101 things I’m grateful for. :)

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I see myself pulling in a “downward spiral” this morning. To get myself back to normal, I’m creating a list of 101 things I’m grateful for. :)

1. The knowledge that I can make a list like this and I’ll start to feel WAY better!
2. The conversation I had with Otto last night.
3. The green juice that Sydney makes for me every morning!
4. Raw oatmeal raisin “cookies” in the dehydrator right now, smelling up the house and smelling AMAZING
5. My beautiful white fluffy sweater
6. Joining Rose Cole’s Powerful Woman PowWow
7. The journals my mom and sister just sent me
8. My huge computer monitor
9. Snagit
10. The awesome hiking trails around here
11. The Wet Seal I just found around here
12. My eyelashes
13. Getting back to eating what’s good for my body
14. Patience with my body
15. My new partner for PWP
16. The great mastermind I’m in before the PWP calls
17. Trips
18. Cafes with internet connection
19. My rebounder
20. Playing cards with Otto
21. Catching up with friends
22. Random synchronistic emails
23. The deer that hang out outside
24. Getting back in touch with my dad
25. Not caring how people respond to this
26. Learning new things about myself every day
27. Speaking my truth
28. The fact that I already feel monumentally better
29. The Bachelor – hehehe, what a guilty pleasure ;)
30. The Secret Millionaire! Just saw that and felt so inspired!
31. The internet connection that lets me watch those things.
32. The nonprofit I just started
33. My trip to Ireland in June
34. Our honeymoon
35. The fact that we’re getting married!
36. All of my friends
37. Brian
38. Jaime
39. Jackie
40. Piperlyne
41. Joshua
42. Craig
43. Dennis
44. Jonny
45. My mom
46. Not going back to edit these to put them in an order people might be happier with
47. My car
48. My boots
49. The trash man who walks up the driveway and gets our trash cans if we forget to put them out
50. Beautiful weather
51. A nice, clean home
52. Any time I donate anything, that freeing of energy and onto a better place, woooo!
53. Financial abundance
54. The nutritional supplements on the way here, can’t waiiit to build the body of my dreams
55. The “50 Things I Love About Rachel Rofe” that Otto created for me
56. The “5 Positive Things About Rachel” that Jaime created
57. My office, filled with positive things that make me happy
58. Candles
59. Baths
60. Essential oils
61. Vince and Jinelle
62. Amber and Orion
63. Hot tea in a mug
64. Mother Teresa
65. My engagement ring
66. Books
67. Barnes And Noble
68. Powell’s
69. Indian food
70. Being surrounded by beautiful and empowering women
71. The ability to change my mind at any time
72. How happy I am feeling right now
73. Looking at people through the eyes of love
74. Feedback from friends
75. The fact that I can effortlessly create money
76. Having the brain power to learn a lot and create great products that really benefit people
77. Knowing some incredibly inspirational people
78. For people continually showing me love, even when I don’t think I deserve it
79. For the gift of hindsight
80. Beautiful crystals
81. My purpose mapping class
82. Giovanni
83. Mona
84. My polka dot cups
85. How far I’ve come in life…
86. Fun ideas that get me super excited…
87. Meeting brilliant people who really care, like Ronnie or Jason
88. Keeping integrity
89. Knowing that I could make a list of 1,000 positive things if I wanted
90. Knowing that I can choose to be positive most of the time – not because it alienates other emotions, but because it’s what is really possible.
91. Radical Honesty
92. The Big Leap
93. Secrets of the millionaire mind
94. Warrior Camp
95. Mexico
96. Paris
97. Ashland
98. Stationary stores (notebooks, pens, swoon)
99. My Kindle
100. My library
101. Being a kid with Otto :)

Wow. I feel AMAZING.

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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  1. This is such a long and lovely list! I just made a much shorter list of things I am grateful for on my new blog in honour of Thanksgiving weekend (in Canada)! I’d love if you could take a moment and check it out! Thanks and have a wonderful weekend :)

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