoft Word
Extra Mac shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac 

Select all

PC: Ctrl + a

Mac: Command + a


PC: Ctrl + c

Mac: Command + c


PC: Ctrl + v

Mac: Command + v


PC: Ctrl + x

Mac: Command + x

Bold text 

PC: Ctrl + b

Mac: Command + b

Underline text

PC: Ctrl + u

Mac: Command + u

Italicize text PC

PC: Ctrl + i

Mac: Command + i


PC: Ctrl + z

Mac: Command + z


PC: Ctrl + y

Mac: Command + y

Find items in a document or open a find window

PC: Ctrl + f

Mac: Command + f


PC: Ctrl + p

Mac: Command + p


PC: Ctrl + s

Mac: Command + s

Close the front window 

PC: Ctrl + w

Mac: Command + w

Minimize a window

PC: Alt + Spacebar + n

Mac: Option + Command + m

Shortcuts for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox

(Unless specifically stated, the commands are the same for each browser.)

Close current tab 

Chrome: Ctrl + w

IE: Ctrl + F4 key

Firefox: Ctrl + F4 key


Ctrl + w

Open a new window 

Ctrl + n

Open a new tab 

Ctrl + t

Move through currently open tabs to the right 

Ctrl + Tab

Move through currently open tabs to the left

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Close active window 

Alt + F4 key

Reopen the last closed tab 

Ctrl + Shift + t

Reload current page

Ctrl + r

Go back a page 

Alt + Left arrow

Open browser history in a new tab 

Ctrl + h

Zoom in

Ctrl and +

Zoom out 

Ctrl and –

Reset the default size of your webpage after zooming

Ctrl + 0

(Zero, not the letter o)

Show the downloads window 

Ctrl + j

Quickly finish a website address 

[Basic website name] Ctrl + Enter

For example, if you wanted to visit http://www.rachelrofe.com, you can type rachelrofe Ctrl + Enter instead.

Open the clear data window

Ctrl + Shift + Delete

Move down a page at a time


Move up a page at a time 

Shift + Spacebar

Save current page as a bookmark 

Ctrl + d

View a webpage’s source code

Ctrl + u

Go forward a page 

Alt + Right arrow key

Go back a page

Alt + Left arrow key

Go to the top of a page 

Home key

Go to the bottom of a page 

End key

Highlight text on a webpage 

Click the point where you want the highlighting to start. Then, press Shift + Click on the end point.

Open a new window in incognito mode

Ctrl + Shift + n

Toggle between browser windows

Alt + Tab

Show the current webpage in full-screen mode

F11 key

(Press it again to exit this mode.)

Highlight the text in the address bar

Alt + d

Open your homepage

Alt + Home key

Open the find option and search for specific text on the current webpage

Ctrl + f

Move the cursor to the search box

Ctrl + e

Move cursor to the address box

Ctrl + l

(The letter l, not the number 1)

Open the bookmarks bar/window 

Ctrl + Shift + b

Troubleshoot an unresponsive script error by opening the browser console

Ctrl + Shift + j

And one more Chrome specific shortcut…

Open Chrome’s built-in task manager

Shift + Esc

(This is helpful when Chrome freezes.)

Shortcuts for Gmail

Compose new message

Shift + c


Shift + r

Reply all

Shift + a


Shift + f



Label as


(The letter l, not the number 1)

Mark as read

Shift + i

Mark as unread

Shift + u

Go to sent mail

g then t

Go to contacts

g then c

Put your cursor in the search box


Report spam


Shortcuts for YouTube

Pause a video 


(Press k again to resume playing the video.)

Jump to the beginning of a video 


(Zero key)

Jump to the end of a video or go to the next video on a playlist

End key

Make the video full screen 


Turn the volume up and down

Up arrow key (to turn the volume  up)

Down arrow key (to turn the volume down)

Mute the volume


Skip 10 seconds forward


(Lowercase l, not the number 1)

Skip 10 seconds back  


Speed up a video


Which is actually…

Shift + ,

(Comma key)

Slow down a video


Which is actually…

Shift + .

