Please direct all questions to rachelreports :)

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  1. I bought Your COURSE some time ago. Tried to open it today, and the password would not work. Tried to get a new password but no response.

    Tried to contact you on your site but the security code is in upper and lower case and it seems all type on this site enters in all Caps. I used [email protected] for my email Before.

  2. Rachel ive been trying to go thru everything using only my phone…its taken a long time….but im ready to launch some of the free designs and start thisball rolling…pleasehave someone help me start…..thanx

  3. I have been trying to get onto your free training, but can’t seem to click onto the picture. I tried to download flash and it wouldn’t respond. Then I tried the online meeting and nothing happened. would really like to see webinar. Heard that it is awesome.


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