And even more awesome things…

Jambhala and I’s emails are getting slightly less frequent, which is why there’s a delay on the positive things. Anyway, here’s the deal about the positive things.

1. I went to NYC yesterday to see a friend’s comedy improv show. He wants to be a comedian, and this is the first class that he’s ever taken. It was really cool! I love improv much more than rehearsed stand-up comedy… you should definitely try it out sometime if you’ve never been.

(BTW, this was the friend that told me to jump in an oven… we ended up making up… and he told me that I was the one that forced him to
do the comedy classes, and he ended up falling in love. That makes me
happy. :))

2. Rachel’s note: Couldn’t publish this one on the blog… but basically something

happened in which I was very honest, and it was well received… which I didn’t

expect. :)

3. Did I tell you that Nathan sent me my shipment invoice from Dell? The
laptop I won looks AWESOME!! I can’t wait to get it and bring it on my road
trip!! I’m going to get that wireless connection from Verizon… get that
remote access software for my desktop… and work away, and it won’t
matter that I’m not at home at all. :)

You know… I read in Four Hour Workweek (which btw… I know I’ve been
raving to you about it… but did I tell you that it was so good that once I
shut the book from finishing it, I opened it back up and read it a second
time? AWESOME book. :)) that there’s some kind of really tiny device
that you can put on your keychain, and it’ll tell you if there’s a wireless
connection anywhere within 300 or 3000 feet, I think 3000. If you’re
interested, I’ll get the link for you. I’m going to just go safe and get the
Verizon wireless thing. :)

I’m so excited for this trip!!! I have to map it out later so I know what
some of my “must see”s are. I don’t want to make a stringent map
or anything, but something that I at least know what the cool spots
are. Then again… maybe I could do it as I’m driving. Hrmmm..

4. I finally finished those Giveaway emails! I’m really not a fan of them. :)
In fact… I’m kind of excited for the giveaway to be over, hehe. I mapped
out all the projects that I’m working on now, and I’ve committed to 90
hours of work a week for a while.

Actually… when I went to Warrior, I met this amazing couple who literally
just travel the world, all the time. They were in NYC for a few weeks, then
Greece, and they told me about all the countries they were at last year.
They do really well with an awesome MLM product.

Anyway, they said that Warrior re-energized them, and while they haven’t
recruited people in years (they’re already doing $50k+/month), they
think that their mission is to help other people become financially
successful. They asked me if I’d like to be mentored by them, because
they were so impressed that I went to Warrior by myself at age 24.

I saw some of their products, and they really worked awesome… and I
have so many marketing ideas…. one of the products was this wrinkle
reducer thing… they had me use this super-easy machine thing for 3
minutes, and then I was supposed to see the difference on both hands.
There was a huge difference, and it lasts for days. Actually… they
have tons of amazing products. The woman that was telling me about
it is 55, and she looks INCREDIBLE. Her arms are so firm, it’s insane –
and she says she never exercises, it’s all from the product.

Anyway, my point is… while I had a zillion marketing ideas (hello
YouTube and make-up forums!!), I was good and I said no, no more
overcommitting. I’m happy. ;)

Actually… I met another guy who lives in my area a few days ago from
T Harv Eker’s Rich Life Club forums. He does really well with real estate,
and said that he likes to teach people everything he knows. He told
me about a quick deal he did that will net him a quick $34k in profit.
Insane, right? Anyway.. again… I’m being good and not asking questions.
I read this awesome quote… it’s something like, “When you chase 2
rabbits, both end up getting loose.”

Wow, that turned into a long story…

5. I was talking to Dan Kelly last night… was a fun conversation!… and
he’s going to make me copies of his audiobooks and IM product audios for
my road trip. LOVE him!! I casually mentioned that I was going to get
some for the trip, not even thinking of anything else… and he offered them.
That’s going to be AWESOME! He has some books that I’ve been meaning
to read, too… Good To Great and Longtail. :)

More Positive Things

I didn’t forget about the positive things! (As always, if you don’t know what I’m doing, please click here.)

They’re kind of shabby today because I had an unexpected emergency that took me away for a few hours… but that’s okay. :)

1. I caught up on almost all my email this morning. I scheduled 3 hours to do it… but it got done! YAY!

2. I had another awesome workout. I’ve always pushed myself really hard, but after Warrior Camp, I really don’t let myself get away with much at all. :)

3. I’m going to catch up with some people from Warrior Camp on Thursday in NYC. Very excited for this… I get to be in the energy
of positive people, *and* I go to one of my favorite stores ever (Century 21 – it’s this huuuuge high end clothing discount store).
Maybe I should make a WSO before I go. :) Did I tell you I got the dress from the other one btw? I loooove it, and need to take a
picture soon!

4. I researched and started implementing  more ways to bulk up my membership site. I can’t wait to get it launched! I wanted to implement more, but I got pulled away quickly when I found out about my best friend and her boyfriend. I’ll get a lot done tomorrow. :)

5. I’m suuupertired but came back to email you anyway. I keep telling myself that “When you only do things that are easy, life will be mighty mighty hard. When you’re willing to do things that are hard, life will be mighty mighty easy.” Haha… after Warrior Camp, I really do feel like Roda.

(Since nobody will get the Roda reference… a while ago, I told my good friend and founder of Coupon CuisineNathan Gilder, that someone had told me that I reminded them of Yoda. Nathan used to be a graphic designer, so he went right to work and made this picture:

I’ve actually never even seen that movie, although I still love the picture. :))

Okay, time for bed. :)

Back from Cancun!

Well, I’m finally back home for a little bit!

I’ll be home for about a month, and then I start my cross country journey somewhere between August 10-12.

I took a video of one of the beaches, and also part of my horse riding journey. Let me tell you… speaking Spanish (I was doing really well!), while riding a horse (my first time!) on a beautiful trail in Mexico… that’s the life!

Here are some pictures:


That’s the gorgeous beach…


My sister and I after horseback riding. The instructor told us to hold hands… I ended up loving the picture!


I love all inclusive, and I *really* love barstools inside of a pool!


My sister got incredibly burnt, despite using suntan lotion…


That horse was $250,000 and worked for the Queen of England!


An hour or so into the trip and a few glasses of wine later..


Our last night… :(… but on the bright side, check out my tan! :)


I’m a huge nerd. I’ll leave it at that. :)


How beautiful is that!?