20+ Fantastic ideas for digital stickers you can make with Canva to sell on Etsy

Over 20 ideas for digital stickers to sell on Etsy
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Want a fun and easy way to add new products to your Etsy store? Try selling digital stickers! They’re a fun and creative way for people to express themselves, and Etsy is a fantastic platform to sell your designs.

Plus, you don’t need any advanced graphic design skills to create highly-sellable digital stickers. Canva is a super user-friendly design tool that you can use to easily craft some of the best digital stickers. Customers will love them!

In this post, I’ll share over 20 digital sticker download ideas that you can use Canva to create and then sell on Etsy.  If you’re in Printable Profits you may already know all about this. :)

And first, I’ll talk a bit about how  Canva works and how you can use it to make digital stickers.

Let’s take a look…

Using Canva to create stunning, highly sellable digital stickers to sell on Etsy

Canva is super easy to use and highly intuitive. It has both a free and a paid version. Honestly, you can do most things with the free version. But if you’re interested, the paid pro version costs $119.99 a year. It also comes with a free trial for 30 days.

One LHS member maybe a really great tutorial about using Canva to create simple designs. Shelley, one of our LHS coaches, posted it inside the FB group here if you happen to be a member.

Also, if you visit my YouTube channel, you’ll find a bunch of helpful videos about using Canva to create winning designs. Here are a few:

20+ Types of digital stickers you can easily make today

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the types of digital stickers you can create! But you can check out over 20 of my favorite kinds below. You can also use my Master List to help you come up with tons of great niche ideas.

Emoji stickers

You can design a variety of emoji stickers to add fun and flair to social media posts. Brainstorm the types of emoji stickers you’d like to create. Consider the emotions, expressions, or themes you want to convey. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Classic smiley faces with various expressions (happy, sad, surprised, etc.)
  • Animal emojis (cats, dogs, pandas, etc.) with playful expressions
  • Food emojis (pizza, ice cream, tacos, etc.) with a twist
  • Emoji-themed word art (e.g., “LOL,” “OMG,” “YOLO”)

Over 20 ideas for digital stickers to sell on Etsy

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Animal stickers

Designing cute and quirky animal stickers is a great way to share your love for animals with shoppers. Decide which animals you’d like to feature in your sticker collection. You could focus on pets like cats, dogs, or hamsters, or broaden your range to include wild animals, birds, sea creatures, and insects.

Over 20 ideas for digital stickers to sell on Etsy

Image Source

Floral stickers

Craft elegant floral stickers for decorating journals, planners, and scrapbooks. Start by deciding on a theme for your floral stickers. For example, do you want to create a collection of roses, sunflowers, or a mix of various flowers? Having a clear theme helps guide your design process.

Over 20 ideas for digital stickers to sell on Etsy

Image Source

Holiday stickers

Design themed stickers for various holidays like Christmas, Hannukah, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. Most holidays have unique decorations, symbols, and colors that you can include.  For example, Christmas has Santa Clause and red and green. Hanukkah has menorahs and dreidels. And Valentine’s Day has hearts and pink.

Over 20 ideas for digital stickers to sell on Etsy

Image Source

Quote stickers

Inspirational and motivational quotes never go out of style. Design stickers with uplifting words and messages. Quotes can be sourced from literature, famous people, or your original thoughts. Aim for quotes that resonate with a broad audience and convey positivity. But make sure any quotes you use from books or other people are in the public domain so you don’t run into copyright issues.

Over 20 ideas for digital stickers to sell on Etsy

Image Source

Food and drink stickers

Make mouthwatering stickers of popular foods and drinks. You can choose popular dishes, desserts, fruits, vegetables, or a mix of your personal favorites. You can organize your sticker collections based on meals:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • snack
  • dessert
  • appetizer
  • side dish

food and drink stickers

Image Source

Travel stickers

Capture the essence of different cities and countries with travel-themed stickers. You can choose iconic cities, famous landmarks, or countries you love. You could also make stickers of travel-related items, like suitcases, passports, and airplanes. Additionally, you might make stickers for every country’s flag.

travel stickers

Image Source

Weather digital stickers

Create weather stickers to help users express their current mood or the weather forecast. Common weather conditions include sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, stormy, and windy. You can also create icons for specific weather events like…