(Period key)

Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

Capitalize the first letter of each highlighted word

For example, to capitalize the R in Rachel here…

“My name is rachel”

…highlight rachel and hit Shift + F3 key to make it read…

“My name is Rachel”

Capitalize each letter of the highlighted text

In the same example, to capitalize every letter in rachel…

“My name is rachel”

…highlight rachel and hit Shift + F3 key twice to have it read…

“My name is RACHEL”

(NOTE: to return text to how it was originally ((My name is rachel)), hit Shift + F3 key three times.)

Open the thesaurus function 

Shift + F7 key

Launch spellcheck 

F7 key


F9 key

Open save as 

F12 key

Save document

Shift + F12 key


Ctrl + s

Create a hyperlink 

Ctrl + k

Create a new document

Ctrl + n

Redo the last section 

Ctrl + y

Undo the last section 

Ctrl + z

Insert a page break 

Ctrl + Enter

Select print preview

Ctrl + F2 key

Open the font preferences window 

Ctrl + d

Change the font 

Ctrl + Shift + f

Center align 

Ctrl + e

Right align 

Ctrl + r

Left align 

Ctrl + j

Create a hanging indent

Ctrl + t

Open the find box

Ctrl + f

Indent a paragraph 

Ctrl + m

Close the currently open document 

Ctrl + w

Create a bullet point

Ctrl + Shift + l

(The letter l, not the number 1)

Single-space lines 

Ctrl + 1

1.5 line spacing 

Ctrl + 5

Double-space lines

Ctrl + 2

Change text to heading 1

Ctrl + Alt + 1

Change text to heading 2

Ctrl + Alt + 2

Change text to heading 3

Ctrl + Alt + 3

Increase the selected text by one font size

Ctrl + Shift + >

Decrease the selected text by one font size

Ctrl + Shift + <

Print a document

Ctrl + Shift + F12 key

Open the find, replace, and go to window 

F5 key

Insert the current Date

Shift + Alt + d

Insert the current time

Shift + Alt + t

Delete one word at a time

Ctrl + Backspace

Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel 

Fill down 

Ctrl + d

Fill right 

Ctrl + r

Save the current workbook 

Ctrl + s

Close the current workbook 

Ctrl +

Search current sheet

Ctrl + f

Go to a specific area

Ctrl + g

Find and replace

Ctrl + h

Insert a hyperlink 

Ctrl + k

Create a new workbook 

Ctrl + n

Open a workbook 

Ctrl + o

Print the current sheet 

Ctrl + p

Repeat the last entry 

Ctrl + y

Undo the last action 

Ctrl + z

Change the format of the highlighted section

Ctrl + 1

Bold all cells in the highlighted section 

Ctrl + 2

Italicize all cells in the highlighted section 

Ctrl + 3

Underline all cells in the highlighted section 

Ctrl + 4

Put a strikethrough all cells in the highlighted section 

Ctrl + 5

Show or hide objects

Ctrl + 6

Show or hide the toolbar

Ctrl + 7

Toggle the outline symbols 

Ctrl + 8

Hide rows

Ctrl + 9

Hide columns

Ctrl + 0

(Zero, not the letter o)

Enter the current time

Ctrl + Shift + :

(Colon key)

Enter the current date

Ctrl + ;

(Semi colon key)

Apply time formatting

Ctrl + Shift + @

Apply date formatting 

Ctrl + Shift + #

Apply comma formatting 

Ctrl + Shift + !

