Prevent refunds and cancellations on last-minute sales with these 2021 gift card images

Use these "Your present is on the way" gift card images to save more of your ecommerce sales this holiday season

Even when you’re crystal clear about deadlines for placing holiday orders, you’ll still have customers who overlook those deadlines and wait until the last minute to shop.

You definitely don’t want to lose these sales, so you want to accommodate …

October 2021 Brags

Here are the latest lists of brags from October 2021.

As always, these posts serve as a fun way to remind Rachel and others of celebrating monthly memories and accomplishments and we encourage you to celebrate your wins, too! My …

Free photography mockups that customers will love for metallic mugs, colored-handle mugs, and color-changing mugs

Free photography mockups to increase your specialty mug sales

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I just had two of my awesome designers create a batch of new, free photography mockups for CustomHappy’s specialty mugs: metallic mugs, color-changing mugs, and mugs with …