6’s are all about security and prudence. They are constantly on guard for everything. They’d be found getting a water purifier system, because “who can trust the water?” They get paranoid while driving; worrying people are too close. They get big cars for protection. They crave security in a world of deviants. 6’s are the ultimate boy scouts. Can be great project managers and good business partners – they are VERY loyal and remember everything.

They are often adventurers (opposite side of the coin). They are often paranoid loyalists and devil’s advocates. You can find them in the military or politics. One type of 6 is the rigid, rule-abiding person. The other is the person who used to be a crook and now loves to get paid to beat people up. Because of the split, some 6’s are very paranoid and cautious, while others have a “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” type of mentality. These are either the Boy Scouts or the Hell’s Angels of the world.

They often feel if everyone could do what they needed to do, we could life in safety. They wish they could completely eliminate those who don’t conform and want everyone to be more law-abiding. They love rules and regulations and have mechanical thinking.

Key Word(s):


What They Consider Ideal In Others And What They Consider A Major Offense:

Ideal: Obedience

Offense: Breaking Laws

Talking Style:

Cautions, “I need to warn you” or “I need to caution you”. Trust is an issue. May set limits.

Negative Emotion/Passions:

Fear – Deep down they are insecure and afraid of everything.

Under Stress And Intimacy:

They go to 9 under intimacy and can start to chill out and see a balance. They settle down, lose touch with themselves, stop judging, and start compromising.

They go to 3 under stress. They may overwork and try too hard with little results.

Doors Of Compensation (Can be used under your normal number, the one for stress, or the one for intimacy):

Panic – They live in fear and are paranoid of “deviants”.

Level 1: Want to avoid from source of fear

Level 2: Spread the panic to friends, family, etc – “we’re not paranoid, we’re perceptive”

Level 3: Move into isolation by provoking a conflict, have to withdraw and isolate themselves from a group.

Social Mode/Conservation Mode/Syntony Mode – How this type acts under each sub-type (each person has ONE sub-type):

Social: Duty, loyalty. Do your duty to family, home, country. They feel the need to accept rules and care about the total group.

Conservation: Affection/warmth – Being afraid of anyone, affection is their only assurance. 6’s are frequently friendly – they think if they’re friendly, they can have a trusting relationship and they won’t need to fear.

Syntony: Strength/beauty – You get macho cowboys here, or people who are “strong” or “beautiful”.

Divine Ideas/Solution:

Divine Strength – Realize nothing can hurt His essence, not even death. When we focus inside and realize our essence doesn’t change, we’re OK to die no matter what. Our essence will survive.

One-Word Mantra:


Virtues (Use these to decrease or eliminate the negative emotions):

Courage – 6’s are in fear. Instead of feeling fear, no one or nothing can harm anyone’s Essence. Balance out fear with courage. 6’s are perpetually afraid and looking for a powerful structure. To balance that out, one must experience courage.

How To Stroke Them & How To Poke Them

Stroke:  Take their word on what should be. Be subtle. Their paranoia gets in the way of most strokes.

Poke:  Do strange and weird things. Break rules in their presence. Appear disloyal or untrustworthy.

Business Applications – The Best Jobs For Them

Positives: Boy scouts, police, military, presidents. They’re best in environments with clear lines of authority. Investigating is a good one. 6’s are amazing business partners because they’re very trustworthy. They’re also good project managers and administrators. Nothing slips past them and they know everything that needs to be done.

Not So Positives: Environments with ambiguous guidelines. They don’t want behind the scenes wheeling and dealing either.

In Teams:

6’s are ideal team players but paranoid of each other.

Examples Of Type:

Woody Allen, Sigmund Freud, George Bush, Nixon, J Edgar Hoover

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