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Want to become a bestselling author in the next 90 days?

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Want to sell books online and become a bestseller? Check this out! Would you like to become an Amazon bestselling author?

If so… I don’t blame you.

Having a popular book on Amazon means:

  • You can bring in major traffic on demand – Amazon is the #6 website in the world (#3 in the USA) and has a lot of buyers to send your way…
  • You get to increase your credibility and be seen as an expert in your field…
  • You can use your “bestselling author” badge on cover photos, blogs, business cards, and in speeches, giving you a real edge in the marketplace

But an unpopular book on Kindle… definitely not as awesome.

There are over 11 million books on Amazon – and 98% of them barely get seen.

For most people, having a bestselling book seems like a matter of “luck”.

With the books you’re “lucky” on, the ones that “magically” become a bestseller… they bring in reader after reader. You get to enjoy watching tons of people downloading your book, signing up for your email list, and getting more sales

But the “non-lucky” ones? They sit there and do absolutely nothing. Nada.


The process is very frustrating for a lot of people. Me, I’ve always liked a challenge, so I tested and tested until I learned how to create bestsellers on demand. Because the thing is…

When you know how to crack the code, becoming a bestselling author brings you SO many benefits.

Here are just some of the benefits that becoming a bestselling author will bring you:

  • You end up selling MORE books. Once you hit “bestseller” status, Amazon will kick in to help you even more. They’ll feature you on “Hot New Releases”, give you great badges, and post you at the top of their lists.
  • You increase your credibility. A bestseller campaign helps you get seen amongst your peers and competition.
  • Raise your speaking fees. Once you have “bestseller” status you can raise your fees – or get fees in the first place. You’ll also start appearing amongst higher profile speakers which can boost your profile even more.
  • Raise your prices. As a bestseller, you’re looked as even more of an authority. People who are the best in their field can command higher prices, and a bestselling book helps show that you know your stuff.
  • Fill events more easily. One of the best benefits of becoming a bestseller is that you get in front of all kinds of new people. If you can get lots of people to buy your book, you’ve cast a wider net and have more of a chance to get those people to come to your event.
  • Become an instant authority. The great thing about Kindle is that there’s an equal playing field. If you know how to become a bestseller, you can instantly be listed alongside NY Times bestselling authors and major names in your field. That boosts your credentials, fast.
  • Go international. When you list your book on Amazon, you can publish your book in many countries. If your book does well, there’s porential that people from other countries will reach out about publishing your books and giving you royalties. It’s happened to me and many people that I know.
  • Create joint venture partnerships. Having a popular book on Kindle gets you in front of other authors AND gives you an edge to stand out to other potential partners.
  • Build your opt-in list. Truth be told, I don’t look at Amazon as an incredible revenue generator from book sales. But what it is EXCEPTIONAL for is getting buyers to sign up for your list, where you can build relationships and sell them other offers. You can generate gigantic mailing lists from this alone.
  • Get in front of all kinds of people you ordinarily wouldn’t. Amazon has hundreds of millions of buyers in their database. When they feature your book, you’re getting in front of an entirely new database that is pretty much impossible for you to replicate. If you’re in an industry where buyers seem to get recycled from affiliate to affiliate, having a bestseller will give you a major cutting edge.

That’s why I personally spent YEARS working on figuring out how to become a consistent bestseller. I’m at the point now where I can tell 99% of the time which books will be successful and which won’t. Plus…

I’ve helped thousands of people
publish and market their books.

RachPictureMy name is Rachel Rofé.

I’ve been publishing on Kindle since 2010 and at this point, have over 50 books of my own (mostly under pen names).

Throughout the years, as I’ve been publishing books, I’ve released courses to help other aspiring authors.

My courses have been able to help thousands of people and I feel truly blessed to receive testimonials like this:

“I am truly thankful for you and your guidance. My books were selling like crazy last year… I was able to fulfill my dream!”

