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Hello hello!

I’m thrilled to give you a copy of this great list-building tool. It’s something that thousands of people have PURCHASED and it has tons of 5-star reviews.

Check out a demo of what you can do with it right here:

(Correction from the video – it works with 26 autoresponders, not 80! That was from something else I had been looking at.)
To download the tool, just click on the link below and save the .zip file to your computer:


This is a standard plugin. If you’re not sure how to watch one, watch this video.

I am not providing support for this, but you can learn everything you need about how to use the tool right here. There’s also a link to contact support if you need to.

You may also need this info:

Licensor’s Author Username: halfdata

Licensee: Rachel Rofe

Item ID:5978263 5978263

Purchase Code: e6deb549-ddf8-47a1-9979-bf876e6996e6

Purchase Date: 2015-06-10 16:36:47 UTC

I hope this helps! I’d also be thrilled to connect with you more! Please add me to your favorite social media sites:





:) Talk soon!

With love,

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