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Welcome to my coaching page.

If you made it here, congratulations – it means I think you’re a go-getter who will take action and make magic happen.

(I am VERY selective of who I work with.)

I’m selective because I’m 100% committed to your success. I need to know that whoever I work with is going to take FOCUSED ACTION and make me proud. :)

How Our Relationship Works

The way the coaching works is that after you sign up, we’ll get on a Skype call to talk about you and your business.

We’ll co-create a road map that feels good to you.

(See, that’s a key distinction. Many times, a coach will give you all kinds of brilliant ideas — but you just feel OVERWHELMED and end up doing nothing… and then shaming yourself about it.)

This road map will have you feeling Excited. Inspired. Recharged.

And… it’ll make you money.

After our call, you can contact me as you need me.

I’m available via email, Facebook, and we can schedule more calls.

I want you to think of me as your best friend in business. You can ask me ANYTHING you need help with — from Kindle to copywriting to list building to time management to whatever else.

We’re going to set hard goals for you, so that we have something to measure you against.

Feeling good is one thing — but I’m also big on MEASURABLE PROGRESS.

So that’s what we do. :)

I set this up so that your first month is a trial investment of $1k, so we have a chance to get to know each other and make sure we both feel like it’s an exquisite fit.

After that, your investment is $2k/month for 4 months.

You invest for 5 months, and then you’ll have access to me for the entire YEAR.

And, to be frank… I’ll be damned if you don’t earn way more than your investment via us working together. :)

Sign up right here:

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With love,
Rachel Rofé
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