“Hi Rachel! Thank you!! It’s so great to hear from you!

I’ve been keeping up with you thru your emails and am so glad you’re doing great and touching so many people’s lives! I know you’ve made a huge difference in mine!

I’ve been doing real well! My books were selling like crazy last year so I took the money and opened up a tutoring office in Wilmington. I offer free reading screenings for kids as well as a free resource library for the community on learning disabilities. Parents and teachers can come check out books and videos that will help them understand LD’s and get their children the help they need.  The business has expanded rapidly. I now have 3 other tutors working there as well. I absolutely LOVE what I do! :-)

The 2 books I have up are not selling as well as they did but I still get around $400/month completely passive so it’s still a huge blessing!

I want to thank you again for letting me be a part of the Kindle training. It’s because of you all this was made possible and I can’t be more thankful and appreciative! I am truly thankful for you and your guidance! Thank you Rachel!!”

April Coggins

“My book exploded… it’s certainly been a great start for 2015 for me, thanks to you!”


“Following and implenting your strategies… over the moon with results…”

Emails like this came from my training courses, where people bought my courses, followed along, and implemented.

I’ve mostly offered information products, but every once in a while I’d offer a done-for-you bestseller program.

I have a 100% success rate for the hundreds of people who went through my bestseller program.

At this point I know exactly what it takes to prosper on Amazon and I use my formula to get every single book I work with on the Amazon bestseller list.

And as you scroll down, you’ll see plenty of proof to back that up.

Here’s how people feel after I help them:

Facebook post

Rachel1 Bestsellers

WayneI’m really proud of this because it’s helped me make a tangible difference for many people.

Note I said bestSELLER – not “best free downloads”. :)

I’ve seen a lot of people who brag about generating “bestsellers” on demand, even going so far as to charge thousands of dollars for their services.

When you look further, you see that they’re actually putting your book in the FREE store. A book is not a bestSELLER if it’s in the free store – it’s a “best DOWNLOADS”.

(To make matters worse, I see the people who sell these services posting in random Facebook groups, asking random people to download the books for them. This is certainly not helping their clients getting in front of their target audience.)

I always feel bad for people who buy into those kinds of services. When they brag about being a bestseller, people are secretly laughing at them. They’re not bestsellers! Many times, they didn’t sell even one book!

Creating a bestseller comes down to 3 things:

Assuming you have a great book, creating a book that gets thousands of downloads on Amazon comes down to these 3 major things:

1. You need the right cover.

We’ve all heard “don’t judge a book by its cover” – but you and I know that people still do it. I’ve tested hundreds of covers at this point and know that some covers simply will not get purchases or downloads – period.

The covers that tend to convert to the most sales are covers with a single image, with light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background, and a very easily readable font.

2. You need to make sure you describe your book well.

When you publish your book on Amazon you’ll have to fill out some information before your book gets listed.

Your book description needs to be enticing and you need to choose the right ultra-targeted categories so your target market can find you.

3. You need to start the snowball.

When you launch your book, you need to make sure you have some plans in place. You can’t just list a book – even with a great cover – and sit back and watch sales come.

It’s ideal if you have a few people set to download your book and hopefully leave you reviews to get momentum going.

Of course there are all kinds of “bells and whistles” you can add on to that, like getting to the top of Amazon’s search engine, but we’ll keep it simple as possible for now.

Once you master all of that, you need a strong plan to get your book readers to sign up for your email list.

Don’t want to do that?
I will make you a bestselling author on Amazon – easily.

If this overwhelms you, please don’t worry. It’s not like I learned this all in one day myself. And if you’d like, I’m happy to do the heavy lifting for you.

As I shared, I’ve been creating bestselling authors on Amazon for many years now.

These are all bestselling books I’ve been behind:

Bestselling books

#1 *paid* best-seller for all of these books…

After you become a bestseller,
Amazon starts to give you more exposure.

If you can prove your book is something that people want, Amazon will help you out.