Apply currency formatting 

Ctrl + Shift + $

Apply percentage formatting

Ctrl + Shift + %

Insert a new row or column 

Ctrl + Shift + =

Add a border to the selected cells

Ctrl + Shift + &

Remove a border

Ctrl + Shift + _

Select the entire column 

Ctrl + Spacebar

Select the entire worksheet

Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar

Move to cell A1

Ctrl + Home key

Move to the last cell on the worksheet

Ctrl + End key

Move between two or more open Excel files

Ctrl + Tab

Open the font drop-down menu 

Ctrl + Shift + f

Select all of the cell with comments

Ctrl + Shift + o

(The letter o, not zero)

Extend the highlighted text up one cell 

Shift + Up arrow

Extend the highlighted text down one cell 

Shift + Down arrow

Extend the highlighted area left one character

Shift + Left arrow

Extend the highlighted area right one character

Shift + Right arrow


Alt + Backspace

Move to the next line when typing text in a cell, allowing for multiple lines in one cell 

Alt + Enter

Open the help menu 

F1 key

Edit the selected cell 

F2 key

Repeat the last action 

F4 key

Go to a specific cell (e.g. A24) 

F5 key

Go to the next pane

F6 key


F7 key

Recalculate every workbook 

F9 key

Activate the menu bar 

F10 key

Save as 

F12 key

Edit a cell comment 

Shift + F2 key

Open the find the replace box 

Shift + F5 key

Perform the calculate function on the active sheet

Shift + F9 key

Close the current window 

Ctrl + F4 key

Restore window size

Ctrl + F5 key

Move to the next workbook 

Ctrl + F6 key

Go to the previous workbook 

Ctrl + Shift + F6 key

Resize the window 

Ctrl + F8 key

Minimize the current window

Ctrl + F9 key

Maximize the current window

Ctrl + F10 key

Open a file 

Ctrl + F12

Print the current worksheet

Ctrl + Shift + F12 key

Save as

Alt + F2 key

Exit Excel 

Alt + F4 key

Create a new worksheet

Alt + Shift + F1

Save the current worksheet

Alt + Shift + F2

More shortcuts for Mac

Minimize the front window to the dock 

Command + m

Open the selected item 

Command + o

(The letter o, not zero)

Force quit an app 

Option + Command + Escape

Show or hide the Spotlight search field

Command + Spacebar

Bring up the character viewer

Control + Command + Spacebar

Use the app in full-screen mode

Control + Command + f

Take a screenshot of the whole screen 

Shift + Command + 3

Create a new folder in the finder

Shift + Command + n 

(NOTE: You may need to hold the following general sleep, logout, and shutdown Mac commands down for longer than other shortcuts.)

Put the Mac to sleep

Option + Command + Power button

Put your displays to sleep 

Control + Shift + Power button

Quit all apps and force your Mac to restart while being prompted to save any unsaved documents

Control + Option + Command + Power button


Control + Command + Media Eject

Logout of your macOS user account while being asked to confirm 

Shift + Command + Q

Finder and system Mac shortcuts

Duplicate the selected files

Command + d

Eject a disk

Command + e

Open the home folder of the current user

Shift + Command + h

Open iCloud Drive

Shift + Command + i

Open the network window 

Shift + Command + k

Open the download folder

Shift + Command + l

(The letter l, not the number 1)

Create a new folder

Shift + Command + n

Open the documents folder

Shift + Command + o

(The letter o, not zero)

Open the AirDrop window

Shift + Command + r

Open the utilities folder

Shift + Command + u

Show or hide the Dock

Option + Command + d

Show view options

Command + j

Open the connect to server window

Command + k

Create a new smart folder

Option + Command + n

Open the selected item

Command + Down arrow key

Open the selected folder

(This only works in list view.)

Right arrow key

Close the selected folder

(This only works in list view.)

Left arrow key

Move an item into the trash.

Command + Delete

Empty the trash 

Shift + Command + Delete

Show the desktop

Command + Mission Control

Open sound preferences

Any volume key

Adjust the volume

Option + Shift + Volume up


Option + Shift + Volume down

Documents shortcuts for Mac

Bold the text

Command + b

Underline the text

Command + u

Italicize the text

Command + i

Add a weblink

Command + k

Show or hide the fonts window

Command + t

Show or hide the definition of the selected word

Control + Command + d

Show the spelling an grammar window

Shift + Command + :

(Colon key)

Find misspelled words

Command + ;

(Semi colon key)

