20 unique (and free) mockups to increase your shot glass sales

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In the past, I’ve shared a whole bunch of coffee mug mockups made to help with your social media marketing. Some of the mockups have been generic, others have been for special events and holidays.

And while mugs tend to be the top-selling items with the Low Hanging System (they definitely are in my case, anyway), that doesn’t mean you never want to promote your other products, including your shot glasses.

To help boost your shot glass sales, I had two of my fantastic designers whip up a series of 20 unique shot glass mockups (with sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram) that are 100% free for you to use in your social media marketing.

(We will eventually have mockups made to help you promote other items as well, including pillowcases and travel mugs.)

You can opt-in to download the shot glass mockups below. Hopefully, they’ll help give your sales a boost!

Here’s a preview of the mockups (the designers also put a few espresso “shots” in them – ha!):

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If you’re interested in receiving these mockups, sign up here. You won’t need to put in your credit card details on the next page (unless you’d like to sign up for other offers on that page). This is just an easy way for us to get you your mockups in as smooth a way as possible. Enjoy! :)

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After downloading the mockups, add your shot glass designs using any graphic software. Then, upload the images to your listings or promotional content.

I hope you find these shot glass mockups useful! Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think. And if you do like the mockups, please share this post with your friends!

Free shot glass mockups to increase your ecommerce sales

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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