So busy!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted… I’ve been super-busy over here with all of my projects!


Mafioso Marketing has been doing pretty awesome as far as conversions… now we just need some TRAFFIC!

But allow me to shamelessly brag for a moment as I show you the sales letter conversion rates:

I know, I know. Awesome. :D

Actually, they’re slightly off with some demo purchases… but we were over 4% for a long time! :)


My weight loss site is going incredibly as well. The new design is almost done, and I’ll unveil it via my blog. You’re going to be ridiculously impressed… at least I am!

And hey, I got the best cancellation request ever the other day:

The magazine comes out soon. I still haven’t decided if I want to even look at it. We’ll see. :)


I’m leaving for Joe Polish’s seminar in Phoenix soon! I’m excited – there’s a lot of really awesome people that are going to be there. I’m rooming with Jaime (which is enough to make me ecstatic). However, I’ve also heard that there are a lot of other cool speakers and just… good-at-life people that are going to be showing up.

Tim Ferriss will be there too… I’ll have to not make an ass of myself this time. ;) Actually though, my idiocy has helped me get some JV partners. People seem to like me a lot better when I tell them what a drunken fool I was. :)


What else… ahh, Jaime had to push back Europe for a few months. I’m thinking that I’ll just leave myself, hang out for a few months, and catch up with her later. I don’t know that I can sit around and wait in Philadelphia much longer!

Speaking of Philly… I’m going to leave you with this hysterical (and true) article that should help people realize why I’m bursting at the seams to go explore.

It talks about how Philly is the least attractive, least stylish, least worldly, least active, and the fattest.

Oh, how could I forget… it’s also the least friendly.

Love it!

Broken toes, product launch, amazing testimonial… oh my!

So I broke my toe over the weekend. I was running to meet my friend, tripped over one of the bricks covering my garden… and next thing I know… PLUNK! I come up with leaves all over my hair, bloody hands… and a broken toe.

I’ve always had a high tolerance for pain so I ignored it and went to my surprise for the night – dinner with some of my best friends, great concert tickets… and then I caught up with another friend after the show.

It was a great time!

So after that… partially because I’m stubborn and partially because I needed to dedicate time to my new product launch (Mafioso Marketing! It’s a great product that I highly recommend…. AND we’re having a JV contest where you can win $5k in cash and $5k in prizes! Contact me at rachelrofe at if you’re interested)… I still haven’t gotten the toe checked out. I’ve been told you can’t really do anything for a broken toe anyway. :)


In other news, Brian and I were offering free sales letters for JV partners to get some quality mail-outs. To do so, we started collecting testimonials from past clients.

We got a ridiculous one from John Carlton!

“When I first met Brian and Rachel at my Copywriting Sweatshop seminar, I thought I’d have to rip their copy to shreds… and I did. But I also found two high-energy, creative copywriters with definite chops and solid marketing instincts, and they’re going to go far. For the right client – who is willing to overlook lack of experience in exchange for snagging a dedicated copywriting duo who are devoting themselves to learning the craft by studying and listening to veterans like me – this could be an opportunity to hire a two-for-one tsunami of blossoming talent and enthusiasm at a fraction of what they will soon be charging. They remind me of me when I first started out.

Are. You. Kidding. Me.??!@$%!$#@?

You can check the rest out here.


Alright… I’m off to go work on Mafioso. If you want it, you can get 25% off by entering coupon code “6BMB3Y7” (enter the Promo code after you get into the 2Checkout screen). :)


So I’m finally home…

And I miss California!

On the bright side, though…. being home has helped me catch up on a LOT of my projects.

And it was nice to see my family and some friends… (I’m going to see the rest on the 13th for some kind of surprise. Hmmm… I’m excited!)

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been trying my best to get out and do my work at a Starbucks or Barnes & Noble or something… just to avoid getting into my workaholic “sit-at-my-computer” mode.

It’s been pretty fun, actually. I get to eavesdrop in all sorts of conversations.

I watched two people on their first date the other day (they met online)… I heard a high powered attorney confide in someone about how he wants to divorce his wife… watched a father playing “I Spy” with his daughter…

I’m so freaking nosy. :)

In other news….


After receiving repeated emails about Jermaine Griggs’ Nitty Gritty Marketing launch, I finally decided to look inside.

(I had been ignoring all emails so that I could focus on work).

I probably should have looked sooner… because Brian went to Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets event and raved and raved about Jermaine Griggs, and said that he was the only speaker to get a standing ovation.

Anyway… I went inside, and it looks really awesome. There’s a lot of value inside… and anyone who signs up as an affiliate now not only gets $50 commissions to the people that they refer… but they also get $17/month every time an affiliate that they referred makes a sale! How ridiculous is that!?

If you’re interested… sign up here.


If you have an IM list of over 50,000, please get in contact with me at rachelrofe at Brian and I have a huge launch coming up on October 16 (under a partner’s name)… and we’re offering free sales letters to anybody who will mail out for us. We have some amazing testimonials that we can furnish upon request. :)

We’ll also give you access to check out the product/sales letter, of course. This is a recurring income product. We tested it out on The Warrior Forum and sold over 250 copies… from one thread.


I guess that’s it for now! Need to work on this launch!