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Hello, everyone. We’ve got a lot of people coming in. Let me get over here. Oh, my gosh. There’s so many of you here. Guys, if you can hear me, please type in hi and where you’re coming in from. This is so fun. I rarely do live events like this, so okay, here we go. Lots of people. Hello. Hello, guys. Puerto Rico. Canada. California. We had such an amazing response to this. There’s hundreds of you guys pouring in. Tell me while we have everyone come in, what made you guys come here? What made you interested in this presentation? I’m curious. South Korea. Oklahoma. I want to grow my business. Hey, Diana. It’s good to see you. Just saw you the other day on the panel call. No cost inventory. Love, the health and wellness. Supplemental income. Passive income. Awesome. Curious. Thanks. Bill. Been with me since LHS yeah, so many coming in so fast. So you guys won’t see all of the comments. I am seeing them, so I’m reading them out loud. But anyway, we’ll just give it a few more minutes, I guess. Zoom has a little bit of a delay, and then everyone comes in.

So we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of you pouring in. Kuwait. Wow. Yeah. I take a lot of supplements and just says, I like the idea of those and making bigger profits. Yeah, that’s pretty cool, right? I mean, I love me some mugs, but monthly recurring revenue from the supplements is pretty glorious. Juanita says, Love the health industry. Lunch 100. Simone says, I have no right to fail on this business. I love that. That’s a good frame. I have no right to fail. Awesome. Passive income. Canada. Yeah. Terry says, I’ve always thought health products would be a great way to help people. So if you’re one of the hundreds of people that came in after I asked the question, I had asked why you guys decided to come to this presentation. So we’ll just give it a couple more minutes as everyone comes in. I’m interested in finding out more how this works. Switzerland. We’ve got people from all over in Switzerland. That’s about 6 hours later. Your night owl. Another way to make income. Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking, too. And just some epic products to get out there. Staying the course.

Add to Etsy store. Yeah, those are some great planes. Chicago looking for additional income streams. Cool. Awesome. Well, guys, I have been really pumped about this presentation to share it with you, because, you know, I love trying out new products, and the person putting this presentation together, Manuel, is just the king of this face. So we met back in September, thinking California, Jason Gladly and had this event, and Manuel was there, and it was just so impressive, so incredible. I didn’t even fully know everything he did and until months later and found out he has this incredible half a billion dollar supplement brand that he had been running on Amazon. He has just crazy, incredible experience. And so he was telling me all about the supplements and how you can make it print on demand, which I know so many of you guys are familiar with. And you know, we love the print on demand model and then this to marry it with recurring commissions and healthy things that can really help people, just sounded epic. So I wanted to get him on here to share it with you guys. So Manuel pretty much just let you take it away.

But first, thank you so much for being here and I know everyone here is so pumped to learn from you. So I’ll hand it to you and thanks again.

Amazing. Rachel, thank you so much for the introduction. Super excited to be here with you guys tonight. We have a great presentation and just want to welcome you guys for wherever you may be tuning in. We are going to be going over some content over the next 40, 45 minutes. I’m going to be teaching you guys some of the things that I’ve done over the last decade of my career, particularly in the area of submarines. And then I’m going to introduce you to an incredible opportunity that it’s one of those things that present themselves very few times in a person’s life. And I’m very excited about it today. So we’re going to get to it right now. And again, thank you for joining from wherever you may be tuning in. We’re going to have an opportunity at the end to answer your questions and get them all cleared up before we’re done. We’re going to stay here as long as we need to stay here so you guys can understand what this big opportunity is. Before we talk about the opportunity, basically today’s presentation, I’m going to be covering five secrets, five particular secrets that have allowed me to build enormous success.

Like Rachel talked about half a billion dollars in supplement sales. It’s something that I still have to pinch myself and understand that I have actually accomplished these numbers. And I’m going to teach you exactly how I’ve accomplished these numbers. And then I’m going to teach you a solution that’s going to basically cut the line for you and help you get there way faster without having to go through the pain that I’ve gone through my whole life in the subject of building supplement brands. So let’s get to it. This is the zero inventory secrets. Discover how to launch or grow a Supplement brand with Zero Inventory Cost. So if you guys haven’t had the pleasure of putting my content, my information in front of you guys, I’m the CEO of a company called Attention Grabbing Media. We’re a marketing company that has won awards Inc. 5000, et cetera. We are specialized in the subject of attention. The company stands for attention grabbing media. I’m the co founder of a supplement brand called Natural Slim, which one of the things that you guys will know about me is that I don’t hold myself back from the things that I’m doing.

And I’m open in regards to what I do and how I do it. So you guys are going to know all about how I’m building my own brands along the way. So just a little bit of the numbers that we’ve got to manage over here. This is a few recent screenshots that I just took. This is actually from last week. If you look at the screenshot on the left, this is one year on Amazon. Some of you guys are familiar with the platform. $40 million in this particular brand. Just on the Amazon side of things. We do a lot of Amazon, but on Amazon we have done some crazy things on the platform. This other One is almost $70 million in that same time span. This is something that is happening not only for established supplement brands, but we’re also doing it from scratch with new supplement brands. And I’m going to give you guys more details as to why. I Believe supplements Right now basically is the Biggest opportunity on the world Of Ecommerce in the world. There’s a couple of reasons why, and I’m going to make that very real to you guys throughout this presentation.

So, as you guys know, there’s a thing called COVID. Increase the actual demand for health across the entire country and across the entire planet. And at the same time, there’s been a cleanup of supplement brands that are not good quality. So supply and demand has balanced itself out dramatically and we’ve been exploding. So this brand right here is an Amazon brand that we literally launch from scratch on August. And now it’s doing $300,000 a month in revenue just on the Amazon side of things. So we do shopify a lot of ecommerce sales. Also, we got call centers. We got a lot of stuff going on. But again, there’s been a massive explosion across some of these brands. Some of the brands that I worked with. Dr. Eric Burr. Some of you guys might have heard of him. He’s known as the Ketogenic Diet King. YouTube channels with over 10 million subscribers and growing really fast, especially internationally. Natural swim is my brand. Other brands that I’ve been responsible for for helping them grow over the last little while. Dr. Living Good has a brand called Living Good Daily, and we do a lot of social media communication.

We do a lot of social media omnipresence that we post across the world of the Internet. And that’s how we capture attention. We’re not dependent on advertising. We’re dependent on marketing strategy and we’re dependent on social media content distribution for attention grabbing at scale. So we do a lot of this in the world of the social media platform. So, Again, Just To Give You Guys Some Data On that, so we have Many, many millions of followers across all these platforms and still growing every single day at very, very fast speeds. So what you’re going to learn today is a totally different approach to building a business. Some of you guys here in this particular audience, in Rachel’s audience, you guys understand really well the concept of drop, shipping, print on demand, all those things. I’m going to introduce you guys to a concept today that is very unique and very new to this world today. And it’s what I believe to be something that is bigger than the opportunity of third party on Amazon, but with less risk. We’re going to talk about that throughout today. In other words, you’ll be leaps and bounds just by knowing today’s presentation ahead of the line, ahead of all these people that are trying to find opportunities.

So I need you to stick around to the end. I will be covering a lot, but it’s all going to tie in by the end of this presentation. What I’m going to start with will give you the tools you need to build eight, nine figure brands and even more so. What you’ll find out at the end will simplify a lot of what I show you. So are you ready? So let’s get started with secret number one. Ads don’t work. Well, not entirely true, but if you know what you’re doing, you can make them work. But there’s something more powerful than just running ads. Unless you have a groundbreaking problem solving product most customers won’t buy directly from an ad, people struggling, struggle, trying to get return on investment. In other words, you’ll likely be throwing a lot of your advertising money directly into the trash, just trying to get some attention and trying to get some sales. What you want to do instead, and what I’ve done with my brands, is build trust. How do we do this exactly? You do this by establishing an online presence. Which brings me to my next secret. Attention equals sales.

Maybe this one isn’t just a secret. Right. But let me show you something. Something that I have recently did as an experiment to find out what would happen if we just did an uptick of social media communication. And to my surprise, we also get an uptick on revenue that goes hand in glove. They go together. So we do somewhere around for my natural Sin supplement brand. You guys can look us up on the world of social media, amazon, Ecommerce, all over the place. We do somewhere around 800 publications a week and you guys are going to understand exactly how we do that. It’s not going to be something overwhelming. I’m going to show you guys how simple it is to do something like that. In today’s process, there’s not a single creator creating 800 pieces of content. But the beauty of this whole process is that as you figure out how to create more and more content, which I’m going to show you guys, your revenue also will go up and you start building something that we like to call a legacy. So again, this is also statistics that you see from inside our company that are measuring everything that we have going on.

You can see an explosion of revenue as we create an explosion of organic communications. So we all know where the attention is these days. You guys know that everybody is looking at their phones no matter what. You go to a park, you go to a party, everybody is paying attention to these cell phones that we all use and that we all need. Whether you like it or not, this is where most of your potential customers will be. So how do you get attention? By being omnipresent. Omnipresent is a word that is used to describe God. He is everywhere, right? Well, you want to try to replicate that as best as possible. You want to be everywhere because some people are using Facebook, but they don’t use Instagram. Some people use TikTok and they don’t use Pinterest and so on, right? So you want to try to be everywhere so you can increase your potential, your possibility of reaching people that otherwise would not be accessible. So we want to be on Instagram, we want to be on different channels, we want to try to brand our brand to the next level across the board by providing valuable content.

This person that you see here on the screen, it was my father. He passed away a few years ago, but we’re still spreading his message with his incredible content that he left for us, which is again a great legacy that we’re responsible for. So we do this everywhere and we do this continuously and that’s how we actually are able to grow without dependence on advertising. So before we continue, let me take you through a crash course on the basics of social media. If you guys have seen any of my stuff, if you guys somehow have been in the world of social media, you know how important it is for anybody that’s trying to build a brand because it’s something that really puts you in control in the driver’s seat of actually having a brand that’s growing and scaling. Lesson number one, choosing which social media platform to be on. So all these platforms are the important ones, right? There’s not that many. It’s only a handful of them. It’s only about ten or twelve that are really relevant today. So the broader you go with your social media presence, the better. Why not everyone is on a single social media platform.

Some prefer TikTok, while others prefer YouTube or Facebook. That’s why the more social media platforms you’re on, the more people you will reach. Lesson number two placements. Many social media platforms I’m going to explain this in a second today have more than one placement. In other words, a single platform may have multiple places for users to view content. Here’s an example. YouTube has channel your long form videos. They have shorts and they have community. Facebook has feeds real stories. Instagram has feed real stories and pins have pinterest has pins and idea pins. And LinkedIn has feed stories. Article posts, for example, this is what the various placements look like on Instagram. So on Instagram placement, when you look at the feed, you guys know these basics, right? That is the feed and that has his own attention. You can put images and video in here. There’s Reels. Right now, this is the hottest placement on any single platform. Instagram has reels. Facebook has reels. TikTok has TikTok. YouTube has shorts. This is what’s being consumed the most by audiences worldwide. The most by a long shot right now. But also, you can even do horizontal videos on Instagram.

24 hours videos, images, et cetera. All right, on the next lesson in my social media basic crash course, I’m going to talk to you about content creation, because this is one of the struggles that people have the most. How do they get to a point in which they can create content at scale without having to commit an excessive amount of time? In order to post on social media, you need content. Content can be in the form of video, long or short images, graphics, written word blocks, or even audio. For podcasts, the key to gaining traction organically is to make it valuable. So what makes content valuable? Valuable content includes one or more of the following elements entertainment, inspiration, education. For example, content idea number one answer a question or solve a problem relevant to your industry. This is an example of a brand that I built. We’re going to talk about this in a little while. Six simple things you can do to improve your mood. Content like this. Here’s a surprising thing that you guys might already have experienced on social media. For every post that you make, if you get one like, you’re getting another 100 people to watch your content.

So some people get disappointed when they see only a couple of people engaging or talking or commenting or liking. But what you don’t know is that people do actually see your stuff. They just don’t engage with you as much. So attention is attention. Content idea number two share stories related to your industry that inspire your audience to improve their life. This is, for example, communications that we get testimonials for Dr. Burke’s content, and we just grab those testimonials, put them in writing, have the before and after pictures, and post them on social media. One final tip on content creation don’t worry about perfection. Instead, focus your efforts on being consistent while creating high quality content and getting better at it along the way. Improvement will happen naturally over time. That’s the wrap on the social media basics crash course. So again, I show you guys this graph. You want to have 800 publications a week. Not really, because we’re a brand that does $50 million a year. You have to work yourself up to that point. But let me show you how this is possible. How can you possibly make 863 publications in one single week?

Is that even something that we can easily do? No, that’s not something that we’re going to do. We’re not going to create 800 different publications in a single week because no creator has the ability to do such a ridiculous, insane amount of content. We have work, we have businesses, we have things to do ourselves. We have family. And that’s not simply possible. I’m going to show you a better way to maximize one piece of content with the next secret. Secret number three. Making lots of content doesn’t need to be hard. And that’s the one thing that, even though it’s not really a secret, most people don’t really go deep into this particular subject and figure out how to become omnipresent with very little content. I’m going to show you guys this in the next few steps to recap. We’ve established that posting lots of valuable content will be a vital part of your initial brand building strategy. So how do you maximize a single piece of content so that it works for as many platforms and placements as possible? And this is important to understand, because you guys are going to get started today. You are going to get started today building your own brand.

I’m going to present to you a solution for you to build your own supplement brand today. So the way that you’re going to get it going without having to invest a lot of money on advertising and getting your brand in front of people is by applying this strategy, which we’re going to direct you along the way. You slice it and dice it, that piece of content, and turn it into multiple forms of content. Here’s a graphic that shows you how this looks. So you get primary content, which is your video. 6410 minutes long videos. Twelve minutes long video that becomes what I like to call your primary content. That content gets turned into many different pieces of content. For example, one video that is six minutes in length could produce quote cards, clips that are several clips that are 60 seconds or less. Audio, podcasts, long form video. A lot of the creators that you consume content for, this is exactly what they’re doing. And that’s how they multiply. And I get people that run into me all the time and they tell me, man, wow. How can you possibly create so much content? How is it possible for you to be so omnipresent?

And what they don’t know is that I pretty much don’t even create content. People take things that I’m doing, like right now, and they split it up and dice it, and they make magic happen. We turn that into thousands of publications a month. So let’s look at a real example of how that breakdown works. So this is Dr. Eric Berg. We get a long video and that long video turns into three clips under 1 minute each. And it turns into another three quote cards that you can see at the bottom. And then it also becomes an audio. Dr. Eric Berg if you check out his podcast on itunes or even on Google podcasts, you can find out this podcast called the Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting Podcast. It is one of the hottest podcasts on the planet. On the subject of health, he has produced somewhere around 160,000,000 downloads. And you know a secret. Dr. Burke himself has never produced a single podcast in his life. It’s all taken from his videos and made into a podcast. And that’s something that is very easy to do. And you can see at the bottom also how we take that transcript from that video, adjust a few words to make it look like it’s written, and that becomes an actual blog also.

So in other words, one long video could potentially be the following one. Edit the long form video. One podcast episode. One blog, five to ten plus clips of 30 60 seconds, even 90 seconds long. Five to ten plus images or graphics. So let me give you a step by step overview of how this works. So step one, record a long form video that provides value in the form of education, inspiration, and or entertainment. The secret also here that you guys should know that it’s not part of the slides is that in order for you to get attention on social media, you got to provide value. If all you’re trying to do is sell to people your products, you’re not going to be able to succeed because there’s too much competition. There’s too many people out there trying to do the same thing that you’re doing. The way that you differentiate yourself is you become a content unicorn, somebody that is providing value, education, inspiration, so you can actually create a big push of goodwill and attention for your brand. So you do a content piece and then number two, you edit that long form video.

If your video doesn’t require visuals, you can upload just the audio as a podcast too. There are platforms like these script.com which allow you to actually put in your videos in there, your actual raw material. And you can go in there and just make it look pretty. And it’s very simple to do to just eliminate things, add things, add graphics, thumbnails, end cards, et cetera. All those things can be done very easily on this platform. So you can either do this yourself or have an assistant get this done very easily. There’s other tools like capcom.com that allow you to actually get this done also very easily. And a lot of these tools are literally free. So you want to transcribe your video. We use a platform like these scripts that allows you to put the entire video and it extracts the entire transcript from that video, and then you can take that video and turn it into a written blog that now gives you another form of communication. Because here’s the thing. A lot of people like to consume video. A lot of people like to read stuff on social media. So if you are not delivering on both sides, you’re missing out on an audience that prefers to consume content in a certain way.

Okay, so you want to see that transcript, and we’re going to do more with that in a moment. So step four, you find sections of your video that can be used as a short 32nd to 62nd vertical clips. So you can see that whole video on the left side here of your slide, and you turn that into vertical looking clips. And that’s very easy to do with a software like the one that I just showed you guys. That is very easy to learn so you can create this content for these platforms. So to maximize the number of places you can post a single clip, you should make all your clips if you guys are into figuring this out yourself. Vertical nine x 16 under 60 seconds. Okay, so let’s pause for a moment. How’s everybody doing? I want to make sure that everybody is paying attention here and you can hear me really well put in the comments here. I know I talk fast. It’s just that I have so much to communicate with you guys today. But, hey, you’re going to have a chance to watch the replay if you guys want to go back to it.

Okay, great. I see all the comments coming in. That’s amazing. There’s a lot of you guys here. That’s amazing. Great stuff. I love it. Gives me a chance to take a deep breath. Now, Rachel showed up here on the camera. Now, Rachel, you want to jump in and say something?

Yeah, I just moved upstairs. I move up and down a lot, but this is awesome. This is really good information. I didn’t know that thing about one like, every 100 views. And I love how you just maximize things to make it as effective as possible. So people are leaving. Great comments. Thank you.

Yeah, so when I go to events, I don’t know if you guys have experienced this, but I get people that approach me and they say, wow, thank you for putting out your content. It’s so great to, you know, thank you so much. So great to meet you. Can you take a selfie? And I’m like, wow, this person has never in their lives left a comment, engage nothing. These are ghost people, right? So there’s a term to describe these people, and they are lurkers. And the reality of social media is that it’s full of lurkers. People don’t interact, they don’t engage, they don’t comment. That’s the way it is in general. So just know that if you’re putting content out there, right, it builds with time. But one, like, doesn’t mean that you’re getting one person to watch it. That’s just the way it is, right? Okay, great. So Celia saying that’s me. That’s why celia. You got it. A lot of us. Okay, let’s keep going because I still got a lot to cover with you guys. So let’s keep going. Remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay. It’s part of the process. All right?

And the light at the end of the tunnel is coming. I’m going to show you guys how we do things and how we build massive supplement brands. Imagine, like, in our case, this 2022 year, we ended up the year with $257,000,000 in supplement sales. So I got a lot of data. So what you’re getting here, guys, is big think and how we succeed at that level, which is pretty incredible. We don’t have any outside investors, we don’t have any private funding. This is all bootstrapped every step of the way with the brands that I manage. So this is strategy that actually works, but you got to go at your own pace. That’s the reality of it. And what we’re doing is we’re going to teach you how to get started on that journey so you can actually accomplish a similar level of success at some point along the road. So let’s continue. Step five, pull quotes from your video transcription and turn them into graphics. So now, because you have good value coming out from your content, you’re going to have a lot of things that you can pull out to create quote cards and graphics and things like that that also have people reacting really well to them and people do engage with this content.

So, for example, here on this particular transcript, dr. Rickberg says, you skip breakfast and utilize interminent fasting, you mess up your metabolism. So we take that little piece right there, that sentence, and that becomes a graphic fasting myth. Skipping breakfast ruins your metabolism. So this is how we actually take our content, and we go really omnipresent and just scale our ability to produce content to a whole new level. There’s a lot of platforms, software programs that allow you to create content like this at scale. And again, if you guys are serious entrepreneurs and business owners and you’re looking for expansion, there’s no reason why you guys cannot hire somebody to watch some of our training that we’re going to give you guys access to. So you can incorporate some of this for yourself. Also, you can turn your transcript into a blog. So, for example, you take that exact transcript from that video. This example over here is from a great client of mine called Dr. Livingon. So we take his video, we extract the transcript, and we turn that into ourselves, an actual written blog. All we got to do is adjust it a little.

Bit so we can make it look like it’s actually written and not coming from a video. So now that you have the basics of how to create various forms of content from a single video to recap, we’ve established that creating and posting organic content is a solid way of building a brand online. While a lot of people are struggling, trying to get what they call one to two ROI or one to three ROI, I spend a dollar in advertising and I get $25 back. I could spend $0 and get $20 back because I have built an incredible content machine that leverages this organic content opportunity. So more on that a little bit later. Don’t worry. That leads me to my next secret. Ads can make it faster. So, as you guys are getting rolling with your content and you’re posting content, let’s say that you’re only going to do one video a week. That’s all you got to do, because you cannot do any more. That one video becomes like 50 pieces of content for that one particular week. How do we get that content to be seen by more people? How exactly do we actually get more attention?

Well, we have to pay now a little bit to these platforms. Some people ask me a lot, like, how much does it require for me to get my brand off the ground? And it really depends on you. Like, you’re only competing against yourself. You can start with $0. What I’m going to teach you guys today, you can start with zero. And you can just grow with your organic content. Organically as best as possible. The better your content comes out, the faster you’re going to be able to grow. But if you want to grow faster I’m a little desperate like that. I want to go all in when I’m trying to succeed with something. If you want to grow faster, you can put a little of the energy that you have so you can grow faster. If you have great quality content, you can boost that content on Facebook, on Instagram, on TikTok. Every single platform has an opportunity to make it be seen by more people. So, simply put, ads can help you push your content out to more people faster. So here’s a pro tip. Before you spend money on ads, let your organic content be your source of survey.

You want to use your audience and their interaction with it, which all these platforms will give you data as to the best performing content that you have on your social media profiles. And when you see that performance after a couple of days organically, you can right away know which one is hitting home best. Because you got to remember, social media platforms are built on engagement. The algorithm is built on interaction. The more that somebody likes your content, the more that it’s going to be spread throughout the world of social media. Why? Because platforms like Facebook depend on people staying on the platform. If people are bored, they don’t like the content, they are feeling like they’re just getting too many ads, they jump off the platform and they go to TikTok. So you got to create great content. So your content, your survey, is going to be given to you by these platforms. And you take that content and you push it out to more people because the audience is already telling you that that content, they like it more than the other pieces of content. So you want to use that data consistently. It doesn’t matter what you like.

