Justice is the most important thing in the world to 8’s. They believe in order to get justice they must cut injustice. They get majorly pissed at things like someone cutting in line. They think people involved with the oil spill should be forced to live in the oil, there should be special jails for politicians, and wouldn’t mind pain amplifiers for people in jail.

They are punitive leaders and bosses and channel their energy into correcting injustice by being over-justice makers. They become obsessed about punishing the unjust and feel it’s in the name of “good”.

They’re often viewed as tough and mean, because they think that’s the only way people will listen to them. The worst thing for them is to be perceived as a wimp.

Key Word(s):



Ideal: Strength

Offense: Weakness Before Others

Talking Style:

Debunks, preaches, lays trips.

Negative Emotion/Passions:

Excess – They go too far with wanting to punish people.

Under Stress And Intimacy:

They go to a 2 under intimacy and take people under their wing. They become concerned with acceptance, become protectors, and look after their loved ones.

They go to a 5 under stress and observe. They withdraw and may run and hide as if they were never there.

How To Notice One:

They tend to look very tough or mean.

Doors Of Compensation (Can be used under your normal number, the one for stress, or the one for intimacy):


Level 1: Bad manners

Level 2:  Violence

Level 3: Torture (justified “in the name of justice”)

Social Mode/Conservation Mode/Syntony Mode – How this type acts under each sub-type (each person has ONE sub-type):

Social: Social Relationships/Friendships – They may be friends with people they normally wouldn’t and take them under their wing.

Conservation: Satisfactory Survival – Do I deserve this? What do I need? 8’s are often fine to survive with less than others because it’s all about justice to them.

Syntony: Possession/surrender. I have a “right” to my mate! There is often either a caveman possessiveness or total surrender to the other person.

Divine Ideas/Solution:

Divine Truth – Leave justice to God. Let him worry about that – that’s not your job. Your job is to accept both justice and injustice as parts of life, and then you can live in peace and let God worry about the rest.

One-Word Mantra:


Virtues (Use these to decrease or eliminate the negative emotions):

Innocence. We all know we need justice, but the problem is when it gets to the point that we enjoy torturing people. Some justice is good, excessive creates problems. 8’s should experience innocence to break the stranglehold of excess.

How To Stroke Them & How To Poke Them

Stroke:  Be protective of their soft insides (they’re being vulnerable if they accept you). Stand up for yourself and for them. Don’t crumble when assaulted – they don’t like wimps.

Poke:  One-up them, belittle them, render them weak and impotent, treat them unfairly when they can’t do anything about it.

Business Applications – The Best Jobs For Them

Positives: Power positions, lawyers, surgeons, business brokers, anything that lets them exercise competitive juice and outlet for energy, CEO of their own company, military commander.

Not So Positives: Work involving self effacement in job open to power plays, protracted diplomacy, shared power, consumer relations, representatives in general.

In Teams:

8’s are more independent and don’t like being part of teams – especially if people on the team are viewed as wimps.

Examples Of Type:

Saddam Hussein, John Gotti, Don Corleone, Mike Tyson, Mafia

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