More Positive Things

I didn’t forget about the positive things! (As always, if you don’t know what I’m doing, please click here.)

They’re kind of shabby today because I had an unexpected emergency that took me away for a few hours… but that’s okay. :)

1. I caught up on almost all my email this morning. I scheduled 3 hours to do it… but it got done! YAY!

2. I had another awesome workout. I’ve always pushed myself really hard, but after Warrior Camp, I really don’t let myself get away with much at all. :)

3. I’m going to catch up with some people from Warrior Camp on Thursday in NYC. Very excited for this… I get to be in the energy
of positive people, *and* I go to one of my favorite stores ever (Century 21 – it’s this huuuuge high end clothing discount store).
Maybe I should make a WSO before I go. :) Did I tell you I got the dress from the other one btw? I loooove it, and need to take a
picture soon!

4. I researched and started implementing  more ways to bulk up my membership site. I can’t wait to get it launched! I wanted to implement more, but I got pulled away quickly when I found out about my best friend and her boyfriend. I’ll get a lot done tomorrow. :)

5. I’m suuupertired but came back to email you anyway. I keep telling myself that “When you only do things that are easy, life will be mighty mighty hard. When you’re willing to do things that are hard, life will be mighty mighty easy.” Haha… after Warrior Camp, I really do feel like Roda.

(Since nobody will get the Roda reference… a while ago, I told my good friend and founder of Coupon CuisineNathan Gilder, that someone had told me that I reminded them of Yoda. Nathan used to be a graphic designer, so he went right to work and made this picture:

I’ve actually never even seen that movie, although I still love the picture. :))

Okay, time for bed. :)

Back from Cancun!

Well, I’m finally back home for a little bit!

I’ll be home for about a month, and then I start my cross country journey somewhere between August 10-12.

I took a video of one of the beaches, and also part of my horse riding journey. Let me tell you… speaking Spanish (I was doing really well!), while riding a horse (my first time!) on a beautiful trail in Mexico… that’s the life!

Here are some pictures:


That’s the gorgeous beach…


My sister and I after horseback riding. The instructor told us to hold hands… I ended up loving the picture!


I love all inclusive, and I *really* love barstools inside of a pool!


My sister got incredibly burnt, despite using suntan lotion…


That horse was $250,000 and worked for the Queen of England!


An hour or so into the trip and a few glasses of wine later..


Our last night… :(… but on the bright side, check out my tan! :)


I’m a huge nerd. I’ll leave it at that. :)


How beautiful is that!?

Road trip!

I decided that I’m going to drive to California from my house in Philadelphia.

I have the Playboy Mansion party in Beverly Hills on August 17th, Wizard Training Camp in Santa Barbara from September 2-6, and TIMME 3 from the 14-16 in San Francisco.

I LOVE California anyway, so why not stay and explore?

Anyway… if you live anywhere on the way from Philly to Cali, let me know… we should meet up!

(Okay, back to packing for Cancun :))