This is a listing of some of the people I love to work with. Unless otherwise noted, I’ve directly worked with them. Nobody has paid to be on this list.

And while I highly recommend everyone right now, sometimes things change. I’ve had to take people off the rolodex in the past, add new ones on, or make pricing changes.

Sometimes these people also give special deals to my friends. If you want to stay updated with all the going-ons, sign up here:

Blog Builders

Bledar – Bledar at serviceramo is the guy who designed and created this blog. He’s epic.

MyWebSupportTeam – I use this service to do a lot of technical things for me. I pay $97 a month and get 20 credits (I think). I’m allowed to use those credits to do lots of things – like build blogs, back them up, install scripts, and do many other things I have no idea how to do. The credits roll over and the team there is pretty fast.

Book Formatting:

Getting physical books formatted:

John – John will do format your books for you on CreateSpace. He’s fast, efficient, and does a great job. His rates vary per job and you can find his formatting services here.

Getting Kindle books formatted:

Kinstant Formatter – Anyone who has tried to do the formatting for their Kindle eBook on their own knows just how painfully frustrating it can be. So, as a result, I highly recommend using the Kinstant Formatter to do the dirty work for you. This tool is a life-savor that will take care of all of your Kindle formatting frustrations. It is a done-for-you, web-based tool that is extremely quick and effective, and allows you to use it on unlimited files for $37. Check it out here:

John – John will do Kindle formatting for you. He’s fast, efficient, and does a great job. His rates vary per job and you can find his formatting services here.


Lisa – Lisa is WONDERFUL at bookkeeping! I gave her a boatload of PayPal transactions once (I’m talking hundreds of pages worth) and she gave me everything back in nice, efficient order. It was VERY easy to do my taxes thanks to her. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her rates are $25/hour, and she has special packages on her website. You can view her website here – or email her at Raeloneson


Becky – I have used Becky to create a lot of sites. One of the sites she created was, which I absolutely LOVE. She creates psd files of blog designs, and then I hire coders off of oDesk to code them in. You can email Becky at becky  Each design is about $150.

The coder I last used was “Mr. Coder”, with an email of  He charged $50 or $60 to code it. He didn’t do the coding within deadline, but he did a good job when he did it. I had a couple things I need fixed (one was his error, one was something I changed my mind on) and he happily fixed it with no complaints.

Bledar – Bledar is an unbelievable designer and Thesis coder (for WordPress). I’ve worked with him several times now, and every time he has been absolutely outstanding. You can contact him at serviceramo


Joseph Chengery – Joseph is a fantastic editor and proofreader who gets the job done fast and efficiently. In general, he can go through a 20,000 word eBook (around 70-90 pages) in 1-2 hours time (certainly no more than 2-3 hours). Joseph usually charges $3.00/300 words (about 1 page). And when dealing with multiple reports, he estimates an average of $75 extra/50 pages to make the reports connected and have the same tone (prices vary depending on quality). You can contact Joseph at jchengery

Wendy Waltz – Wendy is a wonderful proofreader and a delight to work with. Her communication is timely and she gets the job done quickly. Wendy charges $3.00/300 words (about 1 page) and is willing to do sound-the-same editing as well, where she takes multiple reports, connects them, and makes them have a streamlined voice and tone. You can reach her at waltzwendy


MyFancyHands – MyFancyHands is a team of personal assistants that help with everything. I absolutely LOVE using them. They’ve helped me find people to sew holes in my sweaters, pick out new houses, and do research for me. They are seriously INCREDIBLE and one of my secret weapons.

TaskRabbit – If you live in one of the cities they serve right now (Boston, San Francisco, NYC, Los Angeles, or Orange County), these guys ROCK. Basically, you can go in and say you need someone to run you an errand. Different people “bid” on your job and then go do it for you. I use this when I’m traveling sometimes. It’s awesome. Here’s a video on how the system works.


Lisa – I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough. She’s one of the only transcriptionists I’ve ever used that actually gets things turned around ON TIME. She also takes out “umms” and “ahhs” and Googles for peoples’ names if she can’t understand them. She really cares and takes transcription to a level most people don’t. Her rates are $60/audio hour and she has special packages for less on her website. You can view her website here – or email her at Raeloneson

Tara Needham – I had been working with someone else for awhile and then started using Tara’s services again, and I have to say that she does PHENOMENAL work. She did an absolutely awesome job on the transcriptions that she did for Otto and myself. You can get in touch with Tara at tara  Also, she said to mention that I sent you, and she will give you a discount on her transcription services.

Annie Ballard – Annie does great transcription work, and I definitely recommend using her services. You can contact her at annieballard07

Virtual Assistants

Annalise – Annalise is great at working on personal errands, doing blog commenting, and anything that involves dealing with people. She’s incredibly friendly and happy and I really love her a lot. I’m not sure what her rates are, but I believe a well-deserved $12-$15/hour. You can email her at annalise_green


Article Writers:

Sonya – You can reach her at sonya.l.stewart and she is GREAT. Her rates are $5 per 500 word article, and she does an excellent job.

Lori – I have not used Lori personally, but she comes extremely highly recommended over at the Earn1KADay forum. Her rates are $5 per 500-word SEO article and she does research. You can email her at lbcrooks

Joseph – I have worked with Joseph to get articles written for my meditation website. He is a clean writer who did a good job giving me exactly the type of content that I was looking for. For article/blog writing, he charges $.02/word. Joseph also does eBook writing for $10/page (minimum 10 pages, including some research) and email copywriting, priced by the campaign – $299 for a 7-message series and $399 for an 11- message series. Joseph said if you email him directly and let him know that you found him from the Rolodex, he can offer you a discounted rate. You can reach him at jrc10

Content Writers:

Danna Waltz – Danna went WAY above and beyond what I asked her, is phenomenal to work with, extremely professional, and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She even went to the LIBRARY to bring in tons of new information that wasn’t regurgitated online. Who does that? SO highly recommended and negotiable on rates. You can email Danna at made4more4

Max – Max writes for me on occasion and does a really great job. He’s a very phenomenal writer and is still pretty inexpensive while he tries to carve a name for himself. I’m not sure what his rates are right now but if you tell him I sent you, I’m sure he’ll give you a great deal. You can email him at n_ntltd


Rob Hawthorne – In a word, Rob is incredible! Here are some of the reasons why you can benefit from him: you’ll get copy written for you by someone who’s written for MAJOR gurus as well as launches that sold over $1 million in one day; his writing is so beautiful, and his ability to conjure images through his words is nothing short of magical; he has been through and knows A LOT. Plus, he works at crazy low rates compared to his experience level. Check him out:

Press Release Writers:

Sonya – Sonya again! She does a GREAT job on press releases and only charges $6/500 word press release. You can email her at sonya.l.stewart

Want More?

If you are looking for a specific service provider I haven’t mentioned, please let me know. I tried to be as thorough as possible but it’s possible I forgot something.

Are You A Service Provider?

If you’re a service provider and you want me to mention your services, or if you want me to tell my outsourcing list about a special promotion you have, please email my assistant at rachelreports

I will need to review your services in order to recommend them, of course.

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