Happy New Year – From L.A. this time :)

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great one… I know I did. :)

I ended up going to Vegas with Jaime and some other awesome friends. We went on the 29th and stayed till New Year’s Day. On the night of New Year’s, we decided to forego the typical club and party on the strip. It was completely shut down from 5pm-5am and absolutely crowded with people. Fireworks went off at midnight and they were AWESOME! After that, some of us ended up just walking around and dancing to random music in the streets for a few hours. Fuuntimes. :)

In other news, I’m officially in L.A.. I absolutely love it (except for the traffic :) – but the weather makes up for it). I registered for belly dancing classes today (!!!!!) and they start next Wednesday. I’m SO EXCITED!

Business-wise, I haven’t made any resolutions or anything for the New Year… I already had short-term goals to achieve by February 26, as well as long term goals, and then 101 general goals. I partnered with some great people and we’re going to be doing weekly masterminds as well as emailing each other within a Google Group to hold ourselves accountable. If you’re not in a mastermind yet – I hiiiighly recommend it. :)

I think that’s everything… I’ll leave you with some random pictures from New Year’s, Phoenix, and the San Francisco trip from the last cross country trip. :)

Some of the New Year’s crew:


More of the crew…



LeNiece, Me (I love that dress!), Amy, Jaime



A horrible picture of me and some guys. I put it up more out of bragging rights… some of the guys in that group were gorgeous, and nobody thought I’d go talk to them. Pfft, I have no shame. :)



Jaime and I…



Eben Pagan and I from San Francisco (this is what happens when I get to raid Jaime’s camera)



Dan Roithman and I:





Once again – HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! :)

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Hello from Lehi, Utah! :)

So I’ve been slacking and haven’t written as much from this trip as I have from the last one… but it’s better late than never, eh?

I’ve been driving for about 6 days now. I stopped in State College, PA, to visit a friend… and then Cleveland to visit another one of my best friends. Because of that, I ended up taking the northern route to get to L.A…. meaning I hit Chicago, Nebraska, Wyoming, etc.

Chicago’s a pretty city (from what I saw)… the people didn’t seem to be the friendliest, but at least I got to go there and experience it.

Nebraska was AWESOME!! People that I met there were so freaking nice!

Wyoming – that state hated me. I thought I’d take an extra 30 minutes and go via Wyoming instead of Colorado.. but that ended up not being the case at all. It was snowing there (which I knew would happen, but I didn’t think it would be that bad) and the ridiculously heavy winds were thrashing my superlight Mitsubishi Eclipse around the road. At one point, I did 3 360 degree turns in a row and landed a foot from a median. As soon as I started moving, I realized I was about 30 seconds away from an SUV. That was RIDICULOUSLY lucky moment #1.

(Now – before you ask why I didn’t just pull over and stop when this happened… I DID, and I asked people at a travel center if the winds would stop the next day. They said it was going to be at least a week!)

The wind was nuts. As I was driving, it looked like hundreds of smoke bubbles were on the road because the winds were picking up the snow and torpedo-ing it all over the place.

There were cars and trucks stopped all over… one Penske truck was actually SPLIT IN TWO. All the contents of the truck were spilled on the snow.

Naturally, a few hours later, I ended up spinning around again. This time I did a few 360s, a whole bunch of snow was thrown up into my windshield, and I ended up trapped in my car in a snow bank/ditch.

Me being the nerd I am, I thought I could get out and shovel my way out (since my car’s packed to the brim with clothes, Brian suggested that I put socks on my hands and get to work. In retrospect, this is really funny).

By the time I tried to get out of my car, highway patrol came and told me there was no way I could do anything myself… and I realized that my car door wouldn’t open anyway.

I had to call a tow truck driver who came and told me that the wind even thrashes HIM around – and his truck weighs 4x my car. He also said a lot of the roads were closed because of how bad it was. Hahaha… he ended up giving me his card in case I needed him again. Talk about encouragement.

It was so interesting to talk to him though. I was sitting in his passenger seat and we spotted another car that got stuck in a ditch. Some random passerby was helping him out with a chain, and the tow truck driver said, “Those f*ckers… taking my money from me.” After I recoiled from the surprise of that, he complained again and talked about how he needed more Triple A tickets. It’s just so interesting to hear the mindframe of different people that you come in contact with…

(And btw, RIDICULOUSLY lucky moment #2 is the fact that both me and my car came out unscathed.)

I digress. After a few other non-stellar Wyoming moments, I finally got out and made my way to friendly, non-windy Utah, where I sit in my comfortable bed. :)

I’ve gotta say though – I’m a really lucky person. As soon as I landed in the ditch, I thought there might be some ninja trick or something that I could use to reverse out of it, and I immediately thought of 5 different guys that I could call that wouldn’t treat me like an imbecile (even though, again, in retrospect, I totally was being one.)

Haha… and I was talking to a friend the other day about “best friends”, and he asked me if I had one… and again, I immediately thought of a few different people. If I end up having a traditional wedding (I guess I’ll need the boyfriend to get started on that, eh? ;))… there’s 5 different Maid Of Honors that I’d have, because I couldn’t choose amongst them.

In short – I’m insanely thankful for my friends. :)

Annnyway, guess I’m going to wrap up some things on the to-do list and get going… in case I don’t post again soon, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!

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Random updates again :)

I always have like… 43783 things that I want to blog about… but I either don’t have the time, or when I do, I don’t want to make one big overwhelming post. I finally found out how to dripfeed WordPress content though… so I think I’m going to just make lots of random thought posts at one time and drip them out every other day or so. Yay for that. :)


12 days until I leave for L.A.! I’m sooo pumped. I found the place where I’m going to be taking my belly dancing classes today, and it got me super-excited again.

(The snow here helped with that too. :))

I think I’m taking the middle route to get to L.A. – so if anyone feels like meeting up, let me know!


yayFOOD has been doing fantastically!!! I get SOOOOO excited when I go onto my forum… one person lost 11 pounds her first week!! Others lost 8, 7, and 5. !@#@@%$#@ It makes me SO happy to read those posts.

I was definitely getting a little overwhelmed in the beginning when I was making the site… so much stuff to take care of… especially stuff that I didn’t know about. I was questioning if this was even a passion for me… but reading those posts sets me straight again. It’s SO rewarding!

Random story about yayFOOD that Nathan found funny and told me to blog about: I outsourced 300 articles to help promote the site. I asked everyone for samples… and someone actually gave me a sample of an article that I had written myself, verbatim!


Guess that’s it for now – I’ll go to work dripfeeding content later on. :)

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