I am having the TIME OF MY LIFE!

I started driving from Philly to Los Angeles on Tuesday. It has been SO awesome!

I’m in St Louis now, and have stopped in Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio.

The drive has been going really well! My friend Dan Kelly gave me 7.5 gigs worth of products and audiobooks to listen to (over 100 hours worth of content), so I haven’t been bored at all. I ADORE HIM!

Actually… one of the things that he gave me was this awesome free teleconference call between Rich Schefren, Stephen Pierce, and Alex Mandossian. It was unbelievable! You should have seen me… I was driving, with one leg curled under me, with a notebook on my lap, and taking notes as I was driving. I know it’s not the safest thing ever, but how could anyone listen to that call and not take notes!?!?

In other news, I have a newfound love with Wal-Mart. There’s about a trillion 24 hour supercenters within every square foot around here… it’s awesome for the weird hours I’ve been keeping!

For example.. the first night, I slept in my car at a park. I was ready to start driving again at 4:30 am, but had to go to the bathroom… so I was able to just drive to a Wal-Mart!!

(There aren’t any 24 hour supercenters in Philadelphia, so excuse me if I sound ridiculously ignorant.. hahaha)

SPEAKING OF IGNORANT!! I saw the coolest thing!!! My cigarette lighter blew up yesterday, so I had no cell phone charger. I pulled over somewhere in Illinois to ask them to charge my phone via electricity for a little bit… and in this big travel stop, there was a shoe-shining station!!

True story!

Someone actually had to climb up on a perch.. and there actually was someone sitting in one of the chairs… and another girl was shining his shoes!

I wanted to take a picture, but since they were charging my cell phone for me, I figured that I shouldn’t be rude. ;)

Since my cell phone lighter died and I had no electricity for my laptop to charge or my camera, I decided to get a motel for the night.

Although the hotel is insanely vile, I’m still in love with it. I walked in and wanted to kiss the (dirty) walls. I’ve never appreciated a bed more in my life!!!

Hahaha… about the hotel: I’m really not complaining, I swear. It’s a huge upgrade next to sleeping at a park. But check out the shower!

It was AMAZING to have a bed, regardless, though :)

In other news… a few people have recently approached me to do some copywriting for them!!! SOOOO EXCITING$#@#!!@

And last but not least – my friend Brian and I launched a Warrior Special Offer that we’re going to convert into a regular membership site. It has been doing PHENOMENALLY so far!! You can check out the thread here. We have over 50 members already!

Okay.. I have to go see if I can get that cigarette lighter fixed… and maybe tour the Budweiser brewery around here. Budweiser originated in St Louis, so there are 5 million Budweiser signs all over the place! I’m not really a beer drinker, but it should be interesting anyway!

I’ll update as soon as possible as I make my next stop – I think I’m going to stop in Tulsa, next!

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I’ve Been Tagged!

Andrew Wee tagged me! You can view his post right over here.

Yay, this is fun!

Here are the tag rules:

  • Each player must post these rules first.
  • Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged need to write about their eight facts on their blog.
  • At the end of your blog post, choose eight people to get tagged, list their names, and link to them.
  • Don’t forget to contact them telling them they’re tagged. Also, point them to your blog post so they know what to do.

Here are my 8 random things:

1. I can’t sit still and not do anything! For this reason, I carry books and a notebook in my car at all times. (I’m thinking about taking meditation classes)

2. I just may be the worst driver ever. :)

3. I’m 1/2 Israeli, 1/4 Russian, and 1/8 Polish.

4. I can read and write Hebrew, but I don’t know what I’m reading or writing. I used to know Hebrew and Arabic fluently when I was younger, but I lost it once I stopped speaking it.

5. I’m always singing or humming. I do it in stores, with my friends, in the car…it doesn’t matter.

6. I’ve lost 100 pounds.

7. I received over 75% of my Bachelor’s Degree by taking online classes with Drexel University.

8. I’m starting belly dancing classes in September!

Okay, here are the people I’m tagging, in alphabetical order:

Anh Johnson

Dan Kelly (this means you’ll have to post now, Mr.Kelly!)

Gina Gaudio Graves

Jambhala Rinpo

Jason Henderson

Mitch Mauldin

Nathan Gilder

Pat Lovell

Simon Leung (at the risk of you doing this and not uploading those JV Alert pictures!)

Stephen Dean

(I know, I cheated. I couldn’t pick just 8 though!)

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While at JV Alert back in June, I met an awesome guy (and WSO guru) named Brian McElroy.

Brian has spent a year in Haiti, trying to bring higher communication to the communities.

Right now, he’s running a donation marathon to raise $10,000 for Haiti’s first rural university.

You can either chip in right here (goes directly to his fund):

Or you can go to his website. Either way, the cause is wonderful. :)

Stay In Touch!