  • thunderstorms
  • snowstorms
  • hurricanes
  • earthquakes
  • monsoons
  • tornados

weather stickers

Image Source

Nature stickers

Design stickers inspired by nature and the great outdoors. You can include elements like…

  • trees
  • mountains
  • deserts
  • bodies of water
  • sunrises/sunsets
  • camping equipment (e.g. tents, hiking boots, fishing poles)

nature stickers

Image Source

Music stickers

Create stickers inspired by music and musical instruments. However, you should most likely stay away from talking about specific musicians or bands or referring to song lyrics. You’re apt to run into copyright issues that way. I recommend focusing on musical instruments or musical notation signs, such as quarter notes or treble clefs.

music stickers

Image Source

Space and astronomy stickers

Design cosmic stickers featuring stars, planets, and galaxies. Research different celestial objects like stars and constellations, planets, galaxies, and nebulae. Look for inspiration in astronomy books, websites, and images from space telescopes like Hubble.

space stickers

Image Source

Dinosaur digital stickers

Create designs based on different types of dinosaurs. There are so many to choose from! And my Master List includes quite a few.

dinosaur stickers

Image Source

Tech and gadget stickers

Create stickers of popular tech devices and gadgets. Make a list of popular tech devices and gadgets that you want to feature in your stickers. This could include…

  • smartphones
  • laptops
  • gaming consoles
  • headphones
  • cameras

tech stickers

Image Source

Fitness and wellness stickers

Determine the categories of fitness and wellness stickers you want to create. These could include…

  • working out
  • nutrition
  • hydration
  • mental health
  • all of the above

fitness stickers

Image Source

Wedding and love stickers

Craft stickers perfect for wedding invitations, engagement announcements, and love notes. Decide on the themes or motifs you want to incorporate in your stickers. Common themes include…

  • hearts
  • wedding rings
  • flowers
  • cakes
  • wedding attire (dresses and suits)
  • romantic quotes

wedding stickers

Image Source

Graduation stickers

Create graduation sticker designs that include different graduation-related motifs. These include things like…

  • graduation cap
  • graduation gown
  • diplomas
  • laurel wreaths

You could also create designs related to specific majors for graduates receiving advanced degrees.

graduation stickers

Image Source

Arts and crafts stickers

Design stickers related to art supplies, crafting, and DIY projects. Consider various aspects of crafting, including tools, materials, techniques, and project types.

arts and crafts stickers

Image Source

Zodiac and astrology stickers

Cater to astrology enthusiasts with zodiac sign stickers. Research the 12 zodiac signs, including their symbols, elements, ruling planets, and associated traits. Then, include those elements to create meaningful designs.

zodiac stickers

Image Source

Mythical creature stickers

Research different mythical creatures from various cultures and traditions. There are tons of creatures to explore, from dragons and unicorns to phoenixes and mermaids.

mythical creature stickers

Image Source

Sports stickers

Design stickers inspired by sports and athletic activities. Decide which sports and activities you want to feature in your stickers. You can include popular sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis, or explore niche sports and outdoor activities like rock climbing, surfing, or cycling.

sports stickers

Image Source

Environmental and sustainability stickers

Appeal to eco-conscious people with environmental-themed stickers. Decide on the specific environmental themes and causes you want to address. These themes could include…

  • climate change
  • wildlife conservation
  • recycling
  • renewable energy

environmental stickers

Image Source

School-related digital stickers

Create sticker designs based on elements typically found in classrooms. These elements include things like…

  • books
  • pencils
  • pieces of paper
  • rules
  • staplers
  • school buses
  • apples
  • ABC’s
  • backpacks

You could even make free digital stickers for teachers as a way of giving back to educators and showing appreciation for all they do.

school stickers

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With Canva’s user-friendly platform and these 20+ digital sticker ideas, you can add lots of new inventory to your Etsy store. Get started today. What are you waiting for?

If you’d like to learn more about selling printable products specifically, make sure to check out our highly rated Printable Profits Course. It covers tons of different digital products you can sell + how to sell them! Here’s the link: https://rrloves.com/printableprofitscourse/ 

I hope you find these suggestions for cute digital stickers useful! If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment below. 

Over 20 ideas for digital stickers to sell on Etsy

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