It doesn’t matter what you think is best. It’s more what the audience feels they like. And that’s how you go about deciding what to push. So let’s fast forward to the future. Imagine this. You successfully created a large engaged audience across multiple platforms. So you have followings like myself, right, that I got millions of people for my Natural SIM brand on different channels. Like, my Natural SIM brand has many, many different profiles. Like, I have one called Frank Suarez, which is my father’s legacy brand. We have Natural Slim, and we have another one called Metabolism on TV, which happens to be the 12th largest educational channel in the country. And we serve as a Latin American population. So we have a lot of audiences, right? What happens is that these people start becoming your own bucket of audiences that you can now retarget. And that’s where the magic happens, because Facebook and Instagram and TikTok, all these platforms and even YouTube, et cetera, they’re going to actually allow you to retarget people that are consuming your content. Video watchers, people that are engaged with your page, people that are interacting with your content, you can build these audiences.

Here’s a few examples. My natural slim. USA instagram engage followers. 448,000 to 500,000 estimated are engaged. That’s a big audience. So instead of me selling to people that don’t have a clue who I am, I am presenting offers to people that now recognize me. And now that makes it easier for me to convert them into customers. This other one over here, people that have consumed 25% of my Instagram videos, almost 2 million people estimated, are able to reach that’s 25% of videos because Instagram and Facebook will give you that data. This other one over here, people that are engaged with the Facebook page, natural Slam, between 3.4 to 4 million people. You get the idea, right? There’s a lot of people that we’re accumulating with our content. Some of your videos, if you’re lucky, if you do a good job, because that’s the way it is. Like on TikTok, we’re not going to get into that today. But on TikTok, something that I found out internally, because I have connections internally on the world of Facebook, is that TikTok has a bunch of human beings actually deciding what to push and what to make go viral or not.

It’s pretty incredible. So sometimes you’re going to hit a home run and you’re going to get some of these videos to go viral. These audiences, you can accumulate and you can retarget. And one of the things that we’re doing right now is we’re doing some heavy advertising on TikTok and we’re getting some incredible sales at a much lower cost than Facebook and Instagram. So you’re even getting organic sales here and there because of your content. So now what? You retarget your engaged audience that is actually consuming your content. It goes without saying that before you do any of this, what do we need? We need a product to sell. Because if you guys are just an influencer, providing value and educating and just inspiring people, but you don’t have anything to sell, what do we know? We know that you’re still going to starve because you’re not going to have any form to produce revenue. So we need to have a product to sell. This also means that you need to invest a few thousand dollars in your first batch of inventory. This is the problem that we’re solving for you guys today. For you.

You don’t have the money to invest in inventory. Okay, so this is my final secret in today’s webinar, you don’t need to pay for inventory ahead of time. Not anymore, anyway. I want to introduce you to a concept that it’s a brand new concept in 2023 that we are recently just going deep into right now. And this is called honeycomb. And it’s a software and it’s a program that I’m going to show you how you can actually succeed using this particular software without having to do any of the things that I had to go for myself. I’m going to break that down over the next few slides. So what is honeycomb? Honeycomb is a platform that allows you to private label and sell your own consumable products such as supplements, pet, skincare sports, nutrition and more with fully customized labels without investing in inventory. Upfront today, you are going to hear something special and something very, very different. Somebody that you probably trust very well, somebody that you’ve been probably on their list for a while. Rachel, she has now her own supplement brand that she’s launching with you here live today. And we’re going to talk about that at some point in today’s webinar.

She’s going to introduce you to that particular brand that she’s built so she can make it very real to you that you can also do this in the same way that she’s done it. We literally spent the last few weeks, two weeks, and we built her a brand from scratch with this Honeycomb incredible opportunity that you’re getting introduced to right now. So what does that mean? No pre buying of labels, no inventory, no minimum orders, and no design limitations. How big is this industry? Well, let’s take a quick look. Dietary supplements, $115,000,000,000 in 2018. And growing every single year estimated at $194,000,000,000 by 2025. Dietary supplements, 6.7 billion. And by now, it’s actually at somewhere around 12 billion, especially because the acceleration that was created with COVID skincare products, $534,000,000,000, and is on a rapid upward trajectory and it’s still growing. So just those few figures, close to $700 billion. A lot of money. The supplement opportunity is something that I want to emphasize on some of you might be thinking. You might be thinking, well, it’s crowded right now, right? It’s actually full of supplement brands out there. Here’s the reality of what’s happening in the market at this point in 2023.

There is data that I recently got on websites that you can easily browse yourself and search for it yourself. This is a website called Natural Medicine. Amazon is cracking down on supplement quality. People are having a tough time getting their supplement brand inside of Amazon. Not only that, people have been kicked off the Amazon platform somewhere around, I believe the number was 10 billion. Accounts that were created to actually put products on Amazon were completely taken off the platform by Amazon, and a lot of those were supplements that were being sold from overseas in the US. Amazon has done a really, really deep job trying to clean the platform of trash things that people were putting in their body before the FDA got too crazy invading the platform, because there was a lot of complaints about the quality of the supplements being sold on the platform. So there’s been a massive crackdown. Here’s another website that you guys can check yourself. Pattern dietary supplement approval requirements on Amazon. Everything you should know. So let me just read this little section right here. It’s been a roller coaster for the year for sellers on Amazon. And one category that has experienced significant whiplash over the past few months is vitamins and supplements.

This is 2021. Since December, Amazon has dramatically changed their dietary supplement approval requirements. The word dramatically is not an exaggeration. Just to be clear, I have been dealing with supplements for about ten years. I have sold over half a billion dollars in supplements over the last ten years. I have never got an account shut down on Amazon. And the opportunity that I’m presenting to you is guaranteed to be accepted on platforms like Amazon and to never get in trouble with things like the FDA. You got all the certifications and all the things that you’re going to need to be able to grow your Amazon brand, to grow your ecommerce brand without having to actually be in danger at any time. I wanted to show you this so you understand why the opportunity is so big. The requirements to get into the platform right now are close to impossible. Unless you have relationships with these third party labs that only Amazon has accepted. They have about five third party labs. Then they’re the only ones that can say to Amazon, hey, this brand is okay. And one of those is a lab that we work with.

So I took these screenshots literally today at 509 Eastern time. So you see what we’re getting right now with supplement sales as compared to last year. What I want you to look at here in these slides is actually real screenshots from my phone, the Amazon app, so you can see what the opportunity looks like. So this first one over here, you can see that we already crossed $4.1 million in the last 30 days. This first one, what I want you to note is what it says in the percentage compared to last year. So we had a 127% increase last year. In the month of January, we had done somewhere around $1.8 million, which is amazing, but more than double the revenue, not changing anything. Doing the same thing that I’ve been doing for years. We got more than double what has happened when it comes to supplement brands right now. I have never experienced the level of explosion that shows me that there’s a massive change in the supply and demand. The demand is still extremely high, higher than ever, but the supply has been dramatically cut down. And that’s what’s happening with this crackdown that’s happening across the board.

And all these brands that have been taken off may disappear. This one in the middle, these are brands that you will have access to, that you will be able to understand what we’re making, how we’re making them successful, how we’re making them actually grow. You will have access to all that data. This one over here, 89% year, month over month. So January of last year, 2022. Compared to January of this year, 89% increase. This other one over here, I put that in here. I have dozens of them. This one over here, I wanted to show you because notice how on the last year percentage, it doesn’t have a number. That’s because this is a brand new brand from scratch, launched in August of 2022. And we’re doing somewhere around $300,000 a month just on the Amazon platform. So the opportunity is a massive one. You get the idea. The supplement opportunity has never been bigger. Simple, common sense. More demand, for obvious reasons, plus less supply. So how do we ride this unique supplement wave? Let’s get into the details. Ted, traditionally, getting a supplement brand just begin a supplement brand required a few not so fun steps.

Take it from somebody that has actually built several supplement brands from scratch. What do we do? Number one, research. Until we find a product that you believe has potential. Again, a lot of it has to do with praying, right? You got to pray that your product is going to actually work and you’re going to hit a home run, because it’s not something that you can easily afford. Getting more and more products tested. Number two, research for and contact manufacturing facilities. Number three, you want to pay for and receive sample products. Number four, you want to negotiate the minimum order quantity for your favorite sample. Number five, and this is a joke, mortgage your home to pay for the first wholesale order. Number six, have the manufacturer get the MOQ order for one product ready. Number seven, you want to hire photographer. These are actual steps. Number eight, negotiate shipping rates and send to your warehouse. Number nine, pay for branding, ecommerce website, Amazon set up, et cetera. Number ten, manage orders, tracking numbers on fulfillment, et cetera. Number eleven, figure out marketing and traffic. Huge. You got to figure out marketing traffic. You can build the most beautiful brand in the world, but if you don’t have the marketing strategy behind it, how to make it succeed, which is part of what I give you, you’re not going to make it.

This is the reality. Number twelve, pray your first product works and start selling because you don’t have a second home. Obviously a joke to mortgage to the second product. 13, you want to rinse and repeat one product at a time. Years and a ton of luck before you have a brand with 30 plus products. My brand, Natural Slam, has 34 products today in 2023. We’ve been building it since 2010. It’s been a long journey to get to where at today. And what you’re going to get today is an opportunity to have a brand with 30 products in the next couple of months, not ten years. Talking about skipping the line, right? It’s quite unique. So here’s an example of an actual manufacturer invoice that we get for My Natural Sun brand. This is a $259,000 invoice that we got last year in 2022. You can see the invoice date, May 4, 2022. This is just three different SKUs, not even our 34 brand products. So you get the idea it’s something that requires an enormous amount of money to be able to just have a brand at the sites that we have. Then you cannot launch one product at a time.

And to get to the point of where we’re at, it’s actually very, very challenging. We’re skipping that entire line. What is the honeycomb way? What is this new opportunity that I’m introducing to you guys today? Number one, decide that you want to build a private label supplement brand. If you are here in this webinar right now, you probably have an interest in understanding how you can be a part of this particular movement. So the decision is almost there. I’m going to give you an opportunity to make the decision later on in a little while. In the next few slides, you got to make a decision. I cannot make that decision for you. Number two, sign up to Honeycomb via one of the offers in this webinar. We’re going to have three different opportunities. The reason I don’t like to give a lot of options on a webinar, but in this particular example, some of you are in different journeys, different steps of that journey. So depending on that, we’re going to have an offer that fits perfectly for you, depending on where you want to go and how you want to start and how much help do you want to get along the way.

You can log into your Honeycomb platform and choose a branding and label design template from the thousands of options. Number four, choose your brand name. Again, this is a process that Rachel literally just went through in the last two weeks, and she’s ready to roll. Number five, the Honeycomb team queries your logo. Number six, choose up to 30 private label supplement options from the Honeycomb platform. Number seven, order sample kits, including the Honeycomb Webinar offer. Number eight, finalize the decision as to which products up to 30 you will launch. Number nine, depending on the webinar offered, chosen either the Honeycomb team or your team builds your ecommerce site. Number ten, the Honeycomb team integrates the Drop shipping software with your ecommerce site, and voila, you’re ready to start selling to the world. And number eleven, joke. No need to use your home equity, no need to buy inventory, store inventory, or ship to clients. It’s all managed by the Honeycomb Platform without your customer ever knowing. So one of the reasons why I got so deep into this particular process and created this partnership with two people that you will probably meet at the end of the webinar today, steven Anderson and Mike Wiese.

That we are the co founders of the company is because I had a lot of information and a lot of value to help people like you succeed in this particular journey. And because I have so much value, I created a solution for as many of you to be able to jump in that particular opportunity that I’m presenting to you today. So Drop shipping and wholesaling on steroids. Pretty incredible, right? What does it look like? The drop shipping model. You probably understand this really well coming from Rachel’s audience. The customer purchases an item from your store at retail. The order is forwarded to your supplier. You pay wholesale. The supplier ships directly to the customer under your name. As simple as that. Nobody ever even finds out that you’re doing a Drop shipping model. How does it work exactly? Choose your supplements. We’re going to find a brand that you like. You’re going to have thousands of options for us to help you build the ideal Dream brand for you. Design your label and upload it to the Honeycomb platform. We’re going to protect you. There are things that, for example, that we need to approve for you, because you cannot go and put a product like this, for example, mind matrix that you can see right here.

And you cannot say something like, cures brain cancer, because if you do something like that, you’re going to get into a lot of trouble. And you are going to get shut down. And we don’t want you to go through that pain. So we’re going to take responsibility for you. You have to submit the label for approval. So we can decide based on our experience, if that’s something that’s compliant, that’s not going to get you in trouble with the FDA, with Amazon, with any of these other platforms. Then you sell your products. Honeycomb handles the rest. As simple as that. So I’m going to show you the simplicity of how you go into the platform. Honeycomb, that you will get access to after today’s webinar. And you’re going to be able to sign up for one of the options, and you’re going to see how simple it is to create your own product just like that. So this is a live, short little clip. We’re looking into the catalog. We select one from the many options. We have somewhere around 90 options right now that you can select 90 different options that you can private label.

You read the guidelines, you see the information, you see the suggested retail price. What is the cost to you, all those details. Suggested retail price is something that is very arbitrary. You can select whatever you think is right. And if you have power and great branding, you can price that at any price that you want. That’s something that we will help you too, along the way. And just like that, we have submitted that label for approval. We’re going to take somewhere around 24 hours to get back to you and let you know if that label is approved. And off we go. So the supplement on demand strategy just to recap, no upfront inventory costs. No products made in China. It’s all manufactured here in the United States of America. No long shipping times, no storage fees. Clients are going to order your products and get them in their door delivered two to three days after the order is completed. No manual order fulfillment, no generic brand products. Instead, what do you get on demand? Custom label products, USA manufactured and certified products. One to three day prior to shipping. Margins of anywhere from 100% to 400%.

In general, automated fulfillment, shipping and tracking. It’s quite a powerful system. There’s many things that I’ve done in my life that I can tell you that I have succeeded over the last decade quite a bit. This is the thing that I have been the most excited about, the opportunity to help a lot of you become successful on this particular journey. Fully certified products, GMP certifications, all certificates of analysis. You get everything that you need to be able to make it as a supplement brand builder. So how much money can you make on this? Let’s look at a few examples over here. So, CBD, Active Relief Cream. One example. The wholesale price that you get is $14. Why are you getting that price? Because you’re only paying it $14 once the customer pays you. You don’t pay until your customer pays you. And you can sell that for $49. So you’re getting wholesale prices even though you’re buying one at a time. That’s one of the incredible opportunities here. That one has a 247% margin. This next one has a 193% profit margin. You get it for $13 and you sell it for 40 or more and you get $26 of profit, 193.

This next one right here, let’s say, for example, you’re going to sell supplements that are going to help somebody sleep better. The list of things that you can create, the brands that you can build with this, it’s pretty, pretty massive. I’m going to show you guys some more examples very shortly. But gummies and fitness items and weight loss and all kinds of like energy drinks. And the list is pretty incredible and growing every single day. Even a category of pet supplements. For those of you that are passionate over pets and want to have a pet supplement brand, then just like this, you can have 200 plus percent profit margins here with this particular brand, you get the idea. Custom bond dose. For example. If you sell 50 of these products, you get 5000. If you sell 100, you get $10,000 in profit. Again, this is without having to host inventory, without having to pay a penny in upfront costs or nothing. If you sell 250 of these units, 26. But here’s what the magic happens that some of you might not fully totally understand just yet. You might not fully get this yet. The power of a supplement brand is what is called recurring revenue.

Repeat customers, 50% of every dollar that comes into natural slim, into my supplement company is coming from people that have bought from me before. So that is the real power. This consumable concept is where you can build a brand that actually becomes very powerful. One thing that I’ll mention here, because I get a lot of questions on this particular subject, is that when you go back to these slides right here and you look at these products, our goal with Honeycomb is that you get to get some of these products. You can test out many of them at a time. We’re going to help you succeed marketing them and become profitable. We’re going to show you what works and what doesn’t work. The ones that become a home runs when you start selling a good amount of products, you can graduate every single one of these products with our help, into a full manufacturing relationship, which what happens instead of buying one at a time. For example, let’s say that you want to buy the active relief cream broad. You want to buy instead of buying one at a time at $14, you want to start buying $10,000.

Well, that price will go dramatically down and you can become more profitable. But now you have to go into a manufacturing relationship and buy a bigger amount at start, but now you have a real business. So our purpose is to give you a launching pad that you can get everything going. Test a lot of products, find some of them that work, some of them won’t work. The ones that work, you eventually make them so successful that now you can graduate them into a full manufacturing relationship without ever having to have any risk along the way. It’s that incredible and that big of an opportunity. All right, so with Honeycomb and AGM’s help again, just to repeat what AGM is. AGM is my marketing company attention grabbing media. We have over 120 employees, and we specialize in helping brands succeed. Supplement brands succeed is our expertise. Number one, $250,000,000 generated in 2022, just in supplements, so we have a lot of data. So you’re not just buying into Honeycomb and the software and the opportunity, you’re buying into AGM and our ability to help you market it and become successful. With the platform, you can finally create your own private label supplement brand with zero upfront inventory costs, zero warehousing costs, zero labeling costs.

You also have your own custom branded ecommerce supplement shop, private label on gated brand, community of supplement brand builders, which is very important. Honeycomb onboarding specialist marketing guides and templates access to hundreds of private label options. And I’m making an irresistible offer today. An offer so good, I can guarantee it’s never been done before. So you guys are ready for this? Probably. But before I get into the details, I want to show you how committed we are to your success. We’re not only going to give you everything you can possibly need to build your supplement brand, we have also launched a supplement brand from scratch, brand new one. And we’re going to walk you everything we do as we build our next 100 million dollar brand. Not only my own brand that I just launched, but also Rachel launched her own brand just today, a few minutes before the webinar. Actually eight minutes before we make that website live. And we’re going to show you all about it shortly. And we’re going to show you that journey step by step so you can succeed with us along the way. How incredible is that particular opportunity?

In my case, a lot of people really enjoy being behind the screen and never socializing. I’m a social beast. I have always wanted attention. That’s why I have a company called Attention Grabbing Media. I’m obsessed with building community, and I’m obsessed with providing value, having friends, having a lot of people around me. And that’s the way I roll. So if people ask me, Why are you doing this? Why are you giving access to all your value? Why are you bringing competitors? Well, that’s why. Because I really believe that the pie is big enough for all of us to take a little piece of it, because it’s that freaking massive. So I’d rather. Help you succeed than just focus on making myself successful on my own. So let me introduce you to our brand new supplement brand that we started from scratch. And your brand can look exactly like this. This is a brand of actual gummies. This is gummies that we’re creating. There’s a lot of them on the platform. Tumeric, elderberry, apple cider vinegar, multivitamins hair, skin, et cetera. And we are branding this whole thing from scratch. For example, our slogan is the best of nature for the best of humanity.

This is already producing sales on Amazon. We just launched it. And we’re going to start putting more attention as you become members of our platform so we can show you exactly how we’re making it successful. This is a shopify site that we launched that you will have. Also your shopify site. Granted, it depends on the opportunity that you select one of the packages that we’re going to go over shortly. But you will also have your own site that we’re going to help you build along the way if you select the correct offer along the way. So this is, for example, how it looks on Amazon. That’s going to be an option that we’re going to present you. Also with the Amazon side of things is a little bit different because it is drop shipping. We can say that it’s what they like to call fulfilled by merchant. And until you graduate that product that becomes very successful into a whole manufacturing relationship, that product will be fulfilled by merchant. And at some point you can turn it into fulfilled by Amazon, which is the big opportunity on Amazon for sure. So let me show you two possible scenarios here.

You’re either going to watch us build our next 100 million dollar supplement brand while we wave goodbye, or ideally, you’re going to build your supplement brand with us as we show you every step of the way, we all grow and we all profit together. So this is a lot of people that love to work on their own. They like to build their empires. They’re selfish. They like to keep their intellectual property to themselves. No, I’m not going to tell you what I’m doing because then you’re going to try to copy me. That’s a lot of people that do that. In my case, I am crazy like that. I like to help people build brands. I like to help people become successful. I am motivated and inspired by your story more than I’m motivated by any potential amount of money that I produce. So that’s something that drives me every day. And I’m looking forward because of my own ego of helping you become successful on that particular journey. So very exciting, right? Well, let me go a little deeper. I just came back from the manufacturing where all of this is currently happening. The facility owned by this guy right here, good looking guy, that he’s my partner in both good looking, good lab, nutrition and honeycomb.

Steven Anderson. Some of you might have heard of him before. He’s another individual that has done over half a billion dollars in supplement sales on Ecommerce, and he’s been quite successful. We just had an event recently at my marketing company in which we actually grand opened. We actually launched our supplement brand Live, and we’re going to show the world how we’re actually succeeding. And you get to get a front row seed as you get to rinse and repeat, replicate, and copy and plagiarize, if you want to say so, exactly what we’re doing. So you, too, can actually ride the opportunity way. So a few bullet points. I’m going to introduce you to Steven Anderson for a second because I’m going to show you a five minute video clip so you can understand a little bit more about where your products because we’re that serious. Your products are going to be manufactured on a very state of the art facility that is incredibly high quality. That that’s where your products are going to be coming from. I’m going to show you inside because I had a tour recently, and this place is quite something, and I want to tell you all about it.

So Stephen Anderson, you’re going to see him on the video. An Amazon legend, third party selling pioneers since 2005. Started and built and invested in multiple seven and eight figure supplement brands. He owns supplement manufacturing companies and fulfillment centers. Consult brand owners on product development, growth strategies, and exit strategies. This is a person that you get access to. Also. Over 20 million units sold of supplements and shipped in the last ten years. Over $500 million in revenue and supplements manufacturing for Walgreens, Costco, and several national and international supplement brands. Most importantly, husband and 30 years is something that is very important for me to mention for him. Father of three children and loves God, family, America, and entrepreneurs. So I’m going to play the five minute video for now for you, so you can see for yourself and so you can envision your dream becoming a reality with Honeycomb’s help. So I’m going to turn on my camera and I’m going to play this for you guys right now. I have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of supplements over the years. I have never done what I’m about to do today for you. I have never walked into manufacturing and shown you how we create products.

Nobody else out there is doing what we are about to do. We’re going to show you inside. And the reason why we’re doing this is because we want to inspire you, want to motivate you. We want to show you how it’s possible for you to also do this yourself. This is a manufacturing facility with all the most highest level certification and approvals from the FDA in all of it. I’m going to show you how you can also build your own brand without having to host any inventory. So I’m excited to see what you do with this opportunity. I want to see you accomplish a lot of success. You got to walk for that opportunity. Let’s check it out.

