I love having a blog…

I signed onto my MySpace account earlier today. I very rarely go on MySpace anymore, and for some reason I decided to look through old pictures (will leave some at the bottom of this post). It was fun to go through and reminisce, and now I’m really looking forward to visiting home for a few days.

It also makes me happy to have a blog… one day I’ll come back, read all this stuff and feel nostalgic. :)

Annnyway, here’s some news:

1. I’m famous! And I love Andrew Wee. Find out why and how here.

(Bonus: You get to listen to a 25 year old who sounds like she’s 7! Rock on!)

2. I made some February financial goals. Actually, they were due February 26, which is the day this post will come out… so maybe I’ll meet them by then.

One of the goals was to have all of my credit card debt paid off, and the other was to be making a certain amount of PASSIVE income per month.

Annnnyway, as of right now (a few days before the 26th), I’ve officially paid off 5 of my 6 credit cards. I’ve been cutting them up one at a time, with no intentions of using them again (minus a random charge here and there that I’ll pay off immediately just to keep them active). It’s SUCH a liberating feeling. :)

As far as passive income – I haven’t met the goal just yet, but I had a fantastic idea yesterday morning (if I do say so myself :)). I emailed a really awesome guy and fast implementer, and we should have the groundwork laid out and orders in by the time this post comes out. I can’t see how I wouldn’t be able to reach my goals after this… and I’m SO looking forward to it. :)

3. I drove to Vegas this weekend to meet up with a potential project partner for yayFOOD, Steve Clayton. It was a great experience. First of all, he’s just an awesome guy. I had a really fun time talking to him. He used to be a Vice President for a Fortune 500 company, and then decided to quit the corporate world and get into Internet Marketing. It was very interesting to talk to someone with such success in the offline world, and to see how he applies some of his corporate training principles to online.

More important than that though, he’s so fun! He ended up taking Jaime and I to Nine at The Palms for dinner, where we had the most delicious food ever. I seriously didn’t think I was going to eat for days after that meal…

And lastly, we came up with some AMAZING ideas for yayFOOD. That site is going to be ri-di-cu-lous.

I guess that’s it for now. It’s 3:44 in the morning and I still have a few things on my to-do list before I go to bed. I’ll leave you with some of those old pictures. :)

Jen and I on our “hick” road trip to Memphis…

A picture Nathan Gilder made last year when someone said I reminded them of Yoda…

My first job, back when I was 16 (pre-yayFOOD :))…

When I first met my good friend Alison :)

Being silly on another road trip with Jen and Alison…

My prom Halloween costume 2 years ago (worked out much better than this year’s costume – a tree)

Would love your opinions on this one, I’m fascinated.

Some of my friends strategize on what type of blog they want to have. Should it be business? Should it be personal? etc.

I just kind of type whatever’s on my mind and hope for the best. :)

With that said, I have a weird question. I know at least a few people read this blog (it says so on MyBlogLog :))… so please give me your opinions, guys! I’ve actually asked a lot of people about this specific one, and their responses have been fascinating to me.

(If I don’t get some opinions, I’m just going to start typing random people’s names so they come here via Google Alerts. I’d prefer you just save me the time. :))

And a disclaimer: I’m NOT seeking dating advice… I’ve already made my mind up on the situation. I’m just curious about human psychology, to see what people put up with, how people view honesty, and if I’m just completely deluded (which is fine too. :))

I’ll throw my opinion in here because even though I did it with friends, they all disagreed anyway.

Okay. So I meet a dude a few weeks ago. He’s seemingly really good at life. Successful, intelligent, cute, charming, etc.

(VERY charming actually. At one point he wrote down my favorite book, saying that I seem really intelligent and if I say it’s a good book, he wants to read it. Single guys, note that one. It’s a winner.)

So we talk via text message for a week. That week passes, and he says he’s going to text me next week about getting together for drinks.

I hear from him one time that week, and the text said “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Nothing about drinks.

Okay. So in my mind, I’m thinking the dude’s done with. If you say you’re going to do something… do it. And if you can’t even be honest NOW in the “initial impression” stage, what would happen 3 months from now? It didn’t even occur to me as an option to accept this, to be honest.

The story would have ended here, but somehow this comes up in a conversation with two of my friends. They both say I’m being too harsh. My one friend says she does the same thing as the guy did (says she’ll call and then doesn’t), and the other says there’s no way that would be a dealbreaker to him.

Fascinated, I called some other people. A third friend (who’s also a pickup artist and freaking TEACHES PEOPLE how to pick girls up!!!) said that this is part of the “L.A. Lifestyle”, and I’m going to have to get used to it. He said people make plans here, but you can’t consider them permanent until you get a confirmation call that day.

I asked people outside of L.A. too though, and they also said that I was being too stringent.

In all, I’ve probably talked to about 15 or so people about this (I’m really that interested). I’d say 88% say I’m being too harsh, 10% halfheartedly agree, and one person completely knew what I meant (he also went to Warrior Camp, I wonder if there’s a correlation. :))

Tell me what YOU think please!