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Thank you for purchasing eCom Premier Academy via the Dream Team. :)

Here are some of your bonuses:

20% off Shopify

You can get 20% off the lifetime of your your Shopify membership by going to: //

Shopify says that this promotion is good for 20% off of Shopify for life and applies to new plans only. It doesn’t apply to annual plans or the “Lite” plan. You won’t see the price change until after you go to pay after the trial.


eCom Experts Academy – eCom Experts Academy

eCom Premier Academy – eCom Premier Academy

BONUS – Shopify SEO – Shopify SEO

Outsourcing Support

You can get all of your outsourcing bonuses right here.

Shopify Store Set Up For You

*** Please note: this bonus must be redeemed by December 13th. ***

With this perk, we’ll do as much as we can to set up the basic version of your Shopify store. You’ll get a theme installed, custom notifications set up, have pages set up for Refund, Privacy, and Terms of Service, make sure that customers are checkmarked as “can be marketed to” by default (which is not normally the case), get our favorite free apps installed, and so on.

There will be sensitive information you’ll need to add in yourself, such as your PayPal information, and we will not be doing customized integrations. If you’d like to customize things (such as tax information, shipping information, specific autoresponders), you will have to do this.

Since we are doing a standard optimization, you won’t be working with anyone directly.

You can fill out the form below, then an expert will set your store up. After our expert is finished we’ll let you know where to enter in your sensitive information as well as tell you about paid apps we love that you can install at your own discretion. You’ll also be welcome to change your password as we won’t be going back in.

If you’d like to get your Shopify store set up for you, please:

1. Sign up for Shopify. Reminder – you get 20% off if you go through this link.

— This bonus has now expired. —

Bonus: Facebook + Pinterest Ad Templates

#1: 20 templates for Facebook right hand ads. Download right here.

#2: 20 templates for Facebook news feed ads. Download right here.

#3: 20 templates for Pinterest ads. Download right here.

These Pinterest templates are the perfect size to stand out on Pinterest and get as much real estate as possible.

You can put transparent images on top of each of these images to have high quality images. For example, you may have a news feed template like this:

Steel newsfeed background
And then use your favorite editing software to place transparent images on top of it. I personally use and SnagIt but you can use whatever you want and make something like this:


Here’s a video of how I made that, in case you haven’t use templates before:

Thank you very much!
Don Wilson, Keith Dougherty, Stephanie Henry, and Rachel Rofe





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