Congratulations – you made it in!

Becoming a bestselling author is a big deal for a lot of people and will give you a lot of credibility and respect.

You’re also going to get a lot of traction from all the people we send to the book, so you may be able to get new customers and fans from this.

I’m glad you made it in and look forward to thrilling you.

Here’s how this is going to work:

We’re going to have two books. Depending on what you want to accomplish, pick the one you’d prefer to be in. (If you want to be in both, contact me about a discounted price for the second book.)

Here are the book options:

Option 1: Overcoming Adversity

The first book will have a theme of overcoming adversity in life. You can share your personal stories – either life stories, or specific instances where you overcame a lot and persevered.

This will be an inspirational book.

I wanted to do something that everyone could say something in, and we have all overcome tough lessons.

Option 2: Share Part Of Your Professional World

The second book will be more of a professional one where you can share your gift with the world.

So, if you teach something, or do something that most people don’t know how to do, you can explain how to do it in this book.

This is a “move the free line” book where people can get a taste of you, then hopefully want to learn even more by hiring you or signing up for your offers.

Please read these details carefully:

Your text will be a chapter of the bestseller book. You’re going to appear as a ‘Contributor’ on the book(s) and on book pages.

If you have an Amazon Author page, you’ll be able to link to the book from your author page.

The book(s) will be published as Kindle books and also as hardcovers.

Your text needs to be original, never published in any format and have a minimum of 2000 words.

It will be edited by a professional editor (you’ll be able to review and approve the edited version before it’s published).

You can include one image of yourself and links to your social media and website in the text.

You may place links back to your sites in the books, but NOT affiliate links (Amazon doesn’t allow them). The types of URL’s you might want to include are your personal blog URL, your product page, your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube pages.

There will be a LOT of people who sign up to become a bestselling book. I don’t desire to split payments 10+ ways, nor do I anticipate our book being a huge money maker (it’s more for coverage and lead generation). I will also be paying thousands of dollars to get the editing/marketing done. So with all that said, there will not be a profit share for book sales. Your revenue will come from the contact information you put in the book and also your leverage of your “bestselling author” status.

The DEADLINE to send the text for the bestseller book(s) is midnight EST of August 15, 2015. Please email it, in a Word document, to

(no exceptions!)

And if you have any questions, feel free to email me at rachelreports

This is going to be a blast. :)

With love,


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