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I need an IN PERSON assistant to help run my life!

Basically I want someone to help me get everything structured so I only need to focus on the things I’m good at.

The ideal candidate has these qualities:

Highly organized
Very detailed
OK with being thrown all kinds of random tasks (there will be a lot of new things here…)
Even-tempered / no attitude
Outstanding listener, pays attention and follows directions
Quick learner, wants to study and learn new skills continually
Take orders and execute them without being micromanaged
Is okay with project ideas being changed around last-minute
Ability to convert chaos into order
Works hard
Takes notes
Can think and make decisions (if you need constant direction or supervision, this is NOT the right job for you)
Must be willing to keep their eyes on the business on weekends (in the event of emergencies or customer service issues).
Is absolutely dedicated and committed to learning new skills and constantly wants to improve their life (bonus if you’ve studied or attended Tony Robbins events).
Good news is best. Bad news is fine. No news is NEVER OK. I need to know what’s going on.
Consistency. Your ability to create workflows and schedule yourself to perform specific consistent tasks consistently is critical to our success.
Replication. Your value to me increases if you are able to identify workflows that can be done by someone else, be able to create a documented workflow and find someone
to accomplish those tasks so you can work on other tasks and projects that are more important, more critical and have higher value. Your ability to “work yourself out of one
job and into another” will affect our long-term relationship and your income.
Detail-oriented and note-taker. You ABSOLUTELY are a note-taker. If you find yourself asking the same question more than once or can’t find your notes, you’re not the right
person for this job.
Okay with my “hands off” approach to management – I’d like to just dump a bunch of tasks your way and then you figure out how to implement them. This is not to say I won’t train you…. I’m just creating this position so I can work LESS, not more. :) (I may also make you training videos instead of training you in person if it proves significantly easier on me and the results are the same)

10. Availability on an Instant-Messaging platform such as Skype or Google Talk.

Required Skills and Knowledge:

Writing and editing skills
Organizing & scheduling
Asks great questions (and I only have to answer them once)
Will put “purple cow” in the subject line of your response to this email
Computer skills (Microsoft Office and ability to learn new software quickly)
Knows how to find solutions and answers online — excellent research skills (knows Google)

Specific tasks I would ask you for:

– I have a very specific diet that I need to eat. I would ask you to prepare all my meals so I don’t need to think about it. I like to eat very healthy, so if you are creative with switching things up and are a good cook, that is huge. I’d also ask you to help with my husband’s food. He is a raw vegan… I am a whole foods, meat eater. This will likely take around 10 hours a week.

– I don’t like planning things. I would ask you to help me identify things I can do every weekend while in Vegas so I don’t get stuck working too much.

– Make it inevitable I exercise :)

– Ensure I don’t work too much (help me structure my hours, help me find other things I can do – meetup groups, events, etc… I sometimes get stuck working because I haven’t identified any better options).

– Answer my personal emails – in the beginning you’ll probably read them out to me and I’ll dictate my responses, until you hopefully get a hang of (most) things…

– If you have project management experience, all the better.

– Answering phones

– Making phone calls

– Online marketing assistance

– Learning new skills

– Customer service

– Writing

– General copywriting

– Sales (possibly… we can talk about it)

– Editing books

– Possibly run errands

– Manage outsourcing projects

– Being OK with my throwing anything I don’t want to do your way (Not in a disrespectful way… I just desire a personal assistant so I can free up my time to do only the things I enjoy.)

About Me:

I am a marketer who usually has a LOT of projects being juggled at once. I love learning new things all the time and it shows by my work portfolio.

I’m a 29 year old female and live with my husband.

I am VERY positive person. I have an “A type” amount of things going on… but don’t really have an “A type” personality (as far as aggressive/bossy).

I just have a LOT of things going on and desire someone to help me organize them.

When I work, I get into “work mode” and don’t like to multi-task… or really talk, hehe… I just want to be working and executing my zone of genius. So it’s very important that you are someone who can ask questions ONCE and “get” it.

Some of the niches I work in are teaching marketing to marketers online, get more exposure for offline businesses, feminine leadership, meditation, and self help type stuff. I am very much into personal development.

I launch several businesses per year and I am working into a multi-million dollar passive “empire”.

We’re moving to Summerlin in mid-October on a 6 month lease. I am not sure if we’ll stay past that or not.

Work details

I will be moving to Summerlin – exact location to be figured out soon. (This is why I need an assistant – last time I moved into a place, we moved in without ever seeing pictures. It worked out though :))

I am somewhat flexible on how often you’re at our house… I’d rather play it by ear and see what we end up needing. I’ll need you to deliver food, and I want to dictate emails to you daily (and I do NOT like being on the phone)…. but it could be that you send me one email per day from your house and I make a video responding to everything and you dictate.

I’d like you to be around 9am-5pm PST.

Some check-in over the weekend would be great as online businesses don’t “stop” during the weekends.

I’m open to some flexibility as long as you’re responsive and get your work done

Ideally it would probably work out best if you come over a couple hours per week.

I anticipate this’ll start off around 20-30 hours a week, and then grow into full time.

Pay varies depending on experience and expertise. Bonuses will be provided to the candidate who measurably increases revenue. Please just give me your best pricing, and realize I will be VERY happy to pay you more if you can directly increase sales.

I’m currently co-running a successful business (nearly a million dollars in gross revenue) and have a big platform to try out your ideas. :) And I guarantee you’ll learn a LOT from this position!

So… that’s some of the things. There is a LOT more I can tell you, hehe, but this should give you a good idea.

Please email me at assistantemail444 at gmail with why you’re the best person for this job.

Thank you!

With love,

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