My very first client… all starting from Rachel Rofe

Here are other testimonials:


“Definite chops and solid marketing instincts, going to go far.”

John Carlton said this about a friend and I:

“…high-energy, creative copywriters with definite chops and solid marketing instincts, and they’re going to go far….”

“…. a two-for-one tsunami of blossoming talent and enthusiasmat a fraction of what they will soon be charging…”“They remind me of me when I first started out.” John Carlton, One of the world’s most sought after copywriters

“Some people put things together with their heads, others their hearts. Rachel does this online thing with her SOUL.”

Everyone know that Rachel Rofe ROCKS! I have recommended her products both with enthusiast, heart and respect. She is a brand you respect.

Now remember that word RESPECT because respect is earned through TIME + TRUST. Buy her products and in time you will come to trust what I have just shared with you.

And if you dont??? reach out to me. I Enforce what I Endorse.

Some people put things together with their heads, others their hearts. Rachel does this online thing with her SOUL.

Darren Monroe

“Yielded over £12,000 in Revenue and approx £1,500 recurring. Thanks for helping my business get to where it is today.”

Hey Rachel,

I bought this package back in 2008 for the price of $497 and it was worth every penny i paid for it.

My first seminar yielded over £12,000 in Revenue and approx £1,500 recurring.

This is an awesome package…

Now although i used a twist to the way i sell and conduct my seminars i use a lot of the material that is in this package. My seminar business has gone from strength to strength and also moved into different fields; the foundation was Rachel’s product.

So my advice to you if you are thinking about launching into this arena – BUY THIS!

Rachel – this is a personal thanks for helping my business get to where it is today. Had i not purchased your product i would never have started the seminar arm to my business which has been responsible for many big paydays :-)


“Just 2 weeks after getting your system… I made $18k.”

A couple of weeks ago I picked up Jaime and Rachel’s package, and let me tell you… it’s simple and brilliant. A walk in the park!

I took their “paint-by-numbers” outline… and BAAM!…

It worked like a charm.

They way they’ve laid it out, it’s a no-brainer for outsourcing the whole darn thing.

The result? I pulled in $8k, plus 2 retainers of $5k each, plus another 2 companies with pending deals.

The best part? The whole thing was a relaxing experience.

Hanif Khaki

“With the help of Rachel’s copy, 25% of the seats were immediately filled… with over 3 months to go.”

“I sent a mailing to my list with the sole purpose of “planting the seed” about a workshop that I’m doing in a few months.

Anyone who runs live events knows that most of the tickets don’t usually sell until the last 2 weeks due to scheduling, last minute decisions, etc… but I wanted to at least start getting the word out.

With the help of Rachel’s copy, 25% of the seats were immediately filled… with over 3 months to go!

Suffice it to say… I’m impressed!” Glen Hopkins
#1 Best-Selling Author

“I met Rachel… knew right from the start she wasn’t your ‘typical internet marketer’.”

“I met Rachel a couple of years ago and I knew right from the start that she wasn’t your “typical internet marketer.” She simply does things differently, in unique and effective ways.

She’s a real out-of-the-box thinker and doer… gets straight to the point and lays out the entire strategy that she used to get her name in the mass media.

Plus, from past purchases I’ve made of Rachel’s products, I know she completely over-delivers after the sale in terms of unannounced bonuses, extras, and support. She’s always there to help — count on that.”

Bill Davis

“Got it about 3 weeks ago… still haven’t gone through everything… made $15k.”

Just wanted to thank ya’ll so much. Got it about 3 weeks ago, printed it out the same night… still haven’t gone through all of the additional resources that were given, but so far I’ve walked away with 3 signed contracts for $5k each.
Charles Kirkland

“Excellent teacher who practices what she preaches.”

“Rachel genuinely likes helping people find their successes.

She is an excellent teacher who practices what she preaches. I know from experience that anything she does is thorough.”


“This is probably the best outsourcing guide I have ever seen, Rachel. Super Impressed.”

This is probably the best outsourcing guide I have ever seen. Rachel… Super Impressed.

This guide really puts everything in a way that even a newbie can start thinking about outsourcing their business.

I can tell that you’ve got alot of experience in this field and the package you’re selling here is an insane value….

Why in the world aren’t you charging more for this?!?

Keep it up Rachel! Awesome stuff.