So this is where the magic happens. Have the blend. We come down this room and this is where product gets turned into tablets or capsules or stick packs or blister packs. It gets all done here.

This has to be perfect from start to finish. And that’s the standard for this particular manufacturing facility. But this is incredible. We got the perfect team over here. This, this is the perfect facility.

And we’ve never had, never. Hundreds and hundreds of brands, thousands of products. I would say probably 5000 plus products we’ve helped get onto Amazon through the years.

Right? Wow.

Not one time ever have we not successfully got a product.

So when somebody joins the brand, the Honeycomb, they build their own brand. We’re going to be able to provide them everything that they need for Amazon to give them boom approval. Let’s go. Right?

That’s exactly right.

You know, it’s a big deal. It’s very exciting and it’s very inspiring. And I believe that we have something right now that is going to create a revolution for a lot of people. And I really believe it. And I’m doing this saying it to a camera, but not as a marketing element, just as a passionate thing that I believe in.

The reason for the vis is for you to get this level of comfort that I already had as your partner. I wanted you to know what I know. Now that you’ve walked the process, you’ve seen the lab, you’ve looked at the documentation, you see all the testing and the double checking and verification. Literally, this is built for someone to plug and play.

Honeycomb is a program that’s is going to give you is a software that’s going to give you the solution for you to be a part of this particular journey with us. So we’re going to give you a combination of things. We’re going to give you the marketing direction, we’re going to give you the coaching, we’re going to give you this training. All the elements that you need, the branding, the websites, all of it. Here you go. Package it up and give you your solution for you to be able to go to market with your own product, with your own faith, with your own brand.

And the key is they pay $0 upfront for inventory. You sell a product, you pay for it. When you sell it, we label it your brand and ship it to your customer. You never do anything.

We’re helping you skip the entire line. You’re not gonna only get all the help and the handholding, you’re also going to get the ability to do it without having to invest in 10,000 bottles of a product, without having to buy a pallet, without having to do any of that. We’re going to give you the opportunity for you to get started on that journey. So we’re literally cutting at least five years or more from the journey for you to get this whole process going.

When we were in the beta of the software, we ran 500 companies through the beta. We had people coming in that were like micro influencers. Can think of one guy in particular. He’s a workout guy, fitness guy, to like, Christian men. His first month, I have literally screenshots from his shopify store. 60,000 in sales. First month.


All he did was send out messages. Hey, guys, I launched a new sports nutrition line here’s the product lineup labels were all printed on demand. He literally never took inventory. Honeycomb took all the inventory position, all the financial risk. He just put up his website, put his brand, labeled his products, and off you with 60,001st a month.

Honeycomb is not just a software. Honeycomb is going to be a movement. So we’re taking the whole concept of private labeling and we’re taking it to a whole new level.

It’s never been done, nothing like that. It’s never been done, ever been attempted.

I believe also that the formula for success begins with knowledge, acquiring of that knowledge, followed by implementation of that knowledge. We’re going to give you the knowledge. We’re going to give you all the elements that you need so you don’t have to be looking for information on how to make it successful. We’re going to give you all of it because we have done it ourselves. I’m going to show you how to do that process, and then all you got to do is follow our implementation rules along the way. We’re even going to show you how to get attention at scale. That’s a big part of all. I could tell you this in closing, that proximity to power is going to open up opportunities. It’s up to you to walk through those opportunities, and I’m hoping that you join because we’re creating a movement and we’re creating something special. And I believe that you can be a part of this. And we’re going to build a lot of success story over the next year or two.

So we’ve spent over two years building this incredible platform to help entrepreneurs get exactly what they want out of life.

Now I’m going to help you understand how you can be a part of this to yourself. Wow, that is cool. Every time that I watch that video, I watched it a couple of times already. It’s amazing. So now for the boring parts. How do we get started with building your own supplement brand? Today? I did see a lot of great questions coming in. I promise you we will get to all your questions at the end of this webinar. Rachel is going to come back on stage. We’re going to clarify those questions. We’re going to show you her brand we’re going to get deeper into it so you guys can understand how big this opportunity is. Because you’re right. Some of you are understanding, you’re really understanding what this opportunity is. I saw some very intelligent questions and it actually is incredibly special. It keeps me up, awake at night, for sure. So, free options to get started. Every option I’m about to present includes the ability to private label up to 30 different products. Something that I want you to understand. The options that I’m about to present to you are a lot of it includes our human work.

You’re not just buying into a software, you’re not buying into a course. You’re buying into a movement that includes humans, like myself, like our co founders, like the people in my company, the hundreds of employees that are going to help you create this particular journey for yourself. So it’s something that it goes beyond just a digital product. Yes, we’re going to have a lot of digital products, a lot of information. We’re going to hand hold you, we’re going to give you training, we’re going to make you an expert. We’re going to go at your own pace. Also, some of you guys are going to be faster than others. Some of you are going to want to slow down. That’s just totally fine. And we’re going to handle at every step of the way. Once you’re ready to go beyond 30 products, we will help you upgrade your Honeycomb plan. So the current platform right now has close to 90 products that you can select. Some of you are going to select three to five products to get started. Some of you are going to go ahead with 25 different products. You’re going to have the ability to select up to 30.

Remember, my supplement brand that does $50 million a year, again, bootstrapped every step of the way, has 34 different products. You do not need 34 different products. I can tell you that more than half of our revenue is in free products only. That’s it. So all you need is a few home runs and off you go. That’s just the way, that’s the beauty of finding some of these things that work, that you don’t have to invest a lot on these products because you’re actually getting the ability to actually try products without having to invest a lot of your hard earned money. That’s where the zero risk or zero compared to other private label supplements, private label products, it’s something that is quite unique. Somebody said in the comments, this is like out of the world, out of this world. Unreal, right? So we got three options, basic, Legacy, and Dynasty. And we’re going to start going through them very quickly so you understand what the opportunity is. The first option, the basic package is complete brand and label design for products. We’re going to get three products ready for you to go. So basically, we create your branding your logo.

We go back and forth with you. We deliver services to you so you got your brand that you feel happy and proud about. Again, like I said, three of my products account for more than $25 million of revenue for us in my supplement company. So all you need to get is a few home runs. So you’re going to have the ability to get three of them ready for you. On this first package, you’re going to select up to 30 if you wanted to, but we’re going to work for you for three of them until you have these three products ready to go to the world. Logo design, custom product labels, and meet FDA requirements. That’s $1,000 value right there. You can select up to 30 more. So that means that you can go into the basic package and you can see us build your branding, your logo and everything else. And then you can, along the way, just add more products and you do your own branding for four products, five products, etc. Or you can even hire us because we’re going to be a team that you can use so you can keep on accomplishing whatever is your vision along the way.

Shopify integrations, we’re going to do all of that. 10,000 orders per month, up to 10,000 orders a month. If you estimate 10,000 orders, let’s say that you are getting $30 on the low end. I get $97 per order on my shopify site. You are more than welcome to check it out. It is in Spanish US. Natural sun. $97 a month is my average order value because I am really good at marketing, so I’m able to upsell cross sell present opportunities. And that’s the beauty of having a lot of products that you can actually put together, because you can increase the average order value dramatically. Let’s say that you get 10,000 orders and every order on the low end averages $30. You’re looking at $300,000 on monthly revenue for your supplement brand before you have to upgrade your Honeycomb plan, which is not that big of a jump when it comes to the program. Product launching boards, 3D product mockups included, FDA compliance documents, honeycomb training. The training is extensive. $2,300. Again, training that is going to be not overwhelming. It’s going to be step by step and you will get access to a lot of the things that I’m doing.

And I’m training you guys. You consistently on the platform, so you’re going to have access to a support platform. We actually built a social media of sorts, platforms for supplement brand builders, so you can be a part of the community and you can see what’s working on that particular niche of supplements. You’re going to have access to something that we call the High. This is a pun intended 100%. It is a place in which you’re going to be connected with similar people that are bustling and getting excited about the opportunity of supplements that are going to help you find opportunities within this particular niche. Real people, real time solutions, real results. They’re going to keep the Honey flowing, pun intended. So $10,000 value right there on that one. You’re going to get a starter product. So one of the things that we do on this package is that you’re going to be able to sample up to ten products. So if you have 90 options available, you can order ten of these sample kits and we’re going to ship them out to you so you can test them yourself. So you can feel that you’re selling something that is high quality.

Because I know a lot of you are interested in something high quality. I know I am. My organization, my business is built on results. You can’t be selling something that’s crap. You’re going to be selling something high quality. I would not be talking about this opportunity if what we have on the platform is garbage. So we’re going to let you try all these products out so you can find out for yourself if they’re high quality or not. So you can test out up to ten of them. It includes COAS. This is what you need to actually be accepted on the Amazon platform. We are guaranteeing that you’re going to be accepted on the Amazon platform as part of the Honeycomb opportunity. $500 value on that one label templates. You can have thousands of ready to edit templates, all kinds of different, conservative, more aggressive, like colorfuls, all kinds of things that you can select so you can get inspired. You don’t have to copy exactly those. They should just be an inspiration for you. That’s $1,000 value right there, you’re going to have with my team of supplement brand builders that are responsible for producing 250 plus million dollars every year, you’re going to be able to talk with them to understand what your vision is so we can help you accomplish that exact vision on the platform.

So you’re going to have people to talk to, people to work with, people to build this with. So that’s $2,500 right there on that particular bonus right there. Foundations of marketing for each platform with basics and continuity training. So you’re going to have a lot of training copy for key benefits, proper source links and ingredient descriptions for each product you choose for your store. How to get started with Native Ads Network. We’re going to train you also, you and your virtual assistant or your team members, we’re going to make them expert marketers, which is only going to help you succeed at a much higher level. TikTok trainings, Facebook trainings, live trainings, all that good stuff. Free access to regular live branding marketing and growth strategy sessions. So you can see here, for example, some of the things that you will find on the platform. Preparing for social media marketing. Defining your business in one sentence. Certainty Marketing successful scaling of a nine figure company through irresistible offers and lifetime value and so on. So I don’t want you to overwhelm yourself. I just want you to know that there is an enormous amount of resources that you’re going to use.

All you got to do is do one training at a time so you can make you better. Training is not going to be required to make you successful, but here’s the belief that I have. The more that you train, the faster that you would accomplish your business goals and your vision. That’s something that I believe in. And still today, after doing all the minutes of dollars that I produce and having the success that I’ve actually created for myself and my family and my group, I still make it a particular routine to train myself every day. So I actually walked this talk, and I want you to also understand that training is going to help you get there and become more successful. So you’re going to have access to a platform. This platform is actually on mobile and it’s also on desktop. You’re going to have an access to a platform that keeps you connected to the community. What’s happening? What are the next trainings coming up? You can access the training right there on the platform, whether on mobile or whether on desktop, and just keep yourself educated and moving forward on the Honeycomb opportunity.

We’re going to have live events that are going to be streamed every couple of weeks designed to help you get the knowledge you need to get to your next step. You can see here things like TikTok foundations, launching your TikTok account, amazon selling foundations, how to Start a Million dollar Amazon Business, the Customer Journey, foundations, best shopify apps to build your supplement store, and so on and so on and so on. You’re going to have the private committee or supplement sellers. You get the idea that’s a lot of value right there. $5,000 on that one. You’re going to have a 30 minutes, one on one marketing strategy, consultation with a certified marketing specialist. We’re going to review your offer, ads, spend strategy and funnel to get your launch ready. Value, one. $200 on that one. So let’s look at what this looks like. The moment of truth is here. Now, some of you guys are thinking right now that it’s probably going to be like $20,000 or a lot of money. Well, that’s because it should be. But today, with this offer, with Rachel’s audience for you, you can get access to the entire list of things that are detailed on this slide right here for $5,000.

And that’s going to include the platform, the access, the training, the resources, the branding, all of it. For $5,000. You’re going to have an option to actually put two easy payments for being able to sign up on this particular package right here so you can get started. A lot of questions that we get consistently is if I start on this particular plan? Can I upgrade later? And the answer is yes. We’re going to have opportunities for you to get more value along the way because we are going to be responsible for you. Our excitement is to help you become successful along the way. So as you want to grow faster and you get more and more excited, you can have a more opportunities for us to help you at a higher level. But this is something that you can actually all get access to right now and start your supplement brand in the next couple of weeks. So now let’s go into legacy. How do we take that to another level for the ones that want more access, the ones that want more done for you, services at a whole new level. So you’re going to get everything that we went over on the basic plan, plus complete brand and label design for all products.

So up to 30 products. Logo design and branded icons. Custom product labels that meet FDA and cGMP compliance requirements, that’s $4,000. We’re going to build you your own website. That’s something that, again, it’s going to be amazing. And Rachel is going to show you her website in a little bit. But just so you know, you’re going to get your own website in this particular package right here. We’re going to take your products, up to 30 of them. And we’re going to create a website, a beautiful, incredibly aesthetic, shopify website that is ready to sell to your audiences and to your social media following. They’re going to help you reduce along the way. You’re going to have your own personal account manager. You’re going to have a built in client dashboard for easy access to build out status and updates, all of it. That’s a $15,000 value right there. If you call my company right now and you want to get a website built out, you’re going to get charged $15,000 to have a beautiful website built out with up to 30 products. So you’re going to get integration done for you completely. We’re going to connect your website to the Honeycomb software.

That’s $2500 right there, value. You’re going to get the inner circle access. This is boardroom sessions. We’re going to be talking about deeper things that are happening in the world of supplement sales. Like things like what’s happening with opportunities of new markets and new things that we’re testing financial numbers and how to get lower cost and more profitability for our products. That’s access that you get in this particular package right here. Live Growth strategy sessions, accountability group sessions, trending products, executive Summary report, access to winning ads for the month. That’s $2,000 right there. So what are we looking at here? With the successive amount of value that was added right here, we’re looking at $59,000 of value in this particular webinar, in this offer only. You’re going to get it for $15,000 or you’re going to get it for free. Easy payments of $5,500. That’s how you get started. Get your own website. You get the whole brand. Instead of branding up to three products only, we’re going to brand up to 30 products that you select from our ever growing catalog of products. By the way, right now we have close to 90. Our plan is to get to 1000 over the next year or more.

No promises just yet, but we’re going to keep on aggressively adding products that you can keep on expanding your ever growing list of products that you can sell to the audiences. So what’s happening with the Dynasty? The Dynasty is the big, massive offer that we have here today, which is an incredible opportunity for those of you guys that are ready to invest in something next level that you already have some money set aside, and you want to build this brand that becomes a legacy. And you want to get full access and a full build out of everything across the board, including marketing services that we’re going to do for you the whole thing from the beginning to the end. So you get everything in the basic and the legacy. Plus Honeycomb full year access, which is the boardroom sessions, accountability Group sessions, live Growth Strategies, trending Products, executive Summary Report, access, winning Ads of the Month, et cetera. $10,000 value for a whole year. This is where it gets super exciting because one of the things that we’re going to do is we’re going to help you train a virtual assistant, and we’re going to post them in your organization.

We’re going to use our expertise in scaling teams and creating valuable team members. I’m going to help you post one of these people that is going to help you manage the orders, manage billing and payments, tracking and managing inventory levels. You can literally be hands free and just be the visionary for your brand. This particular part of it is actually extremely, extremely valuable because as you can imagine, that’s a payroll that we’re going to help you cover for an entire year. The honeycomb wide glove experience. This is cool. You know that factory that you saw that five minute video for? We’re going to actually take you to this factory so you can actually experience that yourself. And you can see the products being manufactured for your brand, so you can see your actual products actually getting the labels put in these products. It’s going to be a super cool experience for you. You’re going to get two free tickets to 2023 Honeycon in New York. This is going to be a very exciting conference, which I’m going to be there myself. Our Cofounder is going to be there, and we’re going to give you next level supplement, brand builders information and value on this particular conference.

Okay, so that’s $5,000 right there. This is a very exciting part of this particular offer right here. Amazon brand set up integration and. Store buildup. If you look at some of the brands that we manage, dr, Berg, Natural Slam, Dr, Living Good, etc. We build incredible stores on Amazon that are going to help us build a great brand that has this look like 100 million dollar supplement brand just from the start. Imagine jumping on this opportunity, having us build this out in the next month or two. And then you’re going to have this brand that you’re going to be proud of, that it looks like you have this 100 million dollar brand out of thin air just like that. That opportunity is that massive. The Dynasty package also includes guaranteed acceptance on the Amazon platform. Fifty cents of every dollar spent online is spent on Amazon. And this service will provide you with the opportunity to ride the wave. You will be selling on Amazon as fulfillment merchant to begin with within 90 days guaranteed. Right? So the value of that one is $15,000. This is an additional value if you wanted to hire my marketing company to help you run your supplement brand.

Right now it’s a $48,000 a year contract that by itself. I’m going to give you an account manager as part of this particular package to help you build your brand over the next twelve months with you side by side. We’re going to teach you everything that we do here at Attention Grabbing Media, our marketing company. So after one year and the service is done, you can either keep on hiring us because you were so blown away by it, but you learned so much that you can even do it yourself on your side. So we manage over $250,000,000 in yearly revenue across all of them brands. As part of the Dynasty package, we will take you in as a client and help you actively with the implementation of our high return on investment marketing strategy. This is done with you service where our account managers will show you step by step how to market your products across the internet and help you create and execute all marketing campaigns. One year of service, that’s $48,000 contract. So you get all of this stuff that we just went over. What’s the total value on that? Let’s see. $144,000, almost $145,000.

And we are giving you guys an offer today, which is pretty insane just because how much I want to help you, which is $45,000. Or you can make three payments of $16,000 to have access to this Dynasty package, which is the next level full white glove experience. We’re going to take this thing and build it out for you and just make a big push to help you build this brand faster. Are there other ways of tapping into the supplement industry? Absolutely, yeah. Let me show you a few. This is something that I ran into on social media targeting that I get because obviously I’m obsessed with supplements. So supplements do target me. So the Vitamin Shop franchisee franchising check this out. You guys have heard of the Vitamin Shop, right? $354,000 started investment to get started. This is the company that actually is going to use their own products, not your brand. Look@this.net worth requirements, you got to be worth at least $750,000 to be accepted by Vitamin Shop to actually have a store, a physical store, not even an online store. And the minimum liquid cash requirement is 200 grand. Whoa. Initial investment is anywhere from 354,000 to 955,000.

This is directly from their website. Initial franchise fee, 40 grand. Ongoing royalty fee. You got to pay them 55% of whatever you make and you got to give them also an ad royalty fee because they’re going to run ads across the country and you want to be a part of that. And that’s it. No shopify, no Amazon, no nothing. You’re going to pray that you have high foot traffic because otherwise that’s the end of your investment right there. So let’s do a little comparison. Minimum investment for vitamin shop 354,000. Honeycomb 5000. Vitamin Shop, you do not own the branding. Honeycomb 100% your own brand. Vitamin Shop limited to a single location. Honeycomb, you can sell from anywhere. Vitamin Shop, you need to hire employees to man the shop. Honeycomb, you can run it yourself or one or two VAS at most. Vitamin Shop you need to manage your own inventory and fulfillment. Honeycomb, inventory and fulfillment is handled for you. Something that is very, very exciting that that I wanted to show you right here is that Honeycomb is not the future. Honeycomb is already happening. We had this platform in beta for two years, making sure that it was ready to service people like you so you can build your own brand on it.

And this brand, this software, this program, this community is ready for you. And what we’re offering here for you is an opportunity for you to jump on board this opportunity with the community, get the help that you need, get the hand holding that you need and let us ride the wave and let us have you jump on board this opportunity and it’s quite unique. Honeycomb Vipracho is how you sign up today. If you want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, choose your package. You got to get started. It doesn’t matter what package you select. It really doesn’t matter. The more that you are in shape right now financially, the more comfortable you are with your own finances. You should invest to the highest levels possible, but regardless of where, you are out of the journey. When I started in 2010 building my supplement brand, I did not have any money to myself. I actually got my father to invest $10,000 and we created a partnership between my father, myself and my wife. And we got started in our early stages was insane. We were called calling. Nobody was paying attention. We were giving away flyers in the United States.

Nobody was calling and we went through a lot of pain to get to where we’re at today, and we had to find money over and over and over and over again. So this opportunity has suddenly become so massive that all you got to do is invest on a group of people like us. So you can actually have that door open wide for you. So it’s already happening. This is actually shopify sites of Honeycomb users that we have inside the platform right now, succeeding at a very high level. $1.6 million, $29,000 a month, $24,000 a month is actually quite incredible, something that we haven’t talked about at all during this webinar. It’s also for you guys that are outside the country, you can actually come and sell products in the United States. With this opportunity, you can actually be a part of Honeycomb, it doesn’t matter what part of the world you are, and sell products in the USA. And even more so, the Honeycomb software and the platform is actually all fully coded to let you know which supplements can be shipped to other countries around the world. For example, if you wanted to send a protein shake to Canada, you can do that, absolutely.

But if you wanted to send a CBD oil, you cannot do that. So Amazon, the platform, Honeycomb, will tell you this one cannot go to Canada. This one can. So you can even start advertising your products to your country. If you’re living outside the country as products that are being manufactured in the USA, high quality products with our labs and our manufacturing facilities in the USA being shipped to other countries around the world, the whole platform will tell you very easily which products can be shipped. So, again, Honeycomb is already happening across the board with all these people every single day. $20,000 in the last seven days. $60,000 in the last seven days. So in a minute, I’m going to I’m going to bring Rachel on stage. But let me read you a couple of actual users of the Honeycomb platform right now in the testimonials. Seeing and holding something I’ve created is actually a little emotional for me. I’ve never worked in the supplement space, or ecommerce for that matter. For those of you guys that are wondering, if you’re new to this market, can you make it here? My background has been executive administration for major corporations.

This is way out of my comfort zone and something I initially thought was way out of my skill set. But using Honeycomb, I have persevered, and this is my reward. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s a start. And I’m so bloody chuffed with myself. Kate, stay at home mom and entrepreneur from Melbourne. This other person right here, melissa. Over the past three years, I have created my own private label toy company and have gone through the long and painful process of the traditional private label model. But in just two weeks, using this program, I was able to start my own supplement brand with ten products online business, which helped to make enough money for my husband to be able to be home every day instead of work 50 60 hours per week. And our family has never been happier and healthier. Thank you. Honeycomb. Melissa CEO. Bootstrap Entrepreneur from British Columbia, Canada. Hi everyone. We received our samples box. We see lots of good stuff. After watching the training. We’re excited to offer our new weight loss bundle online. This is a doctor and a chiropractor from Austin that is actually putting the products in actual store to take advantage of the traffic that they have in their clinics.

