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I posted this on my Facebook but thought I’d post it here too.

Feeling so amazed at how easy it is to make change.

Yesterday I was walking the boiling-hot Las Vegas Strip and saw a homeless man leaning against a wall, sweat visibly pouring down his face.

I walked past him at first, but made it only about 3 seconds before I turned around and gave him the water I had in my bag.

I felt bad that it was warm water, but wanted to give him *something*.

I soon saw a Walgreen’s, so I stopped by to get him a cold water and to get a new one for myself.

It was just a minute after I brought him the water that I saw another homeless guy, also with no water. I gave him my extra.

Then I saw 3 more homeless people, each with no freaking water.

It is HOT. AS. HELL. in Vegas! It’s like 100+ degrees every day, and I was crying (surprising even myself) as I was thinking of the idea of these people sitting there with no water.

At first I thought to myself, “Maybe I’m not cut out to live in Las Vegas.” (We’re closing on a house tomorrow.)

I did live here before, but not during the arrestingly hot heat.

This morning I woke up with an idea.

I went on Craigslist, posted an ad, and hired someone to walk the strip 2 times a day and hand out cold water to homeless people until mid-September when the weather calms down.

It’s pretty cheap ($100/week + water), is giving someone a job, and makes my heart feel a *lot* better.

The guy I hired actually offered to record himself walking down the strip to prove he’s doing it. And the hours work perfectly for him, and he needed to make money as he has two kids with a third on the way.

If for some reason he falls through, my backup is someone who’s been homeless and addicted to drugs himself, and is 9 years sober now.

It feels so empowering to know that I can go from feeling hopeless about something to making real change with a Craigslist ad and a few hundred bucks a month.

Really, ANY of us can do this. Maybe you might not have the money, but you could be walking the strip (or doing anything you feel called to do).

Change can often feel so far away, but the truth is… we’re all very freakin’ powerful, and can do so, so much. :)


It’s time for the monthly brag post. I hope you guys have some stuff to share too. I love celebrating with all of you. :)

I had a great month in June. Here are some of my biggest wins:

1. I’m creating a new podcast series all about choosing a better life. I got 7 PHENOMENAL episodes finished and have 7 more scheduled for July (so far).

I think this is going to help a lot of people and can’t wait to get the episodes out into the world.

2. I started 3 new case studies that are going to track the steps it takes to bring in $1k/month in passive income for different biz models (membership sites, Kindle books, physical products). We made some great headway for that in June.

3. I got 8 new super-valuable books either finished or nearly finished to put up on Kindle.

4. Because I had big goals for this month, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t over-work and lose track of what’s *really* important in life. So I kept a “Fun Log” to track what I did every day that brought me pleasure. (#followthepleasure)

It looks like I went for long walks on 10 days, had lunches or dinners with 6 different friends (not counting another 10 or 12 from the retreat I went to), read 2 books, had 10 phone calls with friends (usually I am *never* on the phone), made time for lots of fun exercise like dancing, went on a few great trips, and spent a few days completely unplugged from the internet.

And of course Donald bought me that amazing BMW. I feel so alive going down the highway, top down, singing at the top of my lungs!

5. I went on a really fun weekend road trip with my friend Alison.

6. I had a great time at a 4-day NYC retreat, spent time with amazing friends and learned a LOT.

7. I got 500+ more students to sign up for my outsourcing course.

8. I posted an article on MindBodyGreen which ended up getting shared over 4.5k times on Facebook. I’m proud of that.

9. I exercised at *LEAST* 3 days a week for a minimum of 20 minutes.

10. For every single piece of food I put into my mouth in June, I kept a log of how I felt before and after it. I made some fascinating observations and now have better information on how to fuel my body.

11. I planned out a stress-free move. I was sad about leaving NYC, but I made sure that the actual moving part was full of ease. I mapped out my apartment in advance and had due dates for specific rooms, closets, etc. I also asked my brother to come help me a few days before I was set to leave. There was never any stress or worry about not getting things done in time.

12. To get more sponsorships for my event on August 30th, I’ve been focusing on getting more followers on some social media sites. I ended up getting 4k+ more Twitter followers in June. (I met a new friend on there, too!)

13. I sold a bunch of spots to my “become a bestselling author” offer, which I only made a couple Facebook posts about. That was pretty easy.

Overall, I’m feeling really happy about June. I feel like I’ve stepped more into my purpose than ever before with the podcasts and the upcoming event and am so ecstatic about contributing to the world in a bigger way. :)

Now, what about YOU? Brag on… I’d love to celebrate what you’ve got going on, big or “small”! <3