Altitude Follow Up, Master’s Seminar, Idea Incubator… tooons going on!

First of all, I’d like to say that Andrew Wee has officially made my day/week/month/life. Look at his most recent post!


I’ve been going to seminars galore lately! First I went to the Altitude follow up, where I met some fantastic people (including Chris Haddad, whose sales letter I never cease to salivate over) and got some incredible insight.

The whole “Altitude” series is monstrously value-packed. Jaime, Chad Morris, Evan Peelle and I have Altitude dates every Tuesday now, where we rotate locations and watch the series.

Just from the first few hours last Tuesday, I got incredible insight. One thing that Eben says to do is *really* figure out what your customer’s biggest fears and frustrations are, what they’re embarassed to admit, and what irrational conversations they’re having in their heads.

So… I did that. I went to a forum and asked people, and got some INCREDIBLE feedback. Despite how much I thought I knew my market (especially since I *was* the market for such a long time), as usual, I was surprised. I highly recommend that you do this in your niches.

Actually, I think I’m going to blog about something else I learned each week from the DVDs… once you learn something, not only is it your mission to share it with others, but you learn it even better.


After Altitude, I went to Vegas for the Master’s Seminar. I went with Jaime, Chad, and Evan again… and it was a fantastic time. We mostly partied, but I did get to meet and reconnect with some people, including Brian McElroy and Brian Kosobucki, Jason Moffatt, Jason Henderson (didn’t get to see him enough!), Mike Morgan, Simon Leung, Harris Fellman, Howie Schwartz, Dr. Mike, Tahir Shah, Donna Fox, Donna’s boyfriend Joey (the most amazing human being on the planet), Scott Byers, Ben Mack, Lee Collins, Robin Collins, Amanda… man, it was just awesomeness.

It was Brian McElroy’s birthday on Thursday night, so we made sure he had a good time. He ended up sick the entire next day, which I’m strangely very happy about. :)

Jaime has to charge her camera, pictures should be coming soon from that.


On Thursday, Simon Leung texted me and told me about Idea Incubator, which was being held 47 minutes away. Jaime and I decided to go, and it was a GREAT time.

The seminar was different than most because it was small and intimate… which meant that people could take more time to talk with the speakers. In fact, on Saturday night, there were 9 roundtables, and each speaker spent 20 minutes at each table, answering any question that people could think of.

The speakers there were fantastic. Simon Leung, Alex Mandossian, Matt Bacak, Armand Morin, Michel and Sylvie Fortin, Rory Cohen, Jermaine Griggs, Ray Edwards…. all top top notch people.

I was shocked that Jermaine Griggs actually knew who I was! I had blogged about him before, Google Alerts picked it up, and he remembered. Craziness! Listening to him speak was incredible… you should hear about all the customizations that he does to his programs. Anything’s possible with him!

Alex Mandossian was AMAZING. Totally brilliant, a fantastic teacher, very passionate and insightful, ridiculously dynamic speaker… can’t speak highly enough of him.

Simon has the pictures from that event… here’s one from Stu McLaren’s birthday dinner:

Jaime, Simon, Jermaine Griggs, Brent Coppieters, Jeff France, Faye McLaren, Stu McLaren, Greg France :)


I was scheduled to go to a few other things in Orlando next week… but all these seminars, while fantastic, are taking me away from meeting my February goals, so I might reconsider.


Other than that, everything’s great. I’ll include more in the Altitude posts as this one has already gotten quite long. :)

Have I mentioned that I love L.A.?


I’m writing a book for yayFOOD right now… and brought my recorder to the freaking beach! I was “writing a book” while strolling along the water. Can’t get any better than that. :)

In other news, I started belly dancing classes on Wednesday… had TONS of fun. The day before that I met a great girl at Starbucks who used to work at CBS radio. She asked me about my “Power Words” book by John Carlton, and we ended up talking for a while. Long story short – she’s going to get me a few radio spots for yayFOOD! :)

Businesswise, things are pretty stellar. JD, Brian and I launched a new challenge which has been going well. It’s all about membership sites, so I’m having a blast telling everyone everything that I’ve ever learned.

Some friends and I formed an awesome mastermind/goal accountability group too, which is going to be great. We had our first call on Sunday… and everyone on there is ridiculously talented and ambitious… so only good things will come out of it.

…think that’s it for now. Hope everyone’s having a great New Year! :)

News from Los Angeles

So when I moved to L.A., the first thing that my friend Alison told me was “If you see Nick Lachey, you have to get me an autograph.”

And so I kind of thought… “Pfft. I’m not going to see any celebrities!”

Well folks, I stand corrected. Cuba Gooding Jr. hit on me last night!!!


I’ll blog about other stuff later. That clearly takes precedence over everything. ;)