Dr. Ben Adkins

I paid $497… it’s made me many thousands of dollars.”

I have the original product that Rachel and Jaime released several years ago and I paid… $497… and even at that price it was an absolute steal.

I have made many thousands of dollars applying the ideas in this timeless report – it can be spun so many ways! It has made me thousands, and will continue to make me many more down the road!


“The best value I have EVER come across.”

All I can say is WOW. I just got the downloads and have had a brief run through the materials. Having spent the last 10 years on the seminar circuit in a different industry I can definitely say your material, bonuses and add ons are incredible. You’ve truly blown me away.

I look forward to 2011 being an incredible year in implementing your system. All this for $xxx. You have to be kidding. That is the best value I have ever come across. I have to reiterate the thoughts of many current owners who suggest it’s a steal at several hundred dollars. Congrats on such a brilliant product…WOW is all I can say.


“I just want you to know that I noticed the care you’ve put into this.”

Rachel I’ve just gone through part of this course – the transcripts. This is a really superb, helpful course.

I’m surprised – not because I don’t trust you – but because the quality I’ve come to expect in the IM niche isn’t this high.

You’ve included many things to make it more actionable and almost plug and play (rolodex, job description).

The course practically answers every question I had. Fourth fifths of the way I was wondering: so how will I write an outline? And there it was in that last video! I was really surprised.

And you actually talked about how to make higher quality books.

Anyway, I just want you to know that I noticed the care you’ve put into this.


“You inspire me to be real, helpful, and kind.”

Thanks, Rachel. I love reading your emails – they are straight from your heart and it’s obvious. I just unsubscribed from 3 marketers and then received your email and thought, “Oh good! An update from Rachel!” (:

You inspire me to be real, helpful, and kind in all my email communication.

Kate Saunders

“Your course is one of the best things I’ve invested in this year.”

Hi Rachel,

Your course is one of the best things I’ve invested in this year. That’s actually an understatement, just because of this major ah-ha it’s given me.

You have my profound gratitude.

Thanks much,

“Your compelling copy helped me add 10,689 fresh new subscribers to my mailing list.”

I’m really impressed – the copy looks great! You’ve really captured the essence of my project in the copy. You have really over delivered and I know that the sales page is going to convert like crazy. Expect some business from my friends, I will highly recommend you. Thank you!” And later… “I want to commend you on what a great job you did for me on my latest project. Your compelling copy helped me add 10,689 fresh new subscribers to my mailing list. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

I definitely plan to use your services again in the future.”
Jason James

“Yours is a text book case of how to connect with an audience.”

Hi Rachel, got your product and what can I say…Yours is a text book case of how to connect with an audience.I really appreciate your openness and am sure that the rest of your audience does too. As for the meat and potatoes of the product you really packed it full of no nonsense hard hitting content. Bravo for delivering on your brand promise!

“Once I saw this it made me step up my own products.”

Honestly once I saw this product it made me step up my own products because I saw how much they were offering.

This is EASILY a $997 product and will make anyone who uses it much more than that.

We’ve all heard the “I think they should be selling this for more” line before and I hate to use the cliche…

But this price really disrespects how much value is inside this product.

If you’re not buying this at this price you are crazy.

Justin Brooke

“Almost 40% into buyers.”

Here’s the conversions (please feel free to use the conversion number to market your services):

** For our early notification list, the entire launch process + the sales letter converts
almost 40% into buyers.
** For JV partners’ list, the sales letter converts at 4.3% ** For cold traffic — a little more than 3%.

John (He asked for the niche to remain undisclosed – but it’s very competitive.)

“You continue to overdeliver.”

Hi Rachel,I have opened your product and gone through it, and I must say it’s amazing! There’s so much original content here!It’s in the same class as your prior products. You continue to overdeliver!

I’m never disappointed when I purchase your products. Keep up the great work!

Tom O’Boyle

“Everything I have ever used, read, bought or seen from Rachel Rofe is top notch quality information.”

Everything I have ever used, read, bought or seen from Rachel Rofe is top notch quality information.She is an expert in outsourcing so if you feel the need to outsource invest in this and you won’t regret it.


“Straight to the point and step by step.”

This product “rocks!” I mean really. You go straight to the point and your step by step fashion was easy to follow. Thanks for the “ninja” tip and the outsourcing links. Saves time and effort finding the right assistance. Yay! Rachel! Thanks!

