If you wish you could have super-trained assistants WITHOUT your needing to do the training… I have a very awesome offer for you.

(100% of the proceeds are going to charity and you’ll pay the charity directly.)


I have a product coming up that I’m planning on making an investment of $200 (but not today). It’s called ‘Free Up My Life’.

The back story on the product is that a few months ago, I realized I didn’t have enough hours for my assistant Michaela (before you ask… that’s no longer the case).

I didn’t want to just cut her hours, especially considering how amazing she’s been to me, so I made a blog post to see if anyone wanted to co-hire her with me.

The blog post highlighted some of the amazing things she knows how to do:

  • Write articles.
  • Write and send out newsletters to my niche lists.
  • Buy domain names and transfer them to Hostgator, then install blogs and themes on them.
  • Do basic copywriting.
  • Manage my emails in a beautiful way.
  • Hire people.
  • Update my social media pages in my niches.
  • Write blog posts.
  • Create web forms.

A lot of AWESOME stuff.

Within 2 hours of my hitting “publish” on my blog post, she was SOLD OUT. And I had people sending me text messages and emails, begging me to change my mind and “give her” to them.

This told me two things:

1. A highly trained assistant, even at a premium price, is in HIGH DEMAND.

2. People are craving assistants as epic as my Michaela, and they’ll do whatever they can to have her.

So… what I decided to do was have Michaela make training videos on many things she knows how to do.

This way you can take the training videos and just hand them off to your assistant.

With these videos…

a) You don’t need to take grueling time training your assistant yourself…

b) If you’re on a budget, you can hire interns or newer assistants and train them to be as awesome as premium-level assistants.

Most people are going to spend around $1k – $2k/month on a part time assistant.

Even a Filipino assistant is $400/month.

So it would make sense to invest $200 to take a basic assistant and turn them into PREMIUM level, especially considering the monthly investment you’re already making.

But because I want to raise money for Barbara and Little Live Show today, if you donate $50, ONE-TIME, then you’ll get all the videos:

Right now we have 13 videos up, but we’ll be putting more up. And you’ll get lifetime access to every new video we put up.

To get access to the videos…

Simply click the “Donate” button below and donate $50 directly to this nonprofit PayPal account:

As soon as you do, you’ll be redirected to the thank-you page for the videos.

You can watch the videos online, or you can download them and hand them off to your assistants.

We’ll be making more videos, so you can send in requests.

And like I said, ONE payment gets you access to all the videos we create.

And once you get to the thank you page, you’ll also see…

About the nonprofit you’re donating to:

I have a goal today to raise $10k for my new friend Barbara this weekend. I’ll be updating on my Facebook page how we’re doing.

Here’s the back story on Barbara: about a month ago, I met a woman at Starbucks. Something in me told me to get to know her better, and I’m so glad I did.

The woman is incredible.

She’s done so many remarkable things in her life.

First, she’s foster parented 16 children. And not just ANY 16 children. 16 severely abused children with very troubled cases.

She told me some stories about children she parented. One of the teenage girls she parented was supposed to be institutionalized within a year. She was reckless. A total troublemaker.

Barbara told the government, “Just give me a year. I’ll get her off the institution list.”

And she did.

She’s raising another little boy now. The boy wasn’t supposed to even be able to walk. Now he RUNS.

He wasn’t supposed to talk either. But Barbara used to hear him humming, in perfect pitch… so she latched on to that and now she has him singing.

That’s kind of remarkable on it’s own.

But Barbara has done so much more than just that.

She also runs these shows called ‘Little Live Shows’.  She works with children to create upbeat, positive TV programs that bring warmth, laughter, and love into the lives of thousands.

The TV shows help in 3 major ways:

1. Barbara knows that for kids to open up, they need to feel safe. So she has them laughing, feeling secure, warm… builds up their confidence and excitement… which is amazing on its own…

2. Then in between segments, while they feel secure, they feel good enough to open up to her so she can listen to them. Work with them. Help them.


3. The show also highlights the needs for families to adopt foster children, all in a POSITIVE way.

As you can see… this woman is amazing.

She’s been working for years without being paid a penny.

Now she’s all out of funds, but with a bigger vision than ever.

Right now she’s 59 or 60 (so still young)… and when she looked me square in the eyes and told me, “I know I have more of an impact on this planet to make before I die…”

… tears filled my eyes and I KNEW I was meant to help her.

So that’s what I’m doing today.

So again… to get access to the videos (normally $200, but $50 for today…):

Simply click the “Donate” button below and donate $50 directly to this nonprofit PayPal account:


Thank you so much,

With love,

P.S. Here’s a clip of one of Barbara’s shows – “Funnyland at The Little Live Show” – Right here

You can see a video of her son (the one who wasn’t supposed to talk) singing right here.

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