This is a testimonial from Dr. Eric Berg about us at AGM Marketing and about me and how we deliver marketing value. AGM Agency Manora. Suarez are geniuses. Our revenue stats have been an affluent since working with him. We range from 700 to 1200 ROI every week with his Facebook and messenger strategies. He uses Facebook to grow my Amazon account and my numbers have been in screaming affluence. He is worth his weight in gold. We get 100,000 subscribers and 12 million new views on YouTube every 28 days. It’s actually more like 50 million views every 28 days right now and 250,000 subscribers every 28 days. He really works and gives me way more than I am paying him. Another doctor that gets to work with us every day here. It is a pleasure working with the team at AGM. They have worked closely with me to develop new marketing initiatives and campaigns, all with the purpose of getting more attention for my services and products they have delivered. The team is extremely responsive to requests and are actively involved in ensuring the best results. So if you guys are ready to sign up, I invite you guys to go to Honeycomb Viphonecomm.

Vipratio. I want to have as many of you as possible and I want to help you jump on this opportunity. So there’s a money back guarantee here. The money back guarantee is not about making you profitable, because we’re going to work together on making you profitable and you’re going to go at your own pace. We’re going to give you a lot of direction, but we cannot force you to get some of the steps done. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to give you a money back guarantee that looks like this. The Honeycomb team is committed to your success. We guarantee that if you follow our direction step by step, you will have your own private label supplement brand ready to be sold to the world within a maximum of 90 days. Or we will refund 100% of your investment. So we’re giving you a 90 day window. But like I mentioned, Rachel got her brand built in two weeks. We’re not going to promise two weeks, especially because it is a lot of work. We did it for Rachel because we wanted her to have this brand to show you guys on this particular webinar.

But we’re going to build it very fast. Some of you are getting this brand ready to go to the world in two weeks. Some of you are going to get it ready in six weeks, but at worst case scenario, 90 days. Especially if you give us the information that we need. Because you are the visionary. You are the one that needs to tell us what you want your brand to look like. We’re going to give you something called the Design Intake Form. I’m going to answer a few questions and you’re going to tell us what your vision is for this particular brand. And then we’re going to build it for you. And until you say, I absolutely love it, it’s amazing, we’re going to keep on working for you until you have something that you feel proud of, incredibly proud of. So, just to recap, we got a $5,000 basic offer. You can have a payment plan of 27 50 now, 27 50 in 30 days. We have the Legacy plan that includes a Shopify website that we’re going to build out for you. It includes more access to our community. It includes like special bonuses, etc.

And that’s going to be a $15,000 offer or free easy payments of $5100. Or the Dynasty, which is $45,000, which is the next level Amazon setups, amazon account creation. We’re going to set up your account for you. We’re going to create the listings up to 30 products. The second and the third offer include up to 30 products that we’re going to brand for you. The first one includes free products only, but it’s enough for you to get your feet wet, get going. And along the way, we can add more products and help you build an ever growing brand. So the middle one includes Shopify. The last one includes Shopify, plus Amazon, and just next level access because the last one is going to include people that are going to work for you full time. Account managers, virtual assistants, media buyers are going to be dedicated to helping you grow your brand so you can get there faster. All three of you can get there fast. But the faster the higher the package, the faster you can get there. That’s all it is. Because there’s more access, there’s more services, there’s more communication, and that’s all decision that you have to make.

But regardless of what package you choose, you will have the ability to upgrade later on as we get a chance to prove ourselves to you for sure. These are your honeycomb founders. Stephen Anderson on the left, myself on the middle, and Mr. Mike Wiese on the right. Some of them are probably on this call mike is probably on this call with us right now. And we’re here to help you. We’re here to service you and we are committed. And I can tell you one thing after working with these people for a while, we have a big ego, right. Which means that we are very interested in your success. Because if you Google me and you check me out, you’re not going to have people talking trash about me. You’re not going to find that because I deliver high quality products and services in everything that I do or touch, no matter what that is. I don’t accept mediocrity. I am actually looking for high quality, valuable service that I can deliver for you, and a little research will take you there. So without further ado, I did my job and my duty to explain this opportunity to you.

I know we have a lot of questions. I would love to have Rachel come back on stage, talk a little bit about what we did for her. And Rachel, what did you think about this opportunity?

Yes. Well, first of all, thank you. That was really, really awesome. And we’ve got so many positive comments in here, so thank you for all of that. And, yeah, I thought the opportunity was incredible. It was so fun to come up with my own brand. Mike and the team were so fast, so easy. I love the brand. I still want to show everyone what that is, but, yeah, it was great. I’m really pumped about it and the whole kind of print on demand thing, being familiar with that and knowing this. And I loved what you said about how there’s only five third party labs that Amazon is even okay with, and you guys are one of them. It just seems really awesome.

That’s right. So, Rachel, what do you think? Should we show them the brand that we built for you in the last few weeks?

I think we should. I also want to show them the bonus. What do we do first?

I think we should show them the brand. Let’s do that. All right. So do you want to share it on your side or should I share it on my side?

Either way.

Okay, good. So what is the website link again?

It’s upliftorganics.com, uplift, upliftedorganics.com. Let me ask.

I love that name, by the way. It’s such a good name. Check this out, guys. You’re going to see this for the first time ever to the world. It was literally pushed live eight minutes before this webinar got started. So let’s go ahead and check this out. I’m going to share my screen right here. And let’s check out the website that we built with Honeycombs help. Upliftedorganics.com. Again, it’s not something that we’re going to help you with on any package that you choose. We’re going to help you select the branding, the look and feel of the brand. What do you want to have on it? So this is Rachel’s Nutropic brand, right? It’s called clarity factor. Why don’t you tell them a little bit about it, Rachel?

Yeah, so they have all these different supplements that you can sell with honeycomb. There’s all kinds of cool things like apple cider vinegar, to candida cleanse to weight loss, all the different things. But I personally love testing out nutropics all the time. In my eyeline. I’ve got this thing called Genius Consciousness and all these products. So I thought it would be really fun to do something with this kind of product. So it looked awesome. I put in the comments. I don’t know if you guys saw, but I was looking at some of their customers for honeycomb, and then I was looking at the customers reviews on Amazon. So like Dr. Eric Berg and these people, and the reviews were just amazing for actually all the products which made me so happy. And the brain especially, I just loved it. It’s all natural. I saw some of you guys are asking about natural and organic and all this just looked phenomenal. So that’s why I decided to go with that one and I’m really happy with it. And then we put these other things in here and I’m glad you guys have so many questions. When I first was talking to Manuel, would you send me like a 17 minutes voice clip answering all these questions that I had and just everything just checks out and seemed incredible.

So, yeah, I love this brand. It was so easy to get it set up. Just super, super easy. I didn’t know what my design style was, but they were able to extract it from me pretty easily. And I just love how everything came out.

It’s so beautiful. I mean, it’s amazing. And if you look at it, all it takes is you look at three beautiful products and you don’t need to have 50. You don’t need to have a big brand like that to just have something that looks powerful. So it is absolutely gorgeous. For sure.

Yeah, I like it. I also reviews, they were saying the brain one, especially if people wanted to keep it, gets better the more that you have it. And so it builds in for this recurring supplement that people just pay month after month for. So that’s a win too.

Yeah. And that’s the value of also in this supplement brands right here, that once you get for sure like what you said earlier, Rachel, the quality products is a big obsession for us. We need to have high quality products, so we need to show people how to use them. These are all things that we’re going to show you how to actually create. We have sequences of content, email, text messaging, lead generation. You’re going to get access to everything that we do one step at a time. So every training that I put together is going to be something to get you one step closer. Because the way that I do it is that I actually implement strategies and I try them for you. I’m the one investing in these strategies. What works I teach you what doesn’t work. I don’t. As simple as that. So if I have a strategy that works, like, I took one of the supplement brands, we went from 10,000 people on our list to 220,000 in six weeks. In the middle of COVID there’s a strategy. I’m going to show you exactly how we did that. The templates that we actually use.

And we actually spend $0 on advertising to do this. A lot of people talk about it takes money to make money. No, it takes intelligence to make money. It takes strategy to make money. It takes, like, opportunities to make money to make money. So that’s what it’s all about. So I’m going to be the one on the battleground, doing things with my supplement brand, creating on all these successful because I got to do it. Like, I have this brand that, again, I’m publicly telling you all about it. I’m putting myself out there in the open and showing you the brands that I’m building, the ones that I’ve been building for a decade, the ones that I’m launching brand new. So if you can imagine, if I don’t make this brand successful, my reputation is on the line. So I have no choice but to make it successful. And that’s the way that I operate. The reason that I’m here today talking about success with hundreds of you on this call is because I have succeeded more than I have failed. So my goal with you is to create a massive community of you, people like you, that are wanting to be a part of an opportunity.

If you think about, like, going back to 2011, the Amazon third party opportunity, it’s that big of a deal. It really is, except that it’s bigger because you’re now not a member of another platform. You’re not just participating on Amazon’s platform. Amazon is their platform. You’re building your own brand. This is an actual legacy. This is an actual product that you’re going to have to have for generations or even exit at some point, because that’s something that we’re going to talk about, that we exit brands too. We build brands and we exit them too. So you want to get it to a point in which you can get it to become so powerful and then you can build these manufacturing relationships. We’re going to help you with that too. And then you can even exit that brand at some point. So this is actually a very exciting thing. And I think that the one thing that makes it even more special is what we are doing for your audience. Rachel, let’s tell them about the bonus that we came up with. Because one of the things I actually described myself as a professional over committee, that’s what I do.

I over commit myself and then I deliver. And I deliver. I do deliver. But people call me a little crazy sometimes because I give my time so much and so freely, but that’s because I just really enjoy community and I really enjoy helping. So I opened up my big mouth and I told Rachel what we should do, and we’re doing something very special for you. So, Rachel, tell them all about it.

Yes. I cannot share my screen, so if you’re able to maybe open up the text message I sent you or let me share the screen, either way would be great. Yeah. Your offer to this was ridiculously generous.

Okay, you should be able to now try that again.

Perfect. Desktop two over here. Okay. So as you guys know, we created this new supplement brand, and Manuel was just I must have used the words wildly generous, like, at least six times in our text message back and forth, because he’s going to actually trail. So as I build up this brand throughout the year, he’s going to help and come on, Q and A calls one time a month for an entire year with you guys. So he’s going to both help me build my brand, and then I’m going to show you everything that’s working. And as I listened to this presentation, I was really excited because even the social media stuff, we’re going to be giving you templates and graphics and all these things that are working for us. We’re doing really well right now with social media batching things, so I think that could be really helpful for you. And then we’ll have so every month we’ll talk about what’s working for us. We’ll give you the different things. Manuel will be available to answer questions. He costs $10,000 an hour to work with him, and so you’re going to get basically a year’s worth of his support here.

Just pretty awesome. Any standard operating procedures that we make, all the things and I didn’t mention, but the reason why I’m really excited about this brand is because one of my goals this year is to positively impact 10 million people. It’s called the Uplift Humanity Project that I’ve been working on, and so all the profits that I create from this brand for the year, I want to put into that project. So it kind of keeps me motivated, and so I’m just super invested in doing it. Manuel’s so generous with his time, so you’ll see all the things you can ask him questions. I know we offered a couple calls before, but this is like twelve for the entire year. No matter where you are in the process, a year of support is pretty awesome. So that’s going to be the bonus if you decide to sign up. And I think his time alone, given how successful he is, is super worth it.

I think it’s going to be super fun. That’s the main thing that we’re going to create a lot of, like, success stories, and we want you to be a part of that, so I know Rachel, we also have Jason around here, so should we bring him on stage?

Do it.

Well, it’s not really a stage, but maybe virtually. Do me a favor, if you would, Manny. Put the slide deck back up there because some people are asking.

To see.

The URL to where to go to sign up. It’s, honeycom. Viprachel. You should see that on your screen right now. If we can pin that, that’d be fantastic too. I don’t know how that technology works, but I do know this I have questions and maybe we have answers. Collectively, you’ve only seen one third of the team here today so far in terms of being live, and this is live, by the way, 05:46 p.m. January 31, Pacific Time, that is. We’re going to bring on the other two co founders of Honeycomb here in a little bit. I want to answer some of these questions. Now, you may be wondering, the first question is what am I doing here? Well, if you didn’t catch it earlier at the beginning, I’m sort of the one that introduced these two together. I did a training back in September and they both came to it. It was here locally and they got to meet each other. And then we have partnered up with Manny and with Honeycomb because our goal is to always find the very best products and support them with the expertise and marketing that we bring and we provide to the table.

And this is so exciting because what we do with these opportunities is we work with a hand picked few people that we want to partner with upfront to bring it to their audiences, and we give them the best. Like we overdo it just to validate the concept, just to make sure that we can overwhelm the market with success stories right out of the gate. And that’s kind of the stage that we have set thus far. Now, with that said, I want you to put in your questions because I do understand that this is not an investment that you normally would see on a webinar like this. The price points don’t match typically the price points that you’re accustomed to. Dare I say that they are much higher from a numerical standpoint than what you’re probably used to. And there’s a reason for that. There are multiple reasons for that. First of all, it’s not how much you invest, it’s what you get from what you invest. Secondly, this is categorically different than anything you’ve ever seen. So it wouldn’t make sense for it to be priced alongside the other things that you’re used to seeing.

Now, if you were to properly measured it on a value to price scale, I think the value is out of this world. Let’s talk a little bit why some of you picked up on this, some of you did not. And it wasn’t highly emphasized in the training itself. So I can see why it’d be easy to miss one of the reasons why consumables. Are like the best type of product to sell. If you can get over all of these initial hurdles that are incredibly hard to get over if you don’t have somebody like Manny doing it for you, if you can get them to market, they are so good because the secret is in the name consumables. These are things people consume. And once they’re done consuming them, guess what they want to do? They want to consume more of them. Let’s take it a step further. Say we’re selling like an information product, a course, if you will, a training program to the masses. Unfortunately, that’s not very palatable to you. It should be very palatable because you have to invest in yourself, in your education. It’s the single greatest investment that you can make is in yourself, is in learning you are not the normal person walking down the street.

We pull 100 people off the street and say, what are you doing to better yourself right now, to better your family financially? And they’re like, Maybe I’m catching an extra hour in at work. That’s their answer. So it’s smart for you, but think about the difference. You can either read a book or you can swallow a pill. What do you think is easier to swallow in mass? And that’s supplements. So they’re consumable. But not only are they consumable, meaning that they’re repeatable purchases, it’s practically baked in that they’re going to continue to want to do business with you once they find out about you here’s. The second thing though, is they’re easy to consume. That’s good. And then the third thing is, what do you think people are most motivated to buy? That’s the things that give them relief from pain. Now, generally when we talk about pain, we talk about like an intellectual pain or an emotional pain, if you will, but in a supplement form, it’s usually a physical pain. Make people very responsive very quickly when they see a supplement. If it ticks off the right boxes, it’s got to look a certain way.

It’s got to seem legitimate, it’s got to feel right. But if it ticks off those boxes idiot. There you go. And that’s why this is such a great business. I mean, question to you. Who here takes supplements? I got a bag downstairs with about 15 different supplements in them, and most of them are like $30 or $40 a month. I’m spending a car payment a month on supplements. And it’s insane how often people will do that. And they do that and they get a benefit from that and they’re happy with it and they continue to repeat it. And that’s what makes it one of the greatest business models in the world. Now, here’s what makes it one of the hardest business models in the world. If you don’t have somebody like Honeycomb backing you, the regulatory situation of making sure it gets approved and then making sure it gets distributed, the quality assurance, keeping inventory, managing, all that stuff. That’s the hard stuff, what to speak of, than some of the marketing capabilities. And these are all things that are provided to you and are essentially done for you or done with you at the very least, when it comes to this opportunity.

Now, Melissa has asked a procedural question, and we want to answer some of these, but I also want to answer the higher level questions that are coming out here too. But let’s start with the simple analysis, is can you sell these products from other countries like Canada? Because I’ve noticed on this webinar we have a lot of people from all over the world. So Manny, can you touch upon this in terms of does geographic location make a difference when it comes to what you are offering here today?

So the products are manufactured in the USA, all of them. So any of you can come into the USA market and create your brand for the USA market. But additionally, any of you that wants to sell in your own country, you’re going to have products that the platform, the Honeycomb platform, will tell you whether you can ship that product or not. As you probably know, hopefully a lot of these countries have very different regulations, they have different restrictions when it comes to supplements. Some of these products, for example, like a vitamin that you take every single day, mexico has stupid laws and they’ll say like, it’s medication, so it requires prescription, things like that. So the platform itself takes away the guessing of whether that product is going to go into that country or not. So we have members actually building brands not only in the USA, in their countries, and they already have selected products like 10, 12, 15 products they can ship to their country, united Arabs, Europe, Latin American countries, Canada, et cetera. So that’s an opportunity that is one of those unique things that in Amazon didn’t exist. And now with Honeycomb, you have the ability to do so.

So it’s all coded that you’ll be able to find out very easily if like, oh, that product, can I ship it to Canada? Yes or no? For example, like I mentioned on the webinar, CBDs are not allowed to go into the country of Canada. So you cannot sell that one. We have CBD products, you can’t sell those from Canada, but you can sell, for example, protein shakes, or you can sell some energy drinks, or you can sell some B complex vitamins or many, many different variations of supplements that we have on the platform. You’re going to be able to get into Canada from the USA.

Another variable would, let’s be clear though, too. If you’re in Estonia, you could sign up for this offer today and be selling products all over the world in the appropriate countries as the opportunities exist that Honeycomb can fulfill. Is that right, Manny?

That is correct. That is correct. Any part of the world you can sign up. That’s correct.

Wherever you live is not the issue. And one of the big reasons it’s not the issue is because the fact that you’re getting it done for you, these necessary ground steps that need to be taken that otherwise, unfortunately, if you don’t have honeycomb and you’re in most parts of the world, you’re so it doesn’t matter whether you want to do this or not. It doesn’t matter if you understand this or not. You just couldn’t do it unless you’re willing to relocate your family to a different country. That’s not the case here. There’s two things that Manny’s talking about here. One of these is you can sell worldwide. So not only can you be somewhere else and sell in the US. On the.com, on Amazon, through Shopify, et cetera, that’s all finding in Dandy too. But regardless of whether you’re in the US. Or not, you can sell your products in a variety of different locations. Now, certain different countries will only allow X but not Y, and you don’t need to break your decoder ring out to figure out what that matrix is. They’ve already figured that out as well for you. It’s essentially, if they make it an option inside of the system, then you can do it.

If you can’t do it, you don’t even see it as an option in the system. But every single one of you here, regardless of where you’re living, you could be selling these products in the appropriate countries that they’re allowed to be sold in. And I mean, there’s more than enough room in the United States alone. The demand for these types of products is increasing, and the supply is decreasing. This is one of those once and this is going to sound really hypey, okay? But it’s the truth. So when the truth is hypey, what do you do? You got to tell the truth even if it’s hypey. This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities where demand is massively increasing but supply is decreasing. What do you think happens in that situation? What do you think happens? I’ll give you one example, right? I go down the store. I buy a bottle of water for a dollar, maybe two, okay? I go to a football game, an NFL game, or I go to an NBA basketball game or I go to a concert. Now I’m buying the same bottle of water for $20. There’s a lot of debate, and there’s not much supply at those locations.

Now, we don’t get down like that. We don’t artificial we don’t artificially manipulate things and tweak and do all that. But naturally it’s occurring, and it’s not going to get better. It’s going to get worse. Now this lends itself to this next thing that I saw Dariya mentioned, which I want to bring up, and I want to tackle it head on because she says, and I’m going to quote her. She says, I’m so disappointed that this is out of the reach for someone starting literally from the ground. Okay? I don’t have thousands to invest at the drop of a hat. I really got excited to launch a supplement brand. It’s completely aligned with my area expertise as a beauty wellness expert. So let’s address that. If you only knew, and I’m not saying you dari. I’m just saying and I’m explaining some of how the sausage gets made here if you only knew the cost. And I’m not talking about the set up costs. I mean by set up, I mean the years and years of time and effort and actual capital that was invested to build this system out, which is a check larger than any of you have ever written in your life, okay?

I’m talking about if you only knew the cost involved per each of you in terms of the fulfillment for the done for you, in terms of the time, in terms of the human resources. Manny, how many people do you have just in your agent or just employees? How many employees do you have?

121 employees right now.

That’s why he’s got gray in his hair, right? He’s got 120 families, essentially, that depend upon him for their livelihood. They work for him full time, and they’re committed around him, and he’s got to take care of each and every single one of them. And that’s just some of it for each of these set ups that go involved in something like this. So I get it. It may be out of the reach for some of you, and I wish we could do some sort of magic to change the situation of the economics, but we are offering it at the most economical possibility that we can. That’s why there is a five and not just a 15 or not just a 45. Okay? That’s why there are options. Unfortunately, we cannot get it any lower than that. The margins on this from the side of Honeycomb is thinner than you would imagine. I’m not going to tell you what a month, but they are. But they are much thinner. The net profit sold on a product like this is a lot less than most of the products that you buy from most producers after selling those products, even products that are $500 or $1,000.

Where Honeycomb wins is in the long term years plus you being their client. That’s where they live. And that’s the gamble. That’s the play here. So I wanted to bring that up. I wanted to be very clear on that. Now, what about the bonus? So, Rachel, your bonus, does it matter which package somebody invest in? If they invested in any package, would they be able to get your bonus regardless?

Yes, any package, they get the bonus.

Okay, so that’s good. I thought so. I just wanted to make sure it doesn’t matter which one that you decide to sign up for you are going to get Rachel’s bonus, which is pretty damn incredible, might I add. And then I got me very excited when I heard about that.

No, I remember back in the day when $5,000 was a lot of money for me not too long ago. So I understand that that’s a big investment. So we are committed to providing an enormous amount of value. At any level that you come in, there’s going to be enormous value. So there’s no package that feels that it’s going to be too small. You just got to get started. You got to get your feet wet. You got to come into the community and just start getting that access is going to get you moving in the direction that you can take advantage of the opportunity. What Jason said earlier, the supply and demand point is like, the one thing that I really want to emphasize on. I showed you some of the statistics that I have going on right now. I went over right now where Jason was talking. I didn’t interrupt him, but I wanted to show you. Inside our ecommerce, we are exploding with nothing else changing except the supply and demand factor. We’ve been doing the same thing that we do for the last ten years. Our strategies are improving and evolving and everything, but even my father passed away two years ago, and he was my content creator, so I’m not even dependent on a personal brand anymore.