J. Johnson

I saw the name I bought. I always expect overdelivery and overdelivery I will get.

I saw the name I bought. I always expect overdelivery and overdelivery I will get.

I am happy to have these info and I Thank GOD for you cos now I am aiming to hit the magazines big time and I don’t care which one it is provided they have readers and they want to listen to what I have to say.

Well done Rachel. Ooops!!! She did it again.

Stay blessed.


“If it’s got Rachel’s name on it, I’m in!”

What can I say — If it’s got Rachel’s name on it, I’m in!EDIT: I got my report, and as expected, it’s packed full of solid content. GET THIS.

Gene Pimentel

“Innovator and great teacher!”

So much information, and so many ways to become known! Unbelievable that no one has done this before, but then Rachel is well known as an innovator and great teacher! Thank you. Can’t wait to get started.


“You are my angel.”


You are my angel, how did you know that I have just signed a Professional Musician as a client, he is a Jazz Guitarist and is starting a training site on learning how to play a guitar, I am offering him a massive social media campaign and wanted to be able to include Main Stream Media as part of my package, now thanks to you I can over-deliver my services to him!


“…Gets Ideas Through To People Easily… Most Don’t Come Up To This Standard.”

As far as I can see, every post before this one has endorsed Rachel’s product enthusiastically and I’ll add my enthusiastic endorsement to the list.

Every compliment given to Rachel is valid.

My problem is I’m finding it difficult to add anything new.

But there are a couple of points I haven’t seen mentioned. The first is Rachel herself. Some people (I’m not one of them) seem to be able to ‘get ideas through to people’ easily. I don’t know if it was as easy as the videos made it look or if there was a lot of rehearsal and I don’t care. The end result is very effective. I found it very easy to absorb the information. And believe me, most videos don’t come up to this standard.

And I must comment on the transcripts. Firstly because they are not at all common, so having them is a treat. I have had transcripts before from other products and typically, with them it was obvious that the transcript was outsourced and was issued without checking. Rachel, on the other hand, is different. She probably outsourced the transcripts but they were checked and edited. Rachel’s transcripts were easily readable and contained proper paragraphs. In other words I can use them without editing them myself.


“I am very impressed!”

Just read this and I am very impressed! Short, but totally jam-packed with solid information…

Wasn’t expecting much, but Rachel has overdelivered on this one.

Just to clarify to anyone that might think otherwise, this is a 100% honest review with no financial benefit to me.

Thanks again, Rachel!

Josh Ril

“If anyone can give you 110 percent support, motivation, and even a swift kick in the rear… it’s Rachel.”

If anyone has the tried and true battle scars of offline business, it’s Rachel. If anyone can convey that experience and give you 110 percent support, motivation, and a even swift kick in the rear to make you succeed, it’s Rachel.

Dave Gammage

“Holy F#@^&@#&^%#@%!!!”

All I can say is…

Holy F#@^&@#&^%#@%!!!

This is un-f^&@#^&%#@-believable!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting all that much.

Until I did the “______” thing…

That alone was worth the cost, the rest is gravy!

You way over-delivered on this one!


Thanks again!


“A truly original product.”

This is NOT the same regurgitated crap you see all over the place. This is a truly original product. I’ve seen every piece of this entire and it’s one thing you should definitely take advantage of.

Aside from the rave reviews, she is a great person and an outstanding addition to IM.

Show your appreciation to a girl that is bucking trends and giving you solid info.

Ross Goldberg

“I had no doubt when I bought the quality would be top notch, and I was NOT disappointed.”

Well, I guess I’ll throw my 2 pence worth in…

I picked this up about 2 or so months ago and when I opened it up I was totally floored at just the amount of materials that came with this.

…I was NOT expecting this much!

But ok, the amount of materials is one thing. What about the quality of the material?

Yeah, well, I have met Rachel before and know she has been doing this stuff for a while. I had no doubt that when I bought, the quality would be top notch – and I was NOT disappointed!

…This package saved me a TON of time and money – now I don’t have to create it or pay someone to create it for me.

Mike Ambrosio

“I was blown away.”

I got this package also and even though I know Rachel I was blown away by what was contained in the product.

It really is a complete product that with some effort can get many folks making a decent income.

Tim Gorman

“I love all your products.”

OMG awesome Rachel!!

I love all your products but this one TOPS! I LOVE how you think outside the box and go deeply into how to tell your story, fantastic!!

