A lot of people have been asking me about private coaching lately.

I’m definitely open to working with the right client.  If you’re a positive go-getter that is quick to take action, I would love to hear from you… and I will do my best to MAKE SURE you get things done.

Fill out the contact form below and either myself or someone on my team will send you more information about my coaching program. :)

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  1. I decided to give an online business a try after watching your webinar. I have made several designs with Picsploision but I am having trouble doing two things. The first is I can’t figure out how to get the design on both sides of my coffee mugs and the second is that I have not been able to integrate with my amazon seller account or any other place. I don’t have a button that EVEN gives integration as an option. Can you help me with this please?


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