Cirque was AMAZING last night! Not only did I have a front row seat, but it was right in the center. I literally couldn’t have been in a better seat if I wanted!

I’m going to see Penn & Teller tonight with someone I met from here. Should be GREAT!!

I uploaded a lot of pictures… here are some of them:


One of the cool things inside the Bellagio:

The ceiling of the lobby of the Bellagio:

My camera doesn’t love me all the time…. Elton John at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.

New hair from the fabulous J-Byrd! We’re going to stay in touch – she was so awesome!

Vegas at night :)

This was SO neat!!! It was pitch black outside… but the ceiling of the Venetian was painted like a sky, and it was so bright inside. SUCH a cool thing to experience!

The ceiling of the Venetian in another section :)

St. Louis (I really loved that city!)

Part of the Anheuser Busch tour:

The St. Louis arch:

They had those “Cardinals” champions signs ALL over. Maybe all cities do this when they win championships, but I would never know, since I live in Philadelphia.

Beautiful Colorado

Gorgeous Utah

I have about a zillion more, but that’s a good sampling. :)

In other news, Brian keeps racking copywriting jobs up for us! It’s VERY exciting! That WSO has propelled us into so many new opportunities!


I’m in Vegas…


I scored a FRONT ROW TICKET to a Cirque du Soleil show today.

FRONT ROW!%$#@$!#@!#

There’s something to be said for going to a show alone. There’s all the “onesies” left over.


Aaaaand I think I’m going to another show tomorrow with someone I met from here.

On Thursday, I leave for the Playboy Mansion! I CAN’T WAIT!

So, what else has happened since I last blogged…

I got to Vegas on Sunday!

When I first got here, I was kind of taken aback… it seemed really… not safe. I was getting bombarded by people asking for money… one of the hotels that I was going to inquire about had a sign saying “Go To Deli To Make Reservation”… It was so weird!

I ended up getting a great hotel though (from what I’m told, it’s on the “New Strip” – which is apparently a lot better than the “South” side where I had been), and have been having a blast ever since.

Vegas is AMAZING at night!!!

I went walking around yesterday at 9:30 pm (which felt like 12:30 am to me because I’m still in Eastern Standard Time mode) and before I knew it, it was 12:30 am P.S.T.!

There are so many AWESOME things to check out!!

The Bellagio had this beautiful water works demonstration with music…. and the Venetian is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

I went to get my eyebrows waxed yesterday and ended up talking with a bunch of the locals who gave me some great tips on where to hang out, too. I think I’m going to hit up a bar tonight.

Annnyway… everything has been fabulous over here. I want to live in my car FOREVER! :)

Best time ever…

I’m currently pulled over behind a gas station in Fruita, Colorado.

I had been driving on 70 West, and realized that I need to blog about everything that was happening so that I didn’t forget one single moment.

So anyway… from the last time I wrote… I did end up going to the Budweiser tour. It was cool! I got to see how beer was made, and the different machines and stuff that were used in the process. We also got free alcohol at the end. ;)

I fell in love with St. Louis. The people there were GREAT! Everyone was so friendly… the drivers were AWESOME (I should’ve been honked at so many times… ;))

From there, I decided to reroute and head to Denver. My GPS had me going through Tulsa, Alburquerque, and Amarillo, TX…. so I decided to go west and hit Denver and Las Vegas instead.

I didn’t sleep at all the night that I went from St. Louis to Denver, because I was so exicited to get there.

I was there for 5 minutes… called 3 different hotels to see where I could stay… and they were all rude. I decided that I didn’t like Denver and kept moving. Maybe I was just spoiled from St. Louis…. but whatever. :)

I ended up sleeping in Parachute, Colorado last night. There wasn’t too much to explore there, but that was okay, because I was able to get a lot of work done as well as SLEEP!

I decided to go straight to Vegas today… but as I was driving, I randomly checked for “Attractions” in my GPS. I saw that there were a lot of wineries. Since I’ve never been to one, I pulled over and had my first wine tasting experience! It was fun! I learned how to do the sniff and whirl thing, too. Haha… I’m so uncultured. ;)

Oo, I also stopped at a fruit stand and bought a peach! It was ridiculously good! I never see fruit stands in Philly! That was also the first piece of food that I’ve bought so far on the trip (I’d been living out of the stuff I brought from Philly).

Oh, actually… I was falling asleep at the wheel yesterday, and since the roads were really curvy, I stopped at a 7-11 to get a Slurpee and super-spicy Doritos.

You know… speaking of Doritos… random note…

I’ve been keeping all of my food in the trunk of my car, including my snacks, because I know that I’ll unconsciously eat it if it’s next to me. I also made a decision not to waste money/calories on junk food. Because of this, when I end up at the Wal-Marts at 3am in the morning, I find it necessary to torture myself and go to the chips section and look at all of the stuff that I’m not going to buy. It’s INSANE how many flavors of chips that these Super-Walmarts have!! Bacon ranch? Bags of Doritos with two different flavors inside? Insanity!!

Then again, maybe this stuff exists near me… I don’t usually look at it. :)

Back to the trip…After the winery, I drove a lady to a nearby bike store because her tire was flat. She was really cool! I got her email and we’re going to stay in touch. :) There are a LOT of bikers around here, with some really rough terrain to work on! It’s all mountains!

So what else… I know there’s more, but so much is happening that it’s hard to remember everything.

Like I said, I’m on my way to Vegas now. I booked a hostel for four nights, because I’ve made such good timing on the trip! After that, it’s off to L.A. for the Playboy Mansion!

Workwise, my WSO with Brian is going INCREDIBLE! We have over 70 members so far. :)