It’s just strategies that are getting things to where they are right now. But we’re taking off. I don’t know if you noticed that while I was sharing the screen, but 55% of every dollar that comes into my ecommerce is a repeat customer. So we keep on bringing people back because we have high quality products, number one. But number two, we’re growing 100%, 60%, 80% every single month compared to last year. It’s a massive explosion of our revenue in general. And that’s because the opportunity to sell supplements with the incredible demand that exists in this particular marketplace, and the supply not being the same as it was before. So that’s a big opportunity right here.

Clarify this, please, if you could. With the basic plan, the team will create the labels for free products, but they can sell up to 30 products if they do their own label or pay to have them created. Can we get some clarification on that?

Yeah, absolutely. I would love mike, are you here available to turn on your camera so we can get you introduced to this amazing group of people? Okay, so for everybody here on the call here, we still have many hundreds of people here, which is very exciting. This is Mike Wiese. He is the brain behind the platform in the sense of, like, he’s the community in charge. He’s the one that built Rachel’s brand, and he’s the co founder of Honeycomb, and he’s a very smart marketer himself, so he understands that this opportunity he’s the one that introduced me to the opportunity to begin with. And when he talked to me about it, I was like, whoa, this is big. And it became bigger and bigger in my universe, in my mind, every single day. Mike, why don’t you answer that question that Jason just asked?

Yeah. And so just what is included for the basic there? So what happens with the Basic from the design element is that we’re going to include really everything you need to get started. Right. And what that includes is a logo, a brand kit, and a label design. We’re going to give you three concepts for logos, three concepts for label designs, and then whatever one that you like, whichever one is your favorite, we’re going to apply it across your first three products. Now, that doesn’t mean that you’re only allowed to sell three products. It just means that we’re going to apply it across your first three products. But then we’re going to give you the raw files. And then as you start growing out your catalog there inside your website, again, you can continue to hire out designers or tape, take that raw file that we give you and just apply to the design to other labels yourself. Moving forward, you’re definitely not limited to sell only three products. We just want to make sure that we help you get started.

That’s the idea, yeah. And if you go to any store and you look at any of the brands that are on the shelves or supplements, you see a pattern. Like for one brand, all the labels will look the same and the only thing that will essentially switch out is the text on the label, then minimally. So even at that, what’s really hard is getting that brand identity when you’re starting out. That’s the key. I don’t know if you remember Rachel’s website from earlier. If we have time later on, we might circle back. I got a ton of questions I want to get to on that. So I don’t want to throw that on the screen right now. But she has nailed it. She has a strong brand identity that any stranger at a glance would look at that and think, wow, this is a big time supplement company and that’s important. So you need that. Once you have that, you can then hand it over and have somebody on fiverr develop labels for you for next to nothing. So that’s the clarification on that. From a basic package, you can sell up to 30 different products.

You’re going to get the first three different SKUs essentially designed for you, and then it’s really easy for you to expand it from there. We’ll circle back there if we have to clear that up. I want to make sure that everything is crystal clear here because of what’s at stake. Question on the social media, I want to loop in on this. This is very important some people are concerned with, well, I don’t want to be on camera, I don’t want to put my face on camera. I don’t want to go out there and make a big name for myself. I hear you right. Some days I wonder why I ever did it. Most of the people that I know with the highest amount of net worth are invisible to the public eye. You don’t know them, they’re not famous, they never get stopped at the grocery store. They invisible and they make lots and lots of money selling very basic products, if you will, that you just take for granted. So let’s be very clear here. You can create content where you’re never in it or even any personality is in it. There are so many ways to the top of this mountain.

Once you have the right product in the right market at the right time. Do you have the right product? Well, products I should say. Yes, you do. Supplements are like the best types of products ever that you could launch in terms of the probabilities of success. Do you have the right market? Yes, you do. They’re going to show you how to laser target in and make these off the shelf supplement, so to speak, hyper focused on very specific segments of very specific markets. That’s something we kind of glossed over because that’s like how you build the watch kind of piece of information. Not what time is it sort of information, but something that they teach is very powerful. This is what got me super excited when I saw what they were doing here, is this niching down and finding that perfect niche just for you. The easiest way to get big is to go small. Initially, jump up and down in the ocean and nothing happens. You jump up and down in a puddle and you make big splashes and then you can jump from one puddle to the next and pretty soon you’re building your own little ocean there.

Blue ocean might I add. So they help you with that as well. So the right market, right timing, we’ve already talked about supply is going down, demand is going up. I mean, think of all the supply chain issues that are happening right now. People are scratching their head and they’re not being able to go to the market. You sidestep all of that and I think that’s really powerful. So you can have content created for you that is purely informational related to different things about the supplement visa vis that market. And you don’t have to be the person. But I want to emphasize something else here too. A little bit goes a long ways. It doesn’t take much to make much in this market. It doesn’t take a lot to get going. A couple of reasons for that. Reason number one is each customer, the lifetime value of that customer is significantly high. So you don’t need a lot to make a lot of money. Reason number two, the word of mouth is incredible on something like this. People take a pill and it works for them. They tell their friends, sometimes they sit down together and they say, I’m trying this supplement.

I’m trying this supplement. What supplement are you trying? It’s almost like a trading card game. So wow. That’s very powerful, too. I think that’s what you need to realize about something like this. So it doesn’t regardless of your strategy of initial exposure to put the product out there, I think you’re going to be very surprised at how effective this is. Let me tell one more little secret, if I can, if I may be so bold. Okay? Here’s one weakness of the traditional supplement model, by the way. Not just the model. And I think we can bring on your other partner here, Manny, to break this down a little further, but I’ll tee it up for him. Okay. Manny said this earlier. It’s very easy to miss. He says we do FBM on Amazon fulfillment by Merchant. And there’s a reason why when you’re initially starting out, you can do that, is the agility that it provides to you. If you were doing Fulfillment by Amazon for some of these products, it would take forever and a day to go through their process before it would go live. And every minute you’re not live on Amazon is a minute you’re losing money.

And so the hack I kind of talked about this earlier, too, is where if you make a very specific type of skew to fit a very specific type of person on Amazon and you can get that live on. Amazon and spin it up just like that. And you can be putting up a whole bunch of these products very quickly, very efficiently. You win. You win. You just beat everybody else. There’s so much power in that, and I hope you understand the value in that. And if not, I’m more than happy to break that down here further. But that’s something else that I want you to be very clear of. There’s people on the phone, by the way, when you go to Honeycomville, if you wish to, you can speak to somebody. And we have a lot of spots opening up for people specifically that we set aside to be ready for the phones in case you want to talk to a live human being. So when you go to the page, you’ll see your package Basic, Legacy and Dynasty. And then if you scroll just a little bit below that, you’ll see still have questions?

Book a call with a Honeycomb rep today, and then you can actually talk to people who are trained up, who are well versed, and who can help you to see if this makes sense or not. I’m looking at the schedule right now. They have calls scheduled for every ten minutes. And this is because this is how committed we are to help you make sense if this is right for you or not. I’m showing somebody, I’m totally cool with that.

Yeah, I’m showing them the screen right now so they can see it. If you go to that same page right now, you see when it expires this particular offer, my over committed offer for sure it’s going to be full of value for you. Three days and 5 hours until we close. A lot of you might have questions. Like Jason just said right now there’s a section here that says book a call. Click on that and you’re going to have two options. You can literally, if you’re excited and you want to get your questions answered right now, pick up the phone and dial that number. If you’re in the US, you can dial that number right there. If you are outside the US, just go ahead and book a call right here and you’ll pick one of those open slots that are happening every ten minutes. And you’ll see here that you can book a call with somebody today or you can go and book a call 1st, 2nd, 3rd on the fourth is just because it’s Eastern time zone. So we’re going to go. The card closes 03:00 A.m on the 4 February. So you see here that’s twelve Pacific for people in the Pacific Coast.

But you’ll see here that we have the ability to talk to somebody all the way to past midnight that day on Car Close. So you can book a call to talk to one of these guys that are experts, answer all your questions that you have. Some of you have questions on. Can I use my own website? Can I add products over here? Or what happens when I want to graduate one product into a manufacturing relationship? Or whatever questions that you have, which are probably great questions, we’ll take care of them and we’ll get you signed up over the phone if that’s something that you want to do. So you can pick up the phone and call or go ahead and book a call right here directly on the address honeycomb Viprachel, you’ll be able to see that there.

Yeah, we got a lot more questions that I want to get to here while we’re on the call as well. Maybe Mike, you can address this because Linda says I kept away from supplement for legal exposures. What are your thoughts on that?

So my thoughts are that anytime that you are working with any product that has the ability to go inside somebody’s mouth, whether it is food or a toy or something, you always need to be looking at product liability insurance. Now, product line bill insurance, for example, is not this big scary thing that people think it is because especially when you’re getting started out, you don’t have that many sales that are going out there. And so because of that, the cost of product liability insurance and I’m talking about an adequate number, amount of insurance that you would want to be protected for is actually quite affordable. I remember we had a slime company for a while for all those people that have kids. I’m sorry, but it was really a great product. And we had to get product liability insurance for that exact same thing because we were treated the exact same way as a supplement company because kids would put slime in their mouth and we had to make sure that it was safe. And that actually what originally got me introduced. And then as we started getting more involved in supplements and it was a long time ago, that’s when I realized, you know what?

Actually, this is a really big, scary world that people tell you about, but it really isn’t because you can get started and it’s actually quite affordable.

Yeah. And also you’re going to have people that are going to guide you along this process when you sign up here. And so sometimes the best thing you can do is here’s. What happens if you’re all on your own. You get a weird, scary thought in your head one day and you can’t shake it, and it follows you to bed and it wakes you up the next day early. And now you’re tired and you’re groggy and you’re annoyed, and you just walk around with this thought, and this thought prevents you from doing anything. Man, if you could only talk to somebody, tell me if you’ve ever had this experience. You just say it out loud to somebody else, and then you realize how maybe it’s not as scary as it sounds. I spoke it out loud to somebody. And that goes far beyond any of the legalities of this whole deal. Often this goes into just, hey, I’m thinking about doing this product or that product. What are your thoughts? That kind of stuff. This is why I get so excited about an offer like this, is because you don’t have to do it alone.

And this isn’t something that is quasi done with you, because I’ve seen a lot of companies that go out there and pretend that they can manage people they can’t. They just say they can. I want you to think about the integrity of this company here. They have the process and the logistics and the operation capacity in place and the wherewithal to be able to schedule phone calls up to 03:00 a.m. In the morning. Isn’t that crazy? Is that rare? Yeah. Does that happen often? No, almost never. Don’t you want to work with a company like that? If you can, you should. Of course. Right. So I think we have demonstrated over and over again, really, that these people are the real deal. I bet them Rachel vets them. You saw her. She just launched her product. We just went live with it right before we hit this call. And that bonus. I got into selling physical products. In 2013. And it was kind of a situation like this where we go to an audience that isn’t doing anything remotely similar to what we’re telling them to do. And we say, hey, you want to try this crazy thing out?

We think it has a lot of promise to it, and we’re going to do it along with you. And those people that started with us in 2013 and did it alongside of us probably got the best benefit out of anybody because they saw where we were only one step ahead of everybody. So you have the ability to learn from the master who’s seen it all, been there, done that. Where’s the T shirt? And you have also the benefit of dealing with somebody like Rachel, who’s a stone cold pro. You know she’s going to figure out a way to be successful with this. But what’s cool is her success will leave clues that are only one step ahead of where you’re at right now. And that’s an incredible bonus. And that just should show you what the opportunity really is here and what’s at stake.

If I can add Jason about the product insurance and the concern with people using the products, never in the last ten years. And Jason, you and I go way back when. You are my original mentor in the world of e commerce, for sure. You and I have sat down time and time again, and you saw me build this brand from selling five units a day to now selling 4000 units a day, right? So I have never once gotten a lawsuit for my products. I have never been in danger with the FDA, never got and threatened in any way, shape or form. People have complained along the way, oh, I made me feel bloated. Give me a refund. That’s all part of it. On the supplement side of things, you’re going to have people that complain, that want to have refunds, that have a problem with it, but it really isn’t something that I have experienced. And you’re talking with somebody that has done a quarter billion dollars a year on supplements, and I don’t get to hear it. Like the last time that I heard a complaint about our products was such a long time ago.

So it’s important to when you’re diving into a supplement brand to have something of high quality, that’s important. And that’s what we’re presenting you with. We’re giving you something that has certifications. I showed you a video of inside the manufacturing. You get to see that whole thing in motion so you can start building trust over it. So we’re giving you something high quality, but also you’re working with somebody that has experience that whatever barriers along the way you encounter, we’re going to help you circumvent them, resolve them, and so on. On Amazon, for example, you don’t even need product liability insurance until you start selling $10,000 a month. At that point, you’re making some money. So that’s good. Right. Product liability insurance is not expensive either, and that protects you in case somebody wants to. If you’re one of those people that get this very unfortunate event that you get unlucky and somebody comes after you, well, private liability insurance will cover you again. I’ve never experienced that myself. Never one time in half a billion dollars.

It’s good to bring up, but the reality is it’s far overblown. But it’s good that we’re here to address it.

You can pay $90 a month, by the way, Jason. That’s what it costs for a million dollar insurance. All right.

Yeah. Totally. Mona asks, how do pet supplements do in comparison? So, as a proud owner of too many dogs, I can tell you that the pet world is its own special neurotic world of buyers who probably spend more money on their pets than they do their kids. In some senses, there’s not necessarily as many of the different supplement types you’re going to be able to sell, and the owner is going to be the one making the decisions, not the dog itself or the cat or what have you, right? It is an absolutely very lucrative market, and I will tell you, very needed market. There’s a situation with pets specifically, where most pet owners feed their animals kibble, because it’s impossible to feed them. Like food that is not either super expensive or doesn’t take hours and hours of your own time to prep it out. Right. Like, to feed animals the proper nutrition that they need as opposed to these little pellets is just astronomically too high for most people. The way that you get around that if you’re a responsible pet owner is you supplement it just like most of us. Our diet could be improved.

Right. So we supplement it. So there’s a massive demand in that market, and it’s getting bigger as well. So that’s that is a great question. I’m glad that you brought it up. Bobby says, what are the first two levels again? I’m going to the bank tomorrow to borrow the money because I deserve a better way of life. Okay, before we answer, what are the first two levels again? I want to acknowledge what Bobby just said there in the second half of that comment. I’m going to the bank tomorrow to borrow the money because I deserve a better way of life. Now, I’m not advocating that each and every single one of you take out a loan or incurred debt to try to make a go with this. That is a personal decision that you’ll have to make on your degree of how you want to leverage capital to get access to this. But the other part of this, I think, is very incredible. Bobby says, I deserve a better way of life, and he sees the opportunity to get that better way of life through this, and then he finds a way to make it happen.

That is a success straight that I’ve seen over and over again. See, sometimes I take this for granted. So thank you, Bobby, for bringing this up. Manny said this earlier. He says you were a mentor of mine. I’m literally on Manny’s wall of fame. He has one in his office, and I’m one of the pictures on that. Right? I take it for granted that I help somebody at the beginning of their career and played some small part in their ability. Now, to sell a half a billion dollars a year, a big part. I should say more than a small part. Manny’s being very kind. And I’ve done this for many people, tens of thousands of them, right? The the town I grew up in, little town Muscatine, I was 23,000 people population. I’ve probably helped more than 23,000 people in my life increase their life. So sometimes I take it for granted. What I take for granted is the following. That the success trait, the commonality that is most reoccurring with these people that I’ve seen transform themselves into a higher state of success is that they are committed to find a way, and they don’t let some of these smaller things that hold other people back hold them back.

And I’m not saying the money is a small thing. Money is a big thing, right? Money isn’t everything, but it’s almost there. However, looking at money from a position of lack, lack, lack, lack, lack, lack, lack. What is it going to get you? Unfortunately, it’s only going to get you more lack. Looking at money from a position of this is a tool, and there are various different ways I can use it and I can employ it to help elevate me. That’s a more useful perspective to take on. And so thank you, Bobby, for re reminding me of that. And I’ve been there as well. And again, I’m not advocating every one of you do what I did, but when I started out, I had a product that was about $2,000 that I wanted to buy, and I didn’t have a credit card that allowed me to charge $2,000 to it. The bank only trusted me with $500, and they still looked at me sideways with that $500 credit card. And so at the time, I was painting houses, and I had this boss, and I asked him, I begged him more so than asked him if he would charge it to his credit card, and then I would pay him back by writing him checks over a period of time, and he said yes.

Now, by the way, what are the first two levels? Again, the first two levels are as follows. Can you break down the difference between the first two levels, which, by the way, you can go to the web page and see it there, but it’s nice to speak on it. Again, what’s the difference between the first two packages?

So the $5,000.01 is going to allow you to have our team build your brand for you for free products. We’re going to create the logo, the branding for it. We’re going to select how that look and feel will end, and we’re going to brand the free products that you select. You’re going to have the ability to test a sample up to ten products. Also from the platform, we’re going to ship those out to you. You’re going to try them out and you’re going to say, that’s the one that I want. These three, I’m going to go with it. And then we’re going to help you brand those three products. And that’s how you start. Anything outside those three products, you would have to brand yourself. You’re going to have templates that are ready to edit and then you’re going to have, obviously, the basics of how to get it done yourself, but we’re not going to do that work for you. The main big difference on that next one is the shopify website build out. If you can think about this particular point that I try to communicate on the website, it’s actual human hours.

Like, we’re getting to work for you. My staff, I have to pay them. Whether we actually make money in the company or not, they’re on the payroll, I have to pay them. So they have to work for you, so I have to pay them. And that’s basically to cover that cost, we’re going to build out a beautiful website for you. There’s going to be a website similar to the one that we built for Rachel. It’s going to be a website similar to the one that we built for my own brand that we just launched called GoodLife Neutral. You guys want to check it out? Goodlifenutra.com. It’s going to be now up to 30 products, so the jump goes from three to 30. So now you can say, I want to have 15 products and I want to have these 15 products. So now we’re going to brand all 15 products for you. We’re going to build a website with 15 products. So instead of having one like Rachel, which is a basic one, which has three products, even though it looks amazing, as you can see, it looks amazing. You could have a website that’s 15 products, because we’re not going to build a website for you for $5,000.

If you think about the value, it’s just an add up, right, guys? You have the entire software, the access to the 100 products that you can choose. You have the custom branded, the training, the community. We’re giving you all the tools for you to become a great marketer. You’re going to have to, on the basic one, figure out how to build your own shopify site. That’s all.

If you don’t have one already.

If you don’t have one already. Right? So if you have one, that’s a no brainer. That is your option, because then we’ll use that one. So if you don’t have one, you’ll figure it out. But I don’t know if you guys have heard about this thing called YouTube, right? Like you go and search for there and you say how to build a shopify website. It is not really so insanely difficult to do. And I’m telling you honestly, do I want you to buy the bigger package? Of course I want you to buy the bigger package. Do I want you to have an excuse not to get in? No, I don’t want you to have an excuse to get in. You got to get in. So I’m telling you, if your consideration is your concern is, listen, I just don’t have the 15, I can definitely do the five. Do the five and then you’re going to have to put a little bit extra work on doing some of the things that we would do for you on the 15th. That’s all it is. And if you ask our team, listen, what videos can I watch, what training can I do so I can build my own site?

That you guys can then integrate the free products. We will give you all that we want to help you. Again, we understand that whether it’s 50, 00, 15,000 or 45,000, it is a lot of money. It is. And we understand that we don’t take that for granted. So you’re going to be given the royal treatment regardless. We are going to take care of you no matter what. That is what I want for you to do is to just get started. The person that is ready to build a beautiful website right now and they want to go heavy and they want to go and build a website that has 10, 15, 18 products and they want to go next level because they have the ability to do you want to get there faster? You guys already cutting the line. You’re all cutting the line ten years, right? The process that I went through to build my own brands, you’re cutting the line ten years. The ones that are bumping into the next level, the you’re going to cut the line a little more. That’s all it is. You’re going to cut the line a little more.

Because now instead of getting there in six months or nine months, you can start building some good revenue here, some good recurring revenue. Like I showed you on the website, 50% of people that are coming in are buying again for us a second time, upsells, et cetera, across sales. And I don’t know if you noticed that when I was sharing that, but we get $91 per average order on our website and we’re going to give you all of that. That’s part of the value that you get. So Basic gets you in the door and gets you value. You might need to get a little more work done. Legacy gets you website build out and up to 30 products. Dynasty gets you the whole thing. The whole thing, including an Amazon store, which is a very expensive project, an account manager to work for you, a virtual assistant to work for you, a lot more access to the thing that we have going on. But regardless of that, we’re going to keep you moving forward at whatever level that you come in. And that’s the commitment that we have.

Yeah, the thing that I would add to that as well, and I guess I’ve been seeing a few questions of that in the chat here as well is what happens after you purchase, if you’re purchasing the Basic versus the legacy versus the dynasty, what happens? Well, the good news is that that process is literally a handheld process for you, regardless of its basic legacy or dynasty. The purpose of those first few steps is to really get to know who you are, what your motivation is, what your passion is, what kind of products you’re interested in, what types of target audiences are you interested in. When Manuel is talking about that 30 minutes marketing strategy call, that’s a very big part of the very first few steps that you’re doing. You get on a phone call with myself and with my team to literally walk through what brand voice is. We have very simple ways of explaining that for you, whether it’s basic legacy or dynasty. We give you the tools to be able to do this yourself, or we give you the tools to be able to explore this world that maybe you want to be a part of, but you just have never really understood how, whether that’s with supplements or whether that’s with creating your own brand in the first place.

So that is an integral part of the first few steps that you take with us and the second that those steps are taken and we move them on into their respective teams. Meaning the design team is taking care of their job with your project and the marketing team is taking care of their job with your part of the project. The point is that you are guided through what your steps are until your brand is done. Whether that means the logo grandkid and the labels, if it’s the basic package, whether that means the website that’s included in there, or whether that means the Amazon store with the listings, and you’re beginning your marketing plan with a dedicated marketing manager, it doesn’t matter. It just means that there might be more that we’re activating at those times, but that is where everything kicks in and your hands are held the entire time. And to what Jason was saying earlier, guys like, you know what? If $5,000 feels like a lot of money or $15,000 feels like a lot of money or $45,000 feels like a lot of money, that’s okay, because we all have felt that. But we all pushed ourselves to a point to say, hey, if I don’t have this now.

