100 Things To Be Grateful For :)

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I used to write down 10 things I was grateful for every day. I had stopped for a bit, then started again once I joined Red Carpet Ready.

I really love the practice because whenever I do it, it feels great. If I’m ever upset about something, by the time #10 rolls around, I can’t be unhappy anymore. It just isn’t possible.

Anyway… a few hours ago, I was super-stressed about some work stuff. Things had been going a LOT better with some things I was working on, but once I got home from a mastermind meeting today, everything seemed to just… not be great. I took a shower, I sang a bit, I wrote… and I thought I felt better… but when Otto got home and innocently asked if everything was okay, I got upset all over again. He sat, let me cry, and just listened. He couldn’t have handled it better, and I’m so so SO grateful for him… and inspired to write even more about what I’m grateful for. :)

So, here goes… 100 things I’m appreciative of:

2. Carrie Underwood – Cheesy maybe, but I’m listening as I type and it was the first thing I thought of. Her lyrics are just so uplifting, I can’t help but feel happy when I listen to them.
3. Jason Mraz’ “Life Is Wonderful” – awesome song.
4. And “Lucky” with Colbie Caillat – I love that one, too. :)
5. My near-daily conversations with Brian.
6. The fact that he laughs all the time!
7. The Hayhouse seminar I went to this weekend.
8. The AWESOME speech by Sonia Choquette
9. …and the book of hers I’m reading now, “Diary Of A Psychic”. I’ve read many of her others and I never fail to be in love with them.
10. The great text message I got from Mike Hill while I was there
11. And all the incredible people I surrounded myself with there!
12. Balboa Park, where I read a lot of the book today (that park is beyond amazing)
13. And there’s an awesome frozen yogurt place right near it – you go get yogurt, and then you pick your own toppings from a toppings bar near it… so freaking yummy…
14. I love that I haven’t wanted to over-indulge there! Everything in moderation. :)
15. When stressed today, I didn’t crave ice cream like I used to in the past. ;) In fact, I craved a nice big SALAD!
16. Speaking of salads – hung out with an amazing couple of guys yesterday, David and Sean… super-healthy, incredible guys that I just LOVED being around.
17. And Sean cooked up tons of amazing raw and vegan salads that were insanely delicious
18. They gave Otto and I a care package when we went home :)
19. I thought it was awesome that Otto stopped everything he was doing to listen to me before, and just let me cry. He’s launching soon and very busy…
20. And I’m happy I let myself be vulnerable enough around him!
21. I love these lists, because I’m getting to be in such a super-good mood…
22. My new V.A. seems great!
23. …And some other people from odesk, too. I already have a few people on my team, but wanted to test out some more and I’ve been in love.
24. The ones I do have already – dude. The one guy just constantly thinks of new things to do, works super-hard… is SO knowledgeable… I’m so lucky for him…
25. I’m looking at my “293” sign from the 5k I ran a few weeks ago. I love it!
26. I cleaned up the second bedroom/my office, emptied out 3 trash bags full of clothing, and decorated the room with really positive things. It feels great in here!
27. One of the things I have up is my list of feedback that I got from Toastmaster’s. Every time I spoke, people would give me individual feedback forms… I ended up making one “Master List” to save all the paper I was lugging, and it makes me feel so proud that I came so far… so I hung it up.
28. Another thing I have hung up is Otto’s business card. On his card, he has a list of his businesses. The last link he has on there is to my meditation site! How sweet is that?
29. I totally don’t want to be THAT girl, but… I have another Otto thing to be grateful for. :) On date night, we went and painted pottery. I picked a hot air balloon because I want to go over France with one, thought it’d be good inspiration… and we painted it together. Anyway, he painted “O.R. + R.R.” on there. Groan if you want, I’ll be swooning…
30. Another thing I have hung up is a woman named Kath’s phone number and address. She was a woman I met over in Dallas on one of my road trips. She was amazing, and I’m so lucky to have met her… the paper just reminds me of our great conversation.
31. Something else I hung up… a note that Valerie Waters sent me a little bit ago. I went to Philly for a few weeks and didn’t have my ValSlides. She sent me a free pair, to keep me going, and left a really sweet note too. She totally did NOT need to do that and I’m ridiculously appreciative (and by the way, her ValSlides are incredible).
32. Something else I have hung up… I went to my friend Mona and Gio‘s a while ago, and when I got there, they gave me a “What’s Your Pleasure?” menu. It had different things I could choose from – different activities to do, different foods they’d give if I wanted, and different drinks. It was so sweet!
33. I have a note from my sister hung up too… she sent me an awesome “dreamcatcher” box when she was over in Arizona. =)
34. Also have a picture of us on my shelf from when we were in Cancun. I love that picture!
35. I’m on #35, and I haven’t paused at all. I love that my life makes it so easy to be grateful!
36. Bubble baths :) (I think I used some of the same ones in RCR, but I can’t help it… these things rock!)
37. The moonroof on my car… I love opening it, the windows, blasting music, and driving around :)
38. And my car period… so glad to have it back. I love it!
39. Looking at a business card from someone I met at a mastermind today. That was a great meeting!
40. And I got to see Dr. Mike and my friend Joanna… Joanna and I decided to do “Date Night” on Wednesdays, so we make sure to hang out more often. Psyyyyched!
