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Everything I’m Making Happen In The Next 30 Days…

I was talking with one of my coaches the other day, and she told me that drawing pictures is an incredible way to start manifesting what you want. Pictures really help get the subconscious on board, and actually drawing them is a lot more powerful than cutting out pictures.

My coach also gave me the assignment to choose 10 things that I want in my life every morning when I wake up (“choosing” is a lot more powerful than “wanting”). She said I’d be surprised at how quickly those things would start happening.

With her suggestion, I put the 2 together and made a poster of (a few more than) 10 things I am choosing. I put it in my bathroom so that every day when I go to brush my teeth, I can look at what I’ve chosen. With the exception of one of them (I’ll explain in a minute), I plan on having all of these things within 30 days.

Some of these aren’t huge – they’re just things I wanted when I was making the poster. Other things are much harder, but I think they’ll happen. I’m going to post progress updates on my blog and would love any support and help anyone can offer me. :)

Once this poster pans out, I’ll probably dare to go bigger and bigger and see what else I can come up with. Here’s what I have so far:

Full poster here.

Ignore the fact that drawing isn’t my specialty. At all. 😀

I’ve gotta say though, even just drawing this stuff was a TON of fun! I felt so energized and in such an awesome mood! My friend called me right after I was done and he was feeling exhausted. He said just how excited I was helped him feel a lot better, and 100% of my good mood was from that poster.

Anyway, here’s what I’m choosing:

1. 7 days of juicing only. I am going to give this another go. I know it sucked the last time, but I think that’s because I did it with too many vegetables (too alkalizing) and not enough fruit. Also, I am doing this with a different intention in mind. I think it was mostly for weight loss last time, even though I may have convinced myself into believing otherwise. This time I have studied a lot about digestion and really want to do this as a way to appreciate my body and do some intense cleansing. The weight loss is a nice benefit but it truly isn’t my main goal and I’m not even weighing myself to start it off.

2. Connecting one on one with people. I feel best when I’m off my computer and in front of people, and I’ve felt really inspired to start letting people know what I know. I don’t necessarily want to do it in a “let me teach you” authoritative style, but I do want to work with people on a friend-to-friend basis. People constantly tell me how I inspire them, and I want to do that more often.

3. 1762 clients for Burn Your To Do List. This is the one that might take longer than 30 days – not because I don’t believe I can do it, but because I need to make sure we have the appropriate number of staff first. I don’t want to take on too many clients and then end up making them all upset. We’re in an awesome place with the site as far as making clients happy and I have no desire to jeopardize that.

4. Flight ticket home. I miss my family and friends in Philly!

5. Flight ticket to London, and then I want to Eurail throughout Europe. I am so excited to go explore there!

6. Flight ticket to Kenya. I’ve been aching to go on a safari for a long time now.

7. Flight ticket to Dominican Republic. My friends Steph and Todd are moving there, and my friend Bruce is already there. The fact that I love being near the water only elevates my enthusiasm a million percent.

8. 500 sales per month of this delicious chocolate drink I’ve been drinking. I haven’t even created a website or ordered my first batch for sale yet, but I want to start selling this super-amazing drink I’ve really been loving. It’s not part of an MLM or anything – just a delicious raw vegan drink that has tons of superfoods and antioxidants in it, and gives an INSANE amount of energy. It can be made into ice cream or in a shake, and I actually have to ration down my amounts because sometimes it gives me so much energy that I can’t even sit down. I have been really excited about selling this because it’s something I could feel awesome about. It’s a super-healthy product that really helps people… and everyone loves chocolate!

9. Tons and tons of energy as if I was drinking the chocolate drink every single moment. Thanks to both the chocolate and my juice recipes I have been feeling super-high 80% of the time, and now I’d like to up it even more. :)

10. Will weigh 142 pounds. At 5’8 I’m already at a healthy weight but I think 142 would be a superb goal. Your outer body reflects your inside body and with all the work I’ve been doing, it’s high time I showed it and got rid of the flab.

11. A hair cut and color. This is a smaller one, but I’m overdue. :)

12. Starting up belly dancing again. I miss it!

13. Keeping a super-happy relationship with Otto.

14. My income being passive again. This has been happening more and more but I’d like to get it to the point where it used to be – where I could just stop working for months and months at a time and not have concern about one single email coming in to me. I drew a picture of my business bank account showing $106,817.63, and my personal account at $95,242.76. I know this isn’t millions of dollars but I want more than I could ever want or need, and I can’t see needing more than that right now. I might in the future… like I said, I’ll probably make what I choose bigger and bigger as I start making it happen.

Anyway – these are what I’m choosing, and like I said, I’ll post updates here to tell you how I’m doing and what action I’m taking towards my goals. I welcome any support or comments that you have and would actually sincerely appreciate it. I’m looking forward to all of this coming true!

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