“Discover How To DROP Everything In Your Life That Makes You Feel Heavy… And Only Bring In LIGHTNESS!”

Dear Friend:

Thanks for coming over. :)

I purposely didn’t link to a sales page. I only wanted to talk with people who would take the first step in contacting me – even if it was a blank letter.

The fact that you’re here tells me you’re already in the top 1%. A lot of people sit around and look for ways to grow their business but never jump in the way you did.

It shows we have real potential to a possibility of working together.

So if you’re ready to finally meet your goals… get serious about jumping your internet marketing to the next level… and really ENJOY your life… I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to help you.

Thing is, I’m kind of obsessed with psychology and business. I’ve boiled everything down and realized you need 3 things to succeed:

Personalized guidance that works directly for YOUR personality and skill sets (I’ve studied countless personality profiling systems and love profiling people to highlight their best strengths.)

An actual plan that gets you from where you are to where you want to be (A lot of coaches are great at giving overall big-picture strategy, but what most people NEED is an actual formula to follow. With cut-and-paste templates. Action steps. Ways to cut through the “fog” of analysis paralysis.)

Positive people who can lift you up and at the same time hold you accountable for what you want to get done (Not only is that me… but my coaching students also get daily accountability emails from my assistant).

And while I never wanted to offer coaching until I felt 110% ready, I’m crystal-clear confident now:

I Can Deliver Everything You Need.

In my 5 years as a full-time marketer I’ve come across a LOT of different business models. I’ve met a lot of different people. I’ve read countless books, studied psychology non-stop, and put myself in tons of off-the-wall situations so I could learn about people.

I’ve made at least 6 figures every year from my very first year online while working with several business models. Here are some of my accomplishments:

  • I’m a super-affiliate (have made $10,000+ a month with affiliate marketing)
  • I’ve bought and sold several businesses (including flipping my very first membership site for $50,000)
  • I’m a professional copywriter (the last price I charged before retiring was $5,000 per sales letter)
  • I’ve owned several types of membership sites
  • I’ve run 6-figure product launches
  • I’m a published author
  • I own an outsourcing company with several hundred clients and over 120 providers
  • I own sites in Alexa’s Top 50,000 (which means my sites get a LOT of traffic)
  • I’ve been featured in Entrepreneur magazine and was flown out to Los Angeles to be a cover story for Woman’s World magazine
  • Gotten a testimonial from the legendary John Carlton
  • I’ve done all this while while traveling to 49 out of 50 states, living in Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and several cities throughout the U.S.A.
  • And probably a lot more I simply can’t think of off the top of my head ;)

And while I honestly did seem to succeed pretty quickly, there were definitely problems I ran across. Regardless of what anyone says, there are going to be obstacles.

There Will Inevitably Be Stumbling Blocks You Need To Make It Through.

The stumbling blocks can show up in lots of different ways.

For me, I would constantly question the business model I was working on. Very few things actually felt right to me. It wasn’t until I started learning personality profiling so extensively that I realized what the best plans of action for me would be.

Another problem was that I would be overwhelmed with countless ideas.

“Million dollar ideas” were no problem, but the issue was when I wanted to actually get them moving. I didn’t know the steps to take and felt paralyzed.

I also knew I wanted to outsource but had no idea how to. I didn’t know where to find people, what to pay them, how to train, if I even wanted to take the time out to train them…

And quite honestly sometimes it felt a lot better to do NOTHING than to just confuse and frustrate myself.

Thankfully I learned a lot as I grew business. I hired mentors, found a high-achieving group of friends (you know the adage that your accomplishments are the average of the 5 people you’re closest to), and dug in.

Luckily all of those problems are behind me now and I continue to run a very lucrative online business my way.

I’ve Learned How To Break Down “Big Ideas” Into Small, Workable Chunks You’re Actually EXCITED About.

Because I’ve dabbled in so many markets, I have a unique set of skills that you probably couldn’t find from anyone else.

One thing that’s especially unique is that I used to own an outsourcing company.

I’ve worked with 120+ different freelancers (and hundreds of clients) and really understood how to best communicate with people.

I’m also a MASTER at outsourcing pretty much anything (from laundry to cooking to everything in between).

I can do the same thing for you, taking you from big idea’ to action steps quickly.

Another unique quality I have is that I was a professional copywriter.

I Know How To Communicate Your Offer In The Best Possible Light.

Several millionaire clients have hired me to sell their products and services.

And like I said, I’ve read countless books on how to sell properly. Since people were giving me $5,000 checks it was crucial to me that I overdelivered every single time.

