4 Minute Passive Income Boosters

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Check out how these shockingly simple “4 minute boosters” bring in thousands of dollars a month

Dear Friend:

One of my favorite hobbies is coming up with little “4 minute passive income boosters”.

These are little phrases I create in 4 minutes or less (honestly usually around 30 seconds) that set me up to earn extra income month after month.

My whole process is that I come up with odd little phrases, add them to different product types, sell them on certain marketplaces, and watch the sales roll in.

This sounds ridiculous I know, but people love to buy the oddest stuff. lol.

Look at some examples of phrases and how much they are estimated to earn each month:

People buy products with the silliest sayings. And your designs don’t even need to be that clever (or clever at all). They just need to appeal to whoever might be buying the product.

Type out a few words,
listen for the “cha-ching”

Now, I’m not going to BS you. Not every single phrase makes money. Sometimes you have to make a lot of phrases before you find the winners.

But the phrase generation is FAST. And the whole process is pretty darn easy.

Actually – given how simple it is to come up with phrases, the overall workload is pretty minimal.

And look how rewarding it is monetarily:


That’s for a year’s sales and my net revenue is maybe half of that.

Notice how this is a recent screenshot. The sales are coming in, even though I’ve taught people how to do this already. We live in a very consumerist society and people buy, buy, buy – and if you’re the one to offer them products, you get an edge.

After that,
you watch the (mostly)
passive income roll in

The whole system is shockingly easy.

It’s mostly passive, but sometimes you have to deal with customer questions. Most of the time it’s very autopilot and easy — but I’d set aside a couple hours a week for handling customer issues once you start making lots of sales, especially during the holidays.

But when the customers are asking you questions — well, that’s a good problem to have. :)

You don’t need
any technical ability,
upfront capital,
or traffic-getting skills…

You don’t need to be a good designer (you saw some example designs!), use any fancy software…

You don’t need to buy any inventory…

You don’t even need to spend money on traffic.

The whole thing is crazy, crazy simple. I’ve even taught kids to do it.

You take your simple designs, pop them on products, put them in the right marketplaces, and watch the magic.

I made
some free training
for you to find out more

I put together a short set of training videos (and transcript PDF) for you. It goes over:

  • Example products that sell very well (like 4 words that were put on a mug to make $1738/month)
  • Marketplaces to sell your designs on
  • One poster with a simple quote making $1423/month
  • A stupid-simple mugs on the bestseller list that is estimated to make $6737/month…
  •  …and a short amount more.

Now, this training isn’t massive. It’s designer to let you know a little bit about the types of things you can do.

If you decide it’s for you, I also have a training webinar you can go through that’s also free.

There’s a “pitch” at the end – and the content is massively valuable either way.

This particular product is excellent for getting to see more examples of how simple it is.

Sign up here
to learn more:


With love,


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