Physical Product System Bonuses

Thank you for purchasing Physical Product System via the Dream Team. :)

You can access your bonuses from Don Wilson and Rachel Rofé here.

Here’s everything:


You can download all of the transcripts at once right here.

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Getting Started

Post Dynamo – Access to the Twitter software

To get a 90 day account to Post Dynamo (no credit card required), please sign up below:

You’ll get all the details in your first email.

After you get your account, take an hour and play around. Add in some tweets. Everything should work fine, but if you run into any problems please email support and let us know. This software has been working great for me, but it’s still technically in beta mode. We’ll be fixing any unintended bugs and you’ll obviously get all the upgrades.

Creating your Twitter lists:

You might opt to make lists for:

– Jokes in your niche

– Blog posts

– Sales

– Product tips

– Featured products

– Sales

– Quotes from people in your niche (or that people in your niche would find inspiring).

You can also get EXCELLENT results on Twitter using hash tags, so use them as much you can.

With Shopify + Twitter partnering, you should DEFINITELY take advantage of having a Twitter sales force working for you 24/7 now that it’s holiday time.

Facebook + Pinterest Ad Templates

#1: 20 templates for Facebook right hand ads. Download right here.

#2: 20 templates for Facebook news feed ads. Download right here.

#3: 20 templates for Pinterest ads. Download right here.

These Pinterest templates are the perfect size to stand out on Pinterest and get as much real estate as possible.

You can put transparent images on top of each of these images to have high quality images. For example, you may have a news feed template like this:

Steel newsfeed background
And then use your favorite editing software to place transparent images on top of it. I personally use and SnagIt but you can use whatever you want and make something like this:


Here’s a video of how I made that, in case you haven’t use templates before:

Thank you very much!
Don Wilson, Keith Dougherty, Stephanie Henry, and Rachel Rofe