I’m going to work my way to getting this because I need to make a change for my life. If you do have it now, I love what Jason said is that it’s a tool. One of the ways that I’ve said it in the past, as well as money, is a means. The question is, what’s the end? Right? And if you can answer what’s the end? And you’re not happy with that answer, then maybe you got to rethink about what the answer for that is and how that’s something that can allow. You can allow your family, can allow your friends and your social circles that you’re a part of for you to be the best version of yourself for those that are around you. So you can continue to give and to support and to love and to share with people around you. Again. That’s in part why we started Honeycomb, is to help people build brands and businesses, to be able to give voice to those deep seated desires and passions that they have to see themselves be the best version of themselves. And we’re just going to help them express that in the form of a brand that they can then use to influence a community.

Anyway, the point is, I wanted to let you know, regardless of if it’s a basic or a legacy or a dynasty, we’re going to be there for you and making sure you have everything you need to be successful.

We have a few questions I want to try to run through here without a whole bunch of time spent on each of them, which I know is hard for all of us here because we’re so passionate, we get so deep in this. Dennis so for the basic package, where do people sell if they don’t have a website created by you? Manny can you answer that?

If they don’t have a website. Say that again. Jason.

So for the basic package, where do people sell if they don’t have a website created by you?

Okay, well, no, they need a website, right? So the other option is no, you need a website. You also need a website. I showed you on the slides. A doctor chiropractor. Let’s say that you’re a chiropractor and you wanted to have a private label brand so you can have your pretty chiropractor face on your shelves behind your counter. Well, you can order yourself the products on the website and get them shipped to you. And that way you don’t have to order 1000 products at a time. That’s the only scenario. But other than that, you’re going into the ecommerce world. Here’s the thing about ecommerce. Very soon the word, the letter E is going to disappear from it and it’s going to be commerce. So there is no other like you need to be a part of the ecommerce movement.

What would you suggest then for somebody who takes the five K package for a website?

So they can create a basic, basic template on Shopify. It’s $29 a month. $29. All right. So if you’re spending five K on us on this program, which again, the value is going to be there, I promise you that and a lot more, you can create a basic Shopify template. Some of these templates are free, and all you literally do is drag and drop product images based on the brand that we’re going to create for you, because we’re going to create the brand. So once you have that basic template, you are going to start creating the listings. And I will be happy to give you five great videos out of thousands that are going to show you how to put together a basic shopify site yourself that your ten year old can do if you just put him to work so that he can earn his allowance. As simple as that. And you put it in there, you drag and drop the images. And now you have a website that can have people check out. Is it going to be the same machine, the same website that we’re going to do for you? No, that would be stupid.

That’s like comparing, I don’t know, my 911 Carrera to a Volkswagen, right? It’s not really like, obviously we have a lot of data as to websites and how to make them more powerful and next level. But you got to start somewhere, right? I promise you that I did not have 2% of the resources that I have today when I started, and look at me right now. So you got to start somewhere. So if that means a $29 monthly shopify membership and a basic free template that you can drag and drop that allows people to go into that website and buy and that’s how you start, you got to go.

So, brass tax.


There’s two ways that you play this. If you go five K as opposed to 15, one of the reasons you may go with the five K package is because you feel comfortable setting up a website already, or you feel comfortable with the instruction that will be provided to you along the way that you can figure it out. The only other reason you go five K is because you don’t have the 15K. It’s too much of a stretch for you. This is why there are multiple packages to try to meet you where you’re at financially, whereas where you’re at from a comfort level in terms of implementing now, at the same time, I want to refine something. Manny, regardless or not, if they have a website, they can still sell it on Amazon. That’s a website, right?

Well, no, Jason, that’s a great point.

Tim actually break that down because Tim just asked that you saw the same thing.

Great question. So, Tim, because this is a very unique business model, which, as you know, because you’re coming from Rachel’s audience, it’s called drop shipping. We’re going to actually integrate your Amazon store with your website and Amazon is going to get a purchase. Somebody goes into Amazon and they say, listen, I trust Amazon, but I don’t trust you. So I’m going to buy it from Amazon because I trust Amazon. They built more credibility than you, than all of us combined. And when Amazon completes that order and they take the money, we install a plugin that actually sends a signal to your website and your website connects with honeycomb. And honeycomb does a fulfillment. If you wanted to take the products and list them on Amazon. Unfortunately, that’s not honeycomb. That is the graduation of one product. Because in order for you to do that, you will have to have products on inventory. So you can sell them yourself on Amazon and ship them fulfilled by merchant. Or you would have to have something that is called FBA, which is fulfilled by Amazon. So now Amazon receives your inventory and they ship it for you. But we can’t do that because remember, you’re not paying for a product.

This is the big opportunity. You’re going to be able to sell one product at a time and only pay for that one product when the money comes in. This does not exist in the world of supplements until now. It is the greatest opportunity on e commerce that has ever existed. Because it’s not just print on demand. It’s not just physical products. It’s consumables that people keep on buying from you over and over and you get a chance to build recurring revenue and build a brand. So you’re going to have to have a store no matter what. You can’t escape having a store. You can’t escape it. All right.

I’m glad that he brought that up though, because it’s easy for us to miss the forest for the trees here. Is it’s like drop shipping without the normal limitations of drop shipping? The normal limitations of drop shipping is the delay in time it takes from when the customer orders the product until they get it. And that is often the kiss of death, is that poor customer experience limits most of those business models. And this evaporates it, it just washes it out. So you don’t need to have the world’s best website, but you have to have the website to control the functionality of allowing this drop ship, no upfront, inventory cost opportunity to tap into it. Now of course, a more dialed in website is going to allow you to make more money from the people who are buying it from your website. And there is the ability to start at a five K package and then upgrade to a 15K or the 45k package later as well. So you don’t have to be locked in. This isn’t a situation where you must know what the future is today and then choose it specifically, there’s opportunities for upgrades, which is a great way for you to get on the phone.

If you want to get on the phone with somebody, you just go sign up. I’m getting ahead of myself here. You go to Honeycom Viprachel and then on that page you have the ability to book a call and you can then talk about some of these more finer details without us getting too granular on them. But they are very valuable questions, so I’m glad that you bring them up again. At the end of the day, it’s a decision you’re going to have to make based upon your financial situation and based upon your level of comfort of what you want to do on your own versus what you want to do together with Honeycomb, versus what you want to have them do as well. Heather says once you have a live website, how long until you start to see revenue? I know, not guarantee, but approximately based on your experience, man, and you want to talk about that. And let’s be very clear here, we don’t necessarily have the emphasis of the goal on how quick can we see revenue. Right. What we want to do is we want to create a system that produces passive income on a regular, reliable basis.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m answering a question here from Patrick. It’s a good question for sure. Can the five K be integrated into an Amazon store? And the answer is yes, but you’re going to have to do a lot of that work yourself. What we’re offering is a lot of these things are we’re going to do it for you? That’s the whole thing that I want you to understand. Everything else is something that is possible and it’s doable. The less you invest, the more work you got to do. And that’s just normal. That’s just the way it is in life, right? So the more that you invest, like, Jason pays me a lot of money for me to run his social media and he doesn’t have to worry about it. All he does is turn on the camera and do his genius content. And I turn that into 1000 pieces of content and now reaching a lot of people. So he pays me well for that. If he didn’t if he didn’t pay me for that, then he has to do the work himself. And he could probably do it because he’s a genius and he’ll figure it out.

But I’m going to interrupt here, Manny, because people are getting very confused right now. Karen is the one that summed it up, she said, so basically the opportunity doesn’t work unless you buy at least the legacy package. Okay, I’m going to bring Will in here. So my business partner, he’s been on this call as well. I don’t think he’s got his camera, but I know he’s going to answer this question better than anybody. So, Will, let me know if you’re there.

Hey, Jason, I’m here. Sorry, my camera is not quite working. So it’s. Really important for everybody to understand the components of the opportunity. The major component of the opportunity, like the foundation, where nothing will work without it, is the ability for you to private label supplements without having to spend money on inventory. If you think of it that way, regardless of what level you choose, you will have the ability to choose up to 30 supplements from a list of 90 or more supplements that are available that you can private label, put your brand on it, and you can start selling. Now, how do you sell a supplement? You’re going to sell it like Manuel said, on a website on Amazon or on the shelf of a physical business, if that’s what you have, right? Let’s forget the physical business because most of you don’t have that. So you’re going to sell it on Amazon or you’re going to sell it on a website which is a shopify store. Now, here comes the difference between the packages. If you buy the Dynasty package, Manuel’s team is going to create the labels and the branding and design your beautiful website and integrate your Amazon store and give you access to a one year of his Mastermind and a whole lot of other things.

Okay? Now, if you go with the legacy package, the middle of the road, he’s going to design the label for up to 15 of your products. Now, does that mean that you can only sell 15 products? No, you can sell up to 30. You will take the label. And if you looked at Rachel’s website, what is the difference between a label of one product and the other? If you have the templates, it’s just the product name because the design is already done, the logo is already done, but you’re going to have to do the other 15 yourself if you want a private label. More of them, not a problem. You can probably hire somebody for $20 or $50 on a job site to do that for you. Okay? Now, they’re going to do the integration of the website for you to make sure that when somebody buys from your.


That the order gets fulfilled by Honeycomb, the Amazon store is not included. That means they are not going to do it for you. But there is training on how you can do it yourself. It’s just labor. It’s just labor. You choose whether you want to pay manual to do the labor for you or you want to do the labor yourself. But how to do it? It’s documented. It’s not hard. It will take a little time and a little bit of studying. You can do it yourself. Now, let’s talk about the basic. You still have the same exact opportunity as the other levels. You can private label up to 30 supplement types from the list of 90 plus that are available. Now, they’re going to create this very specific label for three products like they did for Rachel now, if you look manuel, put Rachel’s website back up, if you don’t mind, please.

Yeah, well, I do that. Also, I want to use your text message that you sent me right now, Will, and I think it’s a great idea for us to give them a bonus.

Okay, hold off on that. Hold off on that. So, with the basic package, manuel is going to show Rachel’s website here shortly. He did the label for three products. You can still sell 30 of their products, you can still private label 30 of them. But the completely done for you label is only three. What does that mean? You will have to take the label template they gave you and you will have to edit the label a little bit to put the new supplement name. So show the three supplements on the Shop page and zoom in on that a little bit, if you would, please. Do you see a whole lot of difference in those labels? It’s the same label. One says Deep sleep, the other one says Clarity factor. And then the three bullet points of what it does is changed. Do you think you can edit those items if you are given a template and an interface to go do that? I think everybody can. So the fact that they’re only doing three labels completely for you doesn’t mean you can’t apply the same label template to the other supplements and just change the name and change the bullet points.

That’s it, because you get all the templates. Now, let’s talk about website and Amazon. With the basic package, you still get that infrastructure, that foundation the ability to private label supplements. You get the software, you get the fulfillment for you. But you have to go set up your own website in Shopify and you have to go then if you also want to sell on Amazon, you have to go integrate your Amazon store. Now, again, remember Manuel said that they will help you get approved on Amazon. So a lot of folks are like, but I don’t have an Amazon account. How do I get approved to sell on Amazon? This is fully documented and you’re guaranteed to be able to be approved by Amazon. Guaranteed. Guaranteed. There is no other supplement supplier out there that I know of that can guarantee you will get approved to sell on Amazon. But again, you have to go build your own Shopify store and you have to go integrate your own Amazon store or pay somebody else to do it. The opportunity, don’t mistake the opportunity for being a website. A website is a dime a dozen guys and gals.

A website, you can pay somebody a few hundred dollars to create for you, or you can go to Shopify and you don’t have to make it beautiful images and color schemes and all that. Take the default Shopify template that they give you. You can set up a Shopify store in less than half an hour if you just take their default templates. And then you copy drag and drop images on the shopify site. And that’s how you build your product list. They make it super simple. It’s no wonder they are as successful as a company as they are. They made setting up ecommerce sites extremely easy. So, again, with the basic package, you still get the power of the system. You just have to do a little more work to build your website, a little more work to integrate your Amazon Store, or you can upgrade the legacy. That means they build your website. You still have to do your Amazon Store or you do Dynasty, and then you get a whole lot more, including the website done for you, completely designed for you, customized for you, and the Amazon Store set up and customized for you.

So don’t get confused about this website. You don’t get a website. You do get a website. You need to design it yourself, set it up yourself, and it is super easy. Now, while just before I came on, I was texting Manuel and Manuel, let’s talk about the new bonus that I just coerced you into putting out there.

I think it’s very logical, Will, and I think we should definitely do it. And we haven’t done this before, but for the people that are jumping on board the $5,000 option, we could put together a training and just give you that as a bonus in which I’ll have my top experts that build websites, and we’ll go over the process on how to build a website that looks professional and decent. And all you got to do is drag and drop and follow the steps and execute on that. So it’s almost like we’re going to create and launch a website to show you how to build a shopify site to our standards. And that could be very valuable for you. So that way you don’t have to jump into YouTube. Again, the training is available there. There’s other people, other creators. But because we have a lot of data, we should definitely do this for you so you can get it directly from us. How to build your own shopify site from scratch. Somebody had asked a great question that it’s probably going to be applicable to a lot of you, that somebody said, can I actually integrate Honeycomb with my existing shopify site?

Absolutely, yes. That’s going to even shorten the process for you. So, yes, we don’t have to build a new website if you already have one. If you have one, we can use that one and just add the products to it. If you don’t have one, we’re going to launch this bonus, which, again, never has been talked about before. Will, give me this idea just a few minutes ago on a text message, because we’re seeing that a lot of you really want to get this done, but you feel like too much uncertainty in this particular area. Okay, so you’re going to do the work, but we’re going to show you how to do the work and what buttons to click and what to add and what not to add. I think that would be very powerful and very valuable for you guys, for sure. So we can definitely put that together. Again, I’m a professional over committee, so I want to eliminate any excuses that you can potentially have as to why not to jump into this opportunity. So I’m committing myself here publicly in this webinar to put together this training for anybody that signs up throughout this particular launch, basic Legacy or Dynasty.

We’re going to give you extra training on how to build websites to our standard. All right? I think that’s a great bonus.

Yeah. And I’m glad we’re having this conversation here, because if there’s any fault at all, it is in our inability to communicate the actual value that exists in the opportunity. Because if every single one of you knew the value that truly existed in this, which would take us many more hours of trying to talk it out, all of you would be signing up. Yo. Yes. A great question here outside of the I wanted to button down Heather’s question because we got a little sidetrack there in terms of speed of results. Once the website goes live, you could be seeing results that very day. Obviously, that depends on a variety of factors. So if you already have any following whatsoever, no matter how small it may be, being able to initially announce the grand opening of your new website to that following puts you in a high likelihood that you’ll be successful. Now, that normally doesn’t work with most things because the business you’re setting up is not something that is so mainstream and is so universally appealing that you have to always build everything from scratch. So if you have a network that exists already, don’t be surprised if you’re tapping into it right away and offering a better product to people who are already taking an inferior your version of what you’re selling.

That’s the easiest sell in the world. Right. With that said, though, I always look at things of like, hey, if it takes 30 days for me to get this plane off the ground, and I have to make a little bit of action every single day to make that happen, that’s a good deal, because otherwise you invest in things that take years to reach break even. That’s the typical business cycle. Or even a year, as if we could live that long. Now, normally what happens when you make money up front, it’s because you work 80 hours a week. This is a situation where you don’t have to substitute the time up front to reduce the speed of when you start to see successful customers, but it is faster than probably any other opportunity that you’re going to see out there. Faster in the sense that it will bring you scalable, recurring revenue at high velocity, better than anything I’ve ever seen. Yogi says, outside of the initial package cost, what additional practical capital would one need until actually receiving income from sales profit for budget reasons?

Let’s move a point right here, Jason, as to how fast can we make revenue here. So I’m purchasing Rachel. I’m going to be Rachel’s first client ever.

Yeah, if you do it from that perspective, we all don’t have a Manny, though that could have a favor just like that.

Rachel, congrats. You have your oh, wait a second, Mike. This is not live yet. This story can’t accept real order or real payments. We’re not ready yet, guys. We just launched eight minutes before, so.

We got to fix that. Which, by the way, it’s important that you should, no matter what, always test the purchase process before you unlock it to the public. But we literally just set this up in two weeks. Don’t expect it to be that faster. I want to be clear on that. Additional investments outside of this what, if any, for like the first 30, 60, 90 days? Are there going to be other things? You’re going to have to buy all that other stuff. Now, if you go to the Five K package, you will have to pay a small fee to shopify. And it’s not that much. It’s no different than any other fee you’re going to pay to any other website to get it live. But there are other costs that are going to be significant that one should be prepared for or budgeted for ahead of making a whole bunch of money. Because obviously after they start selling products, they take a small portion of that product sale and feed it over to you to fulfill on the inventory costs. But what about any other major out of pocket? Is there something that they should know about Manny?

No. So we are going to give you organic strategies to get your feet off the ground with the supplement brand building process. But for those of you that are impatient, like me, we’re going to also show you how to add some money so you can get a return on investment. And we’re going to talk about marketing strategies that are going to actually start being pushed on Facebook ads and TikTok ads, et cetera. It’s like, if you ask me myself, I spend somewhere around $300,000 a month on advertising. Are you going to start there? No, I’m producing five plus million dollars a month right now in this particular year so far in January. That’s my target for this year. You don’t have to start there. You can start with a few hundred dollars, you can start with $1,000 again. The point is that you’re only competing against yourself. Some other people are saying, like, wait a second, I think a lot of people don’t understand the size of this pie. So they think like, if we all sign up in this webinar, then it’s going to get too crowded. You don’t understand when you’re talking about the hundreds of billions of dollars, how big the supplement market is.

If I get to sign up 1000 honeycomb students, you guys, you tomorrow signs up, you don’t make a dent on my sales at all. It is massive, the industry. So you go at your own pace. Some of you are going to do it like maybe like how I did it organically, growing the brand organically with spreading the word, your own friends and family, social media, communications, get your content rolling, just work on your brand, get yourself trained and educated. You can literally spend six months without having to spend an additional penny. Other than just keeping up your website, which on the basic, basic shopify plan, you pay $29 a month. That’s all you got to commit to. But once you’re ready to scale because you’re excited about how your website looks, you saw something that I talked about in a webinar, and you want to execute on that strategy. You realize that TikTok is going to be hot for you for your particular product, and you want to get it off the ground, and you want to start going. You can put some money to work and that’s going to be something that we’re going to guide you and show you and go over results together.

And that’s part of the community that we’re building, especially with the bonus that Rachel and I launched with you guys, that’s going to be something that we’re going to be able to work on together. But it’s going to be at your own pace. If you decide you’re like, okay, well, listen, I got money on the sidelines. I have these businesses that are successful. I really want to go full throttle. I want to grow fast, I want to expand. Then I’ll show you what to do with your money so you can get a higher return on investment and so you can scale faster. Money is going to help you get there faster. The more that you put to work intelligently, the faster you get there. But even if you don’t put any money to work, additionally, organic strategies are going to get you going in the right direction and we’re going to give you a lot of those strategies along the way. So no requirements of capital at all outside of this investment and outside of paying shopify a small little fee to maintain your website working.

Okay, excellent. Yeah. And obviously there are different things outside of this program you might want to invest in that could accelerate your results. But all of them are optional. None of them are required. This is I like this really too, Manny, because a lot of offers out there that are like $2000 offers. The reason they’re only $2,000 is because you find out later that you got to spend a whole bunch more money. And the only way they know how to sell these things is because they just say, hey, if we make the price as small as we possibly can on the front end, and maybe if it works on the back end or not, at least they get people believing that it’s affordable. So it’s cheaper up front, but it’s more expensive in the long run. This is it puts it all up front, what it is, and then you get a fully informed decision that you get to make, and it ends up being more cost effective, actually, this model, than other models when you factor in all the true different costs that are associated with this. Should we start wrapping or is there any other questions that we should get to right now?

Now, regardless of whether we answered your question directly or not, or if you need more clarification, you absolutely can get on a phone with somebody who’s trained to work with you to decide if this makes sense for you to invest in or not. And that’s at Honeycom VIP. Rachel, there is a section there where you can book a phone call with an agent from Manny’s company here, and they will be able to help you decide what decision is best for you.

Yeah, I might be able to make.

A decision or a yes decision.

I wanted to prove a point here from what I was talking about earlier. Manuel, I sent you a link. If you could send it on the screen. I don’t know if you saw it. I’ll send it again via text message. I literally set up a Shopify store since the last time I stopped talking. And now the one thing I haven’t done is put, like, how I want to take payments. I haven’t filled the forms that they’d be able to take payments, but I put I set up this website in what, like five minutes, maybe seven minutes. The long share part was waiting for them to send me my email, and I borrowed I borrowed Rachel’s image. I copied and pasted Rachel’s image for her product. But look at that. The website template is done for you on the Shopify stuff. There’s a home page that says, put an image banner here, talk about your brand. Literally, you go there and you type stuff up.

That’s it.

I didn’t have to know how to design a website or any of that. You literally fill in the blanks. Shopify is really easy. So if you’re concerned about building a website, don’t be at the basic package level. Literally built in five minutes.

That’s right. That was fast. That was good stuff.

We got to be pound wise and penny foolish, or not be penny wise and pound foolish. Setting up the website is not the thing. It’s a necessary thing, but it’s not sufficient. The thing is, you are now able to, for the first time ever, sell supplements with zero upfront inventory cost. And the supplements you sell are best of class and they are able to be fulfilled in ways and through speed and through quality that are unmatched unless you have put up a million dollars already of actual capital. What to speak of, the thousands of hours of trial and error to get it worked out, that’s what matters. Anybody can give you a website that doesn’t matter as much. Now, with that said, there’s a reason why we have the option for Manny’s team to do that. They get into your website, they know a little trick or two where they can give you an ABC offer. Do you want one, do you want three, or do you want five? That kind of stuff, right? They know these little conversion tricks to double the value per buyer and that’s awesome. So you can get there faster, there being your financial goal, if you invest more with them upfront, you have the capabilities and you have the best practices that are implemented on your behalf and they’re going to be done better than if you do them on your own.

