“Want To Make Your Internet Marketing Efforts Work… Guaranteed?”

Dear Friend,

Do you wish you had more of an internet presence?

  • Do you wish you were earning a certain amount of money per month?
  • Do you dream about having products you can sell?
  • Do you want thousands of people on your mailing list?

Whatever your dreams are…

We Have A 3-Step Process
That’ll Turn
Your Goals Into Reality.

You see, my assistant and I have been working on an excellent accountability coaching program.

This program is custom-developed to help you hone in on what you want to achieve and then actually make it happen.

Here’s how it works:

First, We Help You Figure Out
Exactly What To Focus On.

At the beginning of every month, one of us will touch base with you to help you figure out clear goals for your next 30, 60, and 90 days.

Our first goal is to help you work towards something you’ll be very excited to achieve within 30 days. We work with you to find a goal that feels like a little bit of a stretch, but also realistic.

For example, I just had my brother sign up. His goal was to earn an extra $3k within 30 days, so we’re working on that with him.

In creating your goals we take into consideration all factors – what your skills are, how much time you have available, what you love to do, and so forth.

We’ve been using our process with just a few high end coaching clients and just doing THIS part has been extremely eye-opening and enlightening for people.

See, most people feel confused. They know they want to earn, say, $10k a month… but they just don’t know how. Especially when there are so many bright, shiny objects to keep you bouncing from money-making method to money-making method for years.

This goal-setting process alone will help you jump out of overwhelm and replace it with laserlike precision into very SPECIFIC, tangible goals.

Second, We Hold You Accountable
Every Single Day.

After we’ve figured out what your goals are, we send you individualized emails every day M-F to make sure you’re working on your goals.

The emails are 100% individualized to wherever you’re at. Here’s some of what you might expect:

  • You’ll have extremely eager cheerleaders ready to root you on every day… (Note: this is especially helpful if some people in your life aren’t as supportive as you’d like…)
  • You’ll have an accountability partner (us) who will hold you to telling us what you’ve accomplished every day so you can feel proud about the progress you’re making
  • You’ll have a built in sounding board if you want to brag, vent, and everything in between…
  • We’ll lovingly “yell” at you if you buy too many bright shiny objects or try to change focus (unless it’s warranted)…
  • We’ll give you battle-tested information and help… if you’re having trouble with something, we’ll tell you what’s working for us when applicable.
  • We’ll help you cut through the mountains of information you receive on a daily basis so you can just focus in on reaching your goals.

Here are some examples of emails we’ve sent to people:


We don’t stop there, though:

Third, We Give You Tools And
Resources To Help You.

As we work with you, we will help you wherever possible.

For example, if you’re feeling stuck somewhere, it’s very possible we’ll have insight that will help.

We have sites in many markets, use a LOT of internet marketing methodologies, and go through many internet marketing courses.

If we have a piece of feedback that we think will help… we’ll give it to you.

Just a few quick emails from our team can save you from buying extremely pricy courses – both in money and in time.

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped people:


Here’s How To Tell If This Level Of Individualized
Hand-Holding Is Good For You:

This IS For You If…

This program is for you if you have a burning desire to earn more money online, create products, get people on your lists, and make things happen.

If you want someone rooting you on every day, committed to your success… this is for you.

If you’re willing to step up, accept responsibility, and make things happen… this is for you.

If you’re willing to close your Facebook tabs, shut off your email, and get stuff done… this is for you.

If you’re open to facing up to what you’re getting done every day…this is for you.

If you are serious about making things happen, are willing to let go of buying all the bright shiny objects, and are committed to making progress… this is for you.

We’re being extremely specific here because we have a very clear vision of the type of person we want to work with.

That being said…

This Is NOT For You If…

If you like to learn about marketing but aren’t up for taking action… this is not for you.

If you’re not willing to take responsibility for your progress (or lack thereof)… this s not for you.

If you have a victim mentality where you blame other people for lack of progress…. this is not for you.

Here’s the thing: this might not be comfortable all the time. Change isn’t always comfortable.

The good news is, you can keep doing what you’re doing. Just beware… it’ll get you the same results you’ve always gotten. ;)

Here’s a parting gift for you:

If you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, we can make magic happen together.

With that out of the way, let’s talk numbers.

Your Investment Is Extremely Low…
Especially Considering The Level Of Attention.

Before, if you were to work with me on a monthly basis, you’d invest a minimum of $1,000.

Just an hour of my time is $500 and I don’t even accept money from all the people who try to pay me.

I am very vigilant about my time (something you’ll learn from being a part of this program).

But now, for this, you can invest just $100/month.

That’s right – $100 a month and you’ll get daily emails back and forth M-F.

Or, if you prefer, you can save $200 and pay $1,000/year.

Why such a good rate?

Well, a couple reasons.

First, my passion is helping people find goals and FOCUS on them.

It breaks my heart to watch people flounder for weeks, months, years. I feel for them. It can’t feel good to spend so much time on something and not have anything to show for it.

On the flip side, when people DO focus and get things done… wow. I see so many amazing success stories that just make my heart do cartwheels.

And while not my main motivation, it also has my have great success stories for promoting my business.

So for all these reasons, you get an excellent deal.

With that being said…

Here’s What To Do Now:

If you’re a clear match for this and want to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished in 30 days time, then simply click the “Add To Cart” button below.

Once your order goes through, you’ll be redirected to a page that tells you exactly how to get started.

Michaela (my assistant) will reach out to you, ask some questions about your business, and then work with you to get extremely clear about your goals.

After you’ve created goals you’re aligned with, you’ll start receiving daily personalized emails.

In 30 days from now, you will feel EXTREMELY proud of what you’ve accomplished. Our intention is for you to make more headway this month than you have in the last THREE months.

So go ahead and sign up now:


With love,
Rachel Rofe


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