Why I Blog

I was recently talking to Lou Corona, and he told me he gets all his juice from watching people transform their bodies, energy levels, etc. We talked about how our friend Bruce gets all his juice from playing music for people and seeing their reactions.

I get all my juice from inspiring people. I do it for:

– The guy in Venice Beach I met who found my blog and got so inspired he quit his job to focus on passive income

– The dude from Toastmaster’s who made his first product because he wanted the lifestyle I had

– People who told me they’re going to get their blood tested after reading my blood testing blog entry

– My friend Tim who randomly found my blog, randomly came over to visit me, and ended up with this email to his list.

– Blog posts from people I meet like this

– People who text message me and remind me they want me to make a blog post soon

– And getting connected with phenomenal people – like this

I’ve met so many phenomenal people from this blog throughout the years. I’m going to do my best to start remembering to collect them here in a little “hall of fame”. Not only will it feel amazing, but it’ll for-sure keep me blogging. :)

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  1. I just read your blog about internet marketing and how you are shifting your focus.

    Really good blog, I’m impressed.

    I’ll definitely keep reading, thanks.


  2. Wow! In Oregon…very cool. I wish you well there.

    You must start another blog on strictly your travels! I imagine it a video blog. Reinforces the idea of the “internet lifestyle!”

    regards from your “old neighborhood – scottsdale”


  3. Hey there Rachel,

    You keep on blogging! You bring inspiration to others with your blog and your travels in meeting people. It’s very rewarding for both you and the people you touch.

    All of us learn a lot from you. I have followed your IM tips for about two years now and it made me a better blogger myself!

    Keep up the great work! I’m from Scottsdale too!

    • Hey Bruce,

      Thank you so much!! I really appreciate that. :)

      I actually moved from Scottsdale back in July – I’m in Ashland, Oregon now!! It’s amazing!! :)


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