5’s are over-observers who don’t participate. They are withdrawn and people life is too scary to participate. They are often intellectual and passionate about their observations. They can express their observations well yet won’t share them. They may think “I fully understand and see what’s going on – but I won’t tell you!”

They are wise, perceptive, knowing, and believe in correctness of judgment. They feel, “If everyone was wise, things would be OK – but it’s obvious that’s not happening!”

The biggest insult to them would be to be called stupid and least want to be involved with touchy-feely people.

Key Word(s):

Stinginess. They are always afraid they don’t have enough and are stinginess with both resources and time.

What They Consider Ideal In Others And What They Consider A Major Offense:

Ideal: Aloofness

Offense: To Not Do Own Thinking

Talking Style:

Explicates, treatises – will tell you anything you want to know and anything you didn’t want to know.

Negative Emotion/Passions:

Avarice. They always feel like they need more than others. They hoard and think “you never know when you might need it”.

Under Stress And Intimacy:

They go to 8 in intimacy, trying to be a justice maker. They may also try to control the relationship by withholding, dominating, being possessive, and doing a lot of coercion.

They go to 7 in stress. They talk endlessly about issues, theorize, and promise anything.

How To Notice One:

They are somewhat antisocial (this applies to multiple types but can be a starting clue).

Doors Of Compensation (Can be used under your normal number, the one for stress, or the one for intimacy):

Phobia -5’s are in fair.

Level 1: Aversion to acting in certain groups, withdrawal

Level 2: Preoccupation with failing in certain situations and of rejection

Level 3: Phobic reaction – ie claustrophobia, phobias of noise, bugs, whatever

Social Mode/Conservation Mode/Syntony Mode – How this type acts under each sub-type (each person has ONE sub-type):

Social: Totems – They have heroes to look up to and want heroes to aspire to. They choose what people to respect.

Conservation: Refuge. Conservation is a castle or a home or a refuge. They need a safe place from which to watch the world. They hoard and have more than enough. If they let you in their home, you’re amongst the few “chosen ones”.

Syntony: Confidence – They need someone they feel safe with and is a refuge. They need someone they can be comfortable with who will protect them from the world and themselves.

Divine Ideas/Solution:

Divine Omniscience – When the 5 gets out of their head and also in their heart and body, things can change. Only God knows everything. We can’t know everything and knowledge is hollow if we don’t participate. Participation breeds wisdom.

One-Word Mantra:


Virtues (Use these to decrease or eliminate the negative emotions):

Detachment – 5’s are always hoarding since they don’t know when they need stuff, but they need to participate in life to get wisdom. They need to detach from having to hoard. Detachment = emotionally here, detaching from greed. The aim is to no longer need to compulsively acquire.

How To Stroke Them & How To Poke Them

Stroke: Respect and compliment their wisdom. Offer them a refuge from it all from from you. Never make any demands.

Poke:  Make personal demands for time and attention, demean their wisdom.

Business Applications – The Best Jobs For Them

Positives: Librarians, monks or nuns, psychoanalysts, R+D, any time they can think, park rangers.

Not So Positives: Anything competitive, demanding, or anything where they’re exposed. They need to be in an office to think. They shouldn’t be in a confrontational job. Customer service would not work.

In Teams:

5’s are anti-social but competent. They’re usually the experts.

Examples Of Type:

Ebeneezer Scrooge, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Bob Dylan, Yoda, Dilbert

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