4’s are the tragic romantics who see the real world as crude, mean, and vulgar. They feel the world is negative, mean and degenerate. What others see as real, 4’s see as tragic. What others see as unreal, 4’s feel “It should be”. They can’t figure out why the world won’t accept their ideals.

There is usually a melancholy about them and are frequently depressed and sad.

They live in a world that they created in their imagination which seems better than the world we exist in. They often channel their emotions into logic and over-reason, trying to reason both their emotions as well as the un-reasonable, wondering about their world, “Why can’t it be that way?”.

4’s have great creativity and usually have the most psychic ability. They are least in touch with this world and express their fantasies. They are unique, sensitive, elite, and intense feeling.

They are good calibrators and can see through people that others can’t. They feel if others were as sensitive as they were it’d be impossible to deceive others. Their nervous systems were not designed for this planet and can be very sensitive (ie Wyatt’s friend who “fell back from a wind of narcissism”).

Naturalness is huge to them. They see themselves as special and unique and focus on being special and different. They live in their own special and powerful world and move away from ordinariness. They think , “How boring to be like other people!”

Key Word(s):


What They Consider Ideal In Others And What They Consider A Major Offense:

Ideal: Sensitivity

Offense: Uncouthness

Talking Style:

Laments, elegizes. “Woe is me”, or “It’s so sad it was this way and not like that anymore”, or “Good ol’ days”

Negative Emotion/Passions:

Envy – They feel everyone seems to be having a good time. They are jealous of those who are successful and may be in extreme denial.

Under Stress And Intimacy:

Goes to 1 under intimacy. They want to have the perfect relationship, become resentful over minor matters, nitpick, always try to make things better, and can become bitchy.

Goes to 2 under stress. They will flatter others, hide their own opinion, and be manipulative.

How To Notice One:

They are often pale, wan, and dress in black.

Doors Of Compensation (Can be used under your normal number, the one for stress, or the one for intimacy):

Crime – I am unique, I am special. The rules of other people don’t apply to me.

Level 1: Crimes to get even for unfair treatment.

Level 2: Calculated crimes, thinking the world owes you more.

Level 3: Indiscriminate criminal manipulation.

Social Mode/Conservation Mode/Syntony Mode – How this type acts under each sub-type (each person has ONE sub-type):

Social: Shame – they can imagine a better world and get shamed when they’re not doing what they preach.

Conservation: Defensive actions – because they can imagine a better future and also have to make a living, they can become resentful and upset at having to do mundane work.

Syntony: They have intense emotions already , so adding sexuality in the mix can make them VERY competitive. They really hate people who they think may be a threat in taking away the person they want.

Divine Ideas/Solution:

Divine Origin – Need to realize the essence originates from perfection. The real is really real now, not the future. Understand everything comes from holy origin. You don’t need to go into another world. Once you stop trying to live in a world of your imagination and accept the world you’re in, you’ll be much happier. Live in the now.

One-Word Mantra:


Virtues (Use these to decrease or eliminate the negative emotions):

Equanimity – They want to experience the joy they perceive that other people do, but need to find happiness in the moment. Equanimity will show 4’s we’re all equal. We don’t need to be happy or sad – just know that everyone – including them – is OK and there’s no need for envy.

How To Stroke Them & How To Poke Them

Stroke:  Give them a present they wanted but didn’t dare to ask for. Follow them when they reject you. Admire their tastes.

Poke:  Use crude and vulgar language. Yell at them. Question their tastes. Demean their authenticity or authenticity in general (ie “How could anyone care about something like authenticity?”)

Business Applications – The Best Jobs For Them

Positives: Threatre, dance, painting, sculpture, modeling. Creativity and individuality are important to them. Product design is a possibility – they just need to be unique.

Not So Positives: Any low level position, one surrounded by otherswho get paid more, rigid structures, military, insurance and warehousing.

Every organization needs a 4 for new, creative ways of doing things.

In Teams:

They won’t be part of a team, won’t like it, and will complain a lot. They’re best as individuals.

Examples Of Type:

Marlon Brando, Patsy Klein, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, Janis Joplin

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