Randomness in the life of Rachel…

Between work and FUN, I’ve been really busy lately. Here’s some things going on in my life…

1. EUROPE!!!! Dude. I’m planning out the different countries that I can go to via Eurail, and I’m SOOOOOO pumped.

Here’s some of the countries the Eurail covers: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Ridiculous right!?

And even more ridiculous – I have not ONE – but TWO friends that want to meet me in London when I get there.

The one person, Tahir Shah, is someone that I just met at Vegas… he’s already found me two copy clients and has offered to drive to London, meet me at the airport, help me with accomodations, and hang out for a few days. I’m going to marry that guy.

And Alex Jeffries... he promises to show me how to party, London-style. He makes big promises, we’ll see if he can live up to them! :)

(BTW – I totally registered IMPartyGirl.com and InternetMarketingPartyGirl.com after multiple suggestions a week or so ago. They redirect to my blog at the moment. :))

2. I love doing consulting. Sooo much fun. Random, but I just looked over at my to-do list and it was on there.

3. I have the photo shoot for my book soon!!! $#&#%$ I can’t wait! The Woman’s World photo shoot was a BLAST, I can only imagine what this’ll be like.

I have a hair appointment with Los Angeles’ #1 colorist on the 20th (I think this blog post comes out a day after). Those reviews for her are RIDICULOUS… people were calling their appointments with her a “spiritual experience”.

Love it!

4. Everyone always talks about reciprocation and how you need to give first… and I figured I’d share a personal story, because again, I’m seeing something on my to-do list that’s reminding me of it.

A while ago, on The Warrior Forum, I saw some dude offer a $197 sales letter Special Offer to “get his foot in the door”. He ended up giving 2 people in 2 different niches a 100 or so word article, at best… and the articles were almost exactly the same.

I kept watching the thread to see what was happening (the 2 customers and the dude were arguing in there and the guy refused to refund their money), and one of the customers ended up saying something like, “Come on… family man to family man, can you refund my money?”

Something about that made me feel really bad, so I wrote to him and offered to write him a free sales letter. I offered to write the other dude a sales letter too, even though I didn’t feel as bad with him… but I figured I’d be fair.

First interesting part of the story is that while both seemed excited – the family man guy never returned my questionnaire back to me, while the other one did.

So second dude gives me the letter, and it’s in the Forex market. Ugh. I never wrote a Forex letter before, and I slaved over that thing. It was seriously the hardest letter I ever wrote. I know nothing about Forex, it seemed boring, and I had to go research all these sales letters with Forex-language…

Annnnyway, like I said, I just did it because I felt bad for them. But what happened out of it was insane:

a) Turns out this guy’s a #3 seller on Clickbank for one of his products! I had no idea. His expertise is invaluable. I saw he was using a certain script on one of his sites and asked him about it, and it turns out that he had an in-house programming team make it. And…

b) He offered to give me that script for free (it’s normally $10 per sale recouped).

c) He went on to buy Phantom Opt In, another sales letter, and a package of autoresponders. Oh, and…

d) He referred me to another client.

And lastly,

e) That godforsaken letter converts at 40% for his prenotification list! Um, awesome testimonial?

In short… believe the reciprocation stuff. This isn’t the only story I have about it, but it’s one of my favorites. :)

5) I’m going to Vegas on the 22nd to meet with an INCREDIBLE guy that I was talking to via my Membership Challenge. I ended up writing a piece of copy for him, we were talking… turns out he gets 1000-3000 SALES for a competing product of yayFOOD‘s per month via AdWords.

(SALES, not dollars.)

Annnnyway, we’re meeting to talk about project ideas. We’ve already exchanged a trillion ideas together, and we have a plan to completely dominate the weight loss market. And I’m soooo excited about it, because it means I get to help more people.

6) That reminds me of another reciprocation story, but there’s a good business tip included here, so I’ll mention it.

Whenever someone cancels their account on yayFOOD, I ask them a question that’s phrased the same way that Jack Canfield suggests in Success Principles. “What would it take for yayFOOD to get to a “10” on a 1-10 scale?”

(I then chart the feedback and act appropriately.)

But anyway, when charting the other day, I offered certain people who gave me feedback free lifetime accounts. The one lady was really excited, and told me that “Word of mouth is the best form of promotion, and you have my word that I’ll be telling people about your site.” We talked a little more, and it turns out that the lady works with American Express. Even outside of that – even if she didn’t tell potential people on the phone – she said she works with 200 or so other people that sit down all day and want to know about how to release weight. Innnnnsane!

Alright, this is a long blog post. Again. I’ll leave here. :)

P.S. – I’m going to breakfast with Jaime soon… at a place where we saw The Rock a few weeks ago. L.A. rocks. ;)

Fantastic week so far…

I decided not to go to Orlando so that I could focus on my February goals, which I think is going to be good… even though it was SO tempting…

Some great things that’ve happened this week:

1. I wrote a letter for someone in the Forex market a few weeks ago, and he just told me that for his pre-notification list, it’s converting at 40%!!

2. I OFFICIALLY HAVE A BED! I’d been sleeping on the floor this entire time… now I wake up, roll over, and still stay on my mattress – as opposed to the computers I’d been knocking into before. :)

This leads me to the next awesome thing…

3. I drove a U-Haul truck! As I’ve mentioned, I’m not the most stellar driver ever… but I had to pick up my bed (and desk!)… so I pushed myself WAY out of my comfort zone and drove that humongous truck. And I’m alive to tell the story! :)

4. I did an awesome interview with Andrew Wee the other day… that was actually a lot of fun, I’ll be posting it as soon as he puts it on his blog. :)

5. Random: I think I blogged before about how negative thoughts have a tributary effect, and how any time you think one negative thing, it’s easy to just keep going?

One way that I’ve learned to combat this is by forcing myself to think of 10 positive things whenever I get in that mindset. Not only does it get me out of my bad mood, but it completely changes my attitude for the day. :)

6. We had another great Altitude mastermind this week.

I was going to include my notes in this entry, but I’m going to end now instead, write up the Altitude comments, and post-date it for a few days from now. Yay for blog content! :)

Ohhh… and if anyone wants to be a part of the Mafioso Marketing re-launch with Jason James, email me at rachelrofe at gmail.com! :)