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“Master The Power” – Learn How To Get Back In Shape And Shave 20 Years Off Your Age, FAST

Dear Friends:

Are you feeling a little nostalgic for your “glory days”?


  • Would you like to get back in shape, fast… WITHOUT spending hours at the gym?
  • Do you want to feel decades younger?
  • Do you want more energy, a happier frame of mind, and your life back?

If so…  this is written specifically for you.

You see… I am VERY confident that I can show you how to “tap in” to unlock the superhuman strength that lies within you.

There are a few high-leverage things you can do that will make a MASSIVE difference and I want to share all of them with you.

Before we go any further, please make no mistake. This is not some “woo woo” stuff. There are real physical things you can do to see huge gains extremely quickly.

If You’re Ready To Unlock
Your Superhuman Strength…

…then keep reading, because you’re going to be very happy.

You see, I’ve discovered some incredibly high-impact things you can do to make huge gains. QUICKLY.

In fact… here’s a quick story to demonstrate:

I have a 300+ lb mannequin in my gym. The other day, I had a friend come over. To demonstrate the power of what I know, I told him to push the mannequin as hard as he could.

He puffed up his chest, took a deep breath, and pushed with all his might.

The mannequin moved a couple of feet.

I told my friend a few tweaks he could make and had him try again.

He pushed again… this time using only 1/4 of the effort he used the first time… and the mannequin FLEW back, nearly destroying the mirror on my back wall.

My friend was shocked.

I wasn’t.

This is common for me (and the hundreds of people I’ve worked with).

If you would like to learn things like that…

This Is For You.

Now, I know there’s tons of crap out there. So before I give you any tips, I’ll explain why I’m even qualified to share anything with you.

Here’s a little bit of my back story:

My name is Garin Bader. Here’s a photo of me:


Caption: Most people tell me I don’t look 55. But I am.

All my life, I’ve been obsessed with growing myself.

Even as a teenager – it used to drive me CRAZY how scientists said we only use 5% of our brain and muscular power. That there was 95% we don’t utilize at all.

It seemed like such a colossal waste to me, and I became very passionate about going on an endless quest to learn how to access the other 95%.

At one point I thought I was close. I was getting into martial arts and a lot of people talked about this “universal power” we could unlock. It was supposed to give you unlimited strength (among other things).

But when I asked the martial artist “gurus” direct questions about it, all I’d get were a bunch of elusive answers. People would tell me I had to study, meditate, go to the mountaintops… and then I’d “get it”.

Nobody could show me proof.

(I’ve since come to realize there are a LOT of charlatans in the martial arts world.)

But I really believed in this universal power… this other 95%… so I kept chasing it. For YEARS.

It was VERY frustrating to keep coming head on with all these nonsense answers, New Age superficial promises, and snake oil salesmen filled with hype.

Flash forward years later… now that I really “get it”… I realized that everything those other people were talking about was… excuse my language… BULLSHIT.

I do believe some people were well intentioned, but they really didn’t know.

Forget the mountaintops. I can show you everything they promised within 20 minutes.

That other 95% is extremely accessible.

Here’s Indisputable Video Proof:

I know there are a lot of people who peddle New Age stuff that sounds good in THEORY, but not in practicality. If you ask them to actually show you what they promise, they backpedal.

Me? I’m open to accepting any challenge.

In fact, a little while ago I met a 15 year old boy who challenged me on EVERYTHING I said.

Every time he asked me to prove something, I showed him I could do it.

And now I’ll show you the answers to his questions:

  • “Can you do the Bruce Lee 1 inch punch?” (YES… watch me in action right here.)
  • “Can you do a 2 finger push-up?” (YES… watch me in action right here.)
  • “Can you do a handstand on 1 hand?” (YES… watch me in action right here.)
  • “Can you do a handstand on your fingers?” (YES… watch me in action right here.)

(GARIN: With each of those “watch me in action right here”, make a up-to-30 second video (no longer) that pops up over the screen but stays within the page. Please make these super brief, just showing you can do each of these things, no other commentary necessary. :).)

But It’s Not Just Me…
Here’s What Other People
Have Experienced:

Dr. Dave Testimonial

Jim Anderson Testimonial

NFL Linebacker Testimonial

There are a LOT more stories like that. And I’ll share some more with you throughout this letter. But first…

Here’s What I’m Going
To Show You:

While I often talk about the strength you’ll gain from what I teach you, that’s just one part of it.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Get laser-sharp mental focus in ANY situation… no matter how tired you are…
  • Gain Matrix-like balance… FAST…
  • Catapult your endurance levels with a few tips I share…
  • Double your strength in less than 20 minutes…
  • Make more power and strength gains in one DAY than you could make in years of weightlifting, body weight exercises or martial arts…
  • Instantly improve your cardiovascular strength and stamina with a special technique I show you… (I’m talking MASSIVE leaps in less than 5 minutes)…
  • Discover little-known breathing approaches that bring you effortless power. (No — these aren’t traditional deep breathing techniques that gas you out.)
  • Instantly develop Chi strength that elite martial artists, world champions, and special op warriors ALL use…. and cut 5 years off the learning curve by using my special methods…
  • Access extreme flexibility and stretch further after ONE session than you EVER thought possible… (This is perfect for MMA and other extreme sport enthusiasts…)
  • Easily master Matrix-like, real 3-dimensional strength, balance, and resiliency that’ll give you optimal strength and flexibility at any angle. (99% of people move with one dimensional angular strength and static tension-filled movement.)
  • Learn some extremely effective mental imagery tips that’ll give you an indisputable cutting edge over all of your competition (Hint: This has NOTHING to do with self-talk babble.)
  • Disable debilitating physical and mental tension once and for all…
  • Learn the little known and closely guarded “Revolutionary Power In Motion” technique that will help you gain super strength and speed VERY quickly…
  • Finally access that 95% of strength, speed, mental clarity, and instinctive creative abilities that scientists say we never use with easy- to-follow techniques… and best of all…
  • Reach your ultimate physical fitness and muscle strength no matter what your age, gender, or athletic background… with NO injuries… FAST.


It works fast because this super strength training system gives you the keys that supercharge your mind and muscles to truly work Together congruently — It can really double and triple your muscular strength and speed because of this powerful synergy – regardless of your athletic abilities, gender, or age. This is breakthrough peak performance training that you won’t find anywhere else that’ll propel you to new levels and that’ll give you ultimate peak performance in any sport or exercise.



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