Scroll up one page

Fn key + Up arrow

Scroll down one page

Fn key + Down arrow

Scroll to the beginning

Fn key + Left arrow

Scroll to the end

Fn key + Right arrow

Move the insertion point to the beginning

Command + Up arrow

Move the insertion point to the end

Command + Down arrow

Extend text selection one character to the left

Shift + Left arrow

Extend text selection one character to the right

Shift + Right arrow

Go to the beginning of the line or paragraph

Control + a

Go to the end of a line or paragraph

Control + e

Jump one character forward

Control + f

Jump one character backward

Control + b

Go up one line

Control + p

Go down one line

Control + n

Left align

Command + {

Right align

Command + }

Center align

Shift + Command + |

(Vertical bar, not the letter l or the number 1)

Move to the search field

Option + Command + f

Show or hide the toolbar

Option + Command + t

Paste and match style

Option + Shift + Command + V

Show the save as box or duplicate the current document

Shift + Command + s

Decrease the selected item’s size

Shift + Command + –

(Minus sign)

Increase the selected item’s size

Shift + Command + +

(Plus sign)

Below, you’ll find the infographic I mentioned earlier. 

Increase your web productivity with this big list of keyboard shortcuts

What do you think of this big list of keyboard shortcuts? Do you think you’ll use them to save time and increase your web productivity? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Increase your web productivity with this big list of keyboard shortcuts

August 2018 Brags

Welcome to the latest installment of my brag posts, where I share wins from the prior month.

If you have anything YOU would love to brag about, please feel free in the comments below!

Here are some of the wins from August 2018, in no special order:

First, this month was huge for setting up foundations:

1. I did a lot of things to set me up for success in our new home this month. I got furniture for the house, hired organizers/unpackers to help me get settled in quicker, and found a new car. This is stuff I’d ordinarily put off and am SO GLAD it’s done and out of the way!

2. I hired an assistant to do my grocery shopping each week, pick up my CSA from the farm, and do some other small things. She has been tremendously helpful thus far.

3. I wrote out gratitude lists 28 out of 31 days, which was very helpful in starting my days. I’m proud of my commitment to this.

4. At one point I was up $51,000 with options calls that I taught myself to do on Robinhood. It turns out trading options is a bit stressful for me, but I am proud of myself for teaching myself how to do it and then making a great profit from it.

5. I spent all of August on my eating plan (high quality meats and veggies, limited fruit, no dairy, no gluten, and still intermittent fasting everyday).

Every day I’ve been meticulously taking pictures of my food and logging how much I am eating and when I am fasting.

I took my blood sugar before and after foods to see how they’d go in my body, and I’ve been very proud of my commitment to my health.

6. There were 12 days in August in which I spent 10 minutes on getting clarity. I’d  like to make this a daily habit, but I am celebrating what got done for now.

7. I hired consultants for CustomHappy to help me systemize things. I don’t know what I don’t know and I think that these guys will help me out a lot. I’ve heard excellent things from friends who have used them.

8. I hired a financial service as my current system was no longer working. I am SO HAPPY to have made moves to get excellent clarity again.

8. SOP’s!! August was a big month for foundation. I helped create Standard Operating Procedures for things in both my Rachel Rofé Enterprises business and for CustomHappy. Those are big projects and I’m so glad we’ve made big progress on them.

9. I promoted a great course and was the #1 affiliate for it.
Considering the course is phenomenal, I was very happy to put a lot of support behind it.

10. The warehouse shipped out over 54,000 items during August. It’s still a slow period for the warehouse since it’s summertime but 50,000+ items is always great.

11. In continuing with my foundation tasks, I also hired someone to help me automate tasks in my business, hired a copywriter for a sales letter, and delegated more assistant work out. All of this helps me focus on my core higher-level tasks.

12. We instituted a feedback system for CustomHappy to see how people feel about our service.

50% of people gave it a “10”

16.67% gave it a “9” or a “9.5”.

The rest was made up of “8’s” and one “5” (because the person thought we don’t offer PayPal, but we do).

13. The weekly webinars for Jumpstart members are going great and LHS and both groups are getting great results. Here’s some of the wins from August:


That’s it for August. How was your month? Brag away!