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  1. Are y’all aware that your link from the webinar just sends you back to the funnel page? I am having trouble finding any more information about the LHS. I cannot even find any links to purchase it! I am seeing a link to “dfyjumpstart(.)com” which automatically redirects to the funnel with the webinar signup.

      • Hey again, So I got some more information, and it looks like, unfortunately, nothing can be done about the situation at the moment, as this is the setup that allows for all contact/information to be done over the phone with the sales people. But if you ever have any questions or concerns, again, you can always reach out to [email protected], and they will be able to assist!

  2. I’ve sent multiple requests for a refund on my deposit made to your man handling your finances outside of the US. You have yet to respond, making me wonder about the legitimacy of your operation. Please refund my deposit of $500 ASAP.

  3. Hi, I am interested in purchasing the low hanging system, however now there isn’t the purchase page just the webinar signup.
    I already watched the replay before from the youtube link, and came here to purchase the $297, but now it’s not there anymore.
    where can i purchase the course?

  4. your contact mode is set on all caps so i can’t get past the security code, please correct so i can get through.

  5. Hello there – I am very interested in purchasing the product, is there any way I can speak to a person on the phone, as I have some additional questions.

    Thank you,
    Annie perez

  6. I am interested in investing in your Low Hanging System course, but I have several concerns/questions which I would appreciate being answered.
    Where do I send them (email address?) them to be respectfully answered?
    (I have tried to send a message through the form above on this page but it does not seem to be working for me?)


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