41. We can also share clothes, now that I’m down to a size 8. :)
42. Red Carpet Ready
43. BOOKS! I took all my books out of the closet inside the hall and put them underneath my window here in the office (well.. the excess ones that didn’t fit in the bookshelf – I still have to buy another one – or two). I like looking at these though, books make me happy. :)
44. Ooo, Dr. Mike has a bunch of awesome books and said I could borrow whatever I wanted!! :D :D :D
45. Met some stellar people at the “W” hotel on Saturday night. One guy invited Otto and I to San Francisco for 4th of July, so we can sail under the fireworks then. Pretty rad!!
46. I think Otto and I are going on a Europe trip starting September, with some other marketers perhaps. That should be AWESOME.
47. And how can I not be grateful that I can go and do something like that, whenever I want? I LOVE not having to answer to anyone!
48. Got some more meditations back for my site. I’m loving them. :)
49. AND I sent some sneak peek meditations to an incredible lady I’m working with, and she was in love with them… AND the book that I had written for the site, too. The great feedback made me feel awesome.
50. Met a stellar publicist this weekend, she was giving me tips on publishing my book.
51. Looking at this foot cream on my desk… makes me feet nice and soft. :D
52. Pedicures!
54. And manicures, too. :)
54. Date nights
55. Broccoli (especially with slivered almonds and feta cheese! I may transition out of dairy soon, but for now, I’m enjoying it. :))
56. Alphabetical ordering my some of closest friends, starting with: Alison
57. Brian K
58. Brian M
59. Chadwick
60. Desi
61. Evan
62. Jaime
63. Jason
64. Jen
65. Laura
66. Otto
67. Rodney
68. Ryan
69. The fact that I didn’t do that to add onto the list or anything… I just really am super-appreciative for them. I could probably go to 500 things I was grateful for, if I wanted. :)
70. I looked at my cell to make sure I didn’t forget about anyone ;)… I didn’t, but was reminded of some new great friends that are sure to be super-close soon… Joanna and Jason, for sure.
71. Mona and Gio :) Am looking forward to hanging with them more, because they’re wonderful wonderful people!
72. The fact that I grossly overuse “amazing”, “incredible”, “stellar”, “fascinating”, and most frequently, “awesome” :D
73. Going on a cruise to Alaska with Jaime, Matthew, and his girlfriend soon. Will be SO FUN!!!
74. Going on a cruise with my mom soon too :)
75. My family!
76. Erin Pavlina
77. Steve Pavlina
78. I have a Gmail extension manager on Firefox, and it always tells me when I have new email. For some reason it isn’t working right now, and I’m pretty grateful for that, because I don’t need to be checking email anyway. ;)
79. There’s sooo much to learn… it’s so exciting. :)
80. DUDE. Otto and I are doing evaluations on each other and our relationship soon. Who does that!?!? We’re psyched to continue making our relationship even better… I love it!!
81. The fact that the beach is a BLOCK from our house. At night we’ll go walking along it, it’s secluded and basically our beach… LOVE that… and during the day, it’s just so beautiful to watch…
82. I know I shouldn’t have them that often, but… acai bowls are mindboggingly delicious.
83. I’ll balance that out by saying I love my Valslides. ;)
84. I have date night with Otto on Tuesdays, Joanna on Wednesdays, and Jaime on Thursdays. On one hand I hate making plans, on the other, it’s so rad to have so many people that I love and want to make sure I keep in my life on a daily basis.
85. I was debating between doing this as a blog post, or a blog post about how I go back and forth about being an IMer. I’m glad I went this route because it’s seriously like a drug. I recommend it to anyone!
86. Just turned my head and saw a mini VW bug (toy car) that I have hanging on my shelf. When I was a manager, the people I managed bought it for me and said I should drive that (I used to get in accidents a lot). It was a joke type thing, and I loved that I had such a good relationship with everyone I managed.
87. …and that I’ve gotten in pretty crazy accidents, and was protected every time. :)
88. Also have a bracelet on my shelf from one of my best friends… she made it for me back in 2nd grade. Every time I see it, my heart smiles.
89. My sister needed her own line (“family” just doesn’t encompass it well enough)
90. So does my brother
91. And my mom
92. And stepdad
93. Even though I don’t talk to him much, I’m grateful for my dad
94. Iron Mountain (so fun to hike up there!)
95. Belly dancing
96. Any dancing, really… makes me very happy. Even if I’m not so stellar at it. ;)
97. Taking sewing classes with Joanna soon!
98. The fact that I have all bills paperless, so if I get mail, it’s only GOOD mail. ;)
99. San Diego is really amazing.
100. Writing
101. The “Feel Good” playlist on my ipod
102. The “Workout” list, too
103. I’m going to go read for a little bit… but I find it absolutely spectacular that I’m at #102, finished this in less than half an hour, and haven’t even begun to feel at a loss for things to write about.

Life is good. :)

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    What a fantastic post. Would love for you to leave your “Gratitude Comment” on my blog, it would serve as an inspiration to others for sure. I created a video poem based on the topic of gratitude and I’m hoping to get many people to make a gratitude comment.

    Thanks again for this and be blessed.

    Stewart Alexander

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Rachel Rofe's three free print on demand reports include your guide to finding untapped niches, 10 products that made over $1000 and the Etsy trends report.
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Rachel Rofe's three free print on demand reports include your guide to finding untapped niches, 10 products that made over $1000 and the Etsy trends report.

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