Of course they are right. Pros are going to do them better than amateurs are going to do that. But if you have to take the amateur route, you are going to be fine because you have the pro, the ultimate pro strategy of all of them. Which is you don’t have to carry all this supplement inventory up. Front. You don’t have to pay for it out of pocket up front. And you were going to have highest quality that you could ever possibly imagine. So I wanted to bring it back there. And a lot of you see that and I appreciate that many of you recognize and realize the value in this. And I understand that we run the risk when we get into the weeds and some of this stuff to get distracted by the minor things we major in the minor things most of us do. That’s where we get stuck. And so to bring it back to the major things, so we will help you along the way. This is why you shouldn’t do this business unless you have somebody in your corner like honeycomb, because they will help you get to the next step.

And that’s true regardless of what package you take. Most of success. Let me give you the big secret of success, okay? This is the biggest secret of success that you’re ever likely to hear. It’s silly when you hear it, it’s obvious. And that’s why I don’t know why it’s a secret, but it seems to be elusive for most people and that’s why it remains a secret is the biggest secret of success is just being able to take one step forward every single day. That’s it. That’s the big secret. The big secret is a small improvement repeated over a period of time. That’s not even that long. It’s just longer than what most people are willing to do. And most people are in the lone wilderness fighting for their own survival. So no wonder why they don’t get it. No wonder why they can’t be consistent. No wonder they get stuck along the way. Makes sense. It’s not because they’re lazy. It’s not because they’re stupid. It’s because they don’t have the right personnel around them that can help them. And it’s not just a person. One person can’t help you. Not just one, not enough.

Multiple people with multiple expertise and not isolated siloed expertise. Expertise that are chained together intelligently so that way they run like smooth machinery. That’s what you get with this. That’s what you get with this. And I can speak from a customer standpoint. Working with Manny’s agency, I get a well oiled machine with multiple people who have obligations and responsibility towards helping me be successful. And they’re all very good at what they do, and they get me from point A to point B. And obviously, I got to show up. Obviously, I got to do my end of the deal, too. But, man, it’s amazing, you know, how many people it takes? You ever seen those? Light as a feather, stiff as a board, where they get a few small people together, they put, like, two fingers under a person, like a big, large body, and all of a sudden they’re lifting it up, and people think this is like a seance, like this is a magic trick. How can six small individuals lift one large individuals with two fingers apiece? Right? It’s not a magic trick. It’s amazing how heavy of a load can be carried if it’s distributed across the right set of individuals.

You’re not supposed to carry the world on your own shoulders. Atlas can’t even do that. You are supposed to have the right amount of help. Just most opportunities don’t give you that because most companies haven’t figured out how to do that. When somebody like Nanny, they make half a billion dollars in sales a year. Only after they do that, then they offer you this. The rest of the industry does it backwards. They try to get to a half a billion offering you this. No wonder they can’t give what they don’t have. And they’re that’s what’s important here. And that’s why we’re all excited for this, and that’s why we’re so glad to be able to bring it to you. And that’s why I’m happy to hang out with you here and try to figure this out. I am going to have to wrap here pretty soon myself, but you’re in good hands. I know Manny’s here. I know we’re all here to support you. The phone is here as well for you if you want to pick it up and talk it out with somebody, see if it makes sense or not. Honeycomb. Rachel, Manny, I want to kick it back to you.

I want you to weigh in on what’s what you’re seeing in the chat, what you’re hearing, what you’re feeling, what’s going on, what do people need to hear to help them make the right decision?

I’ve been answering a lot of questions, a lot of really good questions. It seems like a lot of you really want to jump on top of the opportunity, and I really want you to jump on top of this opportunity. Somebody asked like, when is this? Can I sign up in a few weeks once I’m ready? And the answer is no, because this is an offer for this webinar. And the reason why a lot of people will tell you that to create an urgency. But let me give you the logical reason why you’re not going to be able to sign up in a few weeks. And it’s very logical. I have to get whoever signs up on this program and make them successful. And I don’t have an endless amount of resources to do so. I have enough resources to deliver services and get you through this program. And anybody that signs up this week, I am 100% committed. And for sure we can deliver to you, but we have to get you through. We need to build your brand. We need to make you successful. We need to help you start getting some sales, show you marketing, show you how to succeed in this particular world, build your sites.

Whatever it is, it needs to happen. So I got to close the doors until I get you through the machine. Once I’m able to build enough success, a lot of you are actually rolling, you’re generating revenue, you’re becoming more testimonials. For me, I feel comfortable enough. At some point, I’m going to open up the doors again. I don’t have a date for that at this point. At this point, it’s about you, whoever, trust me. If you already have been on this webinar for a while and you’re already understanding enough about me, I don’t need you to pay honeycomb for me to survive and put food on my family’s table. I make a lot of money. I built two pretty massive companies. So I’m in it because I’m in this need for impact. It is my obsession to give you value, because I’m just obsessed with that. For me, it’s just this whole thing about over committing myself. It’s just a motivation. It’s something that just motivates me every day. I am more interested in helping. And I know this sounds like potentially a cliche, sounds like I’m overdoing it, but I’m telling you who I am.

And people that know me, they could tell you a little bit about who I am and how I operate. I am more interested in helping you than in getting your money. I’m more interested in getting a person through this program and creating another story of success than just getting a big person to pay me a lot of money that I celebrate it. And I. Always say, great, fantastic job, guys. Let’s go, let’s keep going. But the one thing that really motivates me and inspires me, it’s actually just helping. I have had a lot of people open doors for me over the years. Jason Flynn was one of those. Opened up big doors, wide open for me and taught me something about a world that I had no clue about. And I got to a point that I can say to myself that I’m a big product of his teaching going back to 2014, my father opened up doors. I lost him a couple of years ago. I understand what it is to impact people and help people. My father was a great mentor. He would teach me the importance of helping people and impacting people.

So as much money as I made, I’m a multi millionaire sometimes it’s crazy to think about how much money I made over the last few years. I have everything that I could possibly want. The vehicles, the cars, the vacations, the family, the money, the businesses, the buildings, the real estate, all of it. I got it all. There’s nothing that I cannot buy for myself at this point. So what’s in it for me? My ego, my obsession, my personality is just to impact more people. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what it comes down to. So I’m going to move people through this program right now. So you cannot sign up next week. You cannot sign up in two weeks because it’s not going to be available for you. Because I have to shut the doors. I have to close the doors. And then I have to focus on getting you for the program, making you successful, and then celebrating with you popping champagne bottles and then okay, so listen, the pie is really big. We’re going to help some more people. Let’s go back into the field and grab some more. And we’re going to keep this going like that.

But I’m not going to open up the doors wide and make things out of control to the point that I cannot deliver real value to you. So that’s my commitment to you. And that’s why I want you to do everything that you can to jump on top of the opportunity. Just knowing who I am. Again, if you feel still that you don’t know me, I really do welcome you to research a little bit about who I am, my content, what I do, my obsession with helping, my obsession with education, with inspiring people, with giving value, with results and things that I’ve done over the years. And you get to feel a little bit more confident, then I’m going to give you value and then jump on top of the opportunity. So anyways, we have people here ready to take phone calls still. So if you are on the fence somehow and you really want to feel even more secure, more comfortable about the decision and just having this webinar set up me talking to you over the Internet. I’m not able to see you. Only you are able to see me, and you want to get past that particular barrier and just talk to another human being.

Video call or phone call, you can call right now, 40576 673-276-6323. Just go ahead and dial that number. If you’re outside the country, go over here and book a call. This is on the sales page where you can see, like over here. If you go back to the main sales page, you’ll see we have all the packages here. 515, 45. It’s all the same opportunity at a higher level, which is a private label opportunity. You click on book a call and then you select from the schedule over here. Do you want to do today or do you want to do the next few days? Closing card is on the 4 February at 03:00 A.m. Eastern time. The 3 February at twelve Pacific is when we’re closing card, which is Friday. So just select the schedule here that works for you and talk to one of these guys. And I’m dedicated to helping you make this decision. So if you have a question for me, you can tell these guys, whoever you talk to, you can say, listen, can Manuel jump on a call? Because I have a question for him. And I will do everything that I can to jump on that call and they can patch me through.

And you can talk to me in person and over the phone or on a video call so you can feel a little bit more comfortable with the investment so you can have that contact with us that is a little bit higher level and make a decision. Jump on board and give me an opportunity to help you. That’s what it’s all about. Okay, fantastic. So, yes, 4057-6323 all right, that’s how you contact somebody or you can book a call to talk to somebody. Philip says, Are you speaking to me, Manuel? Why are you saying that, Philip? Something that I said. Resonated. I do that sometimes. Tim says, I’m going for it. Congratulations, Tim. I’m excited to have you on board. We’re going to make this an incredible experience, and a lot of you are going to be looking at this like, wow, I missed the opportunity. I should have jumped on board. That opportunity waves present themselves and go away. It’s happened time and time again. You got to just recognize what’s an opportunity and when to jump on it. I can present to you opportunities. I cannot force you to walk through them. I am here today because people along the way presented to me opportunities and I trusted them to give me value.

Believe it or not, there’s people out there actually still today giving value. Rachel Rough, for example, is giving value consistently to a lot of you. Jason Flatland gave a lot of value to me for a long time. I’m giving value. There’s people that are actually trying to help and create an impact on people. There’s actually a lot of people also trying to scam people and take advantage of them and take their money. You got to find out for yourself which is which and trust the ones that you feel an instinct and you can have. Like, Rachel is not going to have me here on her audience talking to you about an opportunity, which seems like I’m going to just take your money. Neither is Jason. And you guys can just look at what I have been doing for years. I have been a very public personality with my journey across the world of YouTube, social media, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere, showing people what I do, what I’m all about. And please feel free to reach out and look at my social media following Manuel Suarez on Instagram. Manuel Suarez my YouTube channel is about to get to 50,000 subscribers right now, and I’m just constantly obsessed with education and helping people.

So you’re jumping on top of on board of this opportunity that I’m committed to continuing to give value to. You’re going to have a tough time finding a negative review for my company. I welcome you to check it out. What we do literally, guys, just for those of you that might, I understand, because there’s a lot of people out there trying to take advantage of you if you literally just go and check it out and you search for AGM agency here in the Internet, it’s my company, all right? You see 70 reviews. Look at this. 70 human beings. I haven’t checked this out. I just gambled, all right? And I decided to do the search with you in person. That’s me on the picture right there. That’s my studio. That’s my agency. That’s my building right there. Not this one on the right. That’s not correct. That’s clear choice windows. That’s another section of this area. But you guys can check me out. Seven reviews, five stars. I mean, I am serious about delivering value, all right? You guys can get to know a little bit more of who you’re joining, who you’re trusting, and in the movement that you’re joining.

And if this is for real, I have delivered already millions of dollars of courses. I’ve taught thousands of students. I have given people access to my world and what we do and how we do things. We have a whole team of dedicated marketers that are like, doing it consistently. We got great partners in the organization. We’re all in, guys. We are all in with helping you succeed. We are as real as they come. And I don’t take this whole thing lightly. So any of you that believe in it and trust me, right, and just make a payment charge on your credit card and say, you know what? I’m going to just trust this person one time, you’re joining a movement of people that are going to be committed to helping you succeed. And I want to make you another story because I really feel that that’s how we grow. The value of any business, the real value of any business, whether it’s a service business like marketing agencies like the one that I have or a supplement business like the one that I have with Natural Slim. It really depends on your ability to provide results.

If you cannot provide results, it’s all going to fall apart. So if I allow you to sell trash quality supplements, you’re not going anywhere. So I’m not doing that. The only reason that I’m doing this is because I know the quality of the products that you’re getting into yourself and because I know the quality, I’m letting you in on this massive pie so we can build a movement, so we can build something that is unique. And I want to be at the forefront of that movement, being your guide, your counselor, your teacher, and taking you along that journey.

Manuel, can you hey, brother. Yeah, man.

Do you have camera, man?

I’m in a hotel. I just landed in Houston. My flights were delayed, so I’m a little bit as you can tell, I’m literally stuck in a small hotel till tomorrow morning.

But that’s why let me say something about Stephen very quickly. For those of you guys that are here, got a lot of people here on the call, thank you for sticking around with me. I’m hoping that that’s because you’re really close to making a decision. But Stephen Anderson is our other co founder. He is responsible for over half a billion dollars in Amazon sales supplements. He has been in the game of business since I was in diapers. Am I exaggerating, Steven? No, I’m exaggerating a little.

I’m 13 years older than you. I don’t know how long you were in diapers.

I’m making fun of you. All right? That’s all it is. So 2005, he started in the game of business. I talked about Stephen a little bit during the webinar. The reason why he’s barely here right now, 3 hours and 20 minutes into the webinar is because he had an ice storm hitting Oklahoma and he was not able to get on an earlier flight, and he was caught on the flight while we were on the webinar. Other than that, he’s always with us. So he’s a part of this community. He’s a part of this brand building value that you get. He adds something to the equation that I don’t have as a strength myself. Logistics side of it, the branding, the marketing side of things. He has a whole lot of genius in that area. So Stephen is a warrior that’s by my side. Doing this for you. Also a very successful, powerful individual himself. So that’s part of what you’re buying into in this community. Steven, go for it.


I was just going to say thanks for saying that since you brought that up. The only thing I would add is that to let everybody know I agree, it’s a movement. It’s not a fad, it’s a movement. This is disrupting the way that people are going to sell consumable products on the internet and how they’re going to build ecommerce brands. And it’s two years, two and a half years of software development, logistics and systems and putting all the stuff together to make this easy for you. We built the hive, everything so that you can go make the Honey now while somebody asked and it’s so late in the day. I just want to say they want to clarify. Can you just be very succinct? When is this offer in? When is the cart closed? One of the webinar offers that are webinar only offers, I missed part of what? The bonuses. I kept reading bonuses in the comments. I don’t know what they were, but I’m sure they’re amazing. You tend to do that. You definitely are the professional over committee and by relationship, I am now a professional over committee. Thank you, sir. So what exactly is the offer?

When does it end? When is the cart close and what time zone is that? All going to fold up on it. I’m going to turn my camera off because I’m not looking so great. Thanks.

So, yeah, there’s behavior that is contagious. So ever since Stephen and I have started working together, he’s got a little bit of this professional overcommitting that I operate with. And again, I like to deliver in abundance. That’s another way to describe it, deliver in abundance. Deliver more than what you’re expecting or what you should be getting. All right. So that’s something that you get from me. So on the sales page, which is right here, that you guys can go by visiting Honeycomb VIP Rachel. So you type in in that browser, honeycomb VIP Rachel that’s going to take you to this page right here and you see exactly when the offer expires. At the top, it says right now it’s three days and 4 hours and 36 minutes away from Expiration, which is basically 03:00 a.m. Eastern time on Saturday. On this Saturday Saturday in the middle of the night or 12:00 a.m. Pacific time on that Friday night. That’s where it expires. It’s gone and it’s not going to be available anymore. The bonuses that we talked about, we just launched as part of my compulsive over commitment. It really is a big problem that I have.

I haven’t gotten enough therapy for it. I still got to work on it. Here’s the thing, I compulsively over commit, but I compulsively deliver on my overcommitment always. That’s why you’re not going to see negative reviews about me and who and what I do. I am compulsive on both things over promising and over delivering 100%, which by the way, I highly suggest that you operate like that in the game of business. So we can help you succeed. We just launched a website, a bonus in which I’m going to teach the people that are coming in, even at the basic package. We’re going to create a course to show people how to build their own shopify site, the most simplest way to build a great high converting shopify site. So we’re going to do that. I’m going to force myself to put this training together, which is something that I should have done already a while ago, and I’m going to do it for you as a bonus if you jump on board this week before the cart closes. So that’s a bonus that you get at any level of the package. Also at any level of the package you get the Rachel Rough bonus in which her and I are going to be jumping on a call once a month for twelve months, going over what we’re doing to help her build her brand.

And you’re going to get access to the templates and the ads and the funnels that we’re doing for her. So you can also replicate them and plagiarize if you want to say so, for her brand and for yourself also. And that’s going to be part of the bonus. So it’s more access to myself. I’m adding another hour to my calendar once a month in which I’m going to be with you. But by the way, which I do charge consultations one by one. If you want to pay to get access to me in my studio, in my office and have my marketing mind help you with your supplement brand, you got to pay $10,000 for 1 hour. That’s if you want to hire me tomorrow. That’s just the way it is. So you’re getting access to that via Rachel and you’re getting access to that via the community. So all levels also include training, they include community, they include access to what we call the hive. Every other week we have trainings put together by my team, by Steven’s team, by Stephen himself, by Mike Wiese. We’re giving you a lot of value across all the different areas and I’m happy to show you guys around.

If Mike is still around, he can show us around the community so we can help you a little bit more, get closer to a decision on that area on the packages. Just to be clear, again, the middle one is going to include a website build out to our standards. That’s going to be done for you. We’re going to do something amazing for you. And the Dynasty one is going to include an Amazon build out, an Amazon store build out for you, and an integration of the whole thing. The main difference is that the Legacy and the Dynasty will include branding up to 30 products so we can create a big brand for you from the start. And the other major difference is shopify site on the middle one shopify site and amazon side on the big one done for you, you don’t have to lift a finger. We do it for you. And we just give you this beautiful product entirely for you to get it. Actually. Now apply some of the marketing strategies that we give out for you guys. And then there’s a lot of other things that you’re going to see here on the process.

Like we’re going to have on the big one, you’re going to have your own account manager. You’re going to get to work with my team. You’re going to get an account manager from my team. They get paid $48,000 a year. You’re going to have that as part of the Dynasty package also on the way. So you can go back and read all these details on every single one. And then if you have questions, feel free to pick up the phone. All right. And then go one by one of those bullet points with somebody on the phone and clarify exactly what they mean. And you can do that by going to book a call on that same page, dialing this phone number right here directly. Or you can go ahead and book a call to talk to somebody today. Still available slots is 1027. Literally, there’s a slot available at 1030. You can go ahead and book that slot, talk to somebody right now in the next three minutes. You can do that or all the way to 11:50 p.m. Tonight. Or you can move to a different date. Like, for example, go to tomorrow on the calendar, February 1.

Pick a date tomorrow that starts I don’t know, you can go to 09:00 A.m. Or whatever it is and just get your date booked for that call. All right. So Mike, do you want to show them around a little bit on the platform? Okay, I think you’re on.

Yeah, let’s do it. Sorry about that.

All right, let’s go for it. Hey, Mike.

Mike, before you jump there, will you answer that question that just came up? Sorry for late question, but I see another difference between the Basic and Legacy is the 100% DFY integration with Honeycomb software, is that not needed for basic or instructions be provided for us to do that ourselves?

Yeah, good question. So remember with the Legacy package, the website pretty much everything to do with building your website and getting it connected to Honeycomb, which includes things like logos and labels and branding and making sure that the fulfillment is all set up properly. All of that’s done for you. So that 100% integration comment or 100% integration item on there, it’s just another thing that we’re going to be continued doing for you. Yes, we do also provide training on how you can do that yourself. But that’s the major difference between Basic and Legacy is that you’re having a lot of the build out components done completely for you so that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. So, yes, we will provide all the training that is needed to do that for yourself.


Thanks, brother.

Yeah, no worries.

Awesome. Go for it, Mike.

All right, so guys, this is The Hive. The Hive is our private community. It is our training, and it is our live event platform. Think of it like Facebook on steroids. So I actually don’t even like calling it Facebook, but it’s the closest thing when we’re talking about how you can engage with it. It’s Facebook without the distractions, if you will. And so what you can do inside the Hive, the second actually that you sign up, you’re going to be receiving a welcome email that will invite you to The Hive. And for every single package that comes in, you will get access to the foundations of marketing. Now in the foundations of marketing. This is just one of the tutorials that we offer, but this is going to be the private trainings that we are going to continue to provide for you. Based off previous, very recent recordings that we have done in live events that you may not have been able to be a part of, as well as general walkthroughs on how to get started and including techniques that AGM personally uses for, again, all the clients that he is talking. About the millions of dollars that they spend every single year and helping you cut the learning curve so that you yourself don’t need to spend millions of dollars in order to learn these same tactics and strategies.

And so that is just the foundations of marketing. Inside here, there’s a lot of great things you can do. You can go ahead and post comments and questions. And what’s great is that not just Manuel, Steven and I are in here, but the entire marketing side is in here. All of the support is in here, as well as all of the design teams are in here. So that you can ask questions, get answers to those questions as you need it as well. You can engage with members directly. So if you want to see which members are around you, you can go ahead and take a look at all the members that are there, which ones are nearest to you, which ones are brand new. You can welcome new members if you are a veteran in this space and you can help answer any questions that they have all the way through. Again, every time we have new announcements or go live, these are going to be all opportunities that are here as well. And then again, when we’re looking at the basic fundamental foundational training on the software, you can learn a little bit more about The Hive and what all opportunities you have inside of there, because this does act almost as a wiki as well.

To help answer literally hundreds of questions that we have had over the last four years that we’ve been running this software, there are very few questions that we actually haven’t answered in FAQs that you could search for right up here in the search bar. But if you want to learn a little more in depth, all the videos we do here are three to five minutes, just bite size, just so that it teaches you a little bit of what to do. Go in and try it yourself. You get to learn about the Honeycomb dashboard, how to make all the integrations, whether it’s with shopify or WooCommerce or whatever, as well as how you actually send samples to yourself, just every little step that you can think of. When we built the software, we wanted to make sure that we made it easy for you to jump in and take care of, outside of just what everyone gets access to here on this call, or whether it’s basic Legacy or Dynasty. As part of the Legacy and Dynasty packages, you also get access to an even more exclusive group called The Inner Circle. This is where this is going to be the live events.

The live events are going to include live roundtable discussions and Q and A’s, which can also partner as trainings for each of the individual marketing strategies that you might be interested in partaking in, or that your marketing strategy call leads you to. But they’re also designed to literally just be a roundtable discussion, say, hey guys, show me what you have. I want to help answer questions. Hey, you know what? Let’s have an offline conversation about that. I really like the strategies you’re using. Or I have some tips and tricks that I think could really benefit from you. There’s open chat everywhere. You can get access to a truckload of other great stuff like the sample kits. Everything that you need is all in here. And here’s the key. There’s multiple ways that you can get support, the community being one of the largest ones, but you can get access to multiple teams, whether that’s the inventory team, the shipping team, the product quality team, whether you have questions about what you can do inside the hive. There’s just so much wonderful stuff that’s in here. And again, I could talk all day on this manual, but hopefully that’s a little bit of what you wanted to showcase on here.

