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Want my one-on-one help?

Awesome. You get a few options for that. :)

Option #1: Email a question.

If you’d like my assistance with something quick and want a lower cost/fast option, this is your best bet.

Email me with whatever you’d like my support with. You might have some kind of a customized-to-you biz question, or maybe you even need to just vent about something and need an eye/ear. I’m open to serve however I can.

If you’re asking me a question, please be succinct.

I’ll respond back to you within 72 hours, either with an email customized to you or a video response.

This is $100.

Sign up for email support right here:

PayPal | Credit Card

Option #2: Power Hour calls.

I am once again offering my famous “Power Hour” calls.

With these calls, we schedule an hour for you to ask me about anything that will help you the most.

It’s amazing how much can get covered in just one hour.

This is for you if:

a) You’re ready to upgrade your life (either personally or professionally), but you’re not 100% sure on your next steps to take.

b) You’ve been feeling like you’re on the verge of a breakthrough for a really long time and your intuition tells you that I can help.

c) You feel really disorganized about your life and are craving structure.

d) You want to pick my brain on business stuff – either how to create quality books quickly, create bestsellers, have me critique your copy, help you flesh out products, etc… anything marketing-y, really.

Here’s how I can help:

a) I’m awesome at mapping out structures + action plans. If you know where you want to go, but are not sure how to get there, we will create a solid plan that you feel good about.

b) I’ve been doing full-time internet marketing since 2006 and know a ton about creating passive income, writing copy that sells, creating bestselling books, creating products, etc… because I’ve done it all.

c) If you want to create some goals for yourself for the next month, I’d love to help you create a path for you to actually make those goals happen.

You’re welcome to record our call, send in questions in advance, and generally do whatever it takes for you to get the most from our time together.

Here’s an unsolicited review from someone who had one of these calls:

“Today I had the pleasure of getting into a “Power Hour” call with Rachel Rofe. In the span of just an hour I hashed out the backbone of my next book, and worked on at least 15 different ways to promote, build traffic, and get new affiliate connections for my programs.

If there’s something you could use some serious MASTERMINDING and Brainstorming power on, then don’t waste your time fighting over trying to figure it out for the next 5 months, or 3 years.

Rachel has an AMAZING offer that will give you the SAME opportunity to really GRIND through and really push forward in your business goals.

With her help today, I was able to INSTANTLY hash out something that has taken me at least 3 months of ‘over complicating to attempt to do’. I can now get started with creating a program, because I chose to jump on this opportunity.

Rachel is an amazing person, but perhaps even more so, she’s a very grounded and clever business person, who has experience in quite a few different realms. This makes her an extreme asset to mastermind and shoot ideas around with. It also makes her an invaluable resource for pushing past trouble areas.

I waited 7 months to be able to get into a call like this with Rachel, and it was MORE than worth it! She’s got one spot left to claim to help you become a business POWERHOUSE in your weaker areas!” – Tamara Teez

Here’s another:

“Our Power Hour was incredible for me. What I love is that you share what is working for you and isn’t and try to help people reach dreams in a realistic, practical way. The market changes so fast and you are always a step ahead of everyone else!!  You are the queen of innovative ideas and I got a lot out of our time together!”Jacquelyn Van Tuyl

And another:

“The power hour session with Rachel really gave me an awesome sense of where my business could go. Rachel gave me specific actionable steps, advice, and information to help me get to the next level. I will definitely have another session when I am ready for my next breakthrough.” – Rachel Kugel – and

And another:

“I had the opportunity to speak with Rachel about maximizing the reach of my personal finance blog, She was awesome! Her practical advice, broken down into manageable steps plus the amazing amount of information she provided me during the 1 hour would have had me spending weeks looking for it. The single most effective call I have ever had!”  – Muhammad Husayn Dewji

Power Hours are $500, and if used right, will pay you back tenfold. After you book, we’ll schedule a time to get together. I generally hold these calls after 12pm PST from M-F, but can be flexible for people overseas.

I’m looking forward to connecting!

Sign up for a Power Hour right here:

PayPal | Credit Card

With love,
Rachel Rofé

P.S. I get a bunch of requests for coaching, but usually, the “Power Hour” calls are enough. If you still want coaching after that, we can talk about it – but first, let’s make the most of our hour together. :)

P.P.S. If you have a specific marketing question, check out the Products page – I may have a full product on it. :)

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