Have I mentioned that I love L.A.?


I’m writing a book for yayFOOD right now… and brought my recorder to the freaking beach! I was “writing a book” while strolling along the water. Can’t get any better than that. :)

In other news, I started belly dancing classes on Wednesday… had TONS of fun. The day before that I met a great girl at Starbucks who used to work at CBS radio. She asked me about my “Power Words” book by John Carlton, and we ended up talking for a while. Long story short – she’s going to get me a few radio spots for yayFOOD! :)

Businesswise, things are pretty stellar. JD, Brian and I launched a new challenge which has been going well. It’s all about membership sites, so I’m having a blast telling everyone everything that I’ve ever learned.

Some friends and I formed an awesome mastermind/goal accountability group too, which is going to be great. We had our first call on Sunday… and everyone on there is ridiculously talented and ambitious… so only good things will come out of it.

…think that’s it for now. Hope everyone’s having a great New Year! :)

News from Los Angeles

So when I moved to L.A., the first thing that my friend Alison told me was “If you see Nick Lachey, you have to get me an autograph.”

And so I kind of thought… “Pfft. I’m not going to see any celebrities!”

Well folks, I stand corrected. Cuba Gooding Jr. hit on me last night!!!


I’ll blog about other stuff later. That clearly takes precedence over everything. ;)

Happy New Year – From L.A. this time :)

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great one… I know I did. :)

I ended up going to Vegas with Jaime and some other awesome friends. We went on the 29th and stayed till New Year’s Day. On the night of New Year’s, we decided to forego the typical club and party on the strip. It was completely shut down from 5pm-5am and absolutely crowded with people. Fireworks went off at midnight and they were AWESOME! After that, some of us ended up just walking around and dancing to random music in the streets for a few hours. Fuuntimes. :)

In other news, I’m officially in L.A.. I absolutely love it (except for the traffic :) – but the weather makes up for it). I registered for belly dancing classes today (!!!!!) and they start next Wednesday. I’m SO EXCITED!

Business-wise, I haven’t made any resolutions or anything for the New Year… I already had short-term goals to achieve by February 26, as well as long term goals, and then 101 general goals. I partnered with some great people and we’re going to be doing weekly masterminds as well as emailing each other within a Google Group to hold ourselves accountable. If you’re not in a mastermind yet – I hiiiighly recommend it. :)

I think that’s everything… I’ll leave you with some random pictures from New Year’s, Phoenix, and the San Francisco trip from the last cross country trip. :)

Some of the New Year’s crew:


More of the crew…



LeNiece, Me (I love that dress!), Amy, Jaime



A horrible picture of me and some guys. I put it up more out of bragging rights… some of the guys in that group were gorgeous, and nobody thought I’d go talk to them. Pfft, I have no shame. :)



Jaime and I…



Eben Pagan and I from San Francisco (this is what happens when I get to raid Jaime’s camera)



Dan Roithman and I:





Once again – HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! :)