Conversion rates on my sales letters are amongst the highest in the industry. In fact, my last letter is converting at 18.4% (meaning 18 out of every 100 people that visit my sales page end up buying a monthly membership). Here’s proof:

The reason I get such great conversion rates is twofold.

1. Not to sound egotistical, but I like to think I’m pretty good at writing. ;)

2. I know how to create an AWESOME offer that people can’t help but say yes to. I know what to add to make an offer irresistable for both the business owner AND the customer. It’s crucial to me that every business deal is always an astounding win-win for both parties. “Flash in the pan” launches disgust me. I’m all about offers that foster long-term relationships and help everyone out.

Just as I’ve done with multi-millionaire clients, I have no problem telling you if your offer isn’t strong enough or if I feel there isn’t enough value. I’m bluntly honest because I respect the people I work with.

I’m Going To Give You ‘Tough Love’And Tell You What I REALLY Think.

If we are going to work together, I certainly don’t want to waste your time. I don’t want to waste mine either.

I won’t just say whatever sounds the nicest so we feel warm and fuzzy. I’m going to treat you like one of my best friends and be bluntly honest with you.

Like I said, it is REALLY important to me that I help you succeed. Keeping my mouth shut isn’t going to help either of us.

And speaking of working with you as a best friend, I’m also not going to take excuses.

I’ll Help Hold You ACCOUNTABLE.

The truth is, accountability is a lot of fun. It’s REALLY fun to make money… serve people… and do something you’re proud of.

When we work together I’ll get on board with your vision and give you action steps so you know what to be accountable FOR…

And I’ll also hold you to those action steps.

This Is A 3 Month “All Access” Coaching Program.

For the next 3 months I will be available for all your emails.

You’ll receive my personal email address for all of your questions. You can email me your websites, sales letters, business plans, and any other marketing material you’d like me to check out.

We’ll also do scheduled phone coaching sessions where you can ask me any business building or online marketing questions you want. I’m an open book and have no problem giving you real-world examples of my websites and campaigns.

I will do everything I can to answer all your questions and help you get set up for success.

Please do understand I run a very profitable and fast-moving business myself so I cannot second-guess every move you make. Basically you email me with your questions and to request phone calls which we will set up in advance. I’ll give you as many calls and emails as you need, just make sure to ask high-leverage questions so that we can make the most of our time together. I am here for you.

I do need to make one thing clear though.

I Only Want To Work With You If You’re Committed To Taking Action.

I cannot work with any whiners, complainers, or people who make lots of excuses.

If that scares you a little… GOOD! It’s time to leave anything like that far behind you for good. This is the shortcut for doing that.

By working with me you are agreeing to letting me (lovingly) get you into gear.

If you aren’t willing to work to fast-forward your business into what you’ve always wanted it to be, don’t sign up. It’s up to YOU and you alone to succeed and make the best use of our time together.

And with that out of the way, I do want you to know my philosophy is all about having FUN. That’s one of the reasons I love to do the psychological profiling and make sure you’re working in your best skill sets.

So, with all that said…

Here are the conditions you need to meet in order to participate in this program . . .

  • You need to be 100% prepared to implement my suggestions
  • You are a serious action taker – when I ask you to read something, write something, or try a tactic you do get it done
  • Your business is not involved in any unethical practices
  • You can afford the cost of this coaching (believe me, it will pay for itself)

If you can meet all of that, I’m positive you’ll be overjoyed with our time together.

This Is The Next Best Thing To Having Me As Your Business Partner.

As we work together, I will…

Do personality profiling with you to make sure that your business is 100% aligned with who you are as a person

Help you craft the perfect offer(s)… including helping look at your sales copy (I charge $500+ for this alone usually)

Give you actual blueprints to follow so you can get out of overwhelm mode

Give you the cut-and-paste campaigns I use to find JV partners and land guest blog posts (Including the one that got me featured in Entrepeneur)

Give you the videos I use to train my 120+ providers so you can implement them in your business

Give you unlimited access via phone and email for 3 months

Can you even imagine what we’ll be able to accomplish? This is pretty exciting stuff!


As one of my private coaching clients, you’ll receive total access to my complete library of training products (existing and upcoming). I’m not going to add up all the prices or anything like that — but believe me — this is a great bonus.

I’m not doing that to “throw something in”… I just want you to have all the tools you need to succeed.

Give yourself the gift of seeing what can happen. I’ll put it this way, can you imagine coaching with me and being more behind? Getting less done making less money? Not gonna happen!

Let’s DO THIS!

Pay in full now for a generous discount, or pay in automatic monthly installments.


There are no refunds available for my time. You’re in or you’re out. (So get in!)

With love,


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