That is one area that I have really struggled with over the years, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The instructions and tips that you gave in your short videos are incredible. I can’t wait to get started.

Cheers Rachel, you rock!!

Trish O’Leary

“If it’s from you I know it’s good information and that I will be able to put it to good use.”

“If it’s from you I know it’s good information and that I will be able to put it to good use. You don’t seem to produce junk – only quality educational material. I’ll be studying this and come back with some qualified comments.”


“Have learned so much from you and all your other products already.”


I have learned so much from you and all your other products already, I can only imagine what more I am going to learn in this.

Thanks for all your hard work!! Love Your Products! Can’t wait to review this!

Wes H.

“If I had the buy now button finished, I would have bought my own guide from me .”

“Your sales copy was by far the best copy I’ve ever read, and I know quite a few good copywriters.

The way you previewed the product just enough to get me to bite without giving away the whole idea was amazing. If I had the buy now button finished, I would have bought my own guide from me .
Brian Koz

You’re a miracle worker! Not that I ever doubted it, but that’s so good, I’d hire myself!

You’re a miracle worker! Not that I ever doubted it, but that’s so good, I’d hire myself!” I must admit, I had already seen some of your sales copy floating around the net and always thought how attention grabbing they were, but how surprised was I when I finally got around to working with you!

Rachel, you work Miracles! I’m so glad I contacted you with my project details. Your copy just increased the value of my business by tenfolds. On another level, I must give you big props for not only being a Top Copywriter in my book, but also a Top Mind. You are 100% professional and commited to the success of your customers.

Thanks again for going out of your way to help the way you did!

Alex Valois P.S: Just the advices I’ve received from you in the conversations we exchanged were worth in themselves a lot more than what you actually charge for your service!”
Alex Valois


0.25 percent to 2.61 percent”

“During my internet marketing journey I have had the pleasure of working with you when I needed it the most. Mort importantly you have created miraculous results on my copy by increasing the conversion from 0.25 percent to 2.61 percent with some very creative headlines as well as consistent tweaks and improvement.Not only you were able to write good copy but also you have provided tremendous help in terms of crafting the offer to be more appealing and higher converting.

In this high paying copy writing market place, you provide way more value than industry average. Thanks a lot for your service!



Even make me want to buy my own product.”

“Rachel, the sales letter you did for me is amazing. I haven’t launched the product yet, but from my experience (and I have a lot of experience) it will convert extremely well. Very persuasive. Even make me want to buy my own product.

I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who wants well-converting sales copy.”

John Chen

“I would highly recommend that anyone looking to become successful online follow you and listen to whatever you have to say.”

“…It would seem you’re both taking the Internet by storm! When I first met you it was obvious that you each possess incredible talents and that you’re going to go far.In just a short amount of time you’ve both quickly become recognizable names and have developed a following, with your unique and witty copywriting talents, and your abilities to just make incredible things happen for yourselves and those around you.

I would highly recommend that anyone looking to become successful online follow you and listen to whatever you have to say.”

Best in your continued success,
John Hostler

“Rachel Rofe. Hire her ass now before you can’t afford her.”

“…some of the best ad copy I have ever seen. Rachel Rofe is probably one of best damn copywriters in the world. Period. End of story.

And there’s a reason for this that goes far beyond her understanding of buzz words and the Gambino Crime Family.

She’s lived. She’s lived a lot.

Read her blog and you’ll feel like your lives are dull compared to what this girl has done.

That’s the type of real life experience needed in order to put shit down on paper and inspire people to spend their money for the product being pitched.

That’s a gift. You can teach Copywriting 101…. but you can’t teach “heart and soul”. You have it..or you don’t. Rachel, has it. Any girl who can fight off a pack of outlaw banditos in some Hostel, grab Hugh Hefner’s ass, and still find time to look like a million dollars while crashing her car and writing kick ass copy at the same time— is someone “you’se people” better watch out for!

This girl can really write. And she “gets it”.

She’s got “balls.” And heart. And soul. And that’s pretty rare in this world especially considering this chick can really write powerful copy on top of that.

Rachel has that one gift that can’t be taught. She can put her genuine passion for life and people down on paper.


That x-factor can’t be taught. You have it or you don’t. Rachel has it.

Rachel Rofe. Hire her ass now before you can’t afford her. True.

