10 Ways To Use WP Get Personal

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I originally launched WP Get Personal almost a year ago. It’s a great tool for all kinds of marketers. And now that my spectacular programmer just added a zillion updates (free for everyone who purchased), I thought I’d write a blog post to celebrate.

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Now, if you’re not yet familiar with it… WP Get Personal is basically a really awesome tool that helps personalize your websites.

You can use it a couple ways. One way is to have somewhere on your website where people enter their name (and whatever other information you want – like location, sex, etc)… and then you can elegantly use that information throughout your website.

So for example, “Hey John, glad you’re here!”

You can also sync it with your autoresponders to send people to specialized URL’s. So if  someone on your list’s name is Jason, they’ll get sent to something like www.yoursite.com/Jason. Joan would be sent to www.yoursite.com/Joan. This makes it look like each person has a special page just for them.

To be clear, I’m not recommending lying or being inauthentic in any way. I just know (based on both common sense and testing) that people will click on links by virtue of seeing their name. It’s nicer than feeling like one of a herd of people.

We’re wildly bombarded with information nowadays. This tool helps cut through all the noise and makes people feel seen.

And while many people know the obvious ways to use WP Get Personal, I thought I’d add a few more ideas to the mix and make this tool as impactful as possible for you. So here are some more tips to get the most from this:

1. Get potential joint venture partners to listen to you. If you’re trying to get people to promote your product, you need to stand out.

And for the most part, people ignore generic emails that send them to pages like “www.yoursite.com/affiliates”. They’re cold and impersonal.

But if you had a potential partner named Tony and sent them to www.yoursite.com/Tony… it’s WAY more likely Tony will click over.

(Take this from the girl who gets lots of J.V. requests titled “Hey bro”. Personal is good.)

2. Sprinkle peoples’ names in and make up for less-than-perfect copywriting skills. Like I said… people LOVE the sight/sound of their own name. The more they feel acknowledged and seen, the better they feel.

So even if you’re not a spectacular copywriter, if you sprinkle peoples’ name throughout your sales letters and make them feel like you’re talking right to them, they’ll stay on your page longer and give you more of a chance.

3. Increase your value for affiliates. You can have sales pages that say “For Friends Of Tony” or whatever your affiliate’s name is. This makes specific pages look very special, like people are getting a great offer because they know Tony.

This will increase your conversions (the amount of people who go to your site and then do what you’re hoping they will – buy, sign up, click, whatever).

As a side bonus, this also helps the egos of your affiliates as it makes them look like rock stars.

4. Send personal URL’s to get your foot in the door. If you want people to read your sales pages or blog posts, send them personal URLs. When people see a URL directly for them, of course they’re going to click over… even if only out of curiosity.

While people may have normally ignored you, now they will take that extra time to give you a chance.

5. Get offline clients. One way people get offline clients is by emailing a bunch local businesses and offering some kind of value (i.e. a website critique).

The thinking is that even if only one out of 100 businesses bite, they still have the chance to make a sale.

If you sent people to INDIVIDUAL pages for them, such as www.yoursite.com/AcmePrinting, your likelihood of them listening is WAY higher.

You can also promote special time-limited offers “For businesses in XYZ City”.

7. Near-hypnotize people to read your sales letters. When you send people to a page with their name on it, and then you pepper their name throughout the letter, they naturally feel like you’ve created the page specifically for them.

They then go and read everything. It’s the law of reciprocity. If you’re taking the time to make them a page, they feel they can at least go through and read it.

8. Make people feel at home, no matter which website of yours they’re on. WP Get Personal will work with ALL your websites. So people can click from website to website and feel welcomed no matter which site of yours they’re on.

This helps with branding too.

9. Build up a new list and create lots of connection. The closer people feel to you, the better of a relationship you’ll have. Using peoples’ names in your marketing and making them feel special can only help you.

When I originally promoted WP Get Personal, I used this email:

Subject line: sorta personal: i made something for you

Hey you,

I hope your Sunday is going well.

I was thinking your way and made this for you:


I hope you like it. :)

With love,

P.S. Read till the bottom, OK? There’s something
time-sensitive I wanted you to know about. :)

…and I got some of the highest click-throughs I’ve ever gotten.

You can’t overuse this, but sprinkled in every once in a while, it’s exceptionally effective.

10. Have people enter their name on an opt-in page and then include their name in all future pages. This means that people need to enter their name ONCE, on first sight of you, and then will always feel recognized.

That’s a pretty great way to make a good first – and then ongoing – impression.

So there you have it. :)

What do YOU think? I’d love to hear how you’re using WP Get Personal! And if you haven’t yet got it, feel free to use gift certificate code “AWESOME” for a great deal. :)

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “10 Ways To Use WP Get Personal”

  1. the order link on the wordpress plugin is broken. When clicking add to cart a popup says are you sure you want to leave the page, also the pre sales support doesn’t appear to be working either as I’ve asked a question several days ago and it has not been responded to.
    please let us know how we can order the plugin at the email I’ve provided.
    thank you

    • Hi Narendra,

      Good point. :)

      I do use this on some of my sites (you can see a demo at WPGetPersonal.com and I also use it in some niches).

      I haven’t added it to this blog, but I will continue to add it on other sites where it feels right, plus on promotional sites where I’m building relationships with new folks. :)

      With love,

  2. Hi Rachel,

    … or should I say, Hey bro :-)

    Thanks for the list of ideas for using WP Get Personal, must admit all I’ve done with it so far is to place all of my full AR messages on a WordPress site and sending my subscribers short messages saying “Hi Fname, Your next newsletter issue is available now online here – (link)”

    Not very innovative I know but your list has got my brain turning over so hopefully I’ll start using it closer to the full potential that it has.

    And I still think it’s one of my best business investments ever even though I’ve only been using a fraction of it’s power (still, it can only get even better)

    Good luck with the sale



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