Many bestsellers get a huge influx of sales the day they launch because Amazon often features you all over the place.

You might get featured on the ‘Hot New Releases’ list,
like many of my books:

Hot new releases


Amazon might email their customers about your book:


A friend got an email from Amazon about my book…


A Facebook message I got from a gal I went to high school with…

The more leverage Amazon gives you, the more people you get in front of. And if you’d like my support in capturing Amazon’s attention, I’d love to invite you to participate in my program.

Introducing: Become A Bestseller –
A Done For You Bestseller Program

Hopefully, by this point, it’s pretty obvious to you that I know my stuff when it comes to getting you exposure on Amazon. Become A Bestseller is a program I’ve created to help you benefit from that and finally get your name in front of lots of new people.

The way it works is very simple:

1. You submit 2 or more pages of writing to me along with links to your website(s) so that new customers can come find you.

2. I have it professionally proofread for you.

3. I get my favorite cover designer to make an amazing cover for your book.

4. I post the book on Amazon, doing all of my description “magic” – getting you into the right categories, writing the best description, etc…

5. You become an Amazon bestseller.

If you’d like, you can also get a physical version of your book to put on your coffee table, office, or anywhere you’d like people to see it.

The reason you’ll only need to submit 2 pages (or as many as you want) is because you’ll be part of a collaboration book. You’ll be co-authoring each book with 20 people, which gives you 20x the chance to get in front of new customers.

For each round, we have 2 types of books that you can participate in. The first option is for a professional book, where you write a few pages teaching people something about what you do. This is meant to hopefully generate more clients for you. The second option is an inspiration book about overcoming adversity in life. You can share either life stories, or specific instances where you overcame a lot and persevered, and it’s meant to build rapport and inspire people.

The process goes very quickly and is finished within 90 days. That’s right – in one season, you can boost your credibility that much.

90 days from now you can be sharing that you’re a bestselling author, just like these people:



You’ll also potentially get in front of thousands of NEW readers every 90 days.

Making you a bestseller is one part of it.

After you get that title, I’ll also implement my “90 day follow up plan” that leverages Amazon’s free program. I release your book for free every 90 days so that new people can see it and download it.

I know how to maximize free campaigns so you can get some GREAT results.

Here’s what the 90 day follow up plan can do:

Free CampaignsFor me, the goal isn’t to make money with the books. It’s to get you as much exposure as possible.

So now you might be wondering – what’s the price tag on all of this?

“What’s My Investment To
Become A Bestseller?”

As you know, you’ll be getting a lot of things with this program:

  • You’ll become a bestselling author in 90 days or less
  • You’ll be able to get a physical copy of your book to put on your coffee table, office desk, or anywhere you want people to see it
  • You’ll get in front of potentially thousands of new people, building your audience
  • You’ll benefit from the 90 day follow up plan
  • …and you only have to give me TWO PAGES (that I’ll get edited!) to enjoy all of this

I’m not trying to be sensational, but an investment in a program like this normally costs an arm and a leg. I’ve spoken at events where their main offer was to sell co-author spots at $10k a pop. And people were happy – nay, RUNNING TO THE STAGE to be able to buy it.

There are other co-author programs that cost upwards of $4k.

Now, if you were to NOT pay those outrageous fees, you could try things on your own. You could try to find the right proofreader, cover designer, choose the right categories, and so forth…. which could waste MONTHS of your time….

So I feel very confident when I tell you the you’re getting an incredible deal.

Each book that you want to participate in is a one-time $499 fee. That’s it.

You pay the investment and you’ll become an Amazon bestseller. Done deal.

“Why Is This So Inexpensive?”

Like I said, creating these Amazon bestselling books is very easy for me.

I’ve already got an all-star team of cover designers, proofreaders, a project manager and an awesome formatting tool.

And if I’m being totally transparent, I also think this whole bestseller thing is a bit of an ego metric. Being a bestseller doesn’t automatically mean you get consistent, long-term sales. You’ll often get sales in the beginning, then every 90-days with my follow up plan.