Matt M.

I know it will make a difference to the sales…

“Rachel, your video critique was worth the money for the whole mastermind group. I have learned a lot from the 5 videos you sent and I know it will make a difference to the sales, thank you.”-Steven Atchison
Editor’s note: The mastermind group cost $1397.

…A great critique. I’m certainly going to work on the tips that you suggested.

“Ouch, poor Brian. You just tore his copy to bits. That is a great critique though… I’m certainly going to work on the tips that you suggested . I’ll show you the sales copy after I make the changes. Thanks again for this critique… I love it!

-Adam Fletcher

Your feedback is excellent.

“Thank you for making time to review my paper. Being new to all this, one doesn’t now just how to approach some of these things. Your feedback is excellent and I’ll make the changes you’ve suggested.”

– Dean H.

I’m going to learn a lot from you. :)

” I hadn’t gotten back to you yet because I’ve been swamped but I wanted to tell you that I REALLY appreciate the critique. You say everything so clearly. I can tell I’m going to learn a lot from you :)”

– Jenn D.

Great comments, Rachel!

“Great comments Rachel, Many thanks. I appreciate the positive comments and the constructive suggestions.

I’ll make what changes I can before the hotseat on Wednesday. That means I’ll probably focus on the words and get the layout changes done later. I really appreciate it.”

-Robert G.

Most sincerely, I love it!

“Holy Jamoly!!!!

I never expected all that in a million years!!!

You KNOW how much I appreciate it as my Sales Copy is not my strong suit…and obviously, it is yours!!! Thank you, Rachel… I’m implementing it ALL…except changing my ebook title…but I get right where you’re coming from and where that could be confusing as to the way I had certain things worded in the Sales letter….and I’ll change that around so it makes sense, more continuity.

Thank you again for all of this…most sincerely…I love it! Thrilled in Wisconsin with your critique!”

– Marijo J.

“The internet is full of make money quickly or get rich quick schemes.  Because of this, I was reluctant when dialing in to Rachel’s Low Hanging System call back in November which described how to design and coffee mugs and t-shirts to sell on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and other platforms.

I expected the majority of the call listening to how great the program was and how much money this person or that person made. I expected a sales pitch with very little information about what the system was about and how it really worked.

To my surprise, it was the opposite. Rachel went into detail on how to design and sell coffee mugs and t-shirts and how she was successful following her system. The call was geared toward what to do so you can succeed using the system she developed. She explained what we needed to do to be successful without the promise of making tons of easy money. The call was clear concise and Rachel was honest about what she though would work and what wouldn’t based on her experience. Even though I’m not the most creative person and wasn’t able to put a lot of time into it, I decided to subscribe Rachel’s Low Hanging System.

What I got in return was a detailed easy to navigate course which I didn’t have to spend a lot of time on. Everything was laid out in a easy to follow format which left me with no questions. Within a week I had my first listing. Within a month my first sale. Fast forward 11 months and I’m about to hit my 400th sale.

The Low Hanging System works. After learning more about Rachel on her webpage I think she’s one of those rare people who have “it”. She’s a high energy person who will be (and has been) successful at whatever she decides to do. That’s my definition of “it”.

I’m looking forward to what she is going to do next and hopefully I can be a part of it like I am with the Low Hanging System. ”

– Mike Funk

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  1. I emailed Rachel rofe to get her business email and contact for legal purposes and no one has responded to my request to date.

    Please provide all contact information including where business is registered, state, country and legal business name and who I can address legal correspondence.

    Kind regards
    [email protected]

  2. My name is Skip Thomas I have left message on anyone of the courses that as been sent to me now I get email on both my email address but no access to get in my email address is [email protected] or [email protected] its been over 6 months or more closer to a year and am still trying to make proper contact with you please could you help with this thank you and hope to hear from you soon

  3. I paid in full and never god access to the training, I have sent emails and the responses I get are that no account under my email or my enquiry might take 2 working days to be attended to.
    This is very unprofessional. Please give me access to the training

  4. hi, I paid for the training in full and I didn’t receive a link to create an account not to start the training, I sent an email to [email protected], received an email back signed by Ana with this link which is a link to log in not to create an account, in that link I requested a new password and I in there there is a message saying :If your email address exists in our database, you will receive a password recovery link at your email address in a few minutes.
    which I never did receive.
    please be so kind to give me access


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