Yeah, you can feel the passion, Mike. I can definitely feel the passion. That’s something that we do share. We’re very passionate about this opportunity and you’ll feel that as you get to connect with us more and more and more and just feel the community getting stronger and stronger. We’re very dedicated to your success. We’re going to have a great time for those of you guys that trust us and jump on board. So Mike says something about the inner circle that I want to just mention here. The Legacy and the Dynasty get access to the live chat with us on this Inner Circle, which is next level marketing training for the ones that want to go next level. But the basics are going to have the ability to actually watch the replays across the board. All right, so we’re going to give access to everybody, to the training. It’s just a little more access. Like I explained, every package is a little more access and a lot more work. That’s all it is. A little more access and a lot more work that we’re going to do for you. But any package, whatever that may be, you’re going to get the value and we’re going to guide you towards getting the most possible value across the board.

Right? Okay, let me see. I’ll spend a few more minutes here, guys. When I look at a number and I see hundreds of people on the call still, I don’t take that for granted. I really appreciate you sticking around for so long. It’s a three and a half hour webinar by now, as you can imagine, hopefully imagine, I have been doing webinars for years. And I like to talk, I like to provide value. And I appreciate you being here and sticking around for so long. For sure, we’re going to have a replay of this webinar. It’s going to go live by tomorrow. We’re going to do a couple of edits just to make sure that it’s ready to be seen by the world. And we’re going to have this replay live by tomorrow, 07:00, a.m. Pacific time on tomorrow. Lost track of time. Wednesday. Wednesday.

All right, well, we’ve had quite a few people booking calls, calling in. The team is still there answering calls. The phones are still ringing. And we’ve had several folks join the movement, starting brands with honeycomb. Lots of appointments being booked. So this is actually really exciting. And guys, we’ll keep working with you, answering calls throughout the night tonight, I know several people are calling internationally. We’ve got people on here from Sweden and Denmark and the UK, and it looks like Australia from all over the world, which is amazing. Rachel’s audience is such a community. She’s built so widespread. But we’ll stay here. As long as you guys still have questions, we’re going to be here for you, support you. It just shows what we’re all about. But here’s Angela, just ranging from New Zealand. Amazing. Thank you, Angela. Hope to have you working with you soon. So phenomenal that people are still hundreds of people on the call. It’s amazing.

That’s amazing. I want to read out a comment from Natalie. Natalie Graham, such a pleasure again. This is what fuels me when I see these comments, that is my ego that just gets excited about providing value, and that’s what it’s all about for me. Natalie says, I was already convinced that how amazing is this opportunity and the insane value and professionalism offered 90 minutes ago, but I feel rude to leave this seminar. Ha. Manny and Co are so patient with Q and. A thank you. Now, that’s amazing. That really is amazing. I appreciate it very much. It means a lot to me, and it’s just, for me, more fuel, more energy to keep going, for sure.

Manuel we just found out there’s people on here from Indonesia and Malaysia. It’s literally a worldwide audience. This is amazing.

That’s amazing. And it is a worldwide opportunity. We talked about that quite a bit. So if you guys have specific questions on that subject, I think I’ll give it five more minutes and then we’ll call it a quiz for the night. So if you guys have a late.

Question, one more question just rolled in. Man well, is it possible to get the Basic package but have your team manage the marketing?

So I explained during the webinar that to hire my team, if you wanted to walk into my offices tomorrow, I can’t really turn the camera around to show you. If you wanted to walk into my office tomorrow and hire my team, the smallest retainer is $4,000 a month. So it doesn’t make any sense for you to sign up with the Basic and come and hire my marketing team because the map is not there, right? So you pay $5,000 for the Basic. You have to pay us $4,000 for the advertising. You’re now at $9,000 without a website. Do you see the logic here? So it’s a $48,000 contract to have us manage the team. And here’s something that we don’t do. We don’t work with startups just like that. We’re not going to put you on a contract at $48,000 a year if you don’t have the revenue just yet. So we created an offer via Honeycomb. That is the perfect offer, because we’re going to help you with our marketing direction, and we’re just going to get you going. I’m going to train you and educate you, turn into an expert, give you the marketing tools, all the things that we talked about on the different packages and the different levels.

And that’s something that you can afford. You can afford that. And my goal is, because I’m very, very passionate about my marketing company, my goal is that I’m going to make a lot of you succeed at such a high level that at some point you’re going to just be like, manuel, listen, I am ready to hire your company full time. I want to give you the responsibility while I just work on building my brand, adding more products, and doing more of the things that are more like high level, and you become a marketing team. So my idea is to graduate you into a full agency retainer client at some point, but we have to work towards that point. You can’t really start with the agency like that from scratch. It’s not going to make any sense for you. It’s going to be too much money. Not logical, and not the path. This is the path, Honeycomb, and the opportunities that were presented to you via this webinar is the path to get this going. The done for you opportunity, the done with your opportunity, the training and the access is what you need to make it in this particular journey.



Well, one point I want to make is I was just communicating with someone named Mona. She said, man, this is like information overload there’s so much. And I want to boil this down to just a very simple two or three bullet points. The whole system here is designed for us to create the path for you to be successful. Building a brand online without buying inventory upfront. That’s the basics of the entire program with automation and all the work that’s gone behind the scenes to make it a seamless painless process for you. But more important to that is we want to make it where you only have to be good at one thing, and that’s communicating your message to your audience. And every one of you, every single person on this call, on this presentation. Everyone has the ability to reach an audience in a way that only you can reach them. This is what makes internet marketing and social media the great equalizer, because it takes massive bohemuth brands like Proctor and Gamble and Unilever and Kellogg’s and Post and all these huge brands, and you become this great equalizer where they’re looking for people who know how to connect to an audience.

And those are the guys that are going to snap up brands like this, like you. So we’re going to help you find the audience and find the message. And then you’re going to follow the teaching and the training that Manuel’s team provides to learn how to communicate effectively through the Internet, through social media, through organic reach, so that that audience is only reached in a way that you can reach them. That’s all you have to be good at all of the other aspects of running the business. Literally everything, and I mean everything. And if you’re in the inner Circle and Dynasty package, you’ll even looking over our shoulder. Imagine like you’re sitting in our boardroom. Every couple of weeks we have an Ops meeting. You’re sitting on that Zoom meeting with us. Partly live in Florida, partly in Oklahoma City, partly in Canada, partly in Mexico. Our teams are all kind of working together. And you’re going to see how we make decisions. You’re going to watch over the shoulder of how we build a brand from scratch to 100 million dollar valuation. It’s never been done before. We’re giving absolute transparency, pulling back the curtain so you have not only the platform, we’ll teach you how to find your message and your audience.

And then we’re going to let you watch us build a brand from scratch where you can mimic and find the ways to build that company for yourself. It is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard of in over 20 years in ecommerce. Dozens of brands that I’ve I’ve worked with sold different things. Thousands, millions of products sold over the years. It’s insane that we’ve built something where we can just hand you the keys and all you’ve got to do is start adding gas to this thing. It’s mind blowing, actually. The fact that we’re even talking about it is kind of a dream come true. I pinched myself when I realized, wow, the last three years, we’ve been building this thing out almost four. I guess it’s all coming to fruition. This whole thing is actually working. It’s it’s amazing, you know, and people are are getting it. We’ve felt like we’ve known this for a long time. Thank God we found man. Well, so, yeah, we’re excited. And that’s it. That’s it in a nutshell. Don’t overthink it. Don’t get caught in the details. Like jason said, don’t major in the minors, major in the majors.

The major points are, do you want to build a brand? Do you know an audience you want to talk to? You can plug products in to speak to that audience, and we’re going to teach you how to do it. That’s it in a nutshell. And we’ll take care of all the rest.

I love it. I love the comments coming in. I love you guys for keeping engaged and sticking around. Hopefully you have been able to take bathroom breaks. I haven’t taken a bathroom break. All right, so I’m used to that, by the way. But I love the comments coming in. Sharon says I’m going to try to get the money for this amazing opportunity. Thank you, manuel and the team for this amazing opportunity. I hope I’ll be able to achieve this opportunity. Absolutely. Opportunity doors, right? So they open, and all you got to do is figure out how to jump walk through those opportunities. That’s what it’s all about, right? So walk through them and put the pressure on us to try to help you succeed and try to prove ourselves and try to make you feel that you made the right decision. That’s going to be our job. We need to actually do everything that we can to make you right in making the decision and trusting us. There’s no opportunity. I’ll tell you guys a quick little story. All right? So fast forward 2022, $250,000,000 in revenue, an ink 5000 marketing company and a supplement brand that did $50 million in revenue that I cofounded with my father and my wife.

Insane stuff. Insane. Completely unreal. My opportunity began already with a brand that I was struggling, trying to take off the ground. My opportunity began on a webinar somewhere around 2013, 2014, maybe. Like, that’s the year that we started. Really? Just like, okay, let’s go. Because that opportunity door got open wide. This is how it all started for me. I had no money. The brand was not making money yet, even though we had founded it three years before that, my wife was working on the brand. We had three babies, free kids. The babysitter was actually making more money than us because the babysitter was going to get paid somewhere around $450 every week. And after taxes, we were under $450. But we were committed to making the brand successful. This is the natural slim story, and I’m telling you something that I haven’t said many times before. And an opportunity got presented. A person that is still close to me, that is a partner in my marketing company that you will get to meet. His name is Jorge Rodriguez. He’s the chief marketing officer of my marketing company. He presented me with an opportunity, and he talked about something called Amazon FBA FBA.

And I had no idea I had a brand that had free products. We were starving. We were not knowing what the heck to do. About to throw in the towel, frustrated. We were sending flyers, old marketing strategies. I didn’t realize that I had marketing ability just yet. We were trying to make it go, and it wasn’t taken off. And I was introduced to this opportunity and I said, really? So are you telling me that the products being sold on Amazon are being sold by people like you and me from the comfort of their own homes? Wait a second. At that point, I didn’t really quite understand that concept. People were buying on Amazon, but I thought it was all being done by Amazon. So I saw the opportunity, and next thing I know, I’m doing a webinar. And you know, who was the person delivering that webinar? Let’s see if you are paying attention. Who do you think is the person that was delivering that webinar? Let me see it in the comments. Let me see who was delivering that webinar? 2013. No, not babysitter Jason flatland. That’s right. Jason Flatland was delivering that webinar.

Great communicator, brilliant marketer. One of the smartest people I’ve know. Somebody that is now a friend of mine and somebody that is actually a client of mine, and somebody that is also partnering with us in this whole movement with Honeycomb. So I’m doing that webinar. And my eyes just opened up wide about the opportunity. And man, it was like a button that just turned on. And nine years later, ten years later, it never found an off switch. And I have just been growing year after year after year after year and conquering all my goals. Now, if you have been around long enough and you know about the amazing selling machine, ASM you know that that’s a course that cost $5,000 back then, $5,000. This was an insane amount of money for me. For somebody that had no money. All right, because I had no money, what did I do? So, again, I am somebody without a marketing degree. I don’t have a certificate hanging on the wall. I have no possible evidence in the universe that I should be successful. People like my mother might still question if I’m earning my money in an honest way.

They might question it. It doesn’t make any sense that I’m successful. And I promise you, I pay my taxes. I do everything by the book, and I’m completely a legal, well, good standing citizen of this world. Everything is legit. So I have no evidence that I should be successful. So how did I get here? In 2023, I got myself in a very uncomfortable position. I had $2,500 literally on a credit card that I could actually put. That’s all I had. And we got into a payment plan. That was my credit limit on that card, nothing else. And it was at that point, it was a $600 wait a second. I believe it was $1,200 a month for five months, for a grand total of $6,000. I believe that’s what the offer was, $5,000 or you can do five payments of one $200. So we did one $200. And I went in with my brother in law Jordan, that you will get to meet. And I just started going. I started going, and I started building the brand, and I did the training. I can tell you that I learned more from Jason Flatland and from people from his group, Ben Cummins, that I learned from the other side, the ASM course, the amazing selling machine course.

But I just studied and applied myself. I did something that I shouldn’t have done. I put my family at risk of not being able to pay next month’s rent, of not being able to put food on their plates. And I just got it going. And I just believed in my own ability, because here’s the one thing that nobody can take away from you. Your certainty and your ability to actually succeed is yours. And no matter what you have on the bank account, nobody takes that away from you. That’s my origin story. I got myself in a very uncomfortable position. I believed in Jason. I believed in that opportunity. And I went all in and fast forward, and it’s unreal. And I still have to pinch myself in many times, just literally just stop for a second and smell the roses. And it makes me emotional to think about it, to be honest, very emotional, because I’m not supposed to be here. I’m not supposed to be in a position in which I have a chance and opportunity to show you the path that I took to get here. I’m not supposed to have had so much success, and I don’t take that for granted.

And I take it very personal, and I take it very seriously. And I know a lot of people out there might have somehow taken advantage of you taking your money, might have not trusted you, might have not trusted them and still believed in them, and you got scammed. But I consider myself to be different. I consider myself honestly to be different, because I feel like the world gave me so much, and the opportunities that I was given were so powerful that I feel like I can’t sleep comfortably unless I am figuring out a way to open up opportunities for people also along the way. And I mean it. I don’t feel comfortable with myself. I don’t feel that I should be where I’m at unless I’m doing everything that I can to open opportunities for people like I’m working on doing right now. That’s my story. That’s who I am. That’s what I’m all about. And I’m hoping that you believe with all my heart, my sincerity, my authenticity, and my desire to actually create this effect on you, because I really mean it. I’m not playing around. I want to create this impact on a lot more people.

I’m opening up a door. I am massively successful. I’m very wealthy. That’s the fact. I’m not telling you for bragging purposes. I’m telling you because it’s the reality. And I want to invite you on that journey so you, too, can get a little piece of that pie so we can celebrate together and talk about what we were able to do together, because you trusted me, and you jumped on top of the opportunity. All right? That’s what it’s all about. I mean it, guys. I really, really do mean it. Wherever you are, wherever you are in any part of the world, I want to find an opportunity to help you. That’s what it’s all about. Mike, you want to come into the video call? You wanted to say something? Sorry. I went deep, man. I really mean it really is something that, for me, I take it very personal, and it’s inspiring that I’m able to do this every day, that I’m able to be here with a lot of people in the middle of the night talking about what this opportunity is, and I don’t take it. Like me, man.

No. And, man, I have probably been one of the few that have heard that story, and it always gets me, man. That’s a great story. And you know what I love is that, especially to this audience, I feel like an origin story of bootstrap, the origin story of kind of risking it all. And I think the part of that story I think that is super important is that your family supported you. They believed in you, they trusted you, and that’s a huge part of that story. And again, I just wanted to encourage you guys. It’s such a powerful story, but we hear so many stories like that from folks that come in that are buying at any level, whether it’s the basic or the legacy or the dynasty. I myself, like, even when I first started out with this stuff, very similar. I had $9 in my bank account. We went to the grocery store, and we bought eggs and bread and butter, and that was mine. My wife’s and my two kids meals for the next few days because we had no idea, and we had tried everything, and it took a very important person, who actually, by the way, ended up buying from us a few weeks ago, actually, on a separate call that we had, but he ended up reinvesting.

But he was one of the mentors that came in, and he had literally sat me down and said, mike, let’s help you get your next couple of $100 so that you can move on. And the time that he gave me for that, I will never forget it. And just so that you guys know, again, it’s hard because you won’t see what happens until you cross that threshold. But Manuel and Steven can attest to this as well, and even Rachel, because she was a part of this process when we were building out her brand. It’s usually me that you’re talking to on the other side there. I take it very personally that I can have these conversations with you and I can help those light bulbs go on and I can help bring those next steps to you. Because someone did that to me when I was in a position where I wanted to change my life around and I wanted to make the situation with my family better. And you know what? We can probably hire a bunch of people to do all that stuff, but it’s super important that I’m the one walking through those initial steps with you so that it avoids any and all confusion.

All the questions are being answered just as much as Manuel is talking about being the face of helping you be the strategy, show you the strategy, and doing that with Rachel, who’s also going to be a huge investment, every single month. Seeing the progress with her own brand that you can literally replicate, don’t replicate. It like copy and paste. But you can go through the same process that she went through, that we’re going to be bringing you through. So my point being is that you don’t necessarily have to learn how to ride a bike by yourself on this. You have people, you have hands all around you that have ridden bikes for a very long time, and we’ve gone and walked the path that you’re about to walk. And that’s the part that I love doing most about this. And so I don’t want to demean any origin stories, but I just want to let you know that the passion that we have and the commitment that we have from our time is because we’ve been there. And we want to help you walk potentially a less bumpy road that we walked to get to the same place that we are at right now.

And we can do that because we’ve walked this path first, and we’re going to guide you along it.

So that’s powerful. We all have a story. You all have a motivation as to why you’re doing that. Last thing I’ll do, since you guys got all the questions answered and you need everything you got everything that you need to make a decision, I’m going to show you what is my biggest source of motivation and inspiration every day to be successful. This is it. You’re seeing a director from my phone. These are my four kids. A little bit more about me. I think that’s just something for you to know that I’m this human individual that is dedicated to creating a better path for other people and for my own family and creating a legacy. There’s something that I learned over the last few years is that we have an exploration. We all have an exploration at some point. And what I want to do in this world is do everything that I can to leave my mark in this world. And a lot of people say that now. Here’s the thing. My father was my mentor, my number one mentor. He was my source of inspiration originally. He was the one that opened up the first door ever.

He gave me an opportunity to create his brand and work on it and cofounded the brand with me. I just took his vision, his brand, his ideas, his everything, and I just I got the opportunity. He opened up the door for me. He meant the universe to me. He was this giant that I kept my entire life trying to impress and trying to make proud. And two years ago, I lost him a little bit too early. If you guys just check him out a little bit. You go to YouTube, for example, and you search for Metabolismal TV. That is our content channel. It’s one of the largest educational channels in the planet. On the entire planet. We lost our founder. We lost our leader and dad. It’s been the most painful two years of my life. This year, we’re doing better. The family is getting stronger. We’re pushing hard now because we’re motivated. And we’re inspired with the legacy that he left behind. We’re inspired with what he gave us as an opportunity. This building, if you guys check us out a little bit of the pictures that we have of our facilities, which are state of the art marketing facility, we have actually going to show you guys since I’m already here, right?

This building is dedicated to my father. And if there’s one thing that I learned from him over the years, is to be very focused on purpose, on impact, on helping people. And if you are focused on impacting people, money follows. Money follows the desire to help other people and your actual desire to impact the lives of others, money will follow. I’m not a marketer that is out there trying to push their products and services. I’m a marketer trying to help people. Because I believe marketing is the only via towards impact. Marketing is essential because without marketing you can’t really impact the lives of other people with your products and services. So for me, it’s impact. It’s not money. But fortunately for the entrepreneurs, money follows that particular impact that you’re creating. And when you impact people at scale, money is going to come your way. It’s magical. It’s an incredible formula. If there’s something that I learned with my father passing unexpectedly at the age of 71, probably 15 years early, is the fact that life is precious, life is delicate, and you never know when you’re going to lose those people that are dearest and closest to you.

So I have dedicated myself to build a legacy for the rest of my life in this particular body. So when I’m down with his body, when it’s over, I left something that is going beyond this one body. Just like my father right now, his content, his education is getting seen by more people today than before he passed. And that’s a big deal. And that is my mission. I am the person in charge for that particular mission and that legacy. If people find him beyond his body, it’s my responsibility whether they find him or not. And I take that very personal. So I want to give you guys a perspective on the emotional side of things because obviously, becoming a successful entrepreneur, taking the jump and making a decision to join this particular movement, a lot of it also has to do with emotion, right? And the people that you are trusting and the people that you’re working on, you have to be able to trust. And they have to be human, and they have to have this heart that you feel is real and authentic. And they really don’t want to just take your money.

They really want to just do something special for you. I’m going to show you guys a couple of pictures from my building. It’s a place that you guys are going to get to participate a little bit in, hopefully along the way. I know you guys got to go. So this is how I’m going to wrap it up right now. And you’ll see, this is our marketing facilities at AGM Marketing. So this is our reception over here. And pictures go. That’s where our account managers work. I’m actually in the studio, and I’ll show you where it’s at right now. That’s our conference room. This is where our marketers work. Every day. They’re going to be working and helping you with your brand, depending on what packages you select, of course. But regardless, we’re going to help you no matter what. It’s my conference room over here. If you guys haven’t been introduced to my brand, I call myself the Marketing Ninja. My podcast is actually called the Marketing Ninja podcast. That’s why you see Ninja floating across all the walls. And this is the studio. This is where I’m at, right? You see right here, this is where the studio where we’re producing content right now.

That’s me in the entrance right there. And that’s a little bit more personal about who I am, just so you guys know who you’re connecting with and who you’re trusting in. All right? Okay, great. So Flora says, will racial experience be filmed so we can see when we sign up in the next group? We don’t have an answer for that one just yet because we haven’t coordinated. That’s a great question, Flora. We haven’t coordinated a new launch date. Like I explained earlier, I need to get everybody through the program and successful before we coordinate a new launch. Open it up again. We can talk about that. It’s a great suggestion. Lupita says, I’m excited to say I just signed up. Excited, lupita. Well, I love you guys very much. Thank you for sticking around with me for so long. All right. I have a lot of energy, so I can usually keep going just like the Energizer bunny. You guys are going to get to know me more and more and more, so you get to see that that’s how I roll in general. It’s eleven four eastern time over here. I’m going to get rachel is still here.

Rachel, I kind of expected you to be asleep already.

Yeah, normally this is past my bedtime, but you’re here. I’m grateful. I’m going to be here, too. Thank you so much for all of this. Amazingness. That’s so awesome to hear your story and for you to just oh, I definitely sleep. Philip.

You can’t look that beautiful and not sleep. I’m sorry, Rachel, you cannot possibly look like that without sleep. All right, so you do sleep.

My sleep way past my bedtime. But thank you. It was really awesome just to hear more of this and for everyone to be able to feel your heart and Mike and Steven too, and it’s just such a great offer and I think regardless of what people do, they got such epic value from you. So thank you for that.

You’re welcome. It’s been a fun night for sure. And a pleasure. All right, we’re going to wrap it up, guys. Have a great one. Have a great rest of your night. And we’re going to be closing card on Friday midnight, so you’re going to be getting some emails to watch the replay, make some decisions and jump on board the opportunity. I will see you there. Book a call if you have to talk to somebody. Remember, the phone number is 405-76-6323 and we’re available to talk. And let’s help you jump on board this opportunity. Talk to you guys very soon. See you on the inside.

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