That said, the world still does play this “bestseller” game, and having a bestselling book still can help you increase your credibility, authority, raise your prices, and stand out in the marketplace.

I am offering this because it’s something that a LOT of people want, and I know I can do an excellent, ethical (making you a bestSELLER, not a best “free downloads”), and high quality job for you. It’s very easy for me. I’ve got the all-star team lined up, I’ve done it several times before, and I’m happy to do it.

Lastly, I pride myself on offering great services for a solid value. I know there’s the whole argument about people valuing what they pay more for, but at this time, that doesn’t feel good to me. I’d rather people just feel overjoyed at a great value.

If you wanted to create a bestseller program yourself, you’d have to:

  • Write a long enough book to post on Kindle (with my service, you only need 2 pages worth)
  • Hire a proofreader (many would be $200 or more…)
  • Hire a cover designer (could be hundreds of dollars….)
  • Hire someone to optimize your description on Amazon (someone just told me he’s charging $797 a pop for this!)
  • Figure out how to start a “snowball” and make sure that people even SEE your book!

As you can see, hiring me is a lot easier. :)

The catch is…
There are only 20 spots available.

This offer is good until 20 spots are sold or through August 1st, 2015, whichever comes first.

When I’ve done this in the past, hundreds of people signed up per book. As you saw in the screenshots, people were overjoyed with their results. But coordinating hundreds of people felt stressful for me, and I think helping 20 people at a time will feel like a walk in the park. It’ll also allow me to give you a high quality, fast turnaround.

Feeling excited?

Here’s what to expect after you order:

As soon as you order, you’ll get immediate directions on how to submit chapters for your book.

You’ll be expected to submit 2 (or more, your choice) original pages to me by August 15th, 2015. It’s very simple, and if you get focused, you can turn in your assignment in ONE HOUR.

Everything you submit will be proofread, so don’t worry about turning in a literary masterpiece. Readers just need to get a good feel for who you are and where they can sign up for your email list or buy your offerings.

After you submit your pages, they go to a proofreader. You’ll get a proofread version of your pages back that you’ll be expected to look over within a week. If you have any edits, just let us know. Most people don’t.

There will be up to 20 people who sign up for each bestselling book. I don’t desire to split payments 20+ ways, nor do I anticipate our book being a huge money maker (it’s more for coverage and lead generation). I will also be paying thousands of dollars to get the editing/marketing done. So with all that said, there will not be a profit share for book sales. Your revenue will come from the contact information you put in the book and the your leverage of your “bestselling author” status.

I also want to be very clear: bestselling books usually do very well for a while, then they fall off. Every quarter I will work to get you another few thousand downloads, so there are spikes, but it’s not constant sustainable traffic. In deciding to purchase this, I’d ask yourself what the ROI is of being able to say you’re a bestselling author is, #1, and then treat all additional traffic as gravy.

There are also no refunds. Because we limit each group to only 20 people, you’ll be taking somebody’s spot whether or not you take the time to submit your work. The good news is you only need to submit 2 pages at the bare minimum, so there’s very little work needing to be done on your end. I am also paying hard costs for proofreading, cover design, project management, and so forth.

Of course, if the book doesn’t get to bestseller you’d also get a refund, but there’s virtually no chance of that happening.

The whole process is VERY easy. If you wanted to do the minimum, you could take one hour, write 2 pages, hand it off to me, and sit back and wait for bestseller status in 90 days or less. Not bad.

Ready to go?

Here’s what you need to do now:

The next step is very simple.

Simply go through the payment system below and you’ll get immediate instructions on how to get started. You’ll also be able to ask any questions from me that you need to make sure you get the most benefit possible from taking advantage of this.

Simply click on the “ADD TO CART” button below and I’ll see you on the other side, future bestseller!

With love,
Rachel Rofe

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