Here’s What You Get…

-Dropship Program Founders Account (lowest fees there ever will be)
–Lowest Fees possible
–All Automation Integrations (present & future) Are Included (stamps, DHL, shopify, amazon, etc)
–All Fulfillment Integrations (GB, SP, TS, TL, TP)
–Access to ALL items (present & future)
-Full GearBubble Access & BETA FB Group Access
–On-demand everything
–Note: if you already bought into GB BETA, we will put $297.00 in credits in your DS account when you buy, just send receipt your DPP 2.0 receipt and we’ll manually add it in
-Access To Our API (not available yet)
-Access to private warehouse for dropshipping odd/unique/sourced items
–First 100 units shipped are on us
-Founder Pricing Break (good for only 60 days after account is created)
–$3 Off PER Mug (normally it’s the same as GB price)
–$3 Off PER Necklace (normally it’s the same as GB price)

3 Week LIVE GB Bootcamp (Value: $297.00)
– Week 1 – Orientation
– Week 2 – Storefronts & Going Broad
– Week 3 – Sourcing/Dropshipping/Tripwires


You’ll also get licenses for THREE stores!
($3k/mo is what this will cost later, and that will have smaller price breaks)

I need to get the live training in there somewhere along the way.


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