3’s work harder than others. They are very efficient and “push push push”. They have the most energy out of any other group. They are status seekers, performers, and over-efficient. They’re workaholics who achieve and accomplish more than others. They feel nobody can do it as well as they can do it and think other people simply can’t produce the way they can. They are very successful and feel success is the only thing that counts. They are very determined, avoid failure, and feel most people don’t succeed because they don’t work hard enough.

They are often dissociated from their body and can be great motivational speakers because of their energy.

Key Word(s):

Go, Vanity.

What They Consider Ideal In Others And What They Consider A Major Offense:

Ideal: Achievement

Offense: Accepting Failure

Talking Style:

Propogandize – wants to convert you to their cause.

Negative Emotion/Passions:

Deceit – They want to appear to be successful and never appear as a failure.

Under Stress And Intimacy:

They become a  6 under intimacy and can become paranoid about their friends. They can be tentative, fearful, and idealistic.

They become a 9 under stress. They stop taking care of themselves.

How To Notice One:

They have a purposeful way about them.

Doors Of Compensation (Can be used under your normal number, the one for stress, or the one for intimacy):

Over-exertion. By being dissociated from their body they can go longer than other people but still burn out.

Level 1: Do extra work.

Level 2:  Over-exertion or avoidance.

Level 3: Chronic over-exertion, heart attack.

Social Mode/Conservation Mode/Syntony Mode – How this type acts under each sub-type (each person has ONE sub-type):

Social: Prestige, need for good public image. Deceit is their dark side because they want to hide any failures.

Conservation: Security – Push push push. If conservation is an issue, security will always be. They have a deep seated insecurity and always need more.

Syntony: Virility – They will aim to be super-masculine or super-feminine. They want to appear sexually desirable and are very into self image. They think if they’re not attractive, others won’t want them around. They want to look as if they could be in a magazine.

Divine Ideas/Solution:

Divine Harmony – To avoid the future – find that all things are functioning and will continue to function most effectively. Let go of results. Focus on doing, not the results.

One-Word Mantra:


Virtues (Use these to decrease or eliminate the negative emotions):

Truthfulness – 3’s get caught up in “I am successful.” And only want you to see the plus and never the minus. Because of this, they put up a mask and try to live to an image that is made up. They try to hide failures from themselves and others. Deceit is big here, and should be balanced out with “truthfulness”. Tell the truth to break the stranglehold of deceit. You don’t always need to tell the truth but first you must break the mask to see you don’t need it.

How To Stroke Them & How To Poke Them

Stroke:  “You’re looking great today, full of life and vitality!”

Poke:  Waste their time, expose their deceit, impune ther image, destroy their success.

Business Applications – The Best Jobs For Them

Positives: Entrepreneurs, CEOs, salespeople (especially if commissioned), managers, leaders, anything with consistent perseverance, competitive environments with ladders and titles (special salaries, being the boss, etc.)

Not So Positives: Social work, jobs without an end in sight. They also don’t like to sit around and talk about ideas, and they don’t like anything that revolves around planning.

In Teams:

3’s are usually driving the team and being frustrated that others aren’t as effective.

Examples Of Type:

Tony Blair, Donald Trump, Ray Kroc, Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenneger

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