Here are some random things I’m proud of:

  • I was able to co-create $ 50k for charity in less than 10 hours
  • I had a television show dedicated to me after I helped an incredible nonprofit raise money
  • I was able to get my mom to quit her second job by paying her what she was earning from it
  • I’ve been able to help both my brother and sister with their college bills (though I don’t necessarily believe in college, it was important to them)
  • I randomly gave my family $15k one Thanksgiving
  • I have been featured in Entrepreneur, Fox News, Huffington Post, CNN, and was flown to L.A. to be a cover story for Woman’s World magazine
  • I have multiple bestselling books on Amazon. My best ranking was #59 on all of Amazon at one point.
  • I have about 50 books on Kindle right now
  • I went from crying at Toastmaster’s when I first spoke to winning “Best Speaker” several times
  • I’m a Reiki master
  • I ran and walked over a marathon’s worth of miles in a day
  • I’m an international speaker
  • iTunes featured my podcast under “Inspiring Women’s Voices
  • I’ve lost 100 pounds
  • A NY Times bestselling author named two characters in one of her books after my boyfriend and I
  • I’m a super-affiliate (have made $10,000+ a month with affiliate marketing)
  • I’ve bought and sold several businesses (including flipping my very first membership site for $50,000)
  • I used to be a professional copywriter and get pretty awesome conversion rates (conversion = the amount of people who visit a site and then buy). I’ve been told my copy has beat out copywriters who charge $15k and $25k per letter.
  • I used to own an outsourcing company with 120 contracted employees and hundreds of clients (since sold it)
  • I’ve done many crazy things to push myself out of my comfort zone – including walking on tightropes, breaking wooden arrows against my throat, and sleeping in my car as I drove across country to see the world…
  • I’ve visited all 50 states in the United States, lived in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas,Oregon, New York City, and many more…
  • I have absolutely amazing friends and family who I am beyond grateful for
  • I care deeply for people and every cell in my being just wants to do everything I can to make this world a better place.
  • And I know that starts with me – so I am always doing my best to grow into the best version possible of myself. :)


20 thoughts on “About”

  1. I spend hours on internet marketing every day and have yet to see more than a few hundred bucks. I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I’m still in a learning phase, its only a few months.

    I’m a programmer and wish I could sell some of my internet marketing software that I made. I’ve also written some ebooks but I’m not really a good salesman.

    I am a bit of a perfectionist and I also have ADHD, causing me to suffer from information overload. I’m always doing what if analysis, thinking what if people wouldn’t like my product or wouldn’t buy. What if I get refunds? What about customer support? I don’t outsource either and get mired in too many details.

    I hope one day I will find the perfect WSO or coach that will make me successful.

    You are truly amazing and brilliant to be able to make that much money online. I hope people really appreciate you.

    • Awww, thank you so much for your message, LH!!!

      I definitely hear how it can be ridiculously hard to NOT get overwhelmed by details. It sounds like you know your ‘yikes!’ spots though, which is the first step for sure! :)

      I’d love to know more about the software that you have! Please feel free to email rachelreports at gmail – would be great to see what you’re up to!

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Your ‘about me’ page is very nice. Also the entire Blog. Pinky, girly look! :) I found link to this attractive blog in a WSO you co-authored. I’ll get back to the content after some time. Your presentation of content also looks different. Keep up the good work, Rachel!


    • Hey Mano!!

      Thank you so much for the kind words!

      I had a vision about this blog for a long time! Design isn’t always my strong suit but I knew I wanted the heart here for a while, hehe :)

      THANK YOU!

      I hope you have a phenomenal weekend :)

      With love,

  3. lol.. Anna Haller, huh? Looks a bit foreign, speaks perfect English.. with a name that is one someone would try and “think up”.

    and her writing style is exactly like yours! wow!

    pat yourself on the back a little more as you try and persuade others these comments are real.

    give us a break.

    • You have two options here.

      You can decide nobody lives the type of life I lead, and then stay stuck in what sounds like a not-so-happy existence…

      Or you can take a leap of faith that just maybe it’s true. I’m happy to even show you IP addresses if it’ll open you to the realm of possibility that some people are, in fact, happy. :)

  4. Hi Rachel, nice blog I am afraid my question is a little off topic. i just reread your report on SEO for small business. I got the report about a year ago. you had an offer where people could send you clients who want SEO done and the referrer would get a part of the fee. Is that still open? You could email me privately or maybe your readers might be interested. Thanks!

  5. Hi Rachel,

    I just stumbled upon you from Jason Fladlien recently and I gotta tell you how much I love your whole blog, your about me page and everything that you put up on here (will need to take a weekend to digest all this great stuff you have here). I especially like the fact that you’ve made your blog a girly feel because this is exactly how I wanted to have my blog look like too.

    I started my internet marketing career about six months ago and am in the phase of sorting things out still and have yet to make any money with it. I know it is possible though so I am sticking to it and will not stop until I make it. I can definitely relate to you though because I too love to travel and sitting behind a computer all day long is just not my thing but I do want to help others, that is my passion and that is part of the reason why I’ve named my blog Valuable Internet Marketing.

    It is hard to decipher what’s real and what’s not in the online world but it’s people like you that give me hope and know that I can do it. On top of that you are a woman and there are not that many women marketers out there, which will change very soon! Thanks for being an inspiration and keep on doing what your doing and follow your passion. Take care!


    • I’m so sorry for this slow response, Anna!!

      But you know, it makes sense that I’m re-reading your post now as I think about blogging again. I was momentarily taken off track, but I’m getting the bug again. :)

      THANK YOU so much for your positive comments. They really mean a lot.

      You can definitely make good money with IM and still travel a lot. I like to outsource pretty much everything, so I definitely recommend re-investing some of your profits (I know they’ll come soon) into that if it resonates with you :)

      If I can do anything to help you, please let me know, and thank you again for the comment <3

  6. Hi Rachel,

    I’m trying to find a way to promote your product residualincomeformulacourse.com

    Can you direct me to the affiliate sigup page? I know Jit Uppal is promoting it and I cannot find the affiliate page from his link.


    • Hey Peter,

      We actually sold that product as PLR right here: http://bit.ly/bwuRyV – so you can purchase PLR to the course outright if you’d like, OR you could sign up as an affiliate. Jit purchased PLR so I’m not sure where his affiliate link is. If he doesn’t have an affiliate program, you’re welcome to sign up for the one at MakeMembershipSites.com (affiliate link at bottom). :)

      With love,

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