eCom Pages Pro Bonus

Thank you for purchasiing eCom Pages Pro via my link. :)

20% off Shopify

You can get 20% off the lifetime of your your Shopify membership by going to://

Shopify says that this promotion is good for 20% off of Shopify for life and applies to new plans only. It doesn’t apply to annual plans or the “Lite” plan. You won’t see the price change until after you go to pay after the trial.

How to get your store filled up with 15+ products in under an hour



3 ways to sell products without spending any money upfront or dealing with China


Amazon Bestseller List

How I made my first Shopify sale 3 hours and 17 minutes after I bought the domain


How I got paid $171.85 to add 500+ people to my list


Abandoned Cart




Ninja trick – how to go into anyone’s Shopify store and find their best-selling items

This trick is very cool.

To find you the most popular collections in any store, type this in at the end of the .com:


For example – will show you this:


It makes sense that “Top sellers” would be the first category that shows up. ;)

You can find the best selling items in each collection by typing this in at the end of each category:


So you can see by going to that these are the top sellers:



Side note: I’ve wanted that “my weekend is all booked” sweatshirt for a while. It’s so cool, right? ;)

You can use this trick SO many ways – to look for design inspiration, to find stores that might be good promotional partners for you, to see what you should/shouldn’t spend time on, to find new Facebook posts that people will respond to…

It’s very valuable. :)

Unannounced Bonus: Some of my favorite Shopify apps

Here are some of my favorite apps on Shopify. These help you supercharge your sales:

Wanelo – This app takes all of your items and puts them into the Wanelo marketplace. They don’t charge you anything to do it and take 10% commission on all sales. I often make sales via Wanelo without doing anything extra.

Abandonment Protector – Send emails to people who came to your store, started to order, then left. This helps recoup a lot of lost orders.

Product Discount – Offer discounts and special deals on your products.

Kit – This is an automated tool that sends thank you emails to customers, runs Facebook and Instagram ads for you, does retargeting, and more.

Order Lookup App – Help your customers look up their orders without having to go through your customer service.

Better Shipping – Customize your shipping rates to give people the best and most accurate pricing possible.

Lucky Orange – Run heat maps on your site to see the actions customers are taking, do live sales chats, run polls, and more.

Boost Sales – Create upsells and downsells with this. It’s said to be a lot better than Product Upsell.

Unannounced Bonus: Advertising Image Templates

Here are some unannounced bonuses. I hope they help you sell more!

#1: 20 templates for Facebook right hand ads. Download right here.

#2: 20 templates for Facebook news feed ads. Download right here.

#3: 20 templates for Pinterest ads. Download right here.

These Pinterest templates are the perfect size to stand out on Pinterest and get as much real estate as possible.

You can put transparent images on top of each of these images to have high quality images. For example, you may have a news feed template like this:

Steel newsfeed background
And then use your favorite editing software to place transparent images on top of it. I personally use and SnagIt but you can use whatever you want and make something like this:


Here’s a video of how I made that, in case you haven’t use templates before:

Enjoy! :)

With love,

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