ESS Advanced Bonus

Thank you for purchasiing Eternal Scale System via my link. :) Here are your bonuses:

20% off Shopify

You can get 20% off the lifetime of your your Shopify membership by going to://

Shopify says that this promotion is good for 20% off of Shopify for life and applies to new plans only. It doesn’t apply to annual plans or the “Lite” plan. You won’t see the price change until after you go to pay after the trial.

Quick Start Video

Here’s the picture I mentioned:


(This is in Lesson 10, 26 minutes in.)

If you’re completely brand new to ads I think you’ll be OK. If you want everything explained out in extreme detail, check out this Facebook Help Article:

JD’s course really shines in the advanced tactics but anyone could catch up to speed very quickly. Creating ads isn’t a big deal – what JD teaches is the part that really matters. :)

Unannounced Bonus: My Notes

Here were some of the notes I took for ESS. Sometimes I re-write things I know because they’re good reminders:

– Save all design ideas in a folder, can combine ideas later for awesome results

– Set up pixels for each behavior – reaching cart purchasing, and on and on, then make lookalike audiences for each one

– You need 100 hits on a pixel to get data

– To create multiple lookalike audiences at the same time go to advanced options and pick up to 5 – JD does 3

– Try to create audiences for people who visited certain product pages but not others

– Try with United States, then duplicate to other countries

– Low hanging fruit = magazines, celebrities, conferences/festivals

– Use his targeting sheet – very helpful – look for 3 objectives.

– What do they like to purchase? What makes this audience unique?

– Do 2 ad sets for each campaign to see which does better, then break down by ages

– Look to see what devices do best too

– If iOS device does best, first do that, then break down by iPad/iPhone/etc

– Can also see which one is doing better – PPE, right hand ads, etc

– Interesting way he came up with necklace idea –

– His overview stats on how much he’s made as time’s gone on –

– Duplicate when trying to change a budget, don’t just change the budget – good tip!

Upsell Notes:

I took less notes with this because I was doing everything as he was teaching, but here’s what I’d written down:

– Google Analytics URL Builder – Good free extension to make unique links. Use with

– Good bounce rate is 70% and down

– Check out behavior new vs returning

– What to check in GA daily and monthly –

– He will search for a keyword, then put it in Google and see related terms Google gives him on the bottom of Google.

Ubersuggest looks like an awesome keyword tool


Eternal Scale System Transcripts – Eternal Scale System – Download here  (zip file you download from Dropbox).

(The videos for #6, #13, and #15 haven’t been released yet. I will add those as soon as I get them.)

ESS Advanced Transcripts – ESS Advanced – Download here (zip file you download from Dropbox)

How To Get Ads Created Automatically For You

You can download Kit right here. (It’s if you’re not using Shopify.)

In the last few days I spent $107.68 on ads, plus $25 for the app, and made $258.7. This thing is AMAZING and you barely need to touch it.

I’m not an affiliate for it – I just think the results speak for themselves:

Kit CRM Results

Unannounced Bonus: How to get your store filled up with 15+ products in under an hour

This was a bonus for another product I offered, so it talks about creating Shopify stores. Whether you work on Shopify or directly doesn’t matter – the content inside can help you come up with winning ideas quickly.



Unannounced Bonus: Some of my favorite Shopify apps

Here are some of my favorite apps on Shopify. These help you supercharge your sales:

Wanelo – This app takes all of your items and puts them into the Wanelo marketplace. They don’t charge you anything to do it and take 10% commission on all sales. I often make sales via Wanelo without doing anything extra.

Abandonment Protector – Send emails to people who came to your store, started to order, then left. This helps recoup a lot of lost orders.

Product Discount – Offer discounts and special deals on your products.

Kit – This is an automated tool that sends thank you emails to customers, runs Facebook and Instagram ads for you, does retargeting, and more.

Order Lookup App – Help your customers look up their orders without having to go through your customer service.

Lucky Orange – Run heat maps on your site to see the actions customers are taking, do live sales chats, run polls, and more.

Enjoy! :)

With love,

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