A Celebratory Post!!!

Edit: Due to extreme excitement, I’m thinking that yesterday’s post didn’t make sense. Here’s my new attempt:

I made a goal this month that

a: I’d make a certain amount by Nov. 30… and

b: I’d make 33% of that by the time I left for Phoenix on Wednesday.

Awesome things started happening after I made the goal.

First I got paid $1000 on an outstanding balance from a client.


Then I got $100 as a “token of appreciation” from someone that I helped with copy.

A somewhat unexpected check for $250ish from Clickbank on one of my accounts…

Started talking to some guys about some amazing partnership ventures…

Other interesting stuff in the wings – a $466 check on the way to me for an affiliate campaign I ran, $500 from the Women’s World cover story, copy clients who have been inquiring, etc…

So yesterday I’m driving home from a party and Brian calls me. He says that our partner for MM has decided to create an offer and immediately needs me to pull over and have me make a PayPal link with my account because he’s afraid that his is about to be shut down.

I had no idea what was going on.

So I can go on and on, but let’s just say… WE MADE $30,000 IN 8 HOURS YESTERDAY!

And we had almost 100 *more* people privately messaging us and begging for us to let them in!

It’s obviously not all mine…. and I know to account for refunds. Still though…



I just paid off THREE of my lowest balance credit cards. THREE!

I have three more to pay off now, and a $25,000 loan… and I’ll be debt-free.

I’ll go to Europe with nooooo debt!%$#@

I’m so happy – my Nov. 30 goal has been met and it’s Nov. 4th!!!!

I love my life!!!

And here’s my new desktop wallpaper:

:) :) :)

Lately I’ve been a bit… not myself.

I don’t know if it was the cold weather (I miss California!), the fact that I want my launch to get more traffic… or what.

All I know is I’d been unhappy, and it was affecting my mindset about everything (personal relationships, product launches, confidence… all of it.)

Anyway… this morning, I finally realized that enough was enough.

Usually if I get upset, I’ll go to the gym and I’m in great spirits again. The thing with that though… is that it’s temporary.

So this morning, I searched for my Warrior Camp notebook. I mean… the event that helped me drive cross country by myself could surely lift a bad mood… right?



That camp was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Re-reading my notes (as well as a letter that I wrote to myself while I was there) has already caused a huge paradigm shift.

Man, I’m in such a better mood.

There’s a few important things that I learned that I’m going to share:

1. Your thoughts directly lead to your feelings, which lead to the actions that you take. The actions that you take dictate the results that you get.

Thoughts – Feelings – Actions = Results.

Basic but huge.

2. The definition of fear is anticipation of pain. That’s downright idiotic. Why should anyone be fearful of something that doesn’t even exist!?

3. Nothing has meaning except for the MEANING YOU GIVE IT. Man, this is so huge.

I actually had a bit of a disagreement with a friend the other day because of two different perceptions.

I was talking to him about a date that I might go on (it was kind of under weird circumstances). My friend asked me if the guy was shallow, because if he was, I might get disappointed. I took it to mean that he was saying that I was unattractive… so I got insulted.

(If I had reread my Warrior book first, I would’ve realized that it doesn’t matter what other people think of me anyway. If anyone doesn’t like me… fuck ’em. :))

But anyway, turns out that we had different meanings of the word “shallow”… and he was shocked I took it that way. Once I figured out what he really meant, the conversation took a completely different tone.

Nothing has meaning except for the meaning that you give it.

4. There’s a tributary effect with negative thoughts. Every time you have one negative thought, it leads to another, which leads to another.

And logically speaking… what does negative thinking get you? Nothing.

Here’s a story that I’ve shared before:

I had a conversation with my best friend about positive thinking about a year ago. I told her that I was going to only be positive and she told me I was being “idealistic”.

“Idealistic? Why?”

“Because Rach… what happens if your house burns down? What are you supposed to say then?”

You can’t do anything if your house burns down… it’s BURNT. No point being negative about it – what’s done is done!

5. Commit to success before you even start something. If you have a goal, think to yourself… “What would happen if I didn’t reach this before “X” period? What if I had my family on the line behind me and their well-being was dependent on my success?”

It might sound weird… but it works.

6. This is my personal favorite. I know that I drive a lot of people crazy with my “word is bond” stuff… but quite frankly, I don’t care.

Personal Integrity leads to Self Trust which leads to Self Confidence… which again, equals Action.

(It also leads to other people trusting you, having confidence in you, and taking action with you.)

!%$#@!%$#@ I freaking love that. Integrity integrity integrity. It’s huge.

There’s a lot more that I learned from that camp… but I want everyone to have the experience for themselves.

When people ask me what the proudest moment of my life was, I have a 3-way tie…. driving cross country by myself, losing 100 pounds, and graduating Warrior Camp. It was that monstrous.

I can’t stress again how much everyone should go. It’s only around during the summer… but you can read “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker to prime yourself. I’m told there are other great positive mindset books as well, which I’ll write about once I read them.


So busy!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted… I’ve been super-busy over here with all of my projects!


Mafioso Marketing has been doing pretty awesome as far as conversions… now we just need some TRAFFIC!

But allow me to shamelessly brag for a moment as I show you the sales letter conversion rates:

I know, I know. Awesome. :D

Actually, they’re slightly off with some demo purchases… but we were over 4% for a long time! :)


My weight loss site is going incredibly as well. The new design is almost done, and I’ll unveil it via my blog. You’re going to be ridiculously impressed… at least I am!

And hey, I got the best cancellation request ever the other day:

The magazine comes out soon. I still haven’t decided if I want to even look at it. We’ll see. :)


I’m leaving for Joe Polish’s seminar in Phoenix soon! I’m excited – there’s a lot of really awesome people that are going to be there. I’m rooming with Jaime (which is enough to make me ecstatic). However, I’ve also heard that there are a lot of other cool speakers and just… good-at-life people that are going to be showing up.

Tim Ferriss will be there too… I’ll have to not make an ass of myself this time. ;) Actually though, my idiocy has helped me get some JV partners. People seem to like me a lot better when I tell them what a drunken fool I was. :)


What else… ahh, Jaime had to push back Europe for a few months. I’m thinking that I’ll just leave myself, hang out for a few months, and catch up with her later. I don’t know that I can sit around and wait in Philadelphia much longer!

Speaking of Philly… I’m going to leave you with this hysterical (and true) article that should help people realize why I’m bursting at the seams to go explore.

It talks about how Philly is the least attractive, least stylish, least worldly, least active, and the fattest.

Oh, how could I forget… it’s also the